C163 Gertrude Jekyll & her Garden of Earthly Delights

              In the beginning, the hedge reigned

Before Gertrude Jekyll, designing the garden was not really something done.  Oh yes there is the Tuileries in France and lots of manicured green lawns and hedges  thanks to Henry VIII, but not one garden incorporated the beauty of the flower.  Everything prior to Miss Jekyll was about the sculpture and design of the bush, the hedge or the lawn For whatever reason, the flower, colourful and fragrant was all but ignored , snubbed if you will. Flowers were something that perhaps the workers, and cut for the table. But they never outlined or decorated lawn , for they faded fast and encouraged weeds. 

Then  came Gertrude who with her artistic eye, and saw the sculpture of the flower and its blossoms, not like Monsieur Redoute for the wall, but in the garden itself and as center stage.  The hedges were now the backdrop, the lawn a green carpet to highlight their bold color, and wayward pattern.

It was a bold move but ended up being highly successful, as Jekyll completed about 350 commissions in her native England and America, of small snatches of Eden,  that soothed the senses and encouraged the imagination. But, and this is the thing, almost all of  these designs were executed without her ever leaving her home in Surrey– thus the preponderance in Sagittarius in the eleventh house was  for her correspondence with her clients, not her actual appearance, for her letters traveled everywhere, while she stayed at home…tending her garden. 

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Russia invades Ukraine 2-24-2021, Does a World War Follow?

On February 24, 2021, Colonel Vladimir Putin invaded neighboring Ukraine.

Most believe, and we agree, this is the first step in his march in restoring the great land empire called the Soviet Union. Putin was a KBG Colonel and son of a KGB Colonel. Perhaps we should refer to him as the “Little Colonel,” a tribute to “Little General” the French Grand Emperor Bonaparte.

Mundane Charts and Patterns

While, typically, planetary patterns do not work with mundane events; Marc Jones created them for individuals and there is an extant work that he was thinking of applying them either horarily or mundanely. In the past, Celestiology has tried that and found most are too nebulous for mundane event charts. Still, there is one place they do rather give the taste of the event and that is with buckets — those bundles or bowls with a sole planet in the opposing hemisphere.

I imagine the same would be true of the Locomotive, that they would highlight the events single minded purpose, but in all the years of doing mundane charts for the site, I do not think we have had a single care of one. Splashes are truly very person oriented. Splays, on the other-hand, are better called by their look than by his name, and they, while I haven’t seen one in a while, do happen. Here I propose the term “birdsfoot” picking up Jones’s description in the “Guide to Horoscopic Interpretation.”

Another suitable planetary pattern for events (the mundane chart) is the hourglass. Marc Jones originally called “seesaws” but in using and applying them over many charts the idea of the seesaw does not hold; while Robert Jansky’s theory of “sifting sands of objective” does. Thus when Russia invaded Ukraine, we got a Moon — fear, dread and death — in the ninth house of legal affairs on an international level, thus public opinion, and international commerce, mergers and acquisitions, all became highlighted.


Our header picture is of St. Michael’s Cathedral in Kyiv under attack by the supposed religious Little Colonel. Do not join the Russian Orthodox groups on Facebook — — Moscow monitors them. I am told Telegram is the best,. I am not there.

Chart for Putin Invasion from Ukraine

Our chart is a deviated bowl mundane chart or a bucket with a Moon handle. I prefer the Moon handle, because of the proximity of the Moon to the midheaven, but the deviated bowl is rather appealing because of the empty second house of material prosperity, which with all the bombing from Russia is being destroyed. But if Putin’s desire is for the land where the riches reside, i.e. the second house, then the people and the buildings are moot. Seems to make an exemplary case for the deviated bowl doesn’t it?

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C123 Welcome Zydn, son of Superbowl winner Odell Beckham jr.

On February 17, just four days after his Super Bowl win, Beckham Jr and Wood welcomed their baby boy Zydn.

The LA rams wide-receiver posted the news via Instagram.   

“2-17-22, 0605. THE biggest blessing I’ve ever had in my life arrived here on earth!”

Odell Beckham jr.

