Feleena and Marty Robbins

Marty Robbins may have been born in the mountain deserts of Arizona on September 26, 1925 , but with a Grand Trine in Water the Navy was a sure bet. Neptune in the eighth is the key to the great love song of El Paso, his greatest hit, not only because it highlights the fatal love song, but also as the fishy planet receives no major aspects, thus making it an unaspected planet.

This makes Neptune, the planet of fantasy, romance and music and song very important in Marty’s chart and that he was highly inspired by the songs of the South Seas during his Naval stint is not surprising. Neither is it that he married his high school sweetheart after finally gaining some success in music, and remaining married to her for the next 38 years; Marty was a born romantic. His Sun, the only air in his chart, also plays into how much songs must have just come to him inspired by thoughts, and feelings and then how he could easily transcribe them into something everyone would enjoy.

Marty died at 57 years old from a heart attach in Nashville, Tennessee on the Cumberland River on December 8, 1982, but thanks to the magic of black vinyl we can be enchanted still.

The Star Center: Jim McDaniels

                 Jim McDaniels  Kentuckian

James Ronald McDaniels was born in Scottsville, Kentucky, on April 2, 1948, to James McDaniels and his wife, Sendy Binom McDaniels. His stepfather, Dickie Stovall, helped raise him.  He died in his native Kentucky on September 6 2017.

  Jim McDaniels was a star center who led Western Kentucky University to the N.C.A.A. Final Four but whose professional career was marred by contract disputes right at the start.  He died in his native Kentucky on Wednesday in Bowling Green. He was 69. His wife, Carolyn, said the cause was complications of diabetes.

  Big Jim’s Career

A 6-foot-11 center and power forward with an unusually soft touch for a big man, McDaniels led the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers to the most successful years in their program’s history. In his senior year he averaged 29.3 points per game in helping Western Kentucky reach the Final Four of the 1971 N.C.A.A. tournament. Meeting at the Astrodome in Houston, the Hilltoppers lost to Villanova in a semifinal match and beat the other semifinal loser, the University of Kansas, to take third place, their best finish to date.

McDaniels was named All-American that year.  But the next season, after McDaniels had started to play professionally with the Carolina Cougars of the American Basketball Association, the N.C.A.A. found that he had violated college rules by signing professional contracts (with an agent, the team and the league) before the start of his senior season.

After a year in Italy, he played for the Los Angeles Lakers. and the Kentucky Colonels of the A.B.A. He played his last season as a reserve center for the N.B.A.’s Buffalo Braves, which he joined after another year in Europe.

“I’m a player and a very dedicated athlete,” McDaniels told United Press International in 1977. When I leave the game, I want to be able to say that good or bad, I gave 100 percent.”

He retired in 1978 with a career average of 10 points per game and his free throw percentage is 72% the same as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lou Alcindor).  His stats are here.

He graduated in 1971 with a bachelor’s degree in sociology.  After retiring from basketball, he coached high school basketball and sold cars, a natural interest for the metal ruled Aries Sun.   He married Carolyn Wright in 1990 who survives him.

                                                    The proud Kentuckian

We chose 6 Libra for his Ascendant. that gets the symbol of a “pilgrim sits on a rustic bench and one by one his ideals take shape before him”.   Jones writes that this symbol is one where the native must be on the alert not to fall from his visions but instead continue working throughout his life to keep the lessons of his youth foremost in mind. Neptune in the first house is conjunct, that works well because of his famous “soft” touch with the ball, and with his Sun opposite both in the seventh house tells of the muddles and mistakes by pushing his will too far.

  Indeed, in McDaniels chart  the Sun aspectually is highly prominent, making a connection to all the other planets and points therein, pointing to strong arrogance that did not take direction well — his Sun is in its detriment is in the seventh house that Libra essentially rules so this makes him rather stubborn and hard headed about his standing.  Applying the Regiomontanus house system to his nativity, the problem becomes heightened with  Sagittarius the sign of education, the law and contracts  is intercepted.  Opposite, as all interceptions work in pairs, his Venus, and later his downfall via diabetes, is intercepted where it is exalted in Taurus showing how he just did not trust others and so legal contracts became more of a jousting match than a set of negotiations with  mutually agreed goals.

