J09 Jane Addams, Nobel Prize Winner

Laura Jane Addams was born in Cedarville, Illinois, the eighth of nine children on September 6, 1860. Her father was a prosperous miller and local political leader, who had moved West from Pennsylvania for better prospects. He served for sixteen years as a state senator and as an early supporter of Illinois State Senator Abraham Lincoln, the two became close friends, and Addams enlisted in the US Army as an officer in the War Between the States.

                    School Days

As for Jane, in 1881, she graduated from the Rockford Female Seminary and was the valedictorian of a class of seventeen. As the school was in still in the process of accreditation, her bachelor’s degree was deferred until it officially could award Bachelor of Arts as Rockford College for Women. It was also at Rockford Jane met Ellen Gates Starr (March 19, 1959), though the latter was forced to leave Rockford Seminary because her family could no longer afford it.  

In the course of the next six years Jane studied medicine, but her poor health stalled those ambitions, and took the Grand Tour to Europe for further education and enlightenment, a common finishing tactic for young people of wealth.  She continued her correspondence with Miss Starr back home, who was teaching at Miss Kirkland’s School, where one of her students was Mary Rozet Smith (December 23, 1868), who later became Jane’s lifelong companion.  

After much discussion, Jane returned to Europe with Ellen for a second Grand Tour, and it was then that two realized their life goal: the creation of a settlement house in Chicago, similar to Toynbee Hall, in London’s East End.  While Jane would continue working there for the rest of her life, Ellen took a more spiritual path for her work, joining the Catholic Church and working as a novitiate within it for social justice.

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2021 December 4th Capetown Eclipse

With the Omricon Variant rearing its head, it makes sense that we can view the 4 December eclipse from Capetown, South Africa, since it supposedly comes from there. Perhaps the rumour is true, you never know. The news could be right once in a while, like the proverbial stalled clock. With Venus in the twelfth house, Omricon will make more headway with governments looking to use it to further their agenda as a weapon of fear for their populace’s health.

The Achilles heel to this pipedream is Neptune exalted in Pisces in the second — the previous lockdown is still affecting the economy with shortages in stores (Uranus square Saturn) and with empty aisles everywhere, and the fear that Christmas will be cancelled like Newsom did last year in California waving the Omricon banner may not be as easy or lucrative. My recommendation? Ignore the news and a have a Merry Christmas: there is nothing in the ninth but fear.

C167 Decanates & C110 Senator Krysten Sinema

Any house system can use decanates, but they are the hallmark of the Hellenistic whole house system. Decans, which is how one refers to an individual member, refers to the subdivision of a house into ten degree “triplets”, while decanates refers to the entire group. Decans always are in the same order for each sign no matter what sign starts the chart.

To make this easy to visualize, I am using Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona’s natal chart 1 Celestiology rectified this chart, and is unavailable elsewhere with decans in the natural house system, also called the zero Aries start system. Looking at the chart below, the decans are the second house from the outside, and are shown with the planets in chartreuse on a black background.

Mapping lords to rulers

The first house is Aries and its thirty degrees are broken into three triplets of ten degrees each. We assign each triplet the planetary lord of each sign within the same quadrature. For Aries, its ruler is Mars; rulers and lords are synonymous. The next decan belongs to the next sign in the fire quadrature: Leo and its ruler is the Sun, while the final decan of the fire quadrature is Sagittarius, whose ruler is Jupiter. They are always three signs comprising a quadrature and there are four quadratures.

The second house is Taurus. The first decan is Venus, the lord of Taurus, followed by Mercury, the ruler for Virgo and Saturn the ruler of Capricorn, thus all the lords for the earth quadrature are shown.

The third house is Gemini. Its lord is Mercury, the second decan is Venus for Libra, and the third is Saturn, the lord for Aquarius because this is a traditional setup and the Herschel’s did not discover Uranus until the eighteenth century long after they created this system. Many modern astrologers change this attribution to Uranus instead of Saturn, but the traditional association is Saturn rules Aquarius.

