9-25-2022, the equinox, a Midterm Mistake , the Census earnings report and Old Blue Eyes

This is the last week of September so that means the equinox just passed. Indeed it was on September 21, 2022 at 9:04 PM, at least here on the Eastern Seaboard giving us a rising of 22 Taurus 52. In the Hyperion Symbol we get a Couple in front of a tall monument, suggesting that all points in time are marked upon the clock thus making each moment an eternity.

The chart unfortunately suggests some amount of sorrow because naturally enough, unforeseen changes particularly regarding women, mothers, aunts and because this is 2022 women becoming men and men becoming women. With Uranus on the ascendant the change will be harder than you expect and sudden/ It will probably effect some type of money or financial settlement you hoped for.

My call on the Election and a Biden surprise was wrong, as a friend noted, because I did not specify which house and stated something so general as to be meaningless.So, doing it again, my chart says the Democrats will retain control of the SENATE. All the money they are pouring into those races will succeed as will Joe Biden’s stumping for them and his constant reiteration of the possible return of fearsome monster aka the previous president called Trump. People will buy it and the Senate and Schumer, as majority leader, should return to Capitol Hill.

Oh, and Liz Cheney is running for president in 2024, but not as a Republican.

I have not looked at individual senatorial races at all.

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Week of 9-18, Providence and the Mask

The CDC feels we are not wearing enough masks indoors. Rhode Island had a primary last week, so I picked it for our weekly mundane chart. Interestingly, this week’s chart has a lot of Vertex action.

The Vertex and its shadow, the Anti-Vertex, always opposite it, are supposed to be a karmic point and here in the seventh house suggest that the following week relationship issues will come to the forefront of discussion.

Not much news out there except the Queen is still dead and it’s raining in London.

Cheers, Suki

C356 Stealing bases, great fielding and God, Louis C. Brock

Lou Brock was an outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals. He was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1985 — his first year of eligibility, only one of twenty to do so, which dovetails well with his retired number for the Cardinals #20.. He was considered the consummate stolen base specialist surpassing the Georgia Peach, Ty Cobb’s record of 892 in the 1977 season. He was a solid clutch player and led the national League steals every year but one.

“The numbers can hardly tell the full story of Louis Clark Brock. They cannot tell you of the enthusiasm he possessed, the zest for the game, the excitement he generated, the joy of watching him. If you have not seen him play, you have missed one of the great joys of sport. “

 New York Daily News reporter Phil Pepe, 197

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QE2 dies, a Thanksgiving Caper, 9/11 & the Midterms.

Today of course is the memorial for the victims of 9-11.


The chart for the attack is on the site under 20 years gone, see it here. I have no heart for the progression but I thank God all the time, I was on vacation that week and missed it. If only everyone else had been so lucky.

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C333 Richard Rorty is redefining the pragmatic

Richard Rorty, was an American pragmatist in favour of “bourgeois liberalism.”

It is a phrase that shows up everywhere from the Chinese Communists using this phrase derogoratily to expunge too successful shopkeepers to Newark Mayor Ras Barkara claiming getting rid of the police is a bougeous liberal ideal. Rorty was the son of nonacademic leftist intellectuals who broke with the American Communist Party in the early 1930s, sometime after Rorty was born in 1931 (noticed Pluto at the Ascendant). He attended the University of Chicago and Yale University, where he obtained a Ph.D. in philosophy.

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Labor Day Chart, Covid for Hal Willner and Stay Awake

I was thinking this Labor Day I should do something a bit extra since a lot of updates to the charts occur but I never note them, Dolly Parton’s new book with James Patterson made me laugh, and whether the progression to the chart shows that. I do it for myself, but never publish them out. Seems to be a mistake.

I this will happen every week with the current weekly mundane chart attached. This week’s chart is Hal Willner. He was a victim of Covid two years ago in April 2020. His bio is on the New York Times. https://tinyurl.com/47bbkefp . Eventually he will be posted at post #308, right after Michelle Obama at 307 and before Padre Pio at 309.

I found out about Willner while looking for Stay Awake, I have the album on vinyl somewhere but in the meantime there was a song I wanted to hear. On the side are all the tracks listed individually.

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