Roosevelt’s Bull Moose Party is born

TR goes rogue

On the evening of June 22, 1912, former President Theodore Roosevelt, commonly referred to as “TR” asked his supporters to leave the floor of the Republican National Convention and reconvene in Chicago’s Orchestra Hall to endorse the formation of a national progressive party. TR was angry the Republicans had not endorsed him for a third term, instead recognizing the current president, William Howard Taft, as their flag bearer.

When formally launched later that summer, the new party chose Roosevelt as its presidential nominee, getting its name from TR’s quip about his health, “I’m as strong as a “bull moose. ” Roosevelt’s new party promised to increase federal regulation, protect the welfare of ordinary people, give women the vote and allow all federally elected officials to be “recalled.”.

With the part of fortune intercepted in the eighth, it’s hard to see that the Bull Moose had much of a future. Jupiter in Sagittarius in the eleventh is obviously Roosevelt, while the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, the sitting president, Taft. Neptune on seventh house cusp is another tell-tale sign that Roosevelt (Saturn in the fifth) had pipe dreams about winning a third term.

Former protege gone bad

When Roosevelt tapped Bill Taft as his successor in 1908, he had assumed that Taft would continue to support his agenda. Instead, TR argued Taft coddled up to business and neglected conservation; his protege was a great disappointment. 0Then adding foment to the fire, TR argued the sitting President had allowed fraudulent seating of delegates in order to capture the presidential nomination from progressive forces within the party (unproven) and that was the only true reason he lost — the election was rigged. Teddy does not have a preponderance in the fifth house of creative imagination for nothing.

None of the allegations really hold up and they thought the Republicans, the party founded by Abraham Lincoln, did not want to break the precedent set by George Washington of limiting presidential terms to two; some argued that should be the rule throughout all of government, but that of course never happened. TR resented having to be bound by a former’s unspoken dictum, even if it was Washington, and so he ran, and ran bitterly against Taft in 1912.

Taft’s Legislative Legacy

While Roosevelt’s support of government regulation, and his groundbreaking efforts in conservation and consumer protection, plus his willingness to work with organized labor did alienate pro-business party members who wanted a more limited form of government, Taft set aside more public lands than Roosevelt had for national parks and brought about more anti-trust suits than TR too thus no matter what TR claimed, it could not have been Taft’s record, though admittedly Taft never ran on the women vote issue.

Thus technically TR was wrong, but that never seemed to stop him. Instead, many historians think he just wanted a third term like his cousin FDR (he kept the initials like his elder cousin) got when he broke Washington’s implicit two-term rule in 1940.

But what the real beef we’ll never know as Taft remained silent to the grave on the matter and only wished his mentor the best. A class act.

President Taft Speaking at Manassas Court House. November 10, 1911. Prints & Photographs Division

The campaign was bitterly fought, but with the Republican Party divided, the progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson captured the presidency handily. TR felt he had lost to a clone of himself; Wilson ran his game and said often “I would have had a sporting chance if the Democrats had put up a reactionary candidate.”

Although he failed to become chief executive again, Roosevelt received twenty-seven percent against Taft’s twenty-three percent in what many political analysts claim was a scorched earth campaign and while TR never proved any claims, nonetheless Taft was forever running a defensive game.

William Howard Taft is the most underappreciated constitutional figure since George Mason, who refused to sign the original Constitution because it didn’t have a Bill of Rights.” 

Judge Douglas Ginsburg of the u.s. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

Wilson ran for two terms and in the second brought in the woman vote, he died in 1924 outliving his successor Warren Harding who died in office. Taft went onto the Supreme Court as Chief Justice and stayed there for years before dying on March 8, 1930 and TR? He went home to Oyster Bay, helped with the WWI effort, and died January 6, 1919 from a blood clot in his veins. He was 60 years old.

Neptune is discovered & Niagara Stops

What made the mighty Niagara stop?

An enormous ice dam formed at the source of the Niagara River on the eastern shore of Lake Erie on March 29, 1848 causing the enormous Falls to come to a halt. While the Niagara is not the tallest waterfall in the water, what is extremely impressive about the great spout is about 168,000 cubic metres (6 million cubic ft.) of water go over the crestline of the falls every minute during the day so when just after midnight, the thunderous sound of water surging over the great falls at Niagara came to a halt, citizens of Buffalo was shocked — what happened?