Odell captioned the post.   “The words I can’t even put together for the overwhelming emotions that ran thru me … a moment I will never forget and cherish forever. Zydn was born at that moment. I knew my life changed for the better.” Gotta love that sentiment.

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C156 Architect to the Stars: Paul Revere Williams

What do Cary Grant, Lucille Ball, Tyrone Power and Frank Sinatra, William Paley of CBS a;; have in common? Homes built by Paul Revere Williams. Our header shot is of Lucy and Desi’s home in Palm Springs—a lovely bungalow hugging the beach.

Williams was the first Black member of the American Institute of Architects, the institute’s first African-American fellow, and its first African-American gold medalist. Their achievements made more remarkable considering that African-Americans comprise just 2 percent of practicing architects in the nation today, according to the National Organization of Minority Architects.

It’s obvious that Williams was part of the Frank Lloyd Wright school of architecture, with its low horizontal building that looks like a bunch of tumbling boulders that hug the surrounding environs and peacefully co-exist. The Baird Stewart Garza house in Glendale is another where instead of hugging the beach, the house literally is moulded into the hills and looks like rocks that hug and cascade into the hills with an exterior back wall of ivy so it seems something you just happened upon, instead of part of a suburban community.

The pictures on the site show the interior as well, thus highlighting William’s care and concern for detail with all its  built in cabinetry, thus making storage unobtrusive, making Williams one of the first architects to champion the marriage of architecture and interior design — just as Pluto was discovered.  This was a break (Uranus in the eleventh square Mercury in the third)  with his training and Frank Lloyd Wright  that the architect dictates the whole megillah to the client.

Williams’ started his career doing residential commissions during Los Angeles’ housing boom of the 1920s, like the 10800 Ambazac Way House in Bel Air, shown in this 1982 photograph. (Photo/Julius Shulman, J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (2004.R.10])

Just then, as he was challenging the tradition view of architecture,  on the opposite side of the country, the foundation for the Empire State Building was laid , on January 22, 1930, employing over 3,000 men for the Art déco classic. In 410 days workers laid 10 million bricks.  The engineering masterpiece is supported by an elastic steel skeleton and sheathed in 200,000 cubic feet of Indiana limestone.

You can see more of his work at the Getty Museum, but they have yet to be digitized, though that is the Museum’s goal. Meanwhile USC is launching its tribute to its famous alumni, in the Paul Williams Archive Initiative, part of its USC Center for Architecture + City Design–just one more reason to visit the City of Angels.  In the meantime, there is the Paul Williams Project.

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C119 Guillaume Cizeron of Papadakis & Cizeron

Guillaume Cizeron the other part of the team

If you search on YouTube, you can find tons of events where Guillaume Cizeron and Gabriella Papadakis of France have won in ice skating competitions.

They range from ice dancing to free ice dance couples event, but the win at the Olympics is only available on the paid portion of internet only on Peacock TV. Of course you can join any time, and just for a month but having to shell out $4.95, its 9.95 if you do not want commercials, to view the Olympics is rather offputting; admittedly, I did.

The best I could find is a warmup ice dance that is available, though I had to search a bit for it.

Guillaume Cizeron of Papadakis & Cizeron

Gabriella and Guillaume have been skating together for the past decade — since he was 17 years old and she sixteen, and so in many ways they have grown up together on ice. Besides winning  the silver at the 2018 Olympics, they have been four time world champions, five time consecutive European champions, seven time French national champions, taken ten gold medals at the French Grand Prix and broken world records 28 times.

While they still compete for France, they both live and train in French- speaking Montreal Canada, and were the odds on favorite coming into the Olympics.  They fulfilled their billing, and o Monday, February 14th, 2022 they took the Gold for France.

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Happy 92nd birthday Pluto

              Happy 92nd Pluto.

On February 18, 1930, Clyde Tombaugh discovered the off and on again planet  Pluto.

It was such a long-awaited event, the New York Times covered it. Two years later, the animated cartoon character Bluto came to life in the Popeye cartoons. Below is one of my favorites. Bluto and Pluto, the Greek god, have much in common–they both try to win their beloved by trickery, they are dark and foreboding, but the similarities end there:  Bluto is all about brute force; Pluto finesse.


