Memorial Day 2021

The first Memorial Day

The idea for a Memorial Day comes from a Mr. McClintock a druggist in Waterloo, Seneca County, New York, 1 Waterloo is near Seneca Falls, both outside of Rochester, where in July 1848 the first Women’s Right Convention was held who, in 1866, suggested shops close one day to honor the fifty-eight soldiers who had fallen in the Civil War. It caught on, and on May 5 of that year, stores in that town closed for a day and residents placed flowers on soldiers’ graves.

Chart for the first memorial day

Appropriately, the first Memorial Day is a Saturn Bucket, with Saturn in its own domicile in the tenth house at 08 Scorpio 36 Rx and in the sign of loss, Scorpio. The symbol is uncanny, “a dentist is hard at work man as porcelain (gravestones) replace flesh and bone,” and represents how man can creatively emulate the forces the nature to assuage his loss. Everything in this chart lies in the second and third houses, with just Venus in the fourth, representing the lost loves of the American people, as she inconjunct the Moon, the fourth’s natural ruler, who is in the twelfth and in its fall in cold harsh Capricorn.

The second house has a preponderance of Arian planets, signifying the sorrow of the Great Civil War, where American fought not against stranger, but fellow American, signified by Mars just hitting at 00 Aries 54. It seems this memoriam was well timed.

Another Memorial Day

Other anecdotal stories claim that Southern women put flowers on the graves of soldiers at a Richmond, Virginia, the capitol of the Confederacy, on May 30, 1866.

Things are sombrer here in for the Blue and Gray, with a Grand Trine in Water enveloping the Part of Fortune at 24 Pisces 52 (a drastic reform is in progress and the priest craft is purged for a new ministry) as the Old Guard comes to terms with their loss. From the previous northern bias, here everything is in the south and public with the tenth house instead of having a singleton gets a plethora of planets coming together. The Arians again hover in Scorpio but this time in the eigth house and Pluto and Mercury, the prayers for the fallen (Pluto opposite Saturn) define the day. Jupiter in the fifth in Aquarius reminds us of the generations that will not see light because their fathers have fallen. And in the fourth, the Moon holds court, crying like Rachel for her children, for she they are no more. 2 Jeremiah 31:15 from the Amplified, my particular favourite. .

Decoration Day

The retired Major General of the US Army, Jonathan Logan planned another ceremony on May 30, 1868, honoring the dead with flowers and songs, but we have no place and so no chart. This became known as Decoration Day, and was faithfully celebrated on May 30. In 1882, the name was changed to Memorial Day and it became a public holiday in many parts of the country and Americans mourned all their dead, whether fallen in War or civilians who supported it. In my family, one among many, we go to the cemetery and plant flowers that day, reminding them we love them still though they are long gone, and of course, are not forgotten.

Finally, in 1971, President Nixon signed into law Memorial Day declaring it a federal holiday to be celebrated the last Monday in May., and unintentionally inaugurating also, the first day of Summer. The postcard above is from

Brave actions never need a trumpet. Hazlitt’s “English Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases” 1834.



  • 1
    Waterloo is near Seneca Falls, both outside of Rochester, where in July 1848 the first Women’s Right Convention was held
  • 2
    Jeremiah 31:15 from the Amplified, my particular favourite.


  • 1
    Waterloo is near Seneca Falls, both outside of Rochester, where in July 1848 the first Women’s Right Convention was held
  • 2
    Jeremiah 31:15 from the Amplified, my particular favourite.

May 22 1959 The Last Twilight Zone

Gary Crosby, son of Bing, was the Rock-a-billy star of “Come wander with me” in the last Twilight Zone to be broadcast on May 22nd 1959. After that it’s all re-runs. Sixty- two years of reruns to be exact and numerous redoes. The episode is notable as Gary ends up being the messenger to tell Nashville, rock-a-billy is dead and a new wave of “folk music” is coming to America, and to some degree he is right — it was in the 60’s after folk took hold of America that banjo played Henry Reed came into his own. Floyd was right until Beatles several years later swept America with Rock and Roll and Bob Dylan, himself a folkie went electric at Newport News in 1965.

The chart is set for when the Twilight Zone went on the air the CBS Building in New York.  Eero Saarinen‘s “Black Rock” because it was made of black basalt on the corner of 52nd street and the Avenue of the Americas was not yet built, but there is no record of where CBS, William Paley’s “Tiffany” network was found prior, so I’m going with Times Square — it’s close enough.