The fourth house is Cancer and the first triplet is the Moon who rules it. The second triplet is Mars for Scorpio. Like Saturn ruling Aquarius, Pluto is not shown, unless you choose to make that change. The third and final triplet is Jupiter for Pisces, because they did not discover Neptune until the nineteenth century. With Cancer, we have completed the first set of quadratures for the zodiac. We will repeat this three more times.

The Middle Four

The fifth house is Leo. On Senator Sinema’s chart that shows up with the number 9 on the outmost circle because had we used a typical natal system, the ascendant would have been the starting house, and Leo would be in the ninth house. All the houses have that dual numbering system on the chart above. The ruler for Leo is the Sun — remember this is the signs rulership not its exaltation, which for the Sun is Mars. That would not work because the luminaries only have one planet in exaltation, and the other ten have two thus it would leave us with a missing decan. The second decan is Jupiter for Sagittarius and the third is Mars. Notice that while Aries started with Mars and ended with Sagittarius, Leo starts with its own ruler with the second decan always being the next planet in the quadrature, which in this case is Sagittarius and not Aries.

The sixth house is Virgo. Like Gemini, its ruler is Mercury, but the following sign is Capricorn thus the next decan is Saturn. The final decan is Venus for Taurus. This is the second sign in the earth quadrature.

The seventh house is Libra, always opposite Aries. Its ruler is Venus, the next decan is Saturn for Aquarius and the third decan is Virgo for Gemini. This is part of the air quadrature.

The eighth house is Scorpio. On this chart its outer number is eleven, but following the Aries start or Natural House method, I show it as the eighth house. Scorpio’s ruler, like Aries, is Mars, the next decan is Jupiter for Pisces, and the third decan is the Moon for Cancer.

The Final Four

The ninth house is Sagittarius. Its ruler is Jupiter, like Pisces. The second decan is Mars for Aries and the third decan is Leo, as we work counter clockwise to fill in the lords. With Sagittarius, we have finished the fire quadrature.

The tenth house is Capricorn. Its ruler is Saturn, the second decan is Venus for Taurus and the third decan is Mercury for Virgo. We have now finished the earth quadrature.

The eleventh house is Aquarius. Its ruler is also Saturn, and not Uranus. The second decan is Mercury for Gemini and the third decan is Venus for Libra. We have now finished the air quadrature.

The twelfth and last house in the zodiac is Pisces. Its ruler is Jupiter, the second decan is the Moon for Cancer and the third decan is Mars, and not Pluto, for Scorpio. We have now finished the water quadrature and completed all the decans for the signs too.

Sinema’s ascendant rising chart

Below is Senator Sinema’s traditional natal chart.


  • 1
    Celestiology rectified this chart, and is unavailable elsewhere

Black Friday 2021 and other people’s money

I finished NaNoWriMo yesterday, making for a bittersweet November, so today looking at the charts, I went to Vegas for the Raiders victory — one of the football games for Thanksgiving. Time is for 6 pm out there.

Seems Black Friday is back after a hiatus and everyone is out cruising for a deal wielding plastic or OPM. We have half a grand sextile today –starting at the end of the fourth with the Part of Fortune and ending right on the eleventh — how can I resist a sale? Jupiter is at home in the ninth and it looks like Christmas 30 days away is on everyone’s mind. Are your decorations up? Or are you like Mars in the sixth opposite Uranus in the twelfth and waiting for that last minute inspiration?

May the good buys be yours.

Black Friday 2021.pdf

C106 The Kentucky conjoined Twins

Conjoined twin girls, born with a shared liver, bowel and heart wall, but each with her own heart. They were born at Norton’s in Louisville, weighing 2 pounds, 13 ounces each and 14.5 inches long. Their parents are Charla and Logan Cook. The girls were born under a double sign, Mercury rules both Gemini, the sign of the twins, and Virgo; and their ascendant is another double sign: Libra that is ruled by Venus that also rules Taurus. Only their Moon is a singleton: Cancer.

