Emmanuel Kant, German philosopher

Emmanuel Kant was born April 22, 1724 in Königsberg, near the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea. Today Königsberg is Kaliningrad, Russia, sandwiched between Lithuania in the north and Poland to the south, with the Baltic Sea on the west and Belarus to the east. It has no history with the Slavic Republics.

During Kant’s lifetime Königsberg was the capital of Eastern Prussia, and its dominant language was German. While geographically remote from the rest of Prussia Königsberg was nonetheless a major commercial center, an important military port, and a relatively cosmopolitan university town.

Our header picture is a painting of Konigsberg from the 18th century probably similar to when Kant was alive and working there.

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Antony Blinken, Biden’s Secretary of State

Why Blinken Matters

Joe Biden has proposed that his long-time associate, Antony Blinken, will be the Secretary of State, replacing Michael Pompeo. Blinken, served as deputy secretary of state under John Kerry, and moves up a slot to become the U.S. Secretary or foreign affairs honcho. He has openly pledged to reopen the Palestine Liberation Organization office in Washington, restore aid to the Palestinians, rejoin the World Health Organization, and——to resume the failed Iran nuclear deal without preconditions.

Blinken, fluent in French, is a wholehearted supporter of international treaties and pacts. He has said his goal as Secretary of State, is to reverse all the Trump foreign policy’s initiatives, including the latest Middle East Peace Plan Trump and Pompeo crafted. That maybe unnecessary, as the Peace Plan is unraveling as the signatories sense Trump has lost the election.

Blinken’s Past is prologue to his role as Biden’s Secretary of State

Blinken is a longtime Washington insider. He worked in both Bush II and Obama administrations. 

He opposes Israel’s annexation of Judea and Samaria, and potentially Jerusalem beyond the 1949 ceasefire lines. He considers Israeli land concessions to be a prerequisite for peace. He supports the establishment of a Palestinian state in Gaza and the pre-1967 Jordan-occupied Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem. He agrees with Joe Biden about rejoining the Climate Accord and the World Health Organization, the former which would hamper America’s energy independence and that latter that ignored the Covid crisis, is integral to America’s future. 

He is former National Security Advisor to the then Vice President Biden, where in 2011 he urged a US/NATO military offensive against Muammar Gaddafi, in order to stop “Qaddafi’s human rights violations and slaughter of his own people.”

He opposes Saudi involvement in the civil war in Yemen, which has become the most active Iranian beachhead against Saudi Arabia, aiming to topple the Saudi regime.

He objects to the Saudi aggressive policy toward Qatar, despite that the little republic is a major financier of Turkey’s Erdogan, and the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, which the bin Saudi’s see as major threats to their rule.  But then based on these two viewpoints, one cannot say Blinken is pro-Saudi.

Despite his so called “human rights” foreign policy, he does not apply that yardstick to Iran, whom he supports and was part of the BILLION dollar airlifting under Obama to help prop up the ayatollah’s rule.

He is pro LBGTQ+  and believes that their rainbow flag should fly with the USA national everywhere.  

Most of these beliefs, Blinken enacted almost immediately upon Senate confirmation on January 26, 2021.


The Personal Blinken

He was born on April 16, 1962 in Manhattan, New York. His maternal family are Hungarian Jews who were incarcerated in Auschwitz and Dachau; his parents raised him Jewish.

His wife, Evan Ryan, is Roman Catholic. There is no mention of children perhaps that will come out later. The couple was married in an interfaith ceremony in March 2002 in Washington, DC. Mrs. Blinken kept her maiden name and was the Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs in the Obama Administration. Prior to her marriage, there is no record of her work resume.

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J03 Georgie Freedom Abrams


George Abrams was born on Freedom Day — 11-11-18 — in Roanoke, Virginia at 11 am to an orthodox Jewish family. He nearly became the middleweight champion of the world, but lost to Tony Zale. They inducted him into the Boxing Hall of Fame at Canastota, New York (it’s outside of Syracuse) in 2005, a trip we heartily recommend for even non-boxing enthusiasts.

We  profiled the other George Abrams, the baseball player over here.

According to Jones, Abrams was born at 11 am and while poetic, we propose a 1 pm birth time instead. With the 11 am natal time, Abrams loses to Zale, because Zale out punched him — Jupiter in the outer chart conjunct Abram’s Dragon’s Tail. That does not fit with the reports of the fight.

