The only news I saw on the Celestiology group of charts was that Tiger Woods, despite his 100 million in a divorce settlement to Ellen Nordgren, was now a billionaire. Endorsements, of course, were the ticket.

This week’s tarot is the Page of Wands + Six of Cups.  Look here to Aeclectic for help.

Updating the Hustler

I looked at last week’s Paul Newman chart but found I did not know enough to say whether it was right, so I read a book, well actually two. The one by Shawn Levy was the better and very eye opening. So it is his chart? In a word, it fits the Hustler to a Tee. I had heard some of this years ago — when he was part of a syndicate to save The Nation, the secular Jewish magazine — but was not interested. Still, without the book I would not have been able to put it all together: I just don’t know him that well and the public sources on him were very flattering, extolling his marriage, while glossing over a lot of his good luck, politics and sexual exploits.

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