Blue Moon Halloween 2020 in Columbus

here is  a random state generator site.  It does random cities, countries and national parks too. Well, for this Blue Moon, it pulled Columbus, Ohio.  Alas, this original forecast it, Columbus,  was not given, but DC was.  That should have been a warning, but it still took me a week to get it, so I wrote everything up for Columbus while the chart said DC.  I guess that is what happens when Mercury is retrograde — S.N.A.F.U. 1

The grand trine in earth dominates the Full Moon and opposition from the eleventh house to the fifth makes it Splash, a common type for mundane charts. The earth bias of the chart dominates the first and second houses too, with a preponderance in Capricorn going from the sixth into the seventh houses  and that is the only angular setup dominates the chart.

This puts emphasis on the overall health of the nation, and its economics.

Applying that yardstick to ourselves, for winter is here in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means return of the flu season. We are all looking like squirrels stocking up for possibly dark winter ahead.

Economically, the second house — Christmas is just 7 weeks away —  and depending who wins, we may all be following trend-setting California, and canceling it.  This has resulted in month long Black Friday to allay the fears of the illness. The holidays have become so much fun.


                       Blue Earth Moon

Our rising happens at 23 Cancer suggesting the Sabian symbols a “serious little study group, akin to a literary club, meeting for intellectual fellowship in a member’s home.”   Opposite it that Capricornian.  But it is the part of fortune at 17 Capricorn 22 that is the most troubling, and a poor portent for both the month end and the upcoming election, “Two Men locked in Strife.” 

La Volasfera, the Italian mystic that Sepharial uncovered over 200 years ago, suggests degree leads to many dangers, for the two men are akin to the sides of a coin like Jacoband Esau,  and always warring.  There is no trust between them.   Sounds familiar.

How that turns out, I cannot say, but with the preponderance of Capricorn, the easy road of voting will turn into a headache of work to unravel.

Politically, Saturn, representative of the Democratic nominee because it is the older party in American politics by 40 years, trails Jupiter, the Republican with the asteroid Pallas, for close to the Arabian part. 

The chart above, with the asteroids for Don and Joe, almost exactly sextile apart from the Asteroid Josefa with the planet Mercury, business, communications and trickery, smack in between.  Josefa in the fifth,  far from the Sun, that traditionally in mundane charts represents the president of the country, but here the current president, Trump, is in the third with Venus showing his popularity in the house of communications – the nation’s media outlets like newspapers and tv networks and so of course rumor (Venus).   Here she is in her diplomatic guise and suggests contractual agreements.  She has only one aspect and that to disruptive Uranus in the eleventh, I am not sure what that means, but something is amiss.

Asteroid Joe is in the fifth –the house of diplomats, gambling houses, games,  and one-armed bandits — is with the Sun.

                  Jacob and Esau

How can that be?  A real puzzle isn’t it, and so I remind our reader of  Jacob and Esau.  The Great Spirit told Rebecca that the younger would serve the older, but as the story unfolds, Jacob cannot just sit there and want for providence to fall into his laps, because if he does he would lose it. No, Jacob must work for it. 

He does that by dressing like his brother and getting the father’s blessing, thus fulfilling the Promise made before he and his brother were born.In short, voting is not enough, we will have to work to make it real, for nothing is what it seems — mischief is afoot.

2 If you want to make the gods laugh, tell them you have a plan — Ancient Greek saying



                                                                      The Leaping Hour

The Blue Halloween night is leap day too, when we fall back to where we were in April, again.
The Time Warp from the classic and campy Rocky Horror Show, the longest running in New York City, and perhaps elsewhere. The girl in pink is Susan Sarandon. Her beau is Barry Bostwick.

John Batchelor, of his eponymously named radio show, had an interesting episode tonight on the assumption that Biden, the front runner, wins. Batchelor’s excellent analogy,, is whether America is going like Rome — falling into a civil war, for which our current chart as Mars in exalted in Aries and in its fall in the fourth house sorta  hints at.


                                                   Another Civil War?

The reason he believes this is the current ideological war between the Deep State vs Patriotism. He defines the former as multinationals, universities and the education unions, the libertine free-lovers, along with the government bureaucracy, who holds it all together like gorilla glue. They would be in Roman times, the Senatorial class, or today’s Universalist class who believe America is just another place for the party to be held.

On the other side is the historical Roman plebeian class. These are those who do not identify with the above. The plebes find themselves increasingly at odds with the dominant Orwellian

3 Democratic pollster Frank Luntz, himself in the news this week for decrying the state of polling, has said that Orwellian is a good thing and should be understood as speaking with “clarity” and “imagery”. I believe he is missing that it also implies LIES.

elitist forces ruling America today.

Currently, this foment is smoldering (Sun in the eleventh in Scorpio) in just Democratic city-states, but ultimately the Revolution will not stop there. Fueled by foreign money and their addiction to it, ,the left cannot let this go.   Knowingly or not, they are a blow against the Wilsonian, and American twentieth century ethic, that the plebeian class

4 whom the cultural elites and their media call happily “Deplorable” and “fodder”

take great patriotic pride in. That episode is here.

Seems everyone is doing the Time Warp, again



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    If you want to make the gods laugh, tell them you have a plan — Ancient Greek saying
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    Democratic pollster Frank Luntz, himself in the news this week for decrying the state of polling, has said that Orwellian is a good thing and should be understood as speaking with “clarity” and “imagery”. I believe he is missing that it also implies LIES.
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    whom the cultural elites and their media call happily “Deplorable” and “fodder”

Montgomery Clift unforeseen honors unfulfilled

Monty Clift and James Dean were the young turks of the 1950s Hollywood Scene. but only Monty made it out of the decade, though only just. James was the more petulant and angry of the two; Monty was the sensitive “artistic” type that women wanted to mother. Only when Monty got out of the 1950s was he able to play something against type, in Trial in Nuremberg,

Clift has several bios to his credit. One by Patricia Bosworth, and another by Robert LaGuardia , both who seem to to specialize in Hollywood bios. I read part of the LaGuardia the earlier of the two, by about 3 years and if one likes Monty and enjoys these type of books, his is rather good, though it has no pictures.

