The casulties continue climb on the February 6th’s dual earthquakes in Syria and Turkey and its hard not to remember the nearly 25 year old similar Turkey’s capital Ankara where the death toll hit 17,500 in a matter of days. The graphic is from the WSJ’s online edition here.

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A chart for the first strike

This earthquake is not in one of the major cities of Istanbul or Ankara, and that is part of the problem particularly for Syria where relief teams are having a time arriving on the scene.

Thus assessing damage to the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, which has a capacity of 1.2 million barrels a day, remains suspended as damage to the facility is assessed, says GAC Shipping, the maritime shipping services..

When and where did the earthquake first occur?

The first shock occurred at 4:17 a.m. local time on Monday and was 11 miles below the surface near the town of Gaziantep, Turkey, the USGS said.

This released a 7.8-magnitude earthquake comparable to that which was released in the 1980 Mount St. Helens volcanic eruption, according to USGS in Golden, Colorado . The magnitude is enormous because the earthquake struck along the East Anatolian fault zone, a region near the junction of the Anatolia, Arabia and Africa plates, according to the USGS.

That in turn affects the Azerrbaijani crude exports normally going through Turkey’s Ceyhan terminal as they remain shut.

Three Strikes and You’re it — the Strike Slip Movement

A strike-slip movement occurs when tectonic plates slide past each other. In the case of the Turkey-Syria earthquake, three tectonic plates are sliding past each other along an existing fault zone in south-central Turkey.

“This area is where three tectonic plates come together; it’s a triple junction,” said Dr. Hatem of USGS/. “It has not had a lot of seismic activity in the recent past; however, that causes a lot of stress to build up over time.” Consider the difference of the LA area where daily shocks happen; that’s a better scenario as nothing builds up and the stress is always released. This of course is no difference than the stress that happens to people or buildings — a sudden shock to the system will have a great affect than a daily tremor.

The East Anatolian fault where the 7.8-magnitude earthquake occurred slipped by 10.5 feet, while the Malatya fault where the 7.5 aftershock occurred slipped by nearly 36 feet, according to an analysis by the USGS. Tectonic plates are massive slabs of rock on the Earth’s crust from 10 miles to 160 miles thick that are always slowly moving. Earthquakes occur along the boundaries of these plates, according to the USGS.

Although these slips occurred underground, some areas on the surface might have ruptured as well, said a USGS rep, and because this was a large earthquake there will be equally large aftershocks as everything settles and readjusts.

The Liquefaction Factor

The second factor in the vast destruction that occurred on Monday was partly the result of something called liquefaction, a phenomenon in which intense shaking turns the soil underneath buildings’ foundations into a near-liquid state.

Liquefaction is especially a problem in areas with a high water table near waterways, ports and rivers, according to Jonathan Bray, distinguished professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, who was part of a team that examined structures after the 1999 Izmit quake.

And the third Factor was Poor Construction

Ilhan Baran, an astrologer located in Istanbul has a different time table for the first strike. You can follow her on Facebook. That one shows the affect of poor construction: inferior materials, building along known fault lines very well — looks to Aries intercepted in the tenth house where Jupiter stands It squares the eighth house cusp of Capricorn where a semisextile away its Lord rules its native Aquarius, ,and the keyword cooperation, come into play. Gemini rising suggests another earthquake nearby.

Opposite Saturn is the Moon in Leo, a natural detriment, highlights the great fears that haunt mankind — sudden death and great loss — in the third house of communication and brothers and sisters — a good reminder that praying for our unknown and unmet brothers and sisters’s well being halfway around the globe will only help.

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