She is a splash temperament type filling up the map except for the areas in gold.  She dominates the fifth house of creativity, theatre and offspring.  In her eighth house is Mars in Taurus, reminding us of her older brother Jack Thomas Manigault Jr. who was murdered &  is the odd man out in her almost Grand Air Trine of Pluto in Libra to her Sun in Aquarius.  She has been married twice but has no children.

Her Saturn is in the ninth house of Gemini, representing both her relationship with her former mentor and boss, President Trump and her religious studies at Payne Theological Seminary in Wilberforce, Ohio. It makes sense as her second husband, John Newman, is a Protestant Minister,but on the opposite political fence, a Democrat, who worked for both of the presidential campaigns of Chicagoans Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama. Newman is the head pastor at the Sanctuary of Mount Calvary baptist church in Jacksonville, Florida and supports Andrew Gillum for governor.  He is 63 to her 44.

the newmans.jpg
A happy couple: Omarosa and her husband. They are still married in 2022.

More striking is her south node two degrees off of Saturn,  and so what brings her success is also her undoing.  That could be a karmic repayment, and if so, then its her own guilt over a telegenic success using her brother’s death — it does not seem that they were at all close despite her protestations to the contrary. SNs in Gemini fail when they use their instincts instead of Hermetic logic and reasoning.

The transit is to her brother Jack’s death.

Omarosa’s progressed chart shows that currently she has no earth in her chart but a lot of air.  We suspect it is highlighting the poor career advice she is getting — the earth quadrant is in brown, but then love is blind (Venus in the third square her progressed ascendant) and she does have that proclivity of telling people what they want to hear.

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