It took some exploration the next dawn to find out the cause: the flow of water was severely restricted because of an ice jam. The eerie silence persisted throughout the day, and many wondered how to break it up, or what they effect when the jam was broken what would happen to the surrounding area. The silence continued into the next evening, when finally the waters of Lake Erie broke through the blockage and resumed their course down the river and over the falls.

The header picture, from the Library of Congress archives, is from about 50 years later in 1915.

Centaurs and Asteroids

What’s going on?

The symbol F is for the Centaur Cyrallus at 07 Aquarius 47. But it was not known then, as Cyllarus was discovered on October 12, 1998 at 18 Taurus 34.but with an orbit of. 134 years. 1998-134 = 1864. thus Cyrallus was at the end of its orbital run in 1848. The glyph was designed by Zane Stein, now of Solar Fire, I guess based on Ovid’s description of the centaur of having a long beard. There are lots of meanings for it but most are more pertinent for individuals than a mundane chart, still out of them, “self-importance” semisextile Neptune is interesting but it’s hard to believe that a minor Centaur could have such an effect on Niagara.

On the otherhand, asteroid Eris is partile Neptune at 1 Neptune 26 and both get the interesting symbol from Martin Goldsmith of a “female angelfish swims seductively.” He writes the symbol suggests when there is a casting of seductive spell over someone or over the public at large

Next to Eris, the goddess of discord and the Trojan War, is Diana of the hunt 03 Pisces 33 and then the Part of fortune partile to Venus. That is interesting setup as Eris gave the golden apple to Menelaus tantalizing him to give it to the fairest goddess of all. His choices were (Diana) Artemis, (Venus) Aphrodite and Helen of Troy. He chose Helen and thus the war began. Overall the preponderance in Pisces is quite impressive. Here Eris is between Neptune, often called the husband, of Venus 08 Pisces 35.

At the end of the preponderance stellium is Tantalus at 26 Aries 25 next to Pluto (Hades) perhaps suggesting the rushing waters that want to run once more. Saturn is squared Mars but both in rather passive signs; and Saturn is then trined Hygeia/ Jupiter in the seventh as people want the rivers to run because their stop upsets all of nature.

Jupiter’s exaltation does not seem to have much effect perhaps because he is rather kind and indulgent, the sign is rather kind and loving and the house, the seventh, not getting enough motive power to do much at all. Jupiter’s square to Mercury at 14 Pisces 57 does not hold much sway as the salesman is looking for a deal.

Mars is caught in a rather happy trine with the North Node who is partile Cupido the asteroid, and Cyrallus, his mind seems to be elsewhere perhaps playing the Neptunian ponies. Thus going around the wheel we do not have much energy to get those waters moving. Perhaps it really is time to chill.

From 1849, the newly made Suspension Bridge spanning the Niagara River, Buffalo, New York
This lithograph is contemporaneous with the essay according to the Library of Congress, as it depicts the newly made suspension bridge over the Niagara River. The falls is far upstream to the left and is thought to be the fastest waterfall in the world.

The waiting game

The stalemate continued for over 24 hours, and here is the problem — we do not know how much longer after that interval. If we decide to go with dawn, which when the night transitions over to day and the sky starts to get brighter, that would be “nautical dawn” or when the Sun is about 12 degrees from horizon. Astronomical dawn, which only the birds sense, was around 4:21 am (remember there is no daylight savings at this point) which happens to be exactly when Neptune 01 Pisces 30 went into its essential house. Now here’s another cool thing:  Neptune has just been discovered on September 23, 1846 in Berlin– just three years earlier.

The Niagara flows again.
Cupido-a, always concerned with appearances, is now in the seventh house in Virgo and intercepted. Order must be returned and it seems all the asteroids on the other side of the chart agree — Eris is now ahead of the Moon, and everything else has moved into the first house where both Pisces and Aries are intercepted. Cool looking chart isn’t it? Our Centaur is now way in the back and Tantalus looks like he may get pushed over himself by Pluto who is on the move. Saturn is still square Mars who is in the fourth house and opposite the midheaven while Jupiter now in a more aggressive fifth house wants some action. The waters are moving, eager to get on with it.