The pretty girl with her haunting song

Mary Rachel, the sad girl with a haunting sound, shows up on the map at Venus 06 Cancer 07 right near the seventh house where she tantalizes others with its melody. The North Node, exalted in Cancer, is her protection; all the men in the episode die, but not Mary Rachel, she lives on to tell the tale.

The ascendant is 18 Sagittarius 47 showing how the episode would go far and wide, its only aspect is to Neptune, the planet of sings and songs, and perhaps here suggesting a siren’s song taken from the Odyssey, the follow-up to the great Iliad. [fmn] Avoid the rest and listen to the Lattimore translation which you can find read here. This one is rather nice as you get to read along as well. [/fmn] where creatures half bird – half woman lure sailors to destruction by the sweetness of their song.

Homer who sang the tune himself, said there were two Sirens on an island between the rocks of Scylla and Charybdis , where on one side a horrible six-headed monster (the Raford Brothers) live on one side of a narrow strait while on the other lies Charybdis a whirlpool, a deadly cross current of tides, somewhat like the anxiety Floyd goes through as he runs around like a chook without a head, that drags sailors and their ships to their death.

The rising symbol, ” the pelicans have been distressed by the intrusion of man.” Jones writes that this is symbolic on how one always seems to find itself in strange and faraway places while looking for nourishment. Amazing how it fits Floyd’s walk into the Twilight Zone. The preponderance in Taurus in the fifth house is indicative of Crosby highlighting the new “folk” music sound, he tells us often he’s here to find a “new sound” a “new beat,” and in his luscious tenor sings Mary Rachel’s song himself. He sounds just like the old man, #232 on the Jones hit parade himself.

The end of the series appears at Saturn in Pisces in the second house, showing its longevity and earning potential which must have stunned everyone at the time, and appears in opposition at Uranus in Virgo in the eighth.

Here’s the episode. BTW, Liza Minnelli, daughter of Judy Garland, was supposed to do the song but was overcome with stage fright, so Bonnie Beecher got the nod. It’s a haunting tune, much to Floyd Burney’s regret who came to town because he got a tip that a “new sound” was here.

The episode ended at 10 pm. That chart is here. The part of fortune, perhaps a proxy for the series, is 002 Cancer 35, the symbol which is apropos for the ending of such a beloved series ” through the cold darkening depths of a Northern canyon, CBS is in the northern part of the island, trail blazing happens in the human heart opening up possibilities of existence.” And so too here, in the northern end of the never ending Valley, this episode has made me rethink abandoning the project.

May 26 Super Blood Moon for Memorial Day 2021

 The May 26 Eclipse

The May 26 Eclipse is typically called the Flower Moon Eclipse because that’s when flowers are in full bloom. Lilacs, lilies and the annuals take center stage. This year though the Flower Moon has been eclipsed itself by an even rarer event: a Blood Moon eclipse.

Alas only observers in the Western third of the United States be able to view most of this eclipse, for the Moon will not set until after the end of totality. This makes the best viewing spot Hawaii, where the entire eclipse will occur with the Moon well up in the sky. Another good spot is Southwestern Alaska where the entire eclipse will be visible before the Moon sets. My family in Australia went to Tuncurry-Forster to see the Blood Moon Eclipse and go whale watching, though they could have stayed home and saw it in Sydney. Travelling up the coast ended up being a mistake as it was overcast there. (see the shot above); hopefully they will have more success there.

Eclipse mapBy NASA –, Public Domain

What makes a Blood Moon?

During the total phase, the Moon’s disk will not go completely dark, but rather will light up with an eerie copper or reddish-orange glow, that is popularly called a “Blood Moon” because the sunlight striking Earth is diffused and scattered by our atmosphere and the Earth’s shadow is not completely dark. The ruddy hue is similar to sunrise and sunset only instead of being at the horizon, it is high in the sky like a bright blood-red orangey orb. During this eclipse, the top part of the Moon will be noticeably brighter during totality because that is the part of the Moon that will be closest to the outer edge of the umbral shadow.

Viewing Times for the Eclipse

Here is a timetable covering four time zones. If you see a — (dash) in the column it is because that particular phase of the eclipse is not observable because the Moon has already set.

