#J02 Adbulhamid II, the last of the Ottomans

Sultan as Caliph

Sultan Abdulhamid II of the Ottoman Empire came to power deposing his brother. Sultan Murad V, who had been crowned sultan on 30 May 1876. Murad himself had deposed his uncle,  Abdülaziz, calling him “mad”. Three months later, Murad met the same fate, and his brother Abdulhamid was now Sultan.

Abdulhamid lasted far longer than either of his two predecessors, over forty years, but was deposed on February 10, 1918, ironically by the Young Turks that his brother Murad V had created. By the time they dethroned Abdulhamid, the Empire, with all its faults, was now so well identified with his persona that the six-hundred-year rule of the Ottomans ended as well.

Perhaps though, that was meant to be, fulfilling the Berber (North African) Sufi philosopher Ibn Khaldun’s belief that nothing lasts more than a half century or so. Though upon reflection, that cannot be quite right, as the English Monarchy spans nearly a thousand.

Auspicious Beginnings

Abdulhamid was the second son of Sultan Abdülmecid I (25 April 1823—25 June 1861). His predecessor Murad was eldest but became a pariah to his people because of a series of expensive wars and lost. This made Turkey open to foreign intervention, as European monarchs looked to Ottoman extensive holdings for further gain. With Hamid’s ascension, someone brought peaceably both Serbia and Montenegro back into the fold, which was a major boon, but Tsar Alexander II of Russia agitated revolts the Orthodox portions of these countries. Eventually, this led to the Russo-Turkish War — 24 April 1877 where Turkey lost  once again.

After that disastrous war, Abdulhamid dismissed the Parliament suspending the constitution and installed a secret police to enforce his control. He ruled from his seclusion at Yıldız Palace, Constantinople, assisted by an expanded telegraph network (Uranus in the fourth) , severe censorship (Neptune in the fourth square Mercury in the twelfth) and countless civil infractions with the attendant monetary fees (fines & taxes, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the second house of earned income). He slowly lost the love of his people, and foment at home eventually took root.

While the Sultan had lots of children, Pluto yet to be discovered highlights how they will never see the sultanship of their patrimony, but square the Moon will long for what would never be. His own chart, shown below, is no better than Dark Moon Lilith in the fifth house and hints at the disturbances his progeny will face. His father, Sultan Abdulmecid I, fared far better in that regard than having the fixed star Regulus on the fifth house cusp, foretelling his sons would attain the sultany for however long. Indeed, all four did.


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Spring has Sprung — 2022

On Sunday 20th, it’s New Year’s Day for the Zoroastrians, those happy Sun worshippers in Iran.  For the rest of us, it’s just Spring, the beginning of all things — at least the zodiac with its bias on Aries thinks so. Mars rules Aries, rams jutting horns. The Sun is exalted here. Odd isn’t it? It rules Leo but it is exalted in Spring — I guess its revenge over Old Man Winter. “I’m back.”

Aries colour is red because the blood runs faster, so the Ancients say, in the heat of Spring. The daffodils are soon to bloom and robins will pick out the insects from our lawns. Already here, in the Endless Mountains, the hawks, vultures and eagles have returned and the chooks run in fear under the coop until the mighty predators are gone. Soon the weeds will come.

Spring comes to Kiev

Officially Spring is born at 15:33 PM in Kiev according to the first chart. They run about 7 hours ahead of Philadelphia, so they still have time to wrastle with winter. With the Sun in Libra, in its fall but not oopsoite the Ascendant, its possible the tide will turn in their favor. The preponderance in Pisces suggests a lot of work, but also funds are needed. It is not impossible.

Spring has come to Kiev

Spring comes to Philadelphia

Spring arrived at 11:33 this morning in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the nation’s first capitol. It’s been downhill ever since. Using an Aries Chart with midpoints.
Finally, we have Spring in the Campanus format. Europeans should use the first set. The rest of us, pick your poison. The ascendant, or Lord of the Chart, is under the glare of the spotlights, a smiling television actor accepts an award. Inwardly, he has already decided to quit the show, lest he become irredeemably typecast– a problem for all us one day or the other.

#J343 Swashbuckling Errol Flynn

The great Flynn Fight, Winchell vs. Doane

Errol Leslie Flynn was a swashbuckling handsome actor of the 1930’s who starred in many films with Olivia de Haviliand including Captain Blood. He was born on the Winter Solstice in Hobart Tasmania, Australia, June 20th 1909 around 2:30 in the morning so says most astrological sites citing Doris Chase Doane of the Church of Light. His ascendant is the fiery at 13 Aries (an unsuccessful bomb explosion)  that in so many ways sums up his personal life.  Gossip Columnist Walter Winchell (in the Jones natives #981), says the year was wrong–Flynn was born in 1905.

Winchell 1904 time progressed to October 23 1959

Radioman Walter Winchell vs. Astrologer Doris Doane.

So Winchell’s chart has some problems, the least of which is Winchell is    craven, and with a tendency to bad mouth anyone who did not curry his favor.  He often extorted Hollywood stars with “created blackmail”  knowing the impact of his column , and so it s a good bet that was the case here, playing upon Flynn’s vanity. Winchell did not care if “the thing was true or even half true” 1 ibid. Winchell and Rushmore. , just that he filled copy.  Thus, Winchell’s reputation makes it a questionable birth date. But as have neither sources nor records that support either, so we have to review the two charts and see how they stand up. We cannot dismiss his claim because of bias.