Hindsight of course is always 20-20, and the resulting T-square in his chart at 05 Cancer does hint that this own father would not be as instrument as a surrogate.  While that midheaven does suggest a “man in an automobile maddened by the lust for speed,” it also highlights his own ambition at being a stellar player, and a desire to create his own destiny.  Trine the Moon at 11 Aquarius 53 shows his innovative and very intuitive way of handling the ball.  Another thing we find in favour of this chart, is that the Midheaven at Cancer finds it’s Lord in the Creative and Gaming House of the Fifth, which in turn is ruled by the softer side of Saturn:  Uranus.

                                                 Splash   Mates

McDaniels has a lot of planets in the House of Friends; basketball is a team sport and this shows how he thrived off the rivalry between team mates on and off court, but it is Pluto  is opposite almost exactly the Moon right on the Eleventh house cusp that intimates how he came alive on the court in front of a cheering crown.  This last point has been raised recently during the Covid arena events, 

jim mcdaniels.png

with players saying they miss the cheers, and the jeers, of fans that help them keep their concentration.

Mr. McDaniels is a Splash Temperament type with the maximum of two conjunctions — Pluto to Saturn and Saturn to Mars — that because of their close proximity, is also  Translation of Light giving that aspect extra significance.  It is a powerful trio, highlighting the Eleventh House of fans and publicity and shows us how his fans loved him and how he felt indebted to them in kind.  This debt was fulfilled by his hard work, and total dedication to his game as well as learning more about basketball off the court (Mercury 21.45 in the Sixth).

The one problem  here is Mars is not near the ascendant as Monsieur Gauquelin preferred, and also in the eleventh house.  We will be reading and studying more about those requirements updating the chart, as we rectified it, as needed.


  On a personal note, when I saw McDaniel’s obit in the Times, I immediately snagged it,  because my cousin Nick played ball at University of Kentucky way back then and mentioned  McDaniels as the “next big thing.”  Funny how many years later those things come back to you.

C168 FLotUS Lady Bird Johnson & Rahu and Ketu

Claudia Alta Taylor was born on December 22, 1912 in Karnack, Texas that lies east of Tyler (see the map below where Karnac is the pushpin center, and the various points are Dallas to the west, Houston to the southwest and New Orleans to the southeast). She was named after her mother’s brother Claud but got the nickname lady bird because her black maid thought she was a “purty as a lady bird”; it stuck.

Her family was descended from of Rowland Taylor, an English Protestant who was martyred during the Queen Mary’s persecutions for those that supported the alternative Lady Jane Grey (“the nine days Queen”) ascension to the throne.  Taylor not only a contemporary of Martin Luther but through his wife, Margaret, the niece of William Tyndale, a near relation to the creator of the first non-Latin bible.

Alas, both Taylor and Tyndale were burnt at the stake for their support Protestant Grey over Catholic Mary. In an interesting turn of advents, Lady Bird’s second daughter, Luci Baines, converted to Roman Catholicism when she was 18 in 1964 when her father was running for President.

The Lady Bird Johnson map

Lady Bird Claudia Johnson’s astrological chart via Morinus Houses

Astrologically, the former first lady is a complete split see saw: half at the ascendant and the other half at the descendant, or so the official time and chart says (we did not rectify this one). What is striking here is has no planets on the bottom or top of her chart except for the two nodes in the nadir and midheaven of her chart.

The polarization of her chart suggests that her life was caught between her duties as daughter, wife and mother (the western hemisphere) vs. her own resourcefulness (on the eastern hemisphere). Despite that obvious break, she has only one opposition from Mercury in the twelfth house to the Moon in the sixth. That does give her a T-Square to the midheaven (also called the MC) at 18 Virgo 04, a symbol of “a colorful gallery on a warm summer day where a swimming race nears its decision, suggesting despite her overtly lady-like demeanor, Lady Bird was a competitive woman who encouraged others to excel.

