For a change, I did the same place a week later. Probably the biggest change is the Part of Fortune now partile to the Vernal Point suggesting that those who had a hard time with the New Year’s Resolution should try again this week and redouble their efforts as they maybe more successful.

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We have a lipped bowl planetary pattern this week, another change. They are uncommon, whether they are for people or events . Notice the Moon at 01 Leo 09 is opposite 06 Aquarius 24 for Venus completing the rim of our bowl. The leftover Capricorns are the lip, or the scoop of how one is drinking or using the bowl. Of course, since it is Capricorn, it is suggesting we are as a Nation rather overindulgent. The Part of Real Estate is partile Pluto suggesting people are still chasing those high prices mostly so selling looks good but of course you get hit on the buying end unless you are down-scaling in which case you should end up with Jupiter in the sixth house conjunct Part of Abundance and the Part of Fortune and money in your pocket. The caveat is Neptune in Pisces, also in the sixth, suggesting you jettison as much as you can of those once beloved belongings (its in its detriment here in the sixth) as moving things is expensive and can eat up those profits.

Best of luck…..Cheerio

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