Sorry this is late, but I had a rather unexpected death in the family right before Christmas that threw me for a loop and lost track of time. So…….back in the saddle again, here’s a week late the chart for New Year’s Eve as the ball dropped at Times Square, New York. As this is a mundane chart for the US, it seems a lot of our political relationships will change in the coming year. The ascendant’s degree ala Charubel is rather similar to Martin Goldsmith’s take — both highlight a lot of blather and promises that ultimately pan out. There is a strong preponderance in Capricorn down in the fourth that support that supposition and of course Lilith at the Midheaven is never good as it suggests fall-back positions aka second choices rule the day.

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Of course if Lilith is in the Ninth, then her opposite Priapus is in the 3rd house and in Capricorn, where the old sod is basically at home. Thus we should expect a lot of drugs news with much of it hitting Hunter Biden, surprise! Dems will cry foul but it is doubtful the Republicans will be as vicious as they are, though one could always hope.

Hope yours is a good one. Cheers.

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