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James Donald Adams was a book reviewer for the New York Times and also the seventh entry, alphabetically listed, in the Jones 1000 1 Found only in the Sabian Symbols by Marc E. Jones

Originally I had the Jones charts interspersed with my own which was confusing. To solve two problems with one essay, I am now breaking them up with the Jones Charts as its post, in the classic Regiomontanus format. I chose this over the more modern Universal Regiomontanus because I do not think it is very popular: neither US based Kepler nor Australian Solar Fire, the two major software programs, have it. I only found the UR by accident in the New Zealand based Janus 5.

Ascendant via Time or should it be by Degree ?

Obviously a mistake, Dr. Marc E. Jones gave J. Donald Adams two slightly different ascendants. The first one is a time degree, which in the day of computers, is the one most will use without looking at the listing in the back of back and getting the layout.

All of Dr. Jones’s chart are in Placidean format, because that was what Alan Leo’s 1001 Nativities used, and thus became the de facto standard. Now in the US, thanks to Astrology sites and a plethora of software, one can spin their own chart and not rely on the table, thus the Koch format , a modern update to Bro. Placidus’ s format is gaining ground. Nonetheless, I will showing Jones’s original charts in Regiomontanus now re-termed the “Rational” format. I do not know why, as I haven’t seen that happen with other older formats, but If you know, drop me a line.

My rectified charts will continue to be in Morinus format, though the new Universal Regiomontanus closely approximates it. The problem with the latter is what software platforms support it? Few, and while everyone has their own favorite house system, the key to using any of them is consistency.

I have a page for the various house systems and show how they use interceptions or not. From there you can choose which you like. Joanne Wickenburg feels that one’s favorite is whatever one’s teacher was, and to be honest, most people I know follow that route. Alas though, if I was to follow that route, then I would be a Whole House Hellenistic person, I guess I am the exception to the rule.

By Time & An Indian mother pleading

This one is a time-chart and based on the 10:44 birth time that Jones lists. This gives Adams the ascendant of ” an Indian squaw pleading to the chief for the lives of her children and gets the keyword of “Effectiveness.”

By Degree and the King of Fairies ?

This one is the 28 + Scorpio ascendant  or a stated degree in the table of planets. This one is “King of the Fairies” while the other Indian squaw pleading to the Chief. How do you pick? Obviously a conundrum. In the end, after reading a lot about him, I decided both were wrong and rectified him to another degree; that chart is here.

Book reviewer for the New York Times.
This chart uses the degree cited in the book not the time.

I did not update this one as this was the one originally noted, so I kept it for consistency.


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    Found only in the Sabian Symbols by Marc E. Jones

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