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C111 Ursula LeGuin sci fi author extraordaire

Ursula LeGuin wrote many popular sci-fiction works like her City of Illusions and the ever popular Left Hand of Darkness. With her very angular chart there was no doubt that Ms. LeGuin would be very active in her career and live a long time — she managed to do both before reposing on January 22, 2018, at eighty-eight years old.

Born Ursula Kroeber in Berkeley California both are parents were anthropologists. Her father Alfred Louis Kroeber (who was previously married to Henrietta Rothschild 1 Though whether she was related to the European Rothschilds is unknown. ) was the leading anthropologist in America at the time. He has been his wife’s, Theodora Covel Kracaw, and Ursula’s mother graduate teaching director at the University of California at Berkeley.

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  • 1
    Though whether she was related to the European Rothschilds is unknown.

Celestial musician, Father Marsilo Ficino

“We have an entire sky within us, our fiery strength and heavenly origin: Luna which symbolizes the continuous motion of soul and body, Mars speed and Saturn  slowness, the Sun God, Jupiter law, Mercury reason, and Venus humanity.”  

 – Marsilio Ficino, letter to Lorenzo the Magnificent

Who was Marsilio Ficino?                                                                                                     

Father Ficino was a major figure in the Italian Renaissance, living during years 1433 and 1499.   He was a man of many talents and interests; a Dominican monk like Saint Thomas Aquinas, an Italian philosopher, theologian, and linguist whose translations and commentaries on the writings of Plato and other classical Greek authors generated the Florentine Platonist Renaissance that influenced European thought for two centuries. He is a most remarkable man.

Ficino was the son of a physician and trained in Latin language and literature, but also Aristotelian philosophy and medicine, probably at Florence and most likely in Latin translations, though he later learnt Classical Greek to read other philosophers. It was through reading Saint Augustine of Hippo (5th century) and the leading medieval scholastic Saint Thomas Aquinas that he studied the Classics, then a lost and forgotten education in the West; the Eastern Byzantine Empire, where those writers were still revered.

Portrait of Marsilo Ficino (in Latin) by unknown painter

Cosimo de’ Medici and his successors supported Ficino so he could devote the rest of his life to the translation and interpretation of Plato and the succeeding Neoplatonist, Plotinus and Porphyry, school, whose thought he attempted to integrate with Christian theology.

Natural Magic

He is most astounding theory, later taken up by many esoteric orders like the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, BOTA and the Church of Light, for the relationship between music and the celestial spheres that was discussed in his three volume work entitled Libri de Vita Tres – Three Books about Life. The last volume is especially interesting to astrologers for it in there he expounds his theories about natural magic 1 Natural Magic is a Renaissance term for magic that harnesses the forces of nature for good. It is not related to ceremonial magic like goetia and theurgy, that deals with the conjuring of spirits and demons. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa popularized the term in his 1526 De Vanitate and William Lilly refers to Ars Goetia in his book on Horary Astrology.   An easily accessible book on Ficino,  is Thomas Moore’s, The Planets Within: the Astrological Psychology of Marsilio Ficino, published by Bucknell University Press, Lewiston, Pennsylvania, 1982.

One of his last works he translated the Corpus Hermeticum from Arabic into Latin, important because it represents a non-Christian lineage of Hellenistic Gnosticism and is seminal to Renaissance thought. Through Ficino’s translations, the Arabic polymath Averroes’s work in medicine and science became popular.

“The new inspiration of civilized life ( in Sumer) was based first on the discovery, through long and meticulous, carefully checked and rechecked observations, that there were, besides the sun and moon, five other visible or barely visible heavenly spheres ( Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) which moved in established courses, according to established laws …and that those laws governing the seven heavenly spheres should in some mystical way be the same as those governing the life and thought of men on earth.”

Marsilio Ficino on the hermetic idea of So Above, As Below

The Ficino Chart

Marsilio Ficino was born October 19, 1433, Figline, the  republic of Florence and died October 1, 1499, Careggi, near Florence.  