Timetable for the May 26th Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, coast to coast

Moon enters Penumbra1:47 a.m2:47 a.m.3:47 a.m.4:47 a.m.
Moon enters Umbra2:44 a.m3:44 a.m4:44 a.m
Total Eclipse Begins4:11 a.m5:11 a.m.
Mid-Totality4:18 a.m.5:18 a.m.
Total Eclipse Ends4:25 a.m.5:25 a.m.
Moon leaves Umbra
Moon Leaves Penumbra
Viewing Times

If you missed it, you can view it thanks to PBS.

Chart for the Eclipse

Blood Moon Ecliplse chart 2021
chart for May 26, 2021

The Chart is set for LA CA. The ascendant is 07 Taurus 46 which Charubel says is indicative of two swords crossing each other on the ground with a person standing on them as their sceptre points heavenward. The symbol highlights a time of peace, and laying down one’s arms and turning them to ploughshares. Perhaps the troubles in Israel will soon be over…for now.

The chart is pretty evenly thrown on the eastern side of the wheel, highlighting a time to use one’s resources and planning ahead (Moon in Sagittarius) for the winter that is sure to come. The preponderance in Gemini spread through the first and second houses suggests a lot of discussion of how best to plan for the upcoming 3-day weekend in the US and the summer it inaugurates. Mercury is opposite the Galactic Centre, not shown, so it is getting a heavy workout as plans, travel and finances are worked out.

With the Sun opposite the Moon, it is an eclipse, the key is Pluto at the Midheaven, highlighting working out the various details of everyone. But a sombre note is Saturn in the tenth reminding Americans that traditionally this is the weekend to honour their fallen dead and the semi sextile suggests a toast or a BBQ may be all they can scramble, nonetheless remember to buy a Poppy.

Our last New Moon Chart of hoping for more than fortune would allow, seemed to come true for many I knew, and a dear friend’s repose was a harsh reminder that it’s hard to beat a ninth house stellium. RIP K.L.C.

Full Moon in SLC 26 May 2021

The Full Moon of May 26 2021 happens at 5:13 AM in Salt Lake City, which will be making record low water levels this summer thanks to the drought hitting the Western US. Our header picture is of that geological feat. As to the Full Moon itself, it’s always odd to me that the fullest moon is in the morning but if you were watching for it 6 hours before, it was close enough — the human eye really cannot discern minutes of arc.

After the New Moon in the Big Apple, this Full Moon wants to soothe and calm us down. Appropriately enough this chart gives us a Cradle Formation — the base is the opposition from Mars in Cancer to Pluto in Capricorn in the ninth — reminding us of the harrowing time we just suffered through.

To complete the picture, there are two sextiles to help us — from Pluto to Neptune in the tweflth and from Mars to the Ascendant at 18 Taurus 58 which gives us the keyword of “Unfoldment” from E.C. Matthews, and suggests we have learnt alot from our past travails — literally it means release.

The cradle needs a third helping hand to make sure it does not fall, and we get it from loving Neptune’s hands in Pisces in the eleventh to the ascendant again. Frankly as we head into the first days of summer on Memorial Day, with the East getting record rain and the West record heat, we’re going to have to hold on for Fall — it looks like the best thing on the horizon.

Full Moon at Salt Lake City, Utah

Stay Awaking with the Lunar Eclipse 26 May 2021 @SLC

The Lunar Eclipse is just two days after the Full Moon so we are still at the Lake. Our header picture is not recent, like the previous New Moon shot, but 10 years old when the levels were higher. The Great Lake is a glorious thing. I was mesmerized by it when I lived in SLC and really enjoyed the seagulls flying about. Imagine seagulls 732 miles away from the Pacific in an inland oasis; it stunned me.

The Salt Lake is is largest body of water in the United States after the Great Lakes and is a terminal basin, meaning water pours into it from rivers and streams but once there, there is no outlet other than evaporation. This is why it is so salty; the salts and minerals concentrate to such a degree that it is three to five times saltier than the ocean.(I’ll take NASAs word on that, I never tasted it.) Despite that, it is a haven for more than 250 species of migratory birds who feast on the shrimp and myriad flies that thrive there.

