Goldsmith’s degree for Starr’s ascendant is rather amusing. He writes A man walks out on his front porch at daybreak. The paper-boy throws a newspaper, which lands squarely at his feet, revealing a sensational headline, well Starr did seem to have a knack for headlines.

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Kenneth Starr’s oddities

Another oddity about Starr, is for a man who was born, educated and died in Texas, he is a Eastern based bowl — typically that means he uses his resources to the utmost. Jones called these people “self-reliant” but the idea of “opportunistic” works equally well, for they take every opportunity given and make the most of it.

He was born on July 23, 1946 in Vernon, Texas. He recently died in Houston in September from complications of surgery. Accordingly, L. Johndro, this should be cancer-related but no report said, so it’s speculation. His South Node, often one’s Achille’s heel, really was in his case. At 20 Sagittarius 09 it suggests a blunt or tactless manner in delicate situations. It would seem he was someone who, with typical Texas aplomb, just gave you the bad news with little fanfare. He has a strong preponderance in the twelfth house suggesting government work and, with a Moon in Taurus, where it rules, obtained his professional dreams.

His Galactic center is opposite his Saturn in the twelfth and probably why he seemed so intense. It would also mean he was a very hard working and thorough person despite what his detractors claimed.

His wife and three children survive him.

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