Ficino is a Fanhandle temperament type, with Saturn and Mars dominating his mode of expression. His exterior may have been calm, but within the monk’s flashes of insight, and desire to learn all than mankind had penned kept him from sleep as he searched for the telltale signs of his King in His mighty fortress. His Sun straddles the ninth and tenth houses, highlighting his great desire to unite Christianity with pre-Christian writers by the Sumerian idea of how the stars interrelated with life. He has 19 Capricorn 31 as an ascendant with Mars nearby, perhaps curving his spine while giving him great mental acuity. It has the symbol of “there is no service in the Church but the voices of the choir are loud and strong.”

Neptune and Jupiter are conjunct in the intercepted seventh house of Leo, where the d’Medici’s his patrons reside, opposite Aquarius for their great mind and reason, which mimicked his own. Inconjunct to Saturn is Pluto, perhaps hinting at his own Aristotelian Lyceum that he held outside in Florence in Cariggio, for he filled it with musicians and artists, philosophers and poets duplicating the Academy of yore.

Ficino’s Mercury in Scorpio is in the eleventh house, fittingly as Ficino believed that the Greek god Mercury was the first theologian and here uniting Aquarius with its modern muse Hermes and removing it, almost instinctively from Saturn.

The fourth house opposite is empty, showing that he gave up his personal life, willingly, for his work and with Uranus in Taurus, his unique insight to the mechanics of time and space. His preponderance of squares, he has six, shows he enjoyed the philosophical quest and struggle to harmonise the strifes of life with a greater and more noble plan. His focal determinator is Saturn.

One of Ficino’s greatest belief’s was that the “soul” is more than a quality of human character and that an individual encounters things, he imbues them with his soul.  Hence Ficino would be comfortable with the idea of the “car” as a girlfriend, our pet dog as a “child” or “best friend” for he sees that as part of the nobility of the human spirit.


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    Natural Magic is a Renaissance term for magic that harnesses the forces of nature for good. It is not related to ceremonial magic like goetia and theurgy, that deals with the conjuring of spirits and demons. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa popularized the term in his 1526 De Vanitate and William Lilly refers to Ars Goetia in his book on Horary Astrology.

On the Thames: Rotherhithe Murder

The story from Leo

rotherhithe murder note

The chart from Celestiology

Inkedrotherhithe england_LI.jpg

The story

Alan Leo’s Modern Astrologer reports on June 25, 1893, right after midsummer’s eve, a murder happened along the Rotherhithe docks in southwestern London.  The unfortunately woman screamed when he throat was cut, but the murderer was not apprehended.  Reading the note in the vintage magazine, I decided I too would see what I could learn about the crime, so here we go.

Leo mentions that Saturn and Uranus on both in the seventh house.  Like Leo we are using his Placidus house format — he always did and so we could follow his notes all the better, so are we.  He adds that the Moon was approaching the eighth house of sex and death and that the Moon is in Scorpio and applying to an opposition of Jupiter .

On a modern note, Black Moon Lilith is in the Eighth House of sexual adventure for the accident chart and opposite Neptune in the second house.  We know this because the Thor’s Hammer between the intercepted first house of Jupiter in Taurus in the first house to the Midheaven at Capricorn to Saturn in Libra where it is exalted in the sixth house of labour and services, reminds us that this was a rather salacious business transaction, and that the money interchange, the Jupiter interception,  was the issue for the murderer– obviously  he was outraged that he would have to pay for these services.   In case you are wondering, this does not seem the chart of a Jack the Ripper particularly as the three planet stellium in Cancer spanning the fourth and fifth houses  also suggests taking a walk on the wild side of entertainment.

The Part of Fortune, Leo 28, also supports the sex angle, as it gets an the symbol of “friends shaking hands” from Andrea Carelli where he notes that this is a transaction sans money or any type of commerce.  The murderer would agree there — he obviously felt his transaction with the streetwalker was of mutual benefit; she did not.

The map of Rotherhithe


What we think went down

Angry and petulant,  he struck out against her insinuations – Neptune is sextile the stellium in the fourth house (her walking her beat) and the fifth house ending with violent Mars semi-sextile the Part of Fortune in the sixth House at 28 Leo conjunct Fixed Square Al-Talhah (here portending violence) & also square Neptune 12 Gemini (ruling seaman)  and Pluto (erratic or crazy behavior). Alpheraz is conjunct the ascendant. While it literally means the “horse’s navel” it is also called the “head of the woman in chains” or Andromeda that Elbert Benjamine 1 Zain, C. C., Course 7, Spiritual Astrology, Church of Light, Albuquerque, New Mexico, c. 2003.  This is the seventh book in his 21 astrology-metaphysics course series and in it he discusses the decans of astrology and their mythological underpinnings.  You can buy the book for $9.95 in kindle or acrobat format, and neither join the Church nor take the test   attributes to the third decan of Gemini as reason divorced of intuition.  That is an interesting side note to her taking the offer from a stranger, and suggests she had her regular johns and despite her own instinct not to do this, she must have thought it would work out to her benefit.