Has Niagara ever stopped since? The United States Army Corp of Engineers made it stop in 1969 but that does not count; that was a force event, and historically we do not know of another natural occurrence — before or since. What we do know is, it must have been mighty cold that winter. Brrrr—


  1. The essay is based on “Today in History” from the Library of Congress. That article is here.
  2. Niagara Falls are from the Niagara Falls Tourism site which even has a nice brochure documenting this historical event. Get it here.

1348 Firenze Italy Board of Health Established

April 11, 1348 Board of Health

It’s April 11, 1343 in Florence Italy and the number of deaths continued to rise in Florence, despite the City Board mandating that the clothes from the dead must be burned, so now the City Fathers create an emergency eight-person committee (Jupiter in the tenth), that burial must be done promptly. It is obvious looking at this chart that they are under the gun to do something (Mars at the first house cusp square its exalted ruler in the ninth showing the need for action) and stem the black tide but this measure is not it. How do we know? Alas the midheaven, not the part of fortune, gives the clue here.

The midheaven is at 29 Aries 53 is conjunct the fixed star Mirach, theoretically a good sign as it supports reforms, but it has the nature of Venus which rules infections and disease, and so whatever they plan is not attacking the underlying issue — its unfortunately window-dressing. Since Venus, that rules Mirach, is in the tenth house but exalted in Taurus, suggests the Great Mortality, as it was called by the locals, would rage on, because they still haven’t figured out what was the problem i.e. the Pluto ruled rats in the house of long journeys. And this would be a long time as Pluto would be in Aries for about 21 years, and was just a little over halfway through (one degree works well as proxy to one year).

By June, two months later, the death toll was 100 people a day or twenty times the normal daily rate.

Meanwhile in Naples

The poet Giovanni Boccaccio is in Naples during the Great Mortality and like Rome somewhat out of the terror’s arms. He hears of the horrors of his native city, but he does not start writing until 1353, when he pens the Decameron, literally Greek for Ten Days. His great poem is a total break for him — typically a poet of erotica but this horror inspires him to rise to the task. His 100 stories, or ten days with ten stories each day, covers all sorts of people including the biblical Melchizedek and Sultan Saladin as characters; Chaucer in England is impressed and pens his Canterbury Tales.

The other Florentine writer, Giovanni Villani, is still in Naples. A friend of Dante’s he discusses the Plague in his history Nuova Cronica and notices it follows a seacoast route writing in 1348. This is notable as most at the time do not see any pattern.

” Having grown in vigor in Turkey and Greece, and spreading thence over the whole Levant and throughout Mesopotamia and Syria and Chaldea and Cyprus and Rhodes and all the islands of the Greek archipelago, the pestilence has lept onto Sicily, then Sardinia and Corsica and Elba and from there soon reached all the shores of the mainland…after which many lands and cities were made desolate. The plagues lasted until...”

It is unfinished until after his death his nephew Filippo continued the epic, and wrote in his uncle’s epilogue. Our header picture is of Hotel Villani, named in his honour, in Florence. The site says from there you can walk all of Florence.

Two months exactly later in Florence. The ninth house is now populated with Jupiter in its accidental house but in its detriment in Gemini, sextile Saturn, the Grim Reaper, in its exalted seventh house, and so more die in an never-ending horror of disease, mayhem and death. PS. The email address is incorrect but Janus is not updating the correction: should be Sorry about that.

Every cloth has its trimming

Real estate in Florence and through the neighboring contado plummets, though some shrewd buyers, start amassing land. There is never such a bad cloud that someone does not see a silver lining or as Mrs. Gillespie once said, “Every cloth its trimming.”


  1. Armstrong, Dorsey, “The Black Death: The World’s Most Devastating Plague” , Chantilly, Virginia, The Great Courses, Inc. c. 2016.
  2. Boccaccio, Giovanni, Tales from the Decameron, translated by Peter Hainsworth for Penguin Press.
    1. Mr.Hainsworth wrote,” Boccaccio says that the reader is free to pick and choose among one hundred stores. I have selected thirty-two plus some for framing. I aimed to be representative and include the most famous and best., many picked up by Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Keats. ” If you are going to read any translation, I would recommend this one for starters.
  3. Father Michael Collin’s DK The Vatican: Secrets and Treasures of the Holy City. 1 Yes this is an Amazon Affliate Link. You know the deal if you buy through Amazon it costs you nothing, just like a Smile donation, but sends me a few pennies of encouragement. Thanks. London: 2008, Dorling Kindersley Limited is a great treat for those who cannot get to the Holy City but are eager to see what lurks inside. It covers all the major rooms including the Royal Swiss Guard, the Papal Tiara, Mass vestments, mitres and gloves. Talk about being decked out to the nines. It’s a real pity they don’t rent space.
    1. The book is running about $8.00 on Amazon. The other bookstores were about the same. YMMV


