The Cold War (Hot wars involved military action; Cold Wars involve espionage) against Russia has had many causalities including President Kennedy. The greatest question was whether Oswald acted alone. CIA operative Jim Garrison did a magnificent job of so obscuring what happened along that along with the infamous Fourth Estate and the Warren Commission for extra measure, it seems it will still be a while before we learn what happened in Dallas. That’s a pity.

Who was this punk?

Oswald was born two months after his father’s death. His mother remarried but that did not last. Thus the family moved frequently between 1939 and 1956. In October 1956 Oswald dropped out of high school and joined the U.S. Marines. His was a good sharpshooter but an indifferent marine, and began expressing pro-Soviet views. He was released from the corps on September 11, 1959.

Nine days later he left for the Soviet Union, where he tried to become a citizen. In Minsk he met and married (April 30, 1961) Russian Marina Nikolayevna Prusakova. Thirteen months later, June 1962, he returned to the United States with his wife and three-month-old daughter, June Lee.

The ascendant is Cancer 07, Two fairies on a moonlit night. The keyword is Ascendancy. He has a Grand Trine in Earth. He is a Locomotive Temperament Type.

The Ruby fall

Oswald was shot by a Dallas nightclub owner, Jack Ruby on November 24 1963. Was Ruby truly distraught or was he another operative making sure that Oswald did not tell? Good question.

Oswald’s chart does give us some information — he was a disgruntled Marine soldier who defected and was plot of the plot to assassinate Kennedy but did he act alone? That the chart does not say; only the Warren Commission Jackie Kennedy and successive presidents know for sure — the rest of us have theories. If you tell us yours, we’ll tell you ours. Post below.


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