Today October 12th is the original celebration of Columbus’s Founding of America, but an act of Congress changed it to one of the Monday Holidays and now it is celebrated, at least on the calendars, on October 9th.  

The New York Post reported that Los Angeles last month became the largest city nationwide to remove Columbus Day as an official city holiday after a 14-1 vote by the Los Angeles City Council. They have also made the switch in states like Alaska and Vermont, and cities like Seattle, Albuquerque, San Francisco, Denver and most recently Portland, Maine.  All of them have replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day.

Columbus, it seems, is going the way of General Robert E. Lee and the Dodo.


                                    Columbus Day 2017

Trump #17 The Star
Pixie Colman-Smith’s quintessential Star from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, now 117 years old.

Vesta is in the Tenth House of the President and the Country and the US President, Donald J. Trump, Sr — but I don’t think he uses that — is definitely on fire with his Culture War against the Colin Kaepernick kneeling for the National Anthem at football venues.  Things are changing as I write.  Last week Commissioner Goodall said it was up to the players, and this week is changing his tune to say that “all should stand” at the anthem or be penalized.  With Vesta conjunct the Sun next to Mercury, Trump’s message is winning despite his advisor H. R. McMaster, telling him to stand down.

Representative Gaetz of FLA has taken things a bit further and asked in Congress for the NFL to no longer be a tax-exempt entity — the teams themselves are taxed as regular corporate entities but they also pay a tribute to the NFL organization, and that is what Gaetz is concerned:  this franchising fee that the NFL entity gets tax-free.  How much is it?  Last year alone, the NFL received 15 BILLION dollars in tax free money.

Uranus is still alone down in the Fourth House at 27 Aries.  It is conjunct the Fixed Star, Al Pherg, that is part of the constellation of Pisces and is associated with the Tarot Trump (for Triumph) number 17 The Star.  This has the meaning of great hope and aspiration.  The late astrologer, Mr. Vivian Robson, wrote that Al-Pherg, found in the northern hemisphere, had the combined aspects of Saturn and Jupiter 1 like a conjunction of the Line of Motivation bestowing  preparedness, steadiness, determination and eventual success where it is found. 

2 See some pictures of Al-fork and learn of its astronomical facts here

The Fourth House in Mundane Astrology is all about the will of the people, but in our chart is part of a Grand Square showing how that will is being pulled every which way depending upon the latest horrific newscast (Moon in her natural home Cancer at the Eighth House).  It is a lot of emotional turmoil, as everything is coming up for re-appraisal (Saturn (Tradition), Ceres (Hearth)  and Vesta (Religion)  in the First House of the Country).

On the personal front, there could be some fallout as people take a hard look at where they financially stand (Moon square Mercury square Ceres) or wonder what their responsibilities are and whether they can measure up.  Thankfully Venus and Mars are in the Ninth, and the cooler weather in the Northern part of the country will bring some extra snuggling.  As for Columbus?  Baby it’s cold outside.

Cheerio —


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    like a conjunction of the Line of Motivation
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    See some pictures of Al-fork and learn of its astronomical facts here
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