This midheaven aspect is rather pertinent as conjunct her husband’s, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Moon and semi-sextile his midheaven. If ever a woman was aligned with her husband’s political aspirations, it was she. She wanted him to become President as much as he did, and between the two they could plan and strategize how best to get there.

The many mansions of LBJ

Marc Jones in his sixteen points discusses his idea of “nodes” and calls them the lunar equinox because they are the moon’s mansions with the Ascending Node, in Mrs. Johnson’s chart in the fourth house, being what she wants to bring forward into her outer life — i.e. being First Lady of the Land and then also sprouting wild flowers throughout it. This culminated in her Wildflower Center in Austin Texas that she co-founded with actress Helen Hayes that has over 900 species of native Texas plants in a garden landscape and natural setting.

For her work in wildflower repopulation and conservation, Lady Bird received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Republican President Gerald Ford. .

The south node is calling

While her north node in the fourth house gave her wildflowers, it was her south node at the tenth house in equitable Libra that made her a fortune and without which her husband may have never reached the pinnacle of US politics and become its president, for it was Lady Bird who provided the finances for LBJ to launch his career.

Jones writes that the south node the point of future opportunity. For Lady Bird, it is in her tenth house is essentially traditionally associated with Capricorn and ruled by Saturn. In the modern era Capricorn thought gets the co-ruler of Uranus — the electronics maven. That is a perfect blend for the sea goat native who with her Sun squared the South Node caused some amount of disruptions in her desire to exert herself. Despite those obstacles, or perhpas in spite of them, she ignored them and in 1943, against her husband wishes, made a superb forward call spending $17,.500 1 In 2020 dollars this purchase would be about 275K. of her inheritance by purchasing an Austin radio station that was by the time of her repose worth approximately $105 million.

It also, and this was the most important byproduct, the vehicle that propelled her husband into Texas politics as she able to finance their dreams through a media company that could be always informing the Texas voters of his latest causes.

If that was not enough, again over Lyndon’s protestations, she signed in 1952 a contract for a VHF franchise with the local CBS affliate that became the voice and sole news representative of south Texas, not to mention generating thousands of dollars yearly in cash dividends. Eventually, through her husband’s Congressional efforts, she was awarded a legal monopoly license that is still extant today and upon which those cable franchises base their regional hegemony.

Rahu and Ketu

In Vedic Astrology the North Node (Rahu) is more favourable than the South Node (Ketu) , for the South Node bogs us down, and represents those things that we are unduly attached. In LBJ’s horoscope this would be that her attachment to money and the radio station because it retarded her potential and kept her tied to what was physical and concrete. Rahu, the North Node, would be what LBJ should have been striving for all long. The problem is, how do we know that she was not?

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  • 1
    In 2020 dollars this purchase would be about 275K.

Pointing out Isiah Thomas III

Isiah Thomas never appears in the flick Hoop Dreams, but he fills the picture like a great spirit,  hovering overhead Arthur Agree and William Gates, as the boys use basketball and the Isiah Thomas story to recreate his ideal of American Dream through basketball.  It unfortunately fails, but in the process see where Isiah succeeded tells a lot about all the players.



          Growing up Isiah

The official time of Isiah is 10 PM, Chicago time but that symbol (HS 7 Sagittarius) — stacks of books in a library — is so crazy, we could not even consider it. Once again like President Trump we thought of DST and sure enough, while that failed for the President, succeeded for Isiah, for he was born the very day DST occurred. Jumping ahead to 11 PM, we get 19 Sagittarius and “the face of love accepted,” and we saw kismet.


Sagittarius 19 is apropos because of Isiah’s comments about his love for his family, and in particular his mother Mary, (his father abandoned the family early on) and ,wife, Lynn.   His chart agrees  it is an important part of his life:  Venus at 12 Aries 45 Rx in the fourth house  shows his mother’s devotion & his wife’s loyalty have meant a lot to him.