Lilli Damita and Errol Flynn

Chances are that Flynn like the Duke of Wellington when held up by a London gossip hound to print some damaging letters that had fell into his hands, told the scoundrel “Publish and be damned,” responded similarly to Mr. Winchell. Doane being in Los Angeles probably heard more (unprinted) rumours than the rest of the country so knew the story Doane though was  not falling for the bait and ignored the remark. 2 Doris Chase Doane, Progressions in Action, American Federation of Astrologers, published 1977 in Tempe, Arizona. for Mrs. Doane does not use the Winchell time in her book or give credence to his sources  .

Errol Flynn news report

If she had, the chart would look like above — everything is the same but the year. Even the ascendant is still in Aries, as Doane specified, but this time at 25 or “a double promise”. The Uranian bucket of ought 9 — becomes the splay of 05. It could work and it would solve some problems, like why Flynn, handsome , light on his feet, scandal-prone, — was so evanescent, but when progressed to October 23, 1959, Flynn’s time of death,  becomes more like a monetary crisis than a fatal heart attack.

Thus, we can cast aside the Winchell 1905 time.

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  • 1
    ibid. Winchell and Rushmore.
  • 2
    Doris Chase Doane, Progressions in Action, American Federation of Astrologers, published 1977 in Tempe, Arizona. for Mrs. Doane does not use the Winchell time in her book or give credence to his sources

C139 He’s here, He’s there, Putin is just about everywhere.

Exactly where was Putin born? In Saint Petersburg per TASS or in Sochi? As a Colonel who is a son of a KGB Colonel, I do not believe TASS, so that’s the first problem. Now that I’ve said that, where was he born? And then of course, when?

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Ukraine leading the world in baby production

As the War between Ukraine and Putin continues, odd facts have come out, and one of them is that Ukraine is the world leader in baby surrogacy.

The war in Ukraine has prevented their biological parents, in Canada, Germany, France and elsewhere from claiming babies born via the country’s many surrogate mothers.

“The number is growing every day,” said Denys Herman, legal adviser to Ukraine’s largest surrogacy agency, BioTexCom. It works with 600 surrogate mothers, some of whom gave birth to the babies being kept there. They are currently in the care of Ukrainian nannies. As Russia ramps up a violent push to take strategic cities, the fate of hundreds of surrogate mothers carrying babies, and newborns, across the country is becoming increasingly perilous. Hundreds of expectant parents are struggling to reach them.



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Ukraine Says Russian Troops Shelling Europe’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant

 Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, tweeted March 4 nuke plant attack

Dmytro Kuleba tweeted Friday, March 4th that the Russian troops were shelling Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in the southern city of Enerhodar.   

“Fire has already broken out. If it blows up, it will be 10 times larger than Chornobyl!” Mr. Kuleba wrote on Twitter, referring to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986. He called on Russian troops to stop firing.

Energodar Mayor Dmitry Orlov also telegram’d the report, blaming “continuous enemy shelling of buildings and units of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.” He did not give details about which buildings might be on fire or whether there was any danger to the reactors. The coordinates for Energodar are 47° 29′ 41.208” N 34° 38′ 51.324” E.

The surrounding territory came under control of Russian troops, but the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has reported  plant staff continued their “work on providing nuclear safety and monitoring radiation in normal mode of operation. Radiation levels are normal.


This chart accompanies the Header Shot at Kharkov Ukraine Friday Night, March 4

                             Chart Highlights of the Ukraine Report


  • Venus and Mars partile in Capricorn in the Regiomontanus chart above. I have been changing the house layout with each chart to find some discrepancy that could unveil underlying issues; so far everything is pretty standard no matter which house system I use. 
  • Mars is exalted.  Venus is in a neutral position because it is night, and so instead the Moon rules the triplicity, Venus  rules the Earth triplicity during the day. 


Pluto, which is conjunct the pair, has no classical position, as it was a recent discovery and not part of the “sacred seven”, but in modern parlance often signifies gangs and marauders. Showing up here in the Ukraine fourth house tells us that the intruders are pillaging and wreaking havoc on their home.

EC Matthews claims that 28 Capricorn to “people who rule others.” Pluto gets a trine to the North Node in Taurus, and following C.E.O. Carter’s suggestion Taurus rules  the Ukraine, supported by its rich fertile lands, then the North Node at 26 Taurus 13  could be the ticket to Kiev’s success, as it gets the keyword of “Patient Success.”

Mohan Koparkar, Ph.D. also comments the North Node in Taurus suggests “luxurious surroundings” “living off the land” and the idea of “uxorious,” all of which really is an appropriate description of the Ukrainian fertile countryside. While the Anschluss of Putin’s demagoguery is persuasive, it is probably hiding his real motive:  Ukraine is a “powerhouse of rare metals,” highly important in the high technology sweeps.

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Biden Finally speaks to the Nation

Joe Biden gives his FIRST State of the UNION 13 months after his Inauguration

Biden’s speech comes amid the biggest military crisis in Europe since the Cold War as Russia continues its assault on Ukraine after launching an unprovoked attack on the nation. It also comes amid record inflation and spiking consumer prices, and as many Americans feel fatigued during a pandemic that has stretched into its third year.

Biden’s remarks will provide an opportunity to tout his achievements from the first year of his administration — including the national vaccination program, the Covid-19 relief law and the bipartisan infrastructure law — while also addressing the challenges the nation is facing and lay out what comes next. The President is facing some of the lowest approval ratings of his presidency just months before midterm elections that will decide which party controls Congress. …from CNN.


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