Jupiter is conjunct another star, this time Zurak , (also called Zaurak or Zanrak), the “bright star of the boat on the river Eridanus”. This star can incline a person to take things too much to heart with depression as a result when things do not turn out as wished. Its nature is Saturnian.   The River Eridanus shows up in the Greek myth of Phaeton, son of Helios and the beautiful Oceanid nymph Clymene, and is very similar to the Daedalus and Icarus story. 

Here instead of the father, Daedalus, fashioning his son a pair of wings so they can escape from their prison island, this time Phaeton, son of the Sun God, steals his father’s chariot that his rides  across the skies each morning to bring in the light.  His gallivanting 0wreaked so much havoc that Zeus hit Phaeton 2 This was also a very upscale Volkswagen touring car in the early 2000s   with a lightning bolt and knocked the boy from the chariot into the river Eridanus where he unfortunately drowned.

Alan Leo’s Astrologer’s Magazine noted  the death was met by the house and planets separation.

P.S.  While Pluto is depicted on the chart, because the incident occurred in 1893 we are ignoring its impact; it is not on the download chart but as an aside its proximity to Neptune in Gemini suggests the sensual, or sexually alluring,   side of the public.

Rotherhithe Murder


Notes:  This was originally published  October 7, 2017 on www.SabianEarth.com, that of course has been succeeded by Celestiology.


  • 1
    Zain, C. C., Course 7, Spiritual Astrology, Church of Light, Albuquerque, New Mexico, c. 2003.  This is the seventh book in his 21 astrology-metaphysics course series and in it he discusses the decans of astrology and their mythological underpinnings.  You can buy the book for $9.95 in kindle or acrobat format, and neither join the Church nor take the test
  • 2
    This was also a very upscale Volkswagen touring car in the early 2000s


  • 1
    Zain, C. C., Course 7, Spiritual Astrology, Church of Light, Albuquerque, New Mexico, c. 2003.  This is the seventh book in his 21 astrology-metaphysics course series and in it he discusses the decans of astrology and their mythological underpinnings.  You can buy the book for $9.95 in kindle or acrobat format, and neither join the Church nor take the test
  • 2
    This was also a very upscale Volkswagen touring car in the early 2000s

#572 A hemophiliac, Prince Leopold of England

Prince Leopold was the eighth child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and the youngest of their sons.  He was born April 7, 1853, and delivered with the aid of chloroform, administered by the Royal accoucheur, Dr. John Snow.  He was the first of the Queen’s children to be born with her under it;  Beatrice who followed four years later and was the last of the line, also received it as the Queen was trying to popularize the drug.

; Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany; Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, Duchess of Argyll by W. & D. Downey
by W. & D. Downey, albumen print, 1868

The safe arrival of Prince Leopold didn’t silence opposition to obstetric anesthesia altogether, but the Queen’s heartily expressed enthusiasm for pain-free childbirth helped make chloroform use respectable.

Albert wrote that “Leo was jolly and fat” and “no beauty, ” and that set the tone of how the Royal parents treated him — he was left to the care of nannies until his father died on December 14, 1861, at which point the Queen became very taken with her last boy as solace.  She wrote that he was “abnormally pale” but tall and it was after she became close to him that she started to notice he “hemorrhaged” easily.  By the time he was a teenager, the family realized the problem.  He was the first of the British Royal family to have the problem.

The comparison of his chart to his second cousin, the Tsarevich, is an interesting one.

Leopold, the Duke of Albany, is Bowl with a lip that is formed by the Line of Personality –Saturn in the Ninth House at 16.57 in a week inconjunct aspect to Jupiter in the Fourth at 24.27 giving an interesting emphasis to Jupiter at its throne in Sagittarius.  Jupiter rules the bloody as the thought is that an excess of it gives enthusiasm, here in the Fourth House of maternal inheritance, it would agree particularly as Saturn is in the natural house of Sagittarius and lending an almost fatalistic hand to the Duke. As Aries rules the head and governs the Red Ray of Blood, it hints that he would die from a fall to his head & probably die from bleeding profusely from an inherited familial disease especially as Mars is also found in the house of its Lord.

