Norma, growing younger by the site

The old adage that a lady never tells her age, really struck home with 1930s Hollywood Actress Norma Shearer. Whether it was intentional or not, she has a few birth charts out there — four in fact. The popular one for astrologer is on and says she was born 1900. I think that one can be discarded — it makes her too old for her debut in New York.

The next two are strong contenders, and are just one year apart. The first is from Marc Jones 1000 Nativities with the entry of August 10, 1903. The second one is the Church of Lights doyenne, Doris Chase Doane with the same date but a year later at 1904. Just as I was about puzzle the two out, a monkey wrench appears, and her fan site says all of that is wrong, and it is really August 11, 1902. So many birth dates, I guess we have to hit the charts to choose.

The Stolen Jools comedy

Enjoyable comedy and the only full flick I could find. Pity, eh?

Cross-eyed Fame

Norma married Irving G. Thalberg, the Hollywood boy wonder in 1927 and they had two children. Thalberg, unfortunately had a bad heart –he had been born a “blue baby” — in the days before surgery for atresia was perfected, and several heart attacks throughout his life. Finally, in September, 1936,felled Thalberg at age 37. Norma wanting perhaps to follow Garbo in retirement and give a final farewell was thwarted by Louis Mayer, of MGM, and Thalberg’s boss, more-or-less who felt she was too a hot a property to let go and forced her into a six-picture contract, after which she left for good.

David O. Selznick, an independent producer, offered the First Lady of MGM the part of Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind (1939). but after viewing some pre-production still, he felt her cross-eyed stare was disconcerting and killed the deal. While many wanted the role, it was lovely Vivien Leigh who got it for her silhouette against the burning Atlanta set.

Fanzine Smarts

After looking and reviewing them all, the fanzine site obviously did their homework as the August 11, 1902 holds up. This gives Norma an ascendant of 15 Libra 32 or “the storms of winter have washed away the boat landing and some happy souls are building one anew,” showing how Norma overcame both the obstructive and destructive elements in her life rising to their challenge and overcoming them both.

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