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    Yes this is an Amazon Affliate Link. You know the deal if you buy through Amazon it costs you nothing, just like a Smile donation, but sends me a few pennies of encouragement. Thanks.

C112 E. G Marshall, the mysterious one

E.G. Marshall was a popular television show actor, and it seems radio host. Lurking within him though was an active Righteous Rectangle, sometimes called a cradle, but always looking like an envelope, just like his actual name that he mysteriously never released. I knew him for his deadpan delivery, which was rather fitting for a rather innocuous looking man.

Continue reading “C112 E. G Marshall, the mysterious one”

March 24, 2021 in Richmond with Hildalgo

Carry me back to Old Virginny

We leave Des Moines where the corn is being sown to Richmond. If you want the best corn you’ll ever have, grown your own. You can do this out of a flower box like I did as a kid in Brooklyn; a friend in southwest does all his vegetable out of containers — you do not get much but just enough to enjoy one fine day or two. It gives you a real feeling of being in moment. In the meantime this week our weekly chart is based from Richmond Virginia.

Our header shot is of Richmond from the Civil War era out of the Library of Congress archives.

Hidalgo is right with the Part of Fortune

Covid Memoir Writing and Fortune

So this week Hidalgo appears right next to the Part of Fortune. The Hyperion symbol for 09 Scorpio is “a Thick journal full of thoughts from the past.” I imagine that is pointing to all the Covid memoirs getting released now;

                  from the Wall Street Journal; Peter Funt must be the creator Alan’s son.  Never saw the show.

Hidalgo in the news

Hidalgo being next to the Arabian Part I believe is highlighting a few things happening right now: the return of the Border crisis, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, the suspected gunman in a mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, on Monday, but most importantly, and which I am very glad to see, Democrat Sens. Duckworth and Hirono holding support until more Native American like Deborah Haaland are put forth. His cabinet of diversity has been a joke, and I’ve been dismayed that Harris, herself of Indian heritage, hasn’t done more. Perhaps Hidalgo will encourage more on this topic.

The report on Hidalgo is here. 

Weeks aspects:

Tenth house

  • Exalted Neptune remains in Pisces now in the tenth house.
  • Exalted Sun in Aries in the tenth house.
    • Both these suggest its time to really put forth energy on those things you love, even if it is yourself and you write a memoir — Mercury conjunct Neptune.
  • Venus is conjunct Difda, (also called Deneb Kaitos) in Cetus, is in “the tail of the whale. ”
    • It has the nature of Saturn and is associated with inhibitions and restraint, psychologically and physically.

Twelfth House

  • Mars is conjunct the North Node in Pisces and Aldebaran
    • Aldebaran, has the nature of Mars and is associated with public or military honours and courage.
    • It can also denote extraordinary energy and ambition.
    • In conjunction with Mars depending upon the sign and element,
      • here it is in the twelfth house of water but the sign of Gemini, can give rise to sudden violent passions.
      • The murders in Boulder are obvious, but be careful of your own short tempers when getting sudden news concerning business affairs you may shoot the messenger who is actually bring you good news.
  • North Node in Gemini.
    • Non-verbal communication is highlighted. From Goldsmith of “A diplomat looks down from his window to find a glamorous woman beckoning him enigmatically and then walking away. In no time he is outside, following her with a flashlight.”  Sounds like a lurker to me.

First House

  • The ascendant is 03 Cancer 56 get Charubel’s symbol of “I can see that side of the Moon that is never seen” highlighting when people step out of themselves and look back as a stranger. Good advice.
  • Conjunct Fixed star Dirah, in Gemini, is a star in the left foot of the Northern Twin giving you more energy than normal, it’s a spring btw so don’t be surprised.

