Panacea‘s Mythological Importance

Panacea is the daughter of Asclepius and Epione.

She is one of their four sisters each performing a facet of Apollo, Asclepius’s father’s art. They are also called the Asclepiads. She first appeared in the weekly chart for Jackson Mississippi.

Our header image is Dr. Marcus Welby (played by Robert Young and shown with his assistant James Brolin) and his steady companion the doctor’s black bag, once a staple of the visiting family doctor.

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All hail Hygeia

Hygieia, was closely associated with the cult of her father as the goddess of health and is the highest regarded. Her name follows directly after her father Asclepius and before Panacea’s in the Hippocratic oath, as Panacea was considered her helper, not a goddess in her own right. Panacea though grew in time particularly because of Alchemy, the bastard daughter of astrology. It was not till the end of the 16th century AD. that she stood on her own, thanks to Copernicus, and eventually morphed into the science of chemistry, the same way medicine was a magical or sacred art at first.

There were five daughters of Aesculapius who all were associated with health and thus beauty. TELESPHOROS, who has no accompanying asteroid, was always shown hooded with a cape, the costume of those who have recovered. He was the god of Convalescents according to classicist author Robert Graves, who also edited Larousse, but he does not state how he fits into this tree. Perhaps it is a near relation through Apollo.

Aesculapius’s daughters

  1. Panacea (the goddess of universal health)
  2. Hygieia (“Hygiene”, the goddess/personification of health, cleanliness, and sanitation)
  3. Iaso (the goddess of remedies)
  4. Akeso (the goddess of the healing process)
  5. Aglæa/Aegle (the goddess of beauty, and adornment)

Hippocrates with his theory of the four elements reigned supreme throughout the middle ages. They were

  • The earth is dry and cold and corresponds to black bile
  • The water is wet and cold and represents the phlegm
  • The air is wet and warm and corresponds to the blood
  • The fire is dry and warm and corresponds to the yellow bile

and were the basis of William Lilly’s temperaments and lent themselves to the search for the alchemical philosopher’s stone and a universal panacea. Thus Asclepius and his daughter Hygeia arrived with her little black bag, Panacea filled with herbs, stones, drugs, perfumes, and vapors filling the texts of the Greek Claudius Galen, second only to the great Hippocrates himself.

Galen is supposed to have written 200 volumes of his miraculous cures, all in his native tongue of Greek; some so incredible he was considered a magician. The Arabian Avicenna documented much of Galen’s cures and popularized them in his imagic descriptive style, but it is unknown how good a doctor ibn Sina (his Arabic name) was in his own right.

Panacea and Demeter’s Eleusian Mysteries

While Panacea had begun with Eleusian mysteries, she is entwined with the idea that nature held all the answers to the problems of humankind, alchemists felt counterfeiting her was the natural answer — the panacea aka cure-all. and Paracelsus, whom Sir Francis Bacon chastised heavily for his ad hoc attitude toward science (he came onto the scene burning the books of Avicenna) ignored the father of the Scientific Method and pursued his experimentalism.

Paracelsus threw out the four element theory and instead felt the human body was a “ microcosm ” that corresponded to the “ macrocosm,” containing in itself all parts of visible nature,—sun, moon, stars, and the poles of heaven and thus by understanding that, one could cure human beings of anything.

He utterly rejected all parts of external nature because life was a germinative process controlled by its indwelling spirit (the archeus) and diseases was not natural at all; instead, they were spiritual and how someone was out of sorts with their basic nature. Remedies were “antagonistic” not to the disease but to the spirit pervading the person. If he was phlegmatic and tired then the antithetical cure should be applied that bridged the connection between remedy and essence ” of the disease.

That may be easier said than done, hence he recommended opium, via laudanum, to help, and it is no wonder that the Sixties hippies embraced Paracelsus in their hopes of “tuning in” to their own spiritual vibration and turning out all else.

Jacob Boehm sees the Mystery of God

The mystic C147 Jacob Boehm though, anticipating Georg Hegel, rejected this idea, for a different reason than Bacon. His reasoning was not everything could be in nature, could not be revealed and it was he, that brought nature to light,, not nature who was supreme.

Boehm did not see nature as self-revealing, and while he did not explicitly agree with Bacon or Descartes, he felt pure experimentation would fail. It is rather surprising that Isaac Newton, a genius of the first order, and religious Christian, ignored this argument of Boehm’s — perhaps he was blinded by gold fever.

Ask how the beasts learnt their arts? If nature can instruct dumb animals, cannot not do more for intelligent human beings?


Panacea, like her father and sister, was elevated to asteroid status, finally in 1980; her sisters have not.

Panacea shows up on the seventh house cusp in the Chart of Karl Marx. Her father, Aesculapius, is on the second house cusp, and they are trine. So how do you think the two work here?

Panacea in many charts

When Panacea is sextile to your Moon, you will believe that the answers are found in the house the Moon is in. An example is Moon in the seventh house, here you believe other people can give you the answer.

  1. If it is in the sixth house, like Diego Maradona the soccer great, or Barack Obama you believe that your work and service will bring you the answer to your problems, and they will help you find your way.

2. The charismatic evangelist Billy Sunday had it trine Neptune, thus he believe his preaching would help others find the answers of faith through his sermons.

3. C140 Attorney Sydney Powell has it in the seventh house believing the Law is always the answer, Looking at her progression these days, I think that belief has been shaken a bit.

4. C142 President Trump has Panacea sextile Mercury and it is obvious he believed he could deliver the message of what’s wrong with America through his posts and rhetoric and make a change.

5. C141 Singer Josephine Baker had it in her eighth house and believed that her fan’s patronage would solve her problems. Alas square her Venus, it just wasn’t enough.

6. Elbert Benjamine, aka C.C. Zain, aka Benjamin Williams, had it in his ninth house, rather apropos for a man who founded the Church of Light. It is also trine his Part of Fortune.

7. Marc Jones, the Dean of American Astrology, had it conjunct his Mercury and there can be a doubt that he believed his writing and communications with the members of his School, which is what the Sabian Assembly was founded after, are voluminous.

8. And finally, C136 Benito Mussolini, the man who man the trains run on time, had it conjunct his North Node in the twelfth but square his Mercury and Sun. Talk about a moth to the flame. Here we see someone feeling that if fixed everyone else’s problems, he would dissolve because he could not bear he was not perfect, thus il Duce put the cart before the horse and lost it all. His Black Moon, also nearby, did not help this unfortunate situation.


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I used the German Regiomontanus for this rather speculative chart. From what I read in Pagel I think it is right but everything about Paracelsus the person is rather dodgy because it’s 500 years old, so who knows? In the meantime, it is rather enjoyable to read.

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