Ralph Nader and the Protest Vote

Ralph Nader was born on February 27,  1934 in Winstead, Connecticut, to Lebanese immigrants. His mother, Rose, came from Zahle, Lebanon to northwest Connecticut in 1925 to meet her husband, Nathre, who ran a diner highlighting his own baked goods. Ralph later used many of these recipes in his book,; they had four children, two girls and two boys. Below are the two oldest, Ralph and his older sister, Laura.

 A lawyer, and well-known consumer advocate, he ran, like John Anderson and Ross Perot, as a third-party candidate under the Green Party, four times in the U.S. presidential race. He never made much of a dent in the two-party system, but that is par for the course, because despite many well-known names like the two aforementioned, but also Patrick Buchanan, Eugene Debs and Earl Browder, none of them did until many years after their actual tours.

The reason is simple: most third party contenders are protest votes. Typically, the protestor is showing against their own party’s main platform for either being off base and bureaucratic, like Buchanan and Perot against Bush and Dole or not consumer-oriented and legislative enough like Debs, Browder and Nader, the latter remonstrating Bill Clinton’s agreement to Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America, which Nader felt defanged Clinton’s Socialist imperative.

Unsafe at any speed

When Nader was at Harvard, he became interested in issues of consumer safety and, as the editor of the Harvard Law Record, he published “American Cars: Designed for Death.” This got a lot of attention far beyond Harvard’s ivy walls, and subsequently Nader published further articles in both the very progressive The Nation and the insurance industry’s Personal Injury Annual claiming automakers were deliberating, making style a priority over safety.

It was a hot issue.

The rising death toll from traffic accidents was coming to the attention of Congress, and eyes were turning to automobile safety.   Previously, driver error had been the sole focus in the investigation of traffic accidents, but Nader and some others suggested the cars themselves might be to blame.


The result of Nader’s investigation was Unsafe at Any Speed where Nader attacked the entire Detroit auto industry, but specifically General Motors Chevrolet Corvair model. That model had been a focus of controversy in the courts since 1961, when a woman who lost an arm after her Corvair flipped over sued GM for selling cars with unsafe steering designs.

The problem was the rear engine placement in the Corvair caused a weight imbalance, while making it great a performance vehicle. They had also advertised to average buyers looking for a “thrill”. That marketing gimmick was what Nader honed in on in his attack on the Corvair and causing everyone to dump the Corvair at a loss. This made the US auto market more “family” oriented with Detroit, steering people towards heavier cars that would survive a crash. Later this morphed into the Dodge Caravan market led by Lee Iacocca and finally SUVS filling their portfolios and less emphasis on low end sports car. Eventually, foreign makers, particularly Italian and German, rushed in with their Alfas and Beemers, and expensive price tags touting safety and speed, to fill the ever-widening gap.

Nader became a hero to the progressive Left and made a fortune. He is currently worth about 6 million dollars, with a lot of that coming from investments in technology stocks. He still does not own a car.

Cooking with Nader

While is parents owned a restaurant in Connecticut, it was geared to the American diner crowd. A few years back, Nader published a book highlighting some of the family’s Lebanese favorites jumping on the trend of multicultural comfort foods.

A man dominating diplomats, scientists and industrialists

Download his chart here.  C01 Ralph Nader

Astrological Highlights

  1. Ralph has been rectified to Virgo 28, a man dominating diplomats, scientists and industrialists where his driving power of his personality creates widespread opportunities for a rich and more enjoyable life.  The keyword is Dominance, and suggests accomplishment through self mastery and its application to the world around him.
  2. He is a See-Saw / Hourglass temperament type.
  3. His Moon is fast making him perceptive of his surrounding environment.
  4. He dominated by Water but it spread rather evenly  through the quadratures.

The Jones Lines

  1. Line of Vitality – absent.  Diamond Jim Brady, who endowed Johns Hopkins, William Jennings Bryan and Abraham Lincoln, all had absent Lines of Vitality and all had very large effects on the US for the better.
  2. Line of Efficiency — novile,  Nader is an outdoorsman, hence his bike riding for his errands.
  3. Line of Personality – trine.  Carl Jung also has this configuration, and it shows how their mental energies are applied analytically to the world around them.
  4. Line of Culture – sesquiquadrate. Astrologer Evangeline Adams also had this configuration and it suggests how both have struggled to bring their creative abilities to bear on important  issues around them.


  • 1/21/2022 In reviewing this chart, I noticed that the horoscopes themselves were missing, a relic of a problem I had a while back I am now fixing. I think that a lot of essays have charts missing, so of course, updates will occur.
  • The original post date was February 27, 2017, and not 2020.
  • 1/22/2022 The essay was updated for Jones’s four aspect departments.
  • 1/24/2021 I lost Nader’s original rectification and put up the wrong one on the 22nd.  I recast it and corrected the essay and chart.   Sorry for the inconvenience there.
  • Astro.com says he has an older brother. I could find no support for that. Notice the childhood picture is just of him and his sister if there was an older brother I would think he would be there — so it is not mentioned in the essay.


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