Looking above at his Midheaven 11 Libra 57 directly opposite supports how that support has kept him en pointe, and also shows how his mother was both father and mother to him, guiding him with love and keeping his nose to the grindstone when he wanted to give up or party too hard.

Isiah in action

The Thomas Connextion

  • Asteroids that make Isiah’s chart come alive are:
    • Edolsen (Marshall Field’s curator) at 28 Capricorn 04 conjunct Saturn — shows a black man from Chicago West Side.
      1. It opposes Mars at 27 Cancer 30 conjunct Asteroid Lord at 28 Cancer 41 pertinent because  Lord is his middle name.
      2. Asteroid Sugiyashi is at 25 Cancer 33 conjunct Mars 27 Cancer tells us his native facility with the ball:  Sugiyashi is named a judo move and highlights Thomas’s spatial awareness and opponent eye contact.  The seventh house is where one directly works with open enemies and opportunities presented.
    • Asteroid St. Joseph is for Isiah’s high school is at 12 Gemini 5.– i.e. Isiah “taught” intellectually by the strict discipline of the St. Joseph’s curricula how to be successful.
      • Opposite his Ascendant at 19 Sagittarius shows he believed in his coaches and teachers at St. Joe and realized they knew how to make him his best. This was integral to his success –he could surrender his own ego, accept and internalize theirs.
    • Asteroid Bal at 13 Aries 14 for the Semite god Bal. His love of basketball took on an almost totemic significance in his life.  It also is a good metaphor for his role in Hoop Dreams, where he is portrayed as a mythic figure.
    • Asteroid Ball 16 Scorpio 49 for the Mayan invention of ball-playing. It is conjunct the Moon and via a translation of light Neptune all in Scorpio. For Isiah, basketball playing was the only way “out — it filled his dreams and fantasies.
      • This is probably because his Moon at 13.37 was average and his Mercury is equal to the Sun. Isiah was not a stellar student and knew  his grades alone would not get him into any college basketball program; he had to excel as a ball player — there was no fallback position.
    • Isiah is a see-saw temperament type with his chart split at the mid heaven between growing up poor in Chicago’s ghetto’s and his dreams getting away from it vs. the Western side his chart and his phenomenal skill: he is a 12-time NBA All-Star and named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History.
    • He has been inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts a recommended trip for any Basketball aficionado.
    • Isiah is President of Isiah Thomas International.

As for the boys, we hate to be spoilers, instead watch the film & find out for yourself how their Hoop Dreams turned out. It is 


Sydney Omarr on the Daily Horoscope Racket

dec 15

New York Times December 15, 1968.

new york times december 15th article.png

Omarr’s comment in the Times is a small side-bar where the Times notes that after highlighting Righter and Dixon, the big names in the horoscope world at the time, “a third, Sydney Omarr (of Philadelphia) comments the daily horoscope printed in newspapers, though never in the Times, were more for “entertainment than enlightenment.” (In case you missed it, scroll up and look to the right of Righter’s box.) A rather back-handed compliment.

Chances are that the Times ran the story as a holiday filler, something light and entertaining to fill in the pages as the news was probably at a lull during the Christmas season.  The Arabian part of fortune (pars Fortuna) supports that symbolically with a Saturday ” tea is served in a socialites’ parlor while a young lady reads tea leaves,” highlighting the light-hearted tone of the piece.

I chose 5:15 am as when the paper rolls off the presses and gets delivered for the 6 am bridge and tunnel crowd, as the boroughs and Jersey are colloquially called. That time gives the paper and thus each article, an ascendant of 28 Scorpio 07; Neptune, often associated with Santa Claus, right on the cusp.

