When Conrad N. Hilton died in Santa Monica, Calif he  was 91 years old & one of the world’s leading hotel men.  His rise, by most business accounts,  was due less to his skill as an operational hotelier, as in the case of the late Cesar Ritz, than financial prowess.  He was a master of finance and a cautious bargainer.  He was careful not to overfinance, and had a flawless sense of timing of when to buy.

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great granddaughter  Paris Hilton

Hilton He was founder and chairman of the board of the Hilton Hotels Corporation,  Hilton International, Trans World Airlines Inc,  defunct in 2001 thanks to Carl Icahn corporate raid,  that was acquired in 1967 in a stock transfer.   Today, 185 hotels and inns in the United States fly the Hilton banner and 75 are in foreign countries. Among his other ventures, he was responsible for the establishment of Carte Blanche, later bought by Diners Club & folded into their branding.. But it was the top shelf  set of hotels that created the Hilton allure and they were:


A New Mexico Native

Conrad Nicholson Hilton was born in Map of San Antonio New Mexico c. 1867San Antonio, New Mexico on Christmas Day, 1887 (see the purple circle on the 1867 map of the territory). His father, a Norwegian emigrant, had settled in the little town where, among other enterprises, he ran a $2.50‐a- night boarding house & most likely named his first son in honour of the nearby fort. Young Conrad, the second of eight children and the eldest son, had no interest in the boarding house, but took a hand in managing a San Antonio general store that was one of his father’s enterprises.

Conrad took trips into the hinterlands of the West acquiring fur skins or gold dust by swapping groceries for them. Later, it would be Hilton policy to exploit store rentals and concessions in the lobbies,  and elsewhere on the ground floors of the hotels parlaying the same idea into a more chic environment.  His general directive was to “dig for gold,” by cutting costs and increasing revenues.  His first hotel was The Mobley, in Cisco Texas. It is now part of the  U.S. National Register of Historic Places

Wining and Dining

Hilton announces Kelly engagement

Mr. Hilton, a tall, courtly man, affable to a fault, was possessed of enormous energy. It was not uncommon for him to dance until 3 A.M., and appear for coffee and orange juice at 8 A.M., starting a full day’s business schedule. Even into his late 80’s, he was at his desk six days a week.

Mr. Hilton was married three times, first to Mary Adelaide Barron, who bore him three sons, including Conrad N. Hilton who married Elizabeth Taylor, and William and Eric.   His great-granddaughters  Nicky and Paris Hilton, are socialites born to Richard Hilton, the fourth son of William Barron.

His second married was to Zsa Zsa Gabor, the actress, who bore him a daughter, Constance Francesca.  She died January 6, 2015 at 67. Her mother, Zsa Zsa recently died December 19, 2016 at 99.  Both of these marriages ended in divorce. In 1977, he married for a final time, Mary Francis Kelly.  She survived him when he  died January 2, 1979

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The Hilton Chart

Nicky and Elizabeth on their honeymoon in Paris

Conrad Hilton has aspects to all  three of four planetary, as described by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.    The Red Circle/lines are the Line of Vitality that are in a constructive [i.e. squared] aspect.  This aspect suggests that Mr. Hilton was not an easy man to work or live with because of his total obsession with his business (the Moon leads at 1 Libra that has the Sabian Symbol of “A butterfly made perfect by a dart through it”  emblematic of the a whole-souled focus upon the thing at hand).

The next planetary pair the Line of Personality, shown by the Green Arrow from Saturn in Capricorn at 19.47 to Jupiter in Libra at 21.11.  While Jupiter has the Hyperion symbol of a Broad porch with hand carved benches, is  rather ornate image, it is also restful and rather apropos for an upscale hotelier, Saturn at 19.47 in Leo,  shows us the images of “dogs frolicking in the park”  telling us that the challenge of expense vs. profit as well as home life vs. travelling social set was a constant struggle.    His ggd Paris has also had that problem while her sister Nicky has been far more successful managing that duality.

The semi-sextile moon at 0.15 Moon in the creative fifth house portrays a sense of urgency in “Cyclists racing” — obviously acknowledging the competition of the business & his own struggle of always wanting to be the best.  Reading his Biography, it does not seem that he did ever work that out, giving a certain poignancy to such a successful life.


                                                Never Enough

The bright orange box on top is his Life of Efficiency, the aspect between Mars and Venus  shows the self-centered side of Mr. Hilton’s existence — his personal energy vs the adjustments he must make to get along with people and the prevailing social trends.  Here, these two are conjunct, telling us, that he was rather blind in that area.  While he was very concerned with the overall picture, Venus leads, he was not particularly concerned on how he got there i.e. the minutiae of day to day operations.

The Hyperion images for the Line of Efficiency bear this out:  his Mars is at 18.33 Aquarius, Astrologers at Work, or the self-training that occurs to perfect one’s craft and his Venus at 15.12, the Golden Gate Bridge, telling us that Hilton had an eye for the big picture.

We rectified Ascendant to Gemini 09 has the Hyperion Symbol of  a Grey storm over the desert 1   The keyword is Phenomenon, that supports his Line of Personality, as it suggests keen observation distilled into insight.   Yet with his Ascendant conjunct Pluto and Uranus, though, Mr. Hilton was never doing anything fast enough or good enough, as such a stellium feeds an insatiable spirit.

The first Hilton Hotel, Cisco, Texas, bought 1918
Waldorf Astoria, Boca Raton, purchased c. 1955


1. The actual image in the Hyperion Symbols is a fen, that Mr. McClung states comes from the German fenna, land in low places that is covered with water that over time goes stagnant.

We changed that to a more appropriate image of desert for Mr. Hilton, though the

idea is unchanged.










See the  Hyperion Symbols by Gavin Kent McClung,  page 16, symbol Gemini 09/69 of 360 for more.

2. Our main image is from the Waldorf-Astroia at Jeddah, the Qasr al-Sharq suite.

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