Eighth House

  • Saturn in its rulership Aquarius in the eighth house. Sounds like tax time.
  • Pluto in Capricorn. conjunct the Fixed star Terebellium, star in the tail of the Archer.
    • Brings good fortune followed by regret or disgrace as it has the nature of Venus and Saturn.

Uranus in Taurus which is its fall because its exalted in Scorpio, always surprises me that association.  As  Uranus is in its essential house, Aquarius, everything seems swell, but Uranus doesn’t like the bull, so you could have software problems or a hard drive failure. The best way to handle this is less Facebook time and more personal time, perhaps writing that memoir?,  as it is sextile Mercury.

Ninth House

  • Jupiter in Aquarius in the ninth highlighting religious observances;

A Marian Anderson Welcome

Sung beautifully by the magnificent contralto Marian Anderson in the 1940s shortly after it was penned by minstrel composer and performer, James Bland. It is sheer heaven to listen to her sing. Enjoy.

C164 Sleeping with the enemy: Eric Swalwell

Why the Scandal Matters

California Representative Eric Swalwell, who is on the Foreign Intelligence Committee, is in the news for sleeping with a known Chinese spy, Christine Fong, her Chinese name is different depending upon the new source, but the anti-CCP run Epoch Times says Christine’s name is Fang Fang, and she has received lots of secret intelligence briefs from him.

This comes from Axios News Media, created in 2016 by former Politico journalists,  who broke the story saying Swalwell is claiming this a Trump ploy. This makes no sense because Swalwell was just re-elected, and if it involved the President, would not have Trump have released this before the election?


Logic does not seem to be Swalwell strength though, because another one of his arguments is he is so poorly under-funded he cannot do background checks on his staff. In the meantime, the Guardian says that Swalwell’s brother and father, the ex-police Chief of Sac City, have defriended Fong after five years of Facebook friendship (this predates his marriage in 2016). 

Another California representative, Rho Khanna, has defriended Fong too. There is no mention of Congresswoman Judy Chu’s friend status with Fong.

Christine Fang, also known as Fang Fang, pictured with Congressman Eric Swalwell, left, and then with California Congressman Judy Chu, right.

Swalwell has yet to deny the allegations of cheating on his wife with an aide (shades of Monica Lewinsky) just that he claims he never gave her any information; Nancy Pelosi is “shocked” by the Axios report. Whatever Fong’s official capacity in the Representative’s  Office, we know she is an employee of Red China, somewhat like Mata Hari in World War I, using sex  to get information to help her side, so no matter how happy Swalwell was in the relationship, and he must have been since it has lasted a while;  she is not in it for the sex.

If on the other hand, as he contends, he was not supplying her with intelligence, but just sweet favours, she would have moved onto another pigeon.  That is how espionage works.

Eric’s Charts & Natal lines

Eric Swalwell’s natal chart that was rectified to 17 Cancer 35, the symbol of a “hen clucking for her chickens in a bustling barnyard.”  Jones writes that this degree is about using things for one’s own agenda.

Swalwell is a bucket with a Moon handle in the ninth house of legislature. His father was the police chief of Sac City, Iowa, and with the fourth house filled to the brim with a large stellium in Libra one sees that justice plays a large part in Eric’s life.  In the neighboring fifth house of sex, and creative regeneration, Eric’s problem with women comes into play:  a rather fast Moon and very forward Mercury suggesting Eric relies on his good looks and charm to get him out of any difficulty instead of actually facing the issues head on.

The angle of the Moon

Swalwell’s Moon is problematic, hinting Swalwell is his own worst enemy, right there on the ninth house cusp in Aquarius.  This has more to do more with the Moon at 29 Aquarius 29, hovering near the eighth house  of other people’s money, sex and death.  It is also opposite President Trump’s ascendant on the third house cusp, showing how desire to curry favour with the Press, and do what was popular with them in attacking Trump and hopefully taking him down, he would in turn becomes the  front runner for  2024 Presidential race, but neither he nor his buddy Schiff delivered that fatal blow. 

For with so much air in his chart, Swalwell over thought the situation, and became arrogant.  That large stellium blinded him, as he relied too much on other people, not seeing how those relationships, while help get him into the limelight now, could  swiftly turn and shut him out, when someone better came along.  The backward thrust of the handle encouraged that shortsighted reliance to think only in terms of “now” and not realize what lay ahead. A good scenario of this aspect is Swalwell gets in bed with the Chinese to make a name for himself, never seeing that such a relationship could boomerang.  

