Bestial came up as the WOTD from the OED today.

I am not sure if you can access it so I copied the record. The original is here and a printable version below.

Reading the entry I realized the renowned dictionary did not mention signs bestial — those signs that are animal-like who stand on four feet or are quadrupeds: Aries (Ram) Taurus (Bull) Leo (Lion), Sagittarian (Centaur), and Capricorn (Goat) but neither Cancer (Crab) Scorpio (Insect) nor Pisces (Fish) as they crawl; it seemed to me quite an “errata” as Benjamin Franklin would say.


The idea is those people who have an abundance of “bestial” signs have worse tempers, are larger-than-life people who dominate their environments, and are also rather “mute.” They may bellow in anger but do not express themselves as well as the Mercurial signs of Gemini and Virgo.

I cannot say I have noticed this.


Famous Men with many bestial signs

Barack Obama with a strong stellium in Leo wrote a 700-page book that just got to the third year of his first term. Obviously, words do not elude him; Donald Trump could talk, or should that be a tweet? your ear off, and finally our publisher-inventor cum statesman Ben Franklin has almost every bestial sign in his chart, and when he wrote his autobiography, he spent the first seven chapters just getting to age 24. I don’t think of that as “mute.”


OTOH all three men have men a large imprint on their times.

Franklin is almost the poster boy for bestial signs, with eight planets out of ten in bestial signs. Mars in the third house of Sagittarius shows us his incisive mind that was intellectually grasping and always turning some idea over for improvement whether it is the printing press, ruled by the third house itself, and sextile his Ascendant at 29 Virgo 14 getting the Hyperion Symbol, “Cattle grazing” because of his sheer honesty and desire to supportive of his endeavors whomever he embraced them. This symbol gets the keyword of “Reliability.”.

In his autobiography, 1 Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin, chapter 12 , Ben discusses his invention of the Pennsylvania Furnace and how many urged him to submit copyright with the London Office, Pennsylvania was a province of the United Kingdom at the time. He refused to say that anyone who wanted to avail himself of his work should be free to do so.

Many in the US provinces did but it was an entrepreneur in the United Kingdom itself, who proved to be most successful with the copyright, making quite a tidy sum from it that he eventually became wealthy. Instead of being vindictive or jealous about this, Franklin only commented that his “changes were not to be better” of the invention and he was amazed it was as successful as it proved to be.

Uranus, in the eleventh, discovered the year before Franklin’s death, is opposite Mercury in the fifth highlighting his many inventions including his Philadelphia Free Library, new typefaces, and his own 8×8 Magic Squares 2 There is a rather good book, for children btw, on the subject by Frank Murphy for Random House for Younger Readers, c. 2001.

I recommend it for all ages; well I enjoyed it flaws and all.
— all an outcome of Mercury sextile Mars — and of course his most Uranian work of all: those experiments with electricity – discovering that the magnetic force had both negative and positive poles without getting electrocuted making him the Father of Electricity.

His Saturn in Taurus in the eighth house shows how his practical mind fulfilled his Part of Fortune 13 Scorpio 56 ( the Hyperion symbol of “Dew laden jewels” showing the importance of fulfilling one’s life’s function despite its transient nature), and in turn, making him the richest man in the U.S. Colonies



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