The Sun  & Mercury is both in Sagittarius and the Sun is on the Second House cusp.    That makes sense as Mercury in Sagittarius shows how the Times was a resource for higher quality reading (the jovial planet rules higher education & high society) and purportedly written at a tenth-grade level geared to their college educated audience. Most New York dailies– the Daily News, Newsday and the Post–are published for a more general audience and a grammar school level. The print is also smaller in the midtown Times and the downtown the Wall Street Journal.

Neptune in the Twelfth House also supports that it was for “mature” audiences and on the cusp that it was “required” Sunday reading for most of the New York City metro area. The chart is a bucket with Saturn handle, suggesting an “older” or more “established” audience.

With Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in the Libran Tenth House, obviously the Times felt that this was a magnanimous gesture on their part. But Jupiter hamstrung in Capricorn’s home, and Uranus. stifles; Pluto in Virgo also nearby is the public clamoring for more. The older planets are both trine Venus (the Old Gray Lady — the Times nickname highlighted by the midheaven or the hopes and dreams of the edition, and a good proxy for the paper itself, a “fine handkerchief of linen and lace”).

With Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in the Libran Tenth House, obviously the Times felt that this was a magnanimous gesture on their part. But Jupiter hamstrung in Capricorn’s home, and Uranus. stifles; Pluto in Virgo also nearby is the public clamoring for more. The older planets are both trine Venus (the Old Gray Lady—the Times nickname highlighted by the midheaven or the hopes and dreams of the edition, and a good proxy for the paper itself, a “fine handkerchief of linen and lace”).

Thus permeating the edition is the idea the “times are a-changing,” as Bob Dylan, the bard of the Sixties, sang, for even Saturn in in Aries in the fifth house of entertainment. That was true, not just for the Times, but for the country as a whole.

Download the NY Time 12151968 issue 

or the chart nyt 121568

1782 a Lesser Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter

Aren’t all conjunctions equal?

The information on Great vs lesser conjunctions are wild on the ‘Net, and a lot of articles are not much better, so we are trying to sort them out and post out findings. It’s amazing how few sites actually document the exact time or even day of the 1782 conjunction, many just give it the 1782 Conjunction and be done with it. That is rather misleading because not all Jupiter Saturn conjunctions are the same: 1782 is not a Great but a Lesser Conjunction.

What’s a Lesser Conjunction?

The 1782 Conjunction was a Lesser Conjunction because as the chart shows, Jupiter and Saturn were close, but not exact. Astronomically, an exact conjunction between two planets is when they are less than 00.02 degrees of arc apart. Instead, in 1782 chart above, the two planets are almost 2.00 degrees apart, so applying the definition of a Great Conjunction to this map, the 1782 Conjunction does not fit.

The rule of thumb is lesser conjunctions are close, but Great Conjunctions are so close as to be almost exact, making the two planets look like one big orb in the sky. That is what we should see on December 21, if we are lucky enough to have clear skies.

Do Lesser Conjunctions matter?

Well in this case it would seem so on both accounts, for almost a year and half earlier, Uranus was the first planet to be discovered ending the reign of the sacred seven; now there were eight. But to find Uranus William and Caroline Herschel had to employ a telescope, which explains why it was not done earlier: the telescope had to be invented as the naked eye alone would not see it. Interestingly, the telescope was created in 1608 Netherlands by Hans Lipperhey, but it took almost 200 years to perfect for the Herschels to find the icy planet. Hence, Uranus is the planet of invention, individuality — the Herschel’s were working on their own and not part of some collective or scientific group, and as the higher octave of Mercury, perfected refinement.

Looking at the chart, Uranus shows up next to the dreams of the Moon in the second house. Both are are opposite the Lesser Conjunction in the eighth house that are found in Capricorn. Weather must have been frosty that winter based on this chart, though perhaps it is also talking about the Ice Giant himself, Uranus.

But most likely, because of Moon is in parallel, hopes of work coming to fruition were first and foremost in people’s minds, while the sun, the only angular planet on the map, shows that personal hard work and endeavour was trying to make those dreams come true.