That made me look to see if there were any major US political figures with so many air conjuncts.  I did find another,  with lots of conjunctions, also in Libra, but this time in the first house; that chart belongs to former President Bill Clinton.  Former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, also has a lot of conjunctions  but in the fifth and  Aquarius.  No one else from McKinley on came close to those two.

His Moon square the Sun on the cusp of the sixth house is also problematic, hinting that while he make not lose his seat,  he is a Democrat, he could lose his high profile position  on the Intelligence Committee (see the Transiting Mars to Jupiter in Capricorn in the seventh) where he was able to bully Trump with threats of a Russian collusion and fade into oblivion.

                 High Tech and the FBI

The representative’s  Sun’s proximity to Uranus in the sixth tells us that while he claims he has no money for surveillance, Swalwell is technologically savvy enough to take advantage of whatever low-cost information is out there like  But frankly he does not even that, as the FBI provides those checks for members of Congress for free, under the Freedom of Information Act, if requested.   


Beware of Foreign Ambassadors

On another note, Swalwell’s transiting Venus conjunct natal Sun in the fifth suggests  sexual exploits with foreign ambassadors will come to light now

The sextile between his Mars and Venus (the Line of Efficiency) gives him  a sexually passionate nature, his tactile way of  faking an earth relationship,  most likely would lead to extra martial affairs.  This is  because Mars is on the seventh house cusp there but with Neptune nearby, dupes him, making him think he can fake his way of any problem, and keep his home life intact.

But despite Pelosi’s great protestations, this call is up to Brittany Watt Swalwell, and it is hard without her info, to know how she will proceed, though the marriage chart does provide some hints.

Eric and Brittany’s wedding day chart.

Brittany Watt, formerly of Miami, Florida, met Eric while she was the Director of Sales at the Ritz Carlton in swanky Half-Moon Bay; no dates.  The two  were married in the Oakland’s County Clerk’s office on October 14 2016 and here I made a guess that because it was at the Country Clerk’s office it was early in the day—basically they were prosaic and the marriage was a formality.  This created the chart above, the marriage as a transit to Eric’s natal chart and mirable dictu, we got the marriage’s  Part of Fortune 26 Aries 28  the same as his natal Midheaven.

The Sabian  symbol for this degree is  a panorama of events blended together trying to recapture a lost opportunity, and it gets the warning to beware self-pity.  I think that is  àpropos,  as the chart suggests she was pregnant with their son. The Mars in the seventh though suggests divorce, and conjunct Pluto from infidelity.

Eric and Brittany Watts Swalwell with their two children. 

It’s too early to say whether Mrs. Swalwell will agree, but since Pelosi already lost many representatives in California, she will undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on Mrs. Swalwell (transiting Sun conjunct transiting Mercury conjunct natal Neptune in the sixth) to do the right thing for the Party; Nancy cannot afford to let her majority shrink any further.

His Line of Motivation, Jupiter to Saturn, is conjunct, as is the current mundane configuration as it goes into the 2020 Great Conjunction next; on his current transit chart, this spans his seventh and eighth houses. As a replay of his birth aspects, it suggests the reason for the scandal coming out now is the CCP no longer needs him having run the well dry.

Finally, his Line of Culture, Neptune to Uranus, is a semi-sextile away, highlighting his self-willed nature that is alas also rather self-indulgent. That may explain his hubris in believing he will get away with scandal, but he is naïve if he thinks Fong was just there for his prowess.

Speaker Pelosi has renewed his position as head of Intelligence because in the current state of American politics, a Democrat can do wrong and as winds point these days, only in the East, surprising or not, does it matter if one is sexually lascivious.

#J326 Douglas Fairbanks – the original swashbuckler

Douglas Fairbanks sr was the original Hollywood swashbuckler in Mark of Zorro, thief of Baghadad and Robin Hood but his feats did not stop there, he was the founder of United Artists, that Michael Cimino ran into the ground with a stupendous budget overload with Heaven’s Gate, married Mary Pickford, America’s Sweetheart and considered the “King of Hollywood” until he retired and Clark Gable inherited it but it was Australian Errol Flynn that brought the pirate to talkies. It’s uncanny how much Flynn looks like Fairbanks, jr.