The stories about Pluto highlight his charm, his invisible helmet so he can sweep his beloved Persephone away from a rather domineering mother Demeter (Ceres) who was never letting her little girl grow up and leave her side. Bluto, on other hand,  the trickery was never suave — he is no suave and debonair Cary Grant.  Instead Bluto has a heavy-handed approach to winning the “beauteous” Olive Oyl, and before too long, she always wakes up and yells he is an “ogre.” Perhaps the story of Sleeping Beauty or even  Beauty and the Beast segues into this scenario, too.

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Asteroid Ceres gets Vivified! Spring will soon be here

                     The vivification of Winter

Today, February 8, 2022, Ceres will go into Gemini  Using Jones’s keywords that would mean that the (Ceres) economy goes into the house of  regeneration (ninth house — Jones believed in reincarnation so the idea of death is out)  in the sign of vivification (Gemini), or the quality of being spirited, alive and vigorous.  On the most literal level, we can see that Ceres is countering Punxsutawney Phil saying that there will be an Early Spring.  Well, while I love Winter, this one has been bust – at least snow-wise:  only one small snowstorm.  Instead, we have had weeks of subzero temperatures and days of ice storms.   All that ice makes the place shimmer and the trees look like long pendants hanging from the sky,  while  all that cold has kept us in a Winter Wonderland while ice skaters and  anglers  dot the lakes — they’ve been frozen since Christmas .

Still, with  cold, damp, muddy Spring  marching our way,  perhaps Ceres is hinting at that we should get cracking and put in those seeds in now ? And order those chicks for the Spring ahead?


                                                                                                     Ceres Mythologically

Back to Ceres.  Ceres’s glyph is a Question Mark, and named for the Roman goddess (the Greek counterpart was Demeter) who pined for losing her daughter, Prosperina (Greek counterpart was Persephone) to Pluto, god of the Underworld (Greek counterpart was Hades).  You find her in the upper right-hand portion of the chart next to the North Node.  The other strange glyph on the chart is Black Moon Lilith  in the ninth house of understanding.

Marc Jones said Ceres was “economy” or the idea of being frugal and wise with one’s resources.  Martha Lang-Westcott differs and claims it is about the need for nurturing.  In our chart, the two astrologers’ meanings collapse and the differences fall aside.


Martin Goldsmith says the symbol for the first degree of Gemini is “At an opening, an artist stands in front of a self-portrait and explains what he was aiming for, while audience members talk excitedly amongst themselves.”  He suggests this symbol means ushering people into a new way of seeing things that have exciting implications. Looking at our cartoon, I certainly hope Ms. Whoopi gets the Ceres vivification.

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C165 Blue Dog no more, Congressman Jim Cooper

            Congressman Jim Cooper of Tennessee Retires

Congressman  Cooper of Tennessee is a Blue Dog Democrat, a term describing that  members have turned “blue” for being left out of the far left of their Party.   They call themselves “centrists”, “traditional” and even “conservative.”  There is also “Yellow Dog” Democrats, something I first saw on bumper stickers while travelling thru Gainesville, Florida, meaning they would rather vote for a “yellow dog than any Republican.” As Yellow Dog is also a coward, the pun is rather complete.

Cooper has recently stated he will retire at the end of this term from Congress. He blames the Republican re-districting in Nashville for the cause (January 25).  A week later, obviously still angry over the retirement, he struck out at Tucker Carlson, a talking head on the Fox Network.

                 Cooper attacks Carlson

Cooper attack on Carlson went ballistic, making headlines by illegally using his position to “ask an intelligence briefer to find out if his (Tucker Carlson} show is tied to Russia,”   Carlson explained, “We’re not tied to Russia. This is a cable television program. We’re not a diplomatic mission. Jim Cooper knows that.”


Carlson said, noting that he has been critical of the Biden administration’s policies toward Ukraine, which are under threat of Russian invasion. Carlson said Cooper was acting in “retaliation.” Perhaps in a last salvo.

It would seem Cooper is now full Dog-Democrat, which explains all the pork in the latest bill that has come his, and his brother, the Mayor of Nashville’s way, but still he has retired and at that point, like many other Republican and Democrat politicos, a “free man” or he is just bucking for a position in the Biden White House?  Let’s look at the Lines to see what’s up.

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