The Duke also has a prominent stellium in the Eighth house of Legacies and Death with his Sun and Mars the Lord of Aries on its Throne there as well.  As Aries rules the head, it does hint that injuries to the head could be fatal to the Duke particularly if while he was travelling (the Sagittarian connection).

Like his cousin the Tsarevich he has a few septiles in his chart.  The first one shows up between Pluto at 0.56 Taurus and his North Node at  21.42 Gemini in the Tenth.  The others are the larger bi-septile aspect both types that according to Emma Belle Donath¹ suggest a “personal sacrifice”.  One at Mercury at Taurus 08 in the Eighth House to Jupiter in the Fourth at Sagittarius 25 and then from Jupiter again to Venus at Aries 09 Aries in the Seventh.  Mercury has a Virgintile to Venus that has no ominous overtones at all but instead suggests like his older brother Edward, was quite the ladies man.

leopold birth
The Duke’s chart via Kepler Software

When he died, February 21, 1884 at 3:30 according to his mother’s diary, the Duke of Albany had one Septile active, this time from Jupiter and the Galactic Center to his MidHeaven at 18.25 Cancer, a Hyperion Symbol of “Guitars and Mandolins” embracing the duality that is  life and the North Node having moved from the Tenth House of aspirations to that of the Ninth and long journeys.

leopold progressed
The Duke’s Progressed Chart to approximate time of Death


His son, Charles Edward Leopold, his Royal Highness Prince Leopold Charles Edward, inherited his title and became the second Duke of Albany, Earl of Clarence and Baron Arklow.  The Duke, called Charlie, was born at Claremont House, near Esher Surrey, on July 19, 1884. He was the first cousin of King George V (Edward and Leopold were brothers) as well as Kaiser Wilhelm II.  He was forced by Grandmother Victoria to take over the House of Coburg-Saxe and Gotha, despite his many protestations at age fifteen.

Charlie married the niece of Empress August of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenberg, Victoria Adelheid (Adelaide) and had five children including a daughter who married into the Swedish Royal Family and brought hemophilia to that Royal family.  He and his family remained loyal to the Kaiser during World War I while his sister who was married to the British Queen Mary’s brother, the Duke of Teck stayed on the British-Allied side of the Great War.

The Second Duke and his family remained loyal to the Kaiser during World War I while his sister who was married to the British Queen Mary’s brother, the Duke of Teck, stayed on the British-Allied side of the Great War.  It, of course, made lots of headlines.

  1. Minor Aspects between natal Planets, Donath, Emma Bella.  c. 1981, American Federation of Astrologers.  Tempe, AZ.
  2. Queen Victoria’s Gene Haemophilia and the Royal Family, Potts,  D.M, c. 1999, Sutton Publishing.  London, UK.

Alcabitius House System & Simone Signoret

Alcabitius is the Latinized version of  Al-Quabisi, a tenth century Christian Egyptian. He is notable because the house system that bears his name predates him, but he described it in his only extant work “Book of the Introduction to the Craft of Astrology” written in Arabic and Latin and two, he encouraged the scientific aspects of the craft without religious bias.

Janus 5.0 has Alcabitius with semi-arcs; Kepler only uses daily arcs; and they do make different charts. After viewing each, I think the semi-arc method is much better. I will show the differences ala Madame Signoret’s chart. In the beginning of this crazed enterprise, I used Koch and Alcabitius, and while I have been correcting the text over from SabianEarth, I have kept the charts in the same format.

Placidus and Koch are variants of Alcabitius’ s method but instead of a trisection of the quadrant onto the ecliptic and then projecting it onto the equatorial latitude, the latter two use the intersection method. Alas, there is little out there on the two different methods to fully understand the difference other than by observation and then you do not get the underlying nuances because unless you can find the math behind the method, you do not know what you are seeing: it may just be serendipity that something matches or not.

I used the Alcabitius system for both the Battle of Karabala and the Death of Saladin, but did no house comparisons there. Perhaps that is something you can do. If so let me know how it turns out.

