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It was no less than Hernan Cortes, the Spaniard who declared himself the Marqués del Valle of Oaxaca, claiming province over the state’s rich mineral deposits. Today, Oaxaca is a top tourist destination with miles of sandy beaches and archeological sites. Benita Juarez, the Mexican freedom fighter, was Oaxacan.

Martinez is a Mexican American, her parents were immigrants and grew up as a Valley girl in the vaunted San Fernando Valley. She became President in the sweeping overhaul but met her fate by making disparaging and racist remarks about the black son of Mike Bonin, a fellow council member, as well as about Oaxacan immigrants living in Los Angeles’s Koreatown and a few other ethnic groups. Gil Cedillo and Kevin de León, two other council members, didn’t confront her and at times made derogatory remarks of their own. After a long public battle they are gone.

Nury said,  Oaxacans are “a lot of little, short dark people” “I was like, I don’t know where these people are from, I don’t know what village they came [from], how they got here,” Martinez said, before adding “Tan feos” — “They’re ugly.

Alas there are about 150,000 Zapotecs — the largest Indigenous group from Oaxaca — living in Los Angeles County; and they went wild. Most Zapotec speakers are concentrated in the Pico-Union and Koreatown areas, with most K’iche’ speakers in the Westlake area. Of those surveyed, 44% said they worked in the restaurant industry, followed by 29% in the cleaning sector and 11% in clothing factories.

Ron Herrera, the president of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, was the first to resign. Martinez stepped down last week under mounting pressure from fellow Democrats, including President Biden. On November 3rd, the LA Times wrote this won’t solve the problem of “Latino anti-blackness,” and so the drama continues, but now there an interim council president.

Who is Nury

I could not find much about her, but that is par for the course on public officials. Maybe in a year or so we will know more, but now everything is vague and sketchy. We know she is of Mexican descent but not where her parents hailed from. I only know the name Nury as Noury but tells me Nuri/Nury is the female spelling for an Islamic girl. This suggests that perhaps her background is like Salma (female of Salman) Hayek Jiménez, the Oscar winning Mexican actress who hails from Veracruz.

We also know she is from the Valley but not much else. I wanted to understand this crazy behavior so I did a chart.

Neither the Galactic Center nor Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobsen’s Lilith did anything; both had no aspects. The fixed stars did not give a clue either.

So finally I added in the TransNeptunians and and that yielded many interesting aspects. The TNP Hades 22 Taurus 46 is very strong in her chart suggesting she is an intolerant person. It is in opposite, a partile aspect, to her Vertex 22 Scorpio 42 suggesting that her fall will come at work, from some sort of intolerant, and insulting behavior. Her vertex is also trine Vulcan the asteroid at 22 Cancer 22 which is probably how she rose to such heights because Vulcan does what it takes. but as Vulcanus is also sextile Hades 22 Tau 46 it would seem she tends to be an elitist but the kicker is TNP Vulkanus is partile her ascendant — this girl is well connected.

Hades is also conjunct fixed star Capulus think of the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, and you get the picture of a high strung noble shouting “Off with their heads” because they are too slow, too lazy, too ugly, just not her and you will understand this aspect. Hades and Capulus can make one rather exacting., while Vulkanus, partile to the ascendant, is conjunct fixed star Tejat.

Her Mars is in its rulership giving her initiative and in the tenth a place he likes because of Saturn. Her Moon is in the fifth, a not too comfortable place for the lunar girl because sunny Leo crowds her out. Uranus is there too, not a friendly place for him either. Overall looking at the placement of the planets, Nury is not too in touch with technology (Uranus) and insensitive (Moon). Neptune in the sixth is not a happy camper either; he’s opposite is his home in Pisces so here, he tends, thanks to Sagittarius, be erratic in his work habits. Venus otoh, and this may have been her downfall, is in her rulership in the second while Mercury here just likes business and things that suit him. Together, this may make her have a tendency to plastic surgery to enhance her own looks because of her need to be perfect.

Her ascendant at 06 Cancer 07 suggests beneficence, for “in a fairy glade within a quiet circle of moonlight, two little people are dancing.” Jones suggests it means darn good luck, well at least it seemed.

That ascendant and Poseidon 20 Libra 26 one degree from Uranus 19 Libra 00 tells us while Nury is down now, she is not out. She will be back, better than ever and much “reformed.” Fitzgerald was wrong; just wait for the second act.

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