Conjoined twin baby girls defy the odds after being born in Kentucky with a shared liver | Daily Mail Online

Posted on Facebook was the announcement: “Lakelyn and Laylie born September 1st 2021 at 32 weeks. Born at 10:46am weighing only 2lbs 13.9oz each and both 14 inches long. Identical in every way! The surgery went amazing and mom is in recovery. Both girls are breathing on their own and so far, everything is good. Please keep sending prayers for us all. We’re in recovery now waiting to head to the NICU to be with the girls.”

Their Arabian Parts chart

Their Astrodynes

And finally their natal chart

All the best to the girls and their family. God Bless.

The charts are from Prometheus Software, based in Yorkshire, GB — home of the finest tea.

October 21, 2021 No Update on the girls.

C108 Postmodern Scribbles, Charles Olson

Charles Olson was a postmodern poet, sort of Jack Kerouac, in verse. Separated by twelve years, both men came from Central Massachusetts, — Olson from Worcester, Kerouac from nearby Lowell – a twenty-mile distance probably shorter if the crow flies. Both men went to Harvard, but Olson was huge: six foot six in his stocking feet and weighed about 250 pounds; Kerouac was slight easily half that soaking wet. Both left the Bay State, only Charlie returned.

His size was stunning, and he had the prophetic nickname of “the Bull,” Before he was a poet he was renown for his oratory skills — Venus is trine his ascendant from the ninth. So it’s no surprise then that his ascendant was in Taurus. How could it be anything but?

The Gloucester Fisherman, one hundred years of vigilance.

His chart too has plenty of signs that poetry was his beat — Neptune in Cancer opposite his Midheaven and Mercury, the preponderance in the ninth house and in Capricorn, also his focal determinator, is a good place for rhythm. Charlie kept the beat, where ever he roamed and when he read his works, one thought of Carlyle’s quote, “literary men are a perpetual priesthood that one longs to hear.” 1 Thos. Carlyle, State of German Literature c. 1827 for Charlie’s chart shows, “poets are born, not made.” 2 poeta nascitur non fit, Sir Philip Sidney c. 1581 .

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  • 1
    Thos. Carlyle, State of German Literature c. 1827
  • 2
    poeta nascitur non fit, Sir Philip Sidney c. 1581

C118 Bestial Things & Signs with Ben Franklin

Bestial came up as the WOTD from the OED today.

I am not sure if you can access it so I copied the record. The original is here and a printable version below.

Reading the entry I realized the renowned dictionary did not mention signs bestial — those signs that are animal-like who stand on four feet or are quadrupeds: Aries (Ram) Taurus (Bull) Leo (Lion), Sagittarian (Centaur), and Capricorn (Goat) but neither Cancer (Crab) Scorpio (Insect) nor Pisces (Fish) as they crawl; it seemed to me quite an “errata” as Benjamin Franklin would say.

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C174 Drummer Levon Helm hiding in plain sight

Mark Lavon Helm was the drummer of the Band, the backup band to Bob Dylan. They were rather unknown until they scored big at Woodstock, an event that Levon, as he was popularly called, so impressed him, he is buried there in the Catskills (the New York version of the Pennsy’s Poconos and separated by a sliver of water).

Levon has a lot of great aspects in his chart that would make him a drummer — a preponderance of Earth, mainly in Taurus but Neptune in Virgo in the second suggests this will bring him a comfortable living. That was good for his love of performing — Pluto on the first house cusp sextiles his Sun in the eleventh house — drove him to success, (Rolling Stone Magazine rates him as number #22 in their listing of important Rock and Roll drummers).

Medievally Helm’s Sun is In Hayz. Alas, as it is opposite his fifth house cusp (creative endeavours) of Sagittarius, to make it big in his chosen field meant not only leaving Arkansas, but traveling — and as they all lamented in their farewell movie The Last Waltz, “lots of it.”

Marc Jones puts a lot of reliance on his focal determinator, the Moon in Aquarius on the seventh house because it is a luminary, and that adds to the “weight” of Pluto’s importance, particularly as it is square Jupiter also in a fixed sign. That opposition made a T-Square, and Jones loved them, right back to the Midheaven and Jupiter.

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