Predating Alcabitius

The Porphyry system predates Alcabitius and is named after the discipline of Ptolemy, though Ptolemy is thought to have used the Equal system and like the Alcabitius method is named for a man who did not invent it. We know this because Vettius Valens describes such a system in his works, and I guess it received Porphyry’s name because it would give the method his stamp of approval and validity.

The similarity between Alcabitius and Porphyry is they both divide the hemispheres into three, not four, equal parts, but Alcabitius then uses the right ascension while Porphyry uses the equatorial longitude (the ecliptic). The idea behind triangulation is you have to know at least two of the points to make a mathematical estimate of the third. Since knowledge of the earth’s sphericity was not yet proven, but speculated, that this works at all is rather remarkable.

Burnett-Yamamoto’s Al-Qabisi

Charles Burnett and Keiji Yamamoto wrote a book for the Warburg Institute, London, on Al-Qabisi: the Introduction to Astrology published in 2004 that is superb but a lot of the footnotes are in Latin; some in Greek and some even in Arabic. A full fifty pages is the Latin-Arabic glossary.

A more recent tradition, probably written because the Burnett-Yamamoto translation is out of print by Dr. Benjamin Dykes, that runs about $20.00. I have never read it, so I cannot comment. I would recommend inter-library loan, which is how I read the Burnett version, though based on the scarcity of the book, and the ridiculous price, AbeBooks is quoting $350.00, I doubt they will release it beyond their four walls.

In Burnett-Yamamoto’s book, Al-Qabisi says the Tetrabiblos and the Almagest 1 ibid, pp. 5-6 are required reading for an astrologer for they must understand how the earth and the skies interrelate: it is the crux of his science. I cannot disagree there.

Al-Qabisi then gives 4 stages of an astrologer:

  • the highest the one makes his own house system, orbs and aspects based on “rational demonstrations and experiments.”
    • This is the historical mundane astrologer who understands and can explain the world in which they live.
  • The next is the astrologer competent in his skills but does not understand the mathematical pretexts for it.
    • This is the genethlialogical (natal) astrologer who investigates how an individual lives within their world.
  • The third knows only one technique that they got from their master and no other
  • and the fourth relies on his instruments and dutifully recites them.

It is obvious though by all the writers, Al-Qabisi quotes, he was very well read. He cites Abu Masar, Vettius Valens and Dorotheus and their pronouncements on the Tetrabiblos — where they agree, disagree or expand but he himself makes no value judgements on their work because that is something the reader, the working astrologer, must do for themselves. This was the traditional method of teaching and journalism, and why old textbooks are back in style, since currently these institutions have thrown unbiased reporting out the door for political positioning.

On another note, valuable to those who follow Marc Jones’s idea of a high-focused planet, and that is Alcabitius strongly urges the astrologer to discover the most important planet in the chart and work for there. I believe that is where the similarity ends, for Jones always defaults to positional emphasis while Alcabitius uses aspectual. I tend to agree with the latter.

And now Madame Signoret…

Simone Signoret in Porphyry

The Porphyry system is far older than Alcabitius’s and dates from the 3rd century AD. It is named for the Porphyry, the Neo-Platonist philosopher, best known for his works on his mentor Plotinus Marc Jones loved the philosopher and wrote many “lesson sets” on his works.

Porphyry’s method, based on his notes on Ptolemy, was written in his “Introduction to Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos, ” (that I have never read), and uses the 10th House cusp for the midheaven. Therefore, many systems do still.

Kent McClung, an astrologer and author of the Hyperion Symbols, uses the Porphyry, probably because of the Plotinus connection, though to be honest I never asked. He did say how he tried to persuade his mentor and great friend, Marc Jones, to do the same, but Jones would have none of it and stayed with Placidus throughout his career.

As for Ms. Signoret’s chart, the time is from Amazon’s IMBD.com She has no interceptions though the fourth house looks odd, split with a full thirty degrees between Uranus in Pisces and the Sun in Aries. As it is a quincunx to the ninth, where Neptune lies, shows her strong devotion to the Soviet Union and Communism, while The tenth shows how her “Moon” made her receptive to how outsiders and avant-garde politicos thought. Her understanding and portrayal of them would lead to her career success, and since acting is a performing art, the combination the Moon and Jupiter represents the field, and the multitude of characters and people it deals with, well.

