Ian Brady, Britain’s child murderer and rapist, died on Monday.  Michel Gauquelin has his birth data, so we decided to view it  The chart has some asteroids, from WinStar Express, as Kepler does not depict them at all except on a printout. I prefer Solar Fire’s integrated approach, but SF has a lot of problems running on my Win 10 Machine for whatever reason.

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Brady was born on January 2, 1938 in Glasgow. He has an expansive preponderance in the ninth house of long journeys, and legal entanglements. The large amount of retrogrades in his chart: Mercury, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto suggest that he was never free of the past — always asked, inquired and badgered about what happened, who was involved and who had what role. This gave some amount of perverse happiness as he got to relive his murders (Neptune on the sixth house cusp reliving the fantasies of his past with this children for service to the state).

He is a single minded locomotive defined by the grand trine in earth. With those planets in the first, sixth and ninth – just touching the tenth — houses. As with most murderers he has no fire in his chart, everything is driven by physical desire. Pluto has an interesting position at the bottom of the chart, highlighting his perverse reversed father-figure to the boys played heavily into the crime. But it also demonstrates his need to go somewhere where the all important Fourth Estate (newspapers) were located to get the most notoriety from his deeds. That this mattered to him is of no doubt as Pluto is sextile his Part of Fortune.

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

Transpluto or shall we call him Bacchus?

But the group of planets, asteroids and Arabian parts at his ascendant is disturbing.  Ian Brady has his TransPluto right next to his Taurean ascendant, which according to John Robert Hawkins, is the ruler of the hypothetical planet.

Hawkins writes this placement suggests Brady grew up in a critical and perfectionist environment where his personality, the ego in the first house, felt picked to pieces, but the key is its volcanic variability — suddenly it would happen without rhyme nor reason and just as suddenly it would be over.  Sextile his Pluto in the fourth and trine Taurus’s exaltation of the Moon at the midheaven, it was an extremely destructive to him because the person was his main caregiver who also nourished him. Thus these two conflicting aspects left his fragile Chiron, midway between Transpluto and Pluto lost with little support or consolation.

Yet the preponderance in Capricorn, for Brady it was all about the odd planets in rich verdant Taurus that motivates him the most, and it can be no surprise that his crime got the tag of the Murders on the Moors — that large tract of land in the middle of England that is verdant, green and uncultivated. Saturn, part of the half-sextile ring of easy living is at 29 Pisces and opposite his Neptune in the Sixth House, creating a T-Cross with his Sun, at 12 Capricorn (we’re using Jones’s very large luminary orbs here) showing that this was his way of exhibiting his will in the heavily peppered ninth house. Marc Jones would phrase this problem in reverse — that his will caused the opposition and exerted itself.  Perhaps in the end it does not matter which way you go round.

Digging for Keith in the Moors

Despite knowing that the murders occurred on the Moors, the UK Telegraph reported that he refused to reveal where 12 year old Keith Bennett was interred giving no closure to the poor boy’s grief stricken family.

Asteroids and Arabians

Asteroid Hygeia, not shown, is at 1 Libra, is next to Poseidon and opposite the harsh father of Saturn. This combination of public dis-health (Hygeia) in his working Sixth, coupled with desire, Poseidon, has another outlet, this time in the Third House of Brothers and Sisters at the Arabian Part of Divorce.  Could Brady have wanted to create a family for himself, of little children faithful only to him, unlike his mother who serially remarried?  It is hard to say, but the chart and his murders are psychotically disturbing. Of course these two T-Crosses create one large Grand Mutable Cross.

Also in his Third House, conjunct Divorce are other odd parts like the Part of Deception & Lying, and Sudden Advancement which is opposite his Sun wanting notoriety, so it would seem that to him that this was a way to make a big a splash. London’s Fleet Street  Tabloid journalism playing up his feats added to his glee.

As for Myra Hindley his accomplice, his chart does show Juno in the Seventh next to the Arabian part of Cooperation, opposite his Part of Fortune.  There can be no doubt that without Myra a lot of this would not have happened, as he needed a willing accomplice who supported his ambition.  But with his part of marriage exact to his Saturn, there is no doubt, in my mind at least, that this was a significant relationship,

His progressed chart to his approximate time of death, shows once again everything hitting in his chart in the Tenth House of career fame.  It would seem that Brady had more than his fifteen minutes of fame, and twice.

The progression is below. progressed The second chart shows the aspects to the TransNeptunians, Transpluto, Nodes, Lilith and the Vertex.

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