The Lunar Eclipse Chart of May 26 2021


The Cradle is still there, so instead we look at the T-Square. It starts with an opposition from the Sun at 05 Gemini 25 in the first and ends with the Moon at 05 Sagitarrius 28 in the seventh house but very close to the 8th house cusp. The T-Square, which really is just an intermediary between the opposition is Jupiter at 01 Pisces 11, getting the Sabian Symbol of a “tiny squirrel is watchful on a limb hidden from the hunters below.” Jones writes this symbol, perfect for our lake and for us this summer, highlights the need for safety.

The next three months were rough, and things hit a crescendo in August right around Regulus, when I am penning this, as the Lake hit record lows and Afghanistan which no one paid attention to in years, suddenly went south. Seems that’s always the way.

As for the Lake, after five years of drought in the American West and higher-than-normal temperatures the volume of water is shrinking and since 1847, overall, the volume is down 48 percent and the lake level has fallen 3.4 meters (11 feet). It’s easy to look back and see the portents for hindsight is twenty-twenty they say, though the great Russian philosopher writer, Aleksandr Solzhenistyn said that “hindsight is a fool’s game” Maybe they are both right.

We wont have another Total Lunar Eclipse until next year around the same time, but then we get two just in time for the Midterm elections. That chart, is horror with lots of oppositions and squares and an unaspected Pluto. If we were doing temperament types for mundane charts, it would be a Mars lipped bowl. In the meantime there are of charts in between then and now. Heigh-ho.

May’s New Moon over New York

Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread

For the new Moon in May we go to New York, New York gets the ascendant is 22 Virgo 38 or A clown clad in gay apparel rushes into the arena where animals await his bidding. Our header image is from a vintage lithograph of not a clown but the Queen of Lions at the Circus from SciencePhotoLibrary.

Marc Jones in the Sabian Symbols writes this is a quality of fearlessness where faith in oneself reigns supreme and blinds one to the hazards ahead. It all sounds fantastic, and filled with aplomb and armed with self-righteousness (ninth house) what can go wrong?

That’s the problem as Neptune opposes the lord of of our chart, and we become blindsided by the Great Watery King in his domicile, Pisces believring everything is going our way. Alas that feeds into a reckless optimism in our abilities, (Mars trine Neptune and opposite opposite Pluto which itself is trine the Ascendant), making our bite off more than we can chew.

Trickery Ahead

The preponderance in the ninth house hints that legal, religious issues will become paramount but as the the Moon-Sun conjunction is trine the Part of Fortune-Ascendant we will never see the folly of our actions until it is too late.

Mars recommends instead of trying to force oneself into the situation, where we are definitely not wanted, we should high tail it out there. Uranus in the eighth agrees, as it is really is out of our hands because everyone has their hand in the pie looking for easy pickings, (Uranus square Jupiter in its detriment in the sixth house) , and our noble attitudes of right and wrong cannot win against the cold harsh reality of selfish greed.

Everyone it seems, but you.

C250 James F. Byrnes, presidential king maker

The many facets of Justice Byrnes

James F. Byrnes was a lawyer with no formal education, something you would never see today,  and so is remarkable.  More striking is he had an influential role in the political careers of presidents Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, and Richard Nixon.  Despite ending his scholastic career at fourteen when he left and went to work, FDR appointed him a Supreme Court Justic and if all of that was not notable, unlike most life-jurists,  he did not die in office, but resigned, and returned to political life,  and ran, successfully, as governor of his home state, South Carolina.

He was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on May 2, 1882 to a newly widowed mother. As the clerkship for Judge Aldrich required him to be 21 years old, he falsified his year of birth as 1879. This, while striking today,  was not particularly remarkable at the time, as many people did that to meet work requirements.

He represented South Carolina in the House (1911-25) and Senate (1931-41).  When he was really twenty-one,  they admitted him to the bar as a self-taught lawyer.  From there, he ran for the Senate, where he helped spearhead much of his friends’ Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s (FDR) New Deal legislation.  Like another Roosevelt faithful,  Frank Murphy, Byrnes was sworn in as associate justice of the Supreme Court in July 1941 right before the start of World War II.

Our header picture is color coded for this a very august body : the British UK Prime Minister Clement .R. Attlee (White), President Harry S Truman(Blue) , and Soviet Union General Secretary (Premier) Josef Stalin (red ) all seated from left to right. In the rear, standing are US Admiral and President of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, J.D. Loahy, UK Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, US. Secretary of State, J.F.Byrnes (green) and Soviet Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars (Prime Minister)   Vyacheslav Molotov at Potsdam, Germany.

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