Simone Signoret- Yves Montand were known for its engagement with causes of social justice and human liberation. They campaigned publicly against the execution of the Rosenbergs, the Vietnam War and the Franco-Algerian War; [When Soviet Russia invade Hungary in 1956] they personally told Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev of their [disagreement].

Jewish women’s archive by Sandy flitterman-lewis

Alcabitius (Kepler) Daily Arc & Simone Signoret

This is a great disappointment, as only the cusps changed between the two and Ms. Signoret had no planets lurking near them. We did not even get any interceptions. Obviously, we must move on. Still, Saturn and Jupiter are now in the tenth, highlighting her cultural appeal and also her use of her status to push her Communist philosophy, with the Moon in Libra in the eleventh, for the ardor of her fans.

Venus in the fifth in Taurus, where she is exalted, highlights her beauty and great allure and charm, and it is hard to ignore her presence in any scene she appears in. Of course her size plays into that, but that is all part of the Bull’s majesty. Her fifth house is trine the ninth where we find Neptune in Leo and highlighting her many roles as either mistresses to married men, as in Diabolique, or as outright whores because of her political beliefs that whatever she does is above reproach. An idealistic attitude, but then this is Neptune, and that planet tends to impart both to person and philosophy a rosy glow.

Kamala Harris, who shares this opinion, has Neptune in Scorpio, a different fixed sign and in the sixth thus coming from a different angle: this time making her empathetic to women who work for a living and thus more fiercely protective. It is important to note, that it is not the Neptune that makes either woman sympathetic to prostitution, but it is Neptune that colours their eye when regarding their own sex regarding the circumstances that Neptune evokes.

The poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, for example, has Neptune in Sagittarius, and while I do not know her views on prostitution, I can say that with Neptune’s placement there in the third house in her chart, she wrote because while crippled and frail, her spirit would not be kept down and she demanded to be heard.

Alchabitius (Janus & Semi Arc) & Simone Signoret

Eureka! We have a difference, though no interceptions. Still, Signoret has a balanced chart in this layout, though lacking in air, showing how she was rather headstrong, practical and dynamic. Of course this fits her cinematic personality too because as the saying goes “no one acts that well” and having done enough film stars, the old saw is true.

Alchabitius is the British spelling of Alcibiades (Greek spelling).

Jupiter and Saturn have moved to the eighth house from the previous Alcabitius daily arc ninth and here depict her hard work and persistency in carrying out her dreams. Perhaps here is it also showing her desire to topple the capitalism of France and all of Europe, in the French Communard spirit.

Venus previously square it’s essential house of the second is now sextile, suggesting friends and reputation helped her career. Now conjunct Mars Venus highlights her great sex appeal.

Mercury and Uranus, for her personal resources, are in the second but square their own essential ruler and show how she was a woman who smoked too much. Unfortunately, that led to her poor health and premature death from a heart attack at 61.

Uranus is opposite Jupiter, highlighting both her performances and own personality, but also Montand and going to Moscow to visit the Premier to give him a piece of their mind. Amazing but true, and while this was all rather avant garde and shocking for the time, now does not surprise much.

Koch and Simone Signoret

We have a difference here as well, and the similiarities between Koch and Alcabitius semi-arc suggests Koch used the semi-arc method. Another thing I had been expecting was interceptions, because they typically come for German births, and Signoret, her stage name, was born in Wiesbaden. Here with Koch, her third and ninth houses have interceptions and so Jupiter and Saturn (also her Line of Motivation) hide in Virgo still showing us her hard work ethic and dedication to her craft, but as they are latent making it appear natural.

Mercury and Uranus hide in Pisces too, perhaps suggesting that she preferred to get success on her own terms but also why she was banned from coming to America and thus Hollywood because of Communist viewpoints that got on the U.S. State Department “do not enter list.”

**Frankly, I missed this as I could not find any real for this duo in the ninth, much less intercepted, M. K. Saladin pointed that one out., which I used in the pull-quote above.

Her being listed there is a bit of a misnomer because it was her father who was Polish Jew, not her mother, much like Roman Polanski. Since Jews trace their lineage through the female line, as explained in this article from the Jewish Telegraph Archive, she could not have a Jewish ceremony at the funeral, nor would the family sit Shiva afterwards.


As a reward, watch Diabolique and know why she is such a brilliant actress. Her many charts surveyed are below in one pdf package. Vera Clouzot, the director’s wife, is also a treat. Frankly, I think she steals the show.


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