The dreams of 1782

While Pluto did not get discovered for another 160 years, using all the modern ten planets, this planetary pattern is a Bucket with a Pluto handle showing the importance of democracy in this age; Plutonian Buckets are strongly defined by the just triumph of the individual over the oppressive collective, or at least ensuring that they are not trampled. This spirit was heavily at play during the year surrounding the 1782 Lesser Conjunction.

First there were two major revolts were happening: one in America which started over taxation without representation and the other in France over the debate of the divine right of the Kings. Second, right at this conjunction, on November 30 1782, the Preliminary Articles of Peace were submitted to London for the British King and Parliament to review, so at least for the Americans, the revolt was ending. About nine months later, Treaty of Paris was signed, and the Revolutionary War was over, paying off the hard efforts and longed-for dreams of John Jay and Benjamin Franklin, the treaties main signatories.

If we remove Pluto at 06 Aquarius 19 in the ninth house from the chart though, now the chart becomes a Bowl with a Rim Opposition. This pattern highlights the stress between other people’s (Jupiter) lordly demands in the eighth against the individual (Moon) dreams in the second ,which was really at the heart of both the French and American revolutions. The next irony is the T-Square ends at Neptune in the creative generation of the fifth house , which just happened to be discovered next, and is also an Ice Giant.

Perhaps Albert Einstein is right and God does not play dice with the Universe.

C121 BRCA-2 mutation and Kaleigh McEnany

Kaleigh McEnany is the former Trump White House spokeswoman.

That is a perfect job for someone that is a Bucket with Pluto handle, her planetary pattern. Kaleight was diagnosed positive with the BRCA-2 mutation when she was twenty-one but she waited to have the preemptive double mastectomy after she was married and have her daughter, Blake Avery. I guess with a Cancer Rising she wanted to enjoy breast feeding at least once in her life.

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Which House system? Looking at the Meridian

You can listen to this text too.

After one conquers learning the wheel, an astrologer must decide on what house system to use, and there are many.  This is a series of posts on the many house systems there are and why they exist.  In each one we highlight one of the Celestiology notables, put up a chart of the highlighted house system, and then one of our default Morinus system and finally the Koch system because it is one of the most popular used formats in the world.  In the United States, it runs second after the Placidian.

       Why the Meridian System?


The Australian Astrologer, David Cope, who worked under the magical name of Zariel, created the Meridian House System in the early 1900s. His intention was to fix the problems he found in the Morinus System, by replacing the equatorial calculations with the meridians, as that is more stable. He kept the idea of Jean Baptiste Morin of separating the ascendant from the first house, though.

Janus software has the Meridian System, both its European name (Meridian) and its Australia (Zariel), probably because they are in New Zealand.

Alfred Witte and the Hamburg school used this one before abandoning the house system entirely. Astrometrologist Carl Payne Tobey & Sydney Omarr were also fans of the Meridian, though I have never seen a published post with it; all that are in the Equal House format, but they mention it favorably.


                          Greta Garbo & the Meridian House System

For this example, we are using is Swedish-American 1930s screen star, Greta Garbo. Because neither system pegs the Ascendant to the first house, that is moves under the two methods does not matter. See the red arrow at the first house. The second arrow shows that while the Midheaven did not change, the house cusp of the tenth house did; a minor detail.

What does change is the position of the Moon. In the Morinus system, the Moon is in the seventh house of other people and opportunities presented by them, while in the Meridian, only Jupiter is in the seventh and the Moon is now in the sixth house of work and service.

The third chart is the reference chart using the Walter Koch System, originally titled the Birthday System. The Ascendant in that system is  tied to the traditional first house and here Garbo’s third house has an intercepted Capricorn with Uranus; neither the Morinus nor the Meridian has any interceptions and Uranus is in the second.



You have to be wondering why I am doing this a third time. I know I am. The reason is when I changed the name of the site from Sabian Earth to Celestiology I lost a lot of posts; I believe about 70, and I have yet to figure out how to restore one domain name to another. I guess upon reflection, that is BoldGrid problem since I use their Total Backup.


You can download the three charts here:

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