Cal Cunningham and the politics of morality

Update November 19, 2020

I nearly forgot…Our prediction that Cal would lose was dead to rites. Read it here from the Citizen.

Original Post, October 10 2020

Senator Cal Cunningham seems to be in trouble being like Tony Weiner, husband to Secretary Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin, he’s been sexting a woman. That was his first mistake. His poll numbers are falling which has to be disheartening to the Marxist UK Guardian that periodically runs stories that Christianity in America is dead.

It is in the stars

Cunningham has a problem with the fixed stars. Denebola, a blue star in the sky, is near his ascendant. That gives riches, and good fortune, but as the star flickers, those preferences never last and from his own actions — Denebola just says it will not last what will cause the fall — misfortune and trouble. 1 Vivian Robson’s seminal Fixed Stars and Constellations written in 1923

Sexting Cal is a locomotive type. His natal chart does show that a :woman: in the twelfth in the house is his undoing. Makes me wonder if there have been other episodes that no one caught.

While Denebola does not give the reason,  Mizar is found in Cunningham’s twelfth house, tells plenty. This star founded physically in the Tail of the Big Bear, Ursa Major  is never below the horizon. It has a martial aspect giving the person an aggressive personality and a warning of “downfall through folly.” It is the planet that Mizar is closest to, within its orb, that tells the tale, and here Mizar conjunct lovely Venus, suggets it is woman.

Venus is also part of the unfortunate Thor’s Hammer aspect in his chart which runs from Mars to Jupiter in the fifth and culminates at Venus.

Arlene Guzman Todd of California

Saturn and the Code

Saturn in the tenth suggests that his career is based on being a stand-up guy — he is a lieutenant colonel in the US Army reserves, who is looking into the charges because for the Raleigh News & Observer reports, “Extramarital affairs are a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).”

Saturn is important in Cal’s chart and makes up a yod going from it to Mars and apexing at the Moon 21 Scorpio 00 with the head right at the ninth head cusp of legislature and law — 16 Taurus 41 another ominous point that suggests the higher they climb the harder they will fall.2 Also the ascendant for FDR Veep Henry Agard Wallace, which is on the other site too

How does the election look?

Progressing this out to November 3rd, it seems some morality lives in the country – well at least in North Carolina. It’s a safe prediction he loses. Mrs. Cunningham has yet to do a Hillary Clinton “stand by your man” scene to save his career — Huma followed her employer and did — so there is still time for that act.

In the meantime, everyone’s heard Eddie’s dead, and I just can’t write up the chart. I did the rectifications, but that’s about it. Sorry folks.


  • 1
    Vivian Robson’s seminal Fixed Stars and Constellations written in 1923
  • 2
    Also the ascendant for FDR Veep Henry Agard Wallace, which is on the other site too

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