Bowl Temperament Types were first discussed in Marc Edmund Jones’s “The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation.” 1 Most of his books are found rather cheaply on AbeBooks, which is not an Amazon affliate but one of the few independent book publishers on the Net, which explains why most search engines do not give their results. The only problem with Abe is they do not accept PayPal, but the prices are phenomenal so you can pick up basic Marc Jones library —the Guide to Horoscope Interpretation, How to Learn and How and Why Astrology Works—for about $20.00: the Essentials and Sabian Symbols are excepted and can run about $25.00 sans shipping apiece.

A Bowl Temperament Type is the geometric shape of a personal chart, though Bowls do show up in Mundane charts as well, but Marc Jones only defined them for people, not events. Astrologer Donna Cunningham is a western-biased bowl, because bowls can lie in any of the four cardinal directions — north, south, east and west — each direction highlighting the specific personality emphasis of the person.

Bowl’s can also have rim oppositions which work as a steadying element in their chart, or lack a rim, like Donna above and President William McKinley below. Here these people are open to too many influences and so are easily overwhelmed because they can neither delegate nor prioritize.

Assassinated Republican President William McKinley sports a rimless southern bowl chart. Neither the opposition from Pluto to the ascendant, nor the Jupiter to the Midheaven, counts in traditional Ptolemaic charts or Jonesian Temperament Types. Our newer patterns also follow that formula, though our analysis may not.

With a rim opposition

President Donald Trump, Caroline Kennedy, and Barbra Streisand are among some natives Celestiology has profiled that have rim oppositions. If a bowl does not have a rim opposition, neither will it not have any oppositions in its chart. Buckets are another Temperament Type that may or may not have a rim opposition.


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