Marc Edmund Jones and the 4 asteroids

Jones discusses the four asteroids, and only these four, in his book, Number Significance. It is not a very popular book and thus easily missed but it has several good ideas in it that are useful for astrological exploration and discussion. This post discusses his take on the four major asteroids. As Jones was a cabalist, he did not use the four asteroids in his planetary patterns anymore than he did the ascendant and midheaven.

Jones was a modern astrologer and so threw out the traditional view of the asteroids and that their names tied them to Roman concepts and traditions, much like he did with the planets, so at first these “keywords” will seem odd, but if you work with them you may find that they in our contemporary world they fit well.

  • Juno is the Roman wife Jupiter. Jones writes this asteroid because she is nagging wife of a philandering husband, represents politics as in the idea of relationship strategy.
  • Ceres, the Roman Demeter, goddess of the earth, Jones changes from nourishing to business, in the idea of agriculture is an agri-business and no longer the family farm for personal/community consumption.
  • Pallas-Athene, often just called Pallas, is the Greek goddess who sprouted out of her father Jupiter’s head fully emergent and clothed in armour. This he called economics, based on the idea of economic inequality.
  • Vesta, the virginal high priestesses of the official cult of Rome, he calls philosophy, based on the idea they protected. encouraged and symbolized the philosophical underpinnings of the state.

The eclipse chart demonstration

The four asteroids are marked clearly both the Vancouver Washington, a Regiomontanus layout, and Washington D.C., a Campanus layout, charts as examples.

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