Fairbanks, not his real name, was born Douglas Elton Thomas Ullman on May 23, 1883 in Denver Colorado to a couple of immigrant Jews from Baden, Germany. His name Fairbanks, was from his mother’s first husband, after Ullman abandoned the family of ten in a huff. Like his mother, his first wife was the widow of a rich industrialist. They had a son, Douglas jr.– Fairbanks one and only — and then hearing of the silents going west decided to follow. Once there he fell in with the great D.W. Griffith and met Mary Pickford who was also married, so they had an affair, like mother like son. The chart is a slight rectification from Jones’s Leo 2. I went with Leo 11, “Character is destiny” because he was a person who carried the key to fortune within — warm-hearted, big dreamer and great smile. He was as he claimed himself, made for Hollywood, and it was made for him.

Everyone got divorced and Fairbanks and Pickford married, on March 28, 1920. They built PickFair in Hollywood the first mega mansion shortly after. In 1921, he, Pickford, Chaplin, and DW Griffith, again, , helped to organize the Motion Picture Fund to assist those in the industry who could not work, or were unable to meet their bills because back then few made buckyoo bucks. For fifteen years the happiness lasted and then both fell off the wagon and Fairbanks married Sylvia, Lady Ashley in 1933 and died in 1938 of a heart attack, saying almost in perfect form, “I’ve never felt better.” I betcha he did.

#J136 Clive Brook as Sherlock Holmes

The First Film Sherlock

Clive Brook, a popular British actor, the first to play Sherlock Holmes on film. His bearing and elocution set the stage for the popular Basil Rathbone, and even the later, much later, Benedict Cumberbatch. Thatmakes sense as his chart has an incredible preponderance of Gemini spanning the whole of the tenth house, perhaps highlighting both his sardonic wit and acting career. This air preponderance suggests he was very communicative, enjoyed feedback, and probably read all his critical reviews. because he was interested in the ideas of people as they concerned him and his career. An air bias would be a good choice for the intellectual Holmes.

He studied at Dulwich College, one of the many public English schools for boys and then elocution, his accent is impeccable, at a technical school — his family ran into fiscal problems and he could not go to University and then of course there was the First World War that interrupted many man’s career. Still, he did rather well as he was one of the more highly paid actors at the time.

He was born June 1 1887, London. The Chart is based on that from Marc Jones in the Sabian Symbols; the year was changed to 1887 from the 1891 specified there.

A Western Bowl

Clive is a Western Based bowl suggesting his success was owed to his own merits aka the connection he made via school and circumstance. His chart is deviated between north and south showing he kept them separate. That makes sense as when his children’s lives were threatened after the Lindbergh case, he moved back to London with nary a look back. His ascendant, 07 Virgo 56 from the Hyperion Symbols is “trees in the distance near a church” showing how he was open to all possibilities in life and had an expanded awareness of them — which in turn fits his resume. McClung writes this is the “forerunner of what is in his field of attention gives him presage of what is to come.”

Clive’s Departments

  • His line of Vitality is trine.
  • Clive’s line of efficiency from Venus to Mars is absent showing that he gave great thought to his next line of action, but with his fast Mental Chemistry, once he committed to something, he was implacable.
  • His line of motivation is square showing he was a religious man and relied on his faith, his daughter’s name, for guidance.
  • His line of culture is absent.

Other notable aspects: Mars is accidentally dignified in the tenth house, which it is exalted in Capricorn. The Sun is accidentally in its fall in the eleventh house, showing he was not comfortable with public adoration, probably because he was a private man.

Later when he came to America this actually became a problem as his children were threatened with kidnapping : the Sun rules the fifth house and offspring and here opposing itself would make them vulnerable. Mercury in Gemini is in its rulership and exalted in Aquarius where it shows up as part of the Gemini preponderance highlighting his superb communicative skills.

Saturn in Cancer, in its detriment as Saturn rules Capricorn, in the eleventh and finally Uranus accidentally in its fall in the second house probably highlighting his tenacity in overcoming his humble beginnings by embracing something new and unproven–film.

As always, remember to give us a like, it helps boost morale. Thanks.

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