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The story

Alan Leo’s Modern Astrologer reports on June 25, 1893, right after midsummer’s eve, a murder happened along the Rotherhithe docks in southwestern London.  The unfortunately woman screamed when he throat was cut, but the murderer was not apprehended.  Reading the note in the vintage magazine, I decided I too would see what I could learn about the crime, so here we go.

Leo mentions that Saturn and Uranus on both in the seventh house.  Like Leo we are using his Placidus house format — he always did and so we could follow his notes all the better, so are we.  He adds that the Moon was approaching the eighth house of sex and death and that the Moon is in Scorpio and applying to an opposition of Jupiter .

On a modern note, Black Moon Lilith is in the Eighth House of sexual adventure for the accident chart and opposite Neptune in the second house.  We know this because the Thor’s Hammer between the intercepted first house of Jupiter in Taurus in the first house to the Midheaven at Capricorn to Saturn in Libra where it is exalted in the sixth house of labour and services, reminds us that this was a rather salacious business transaction, and that the money interchange, the Jupiter interception,  was the issue for the murderer– obviously  he was outraged that he would have to pay for these services.   In case you are wondering, this does not seem the chart of a Jack the Ripper particularly as the three planet stellium in Cancer spanning the fourth and fifth houses  also suggests taking a walk on the wild side of entertainment.

The Part of Fortune, Leo 28, also supports the sex angle, as it gets an the symbol of “friends shaking hands” from Andrea Carelli where he notes that this is a transaction sans money or any type of commerce.  The murderer would agree there — he obviously felt his transaction with the streetwalker was of mutual benefit; she did not.

The map of Rotherhithe


What we think went down

Angry and petulant,  he struck out against her insinuations – Neptune is sextile the stellium in the fourth house (her walking her beat) and the fifth house ending with violent Mars semi-sextile the Part of Fortune in the sixth House at 28 Leo conjunct Fixed Square Al-Talhah (here portending violence) & also square Neptune 12 Gemini (ruling seaman)  and Pluto (erratic or crazy behavior). Alpheraz is conjunct the ascendant. While it literally means the “horse’s navel” it is also called the “head of the woman in chains” or Andromeda that Elbert Benjamine 1 Zain, C. C., Course 7, Spiritual Astrology, Church of Light, Albuquerque, New Mexico, c. 2003.  This is the seventh book in his 21 astrology-metaphysics course series and in it he discusses the decans of astrology and their mythological underpinnings.  You can buy the book for $9.95 in kindle or acrobat format, and neither join the Church nor take the test   attributes to the third decan of Gemini as reason divorced of intuition.  That is an interesting side note to her taking the offer from a stranger, and suggests she had her regular johns and despite her own instinct not to do this, she must have thought it would work out to her benefit.

Jupiter is conjunct another star, this time Zurak , (also called Zaurak or Zanrak), the “bright star of the boat on the river Eridanus”. This star can incline a person to take things too much to heart with depression as a result when things do not turn out as wished. Its nature is Saturnian.   The River Eridanus shows up in the Greek myth of Phaeton, son of Helios and the beautiful Oceanid nymph Clymene, and is very similar to the Daedalus and Icarus story. 

Here instead of the father, Daedalus, fashioning his son a pair of wings so they can escape from their prison island, this time Phaeton, son of the Sun God, steals his father’s chariot that his rides  across the skies each morning to bring in the light.  His gallivanting 0wreaked so much havoc that Zeus hit Phaeton 2 This was also a very upscale Volkswagen touring car in the early 2000s   with a lightning bolt and knocked the boy from the chariot into the river Eridanus where he unfortunately drowned.

Alan Leo’s Astrologer’s Magazine noted  the death was met by the house and planets separation.

P.S.  While Pluto is depicted on the chart, because the incident occurred in 1893 we are ignoring its impact; it is not on the download chart but as an aside its proximity to Neptune in Gemini suggests the sensual, or sexually alluring,   side of the public.

Rotherhithe Murder


Notes:  This was originally published  October 7, 2017 on, that of course has been succeeded by Celestiology.



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