While nether Clift nor Dean won Oscars but neither did Marlon Brando, a third of this set, for Streetcar named Desire, but then again neither did Henry Fond for Grapes of Wrath, Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind, but if Monty had, it would have been for his performance in From Here to Eternity as Prew the bugler. His romantic lead, Donna Reed, is a rather Phyllis Thaxter look a like that his family expected him to marry 1 Robert LaGuardia’s Monty: a biography of Montgomery Clift; Avon Books, a division of The Heart Corporation, NY, 1977 and perhaps why the two work together so well on screen — they do have a certain romantic dynamic that is striking.

Elbert Benjamine has October 17, 1920, C.S.T., 41N15 95W57 for Monty Clift’s birth in Omaha. but the coordinates for Omaha are wrong. Jones does not list the 4 time Oscar nominee.

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    Robert LaGuardia’s Monty: a biography of Montgomery Clift; Avon Books, a division of The Heart Corporation, NY, 1977

J354 Anthony Fokker the Flying Dutchman

Jones has this at April 6 1890 am in Kediri. So does Elbert Benjamine for the Church of Light. Seems right, His ascendant is 28 Aries 59, supports his military career. Nikita Khrushchev has this for his Sun.

A Grand Fixed Cross at the cardinal points and then a Grand Trine in Air. Fokker has it all. Mars at home in Sagittarius for the flying machine in eighth of death, the asteroids nearby show how this was lucrative for Fokker. Sextile is Jupiter in Aquarius in the tenth for all the various flying machines.

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Liberty Enlightening the World comes to New York

The Iola Register of Iola Allen County Kansas (the town lies diagonally between Emporia Kansas and Joplin Missouri) of all things has a great record of the when Liberty Enlightening the World, better known as the Statue of Liberty, was presented to America from the peoples of France on October 28 1886. America donated the base; France of course the actual statue via the sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, who was naturally on hand to make the official presentation.

The weather was grey and rainy, as it is today, nearly 134 years later, and that seemed to put a damper on the planned fireworks, though the marching bands and the various marchers did not seem to mind.

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Saturn Returns: DeKlerk legalizes ANC 2/2/1990

Outlawing Apartheid?

On February 2, 1990 President Frederik W. de Klerk lifted a 30-year ban (the previous Saturn cycle) on the African National Congress,and promised that Nelson Mandela, who has been imprisoned for nearly 28 years, would be freed soon. Saturn weights heavily on this event. De Klerk’s moves were disclosed in a package of sweeping changes he announced in a speech at the opening of the South African Parliament.

While this has been dubbed as de Klerk outlawing apartheid though i could no comments that at the time it was dubbed as such; perhaps that is the hindsight view.

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Troy Aikman decked with terms and faces naturally

Recently we received a request for a chart, with terms and faces, for them to practice on, so since he has been in the news because of a live mike remarks about the Blue Angels flyover, I chose him… Troy Aikman of the Dallas Cowboys.

The house system is the natural or 0 Aries where the whole chart starts with zero Aries and then the particular planets, stars and points are plotted in their respective houses.

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J#77 Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

Her Royal Highness Queen Beatrix was daughter of Queen Juliana and a the German Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld. She was born on on January 31, 1938 at the Royal Soestdijk Paleis, in the Utrecht municipality; Marc Jones incorrectly states she was born in Amsterdam in Sabian Symbols.

In a patriotic spirit, Breck’s Bulbs, the Netherland bulb company has a lovely daffodil named in the palace’s honor, the Soestdijk Bulb, that is sixteen inches high and four inches across. Definitely a regal addition to the garden.

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Talking Head, Kristen Welker

Who is Kristen Welker?

Kristen is a half black, half white Jewish-American, and the only child born to Harvey and Julie Welker on July 1, 1976, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, coming into the world just in time for the bicentennial.

Her father is Harvey Welker, who originally hails from Mansfield, Ohio. He went to Ivy league Dartmouth University, where he played football and got a degree in engineering and is now working for Icarus Consulting.

Her mother Julie is a Philadelphia real estate agent. The Welkers were major donors to Emily’s List, a pro-Choice women-centric Democratic political action committee (PAC), and the Obama Campaign. In the latest election, her parents are strong Biden-Harris supporters.

Kristen and John were married in a traditional Jewish ceremony.

Kristen graduated from another Ivy League institution, this time the Boston Harvard University in 1998 with a history degree. She soon turned to TV reporting in California and then Rhode Island before returning to Philadelphia to work for the NBC station there. Eventually she graduated to NBC’s national reporting crew, becoming a White House correspondent and then co-anchor of “Weekend Today.”

Kristen married John Hughes, whom she met on a blind date, on March 4, 2017, at the Hyatt at the Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia. The New York Times reported their wedding program included the crossword puzzle Hughes had made for Welker on their second date. Their first dance was to the evocatively romantic “At Last” by Etta James.

Mapping Kristen

Her ascendant is 20 Sagittarius 55 getting the keyword of Presentation, who is good at “analyzing people and their motives” (Neptune in its ruling house of the twelfth helps here) and is typically “well-connected.” Sagittarius 21 was also the ascendant for Japanese Emperor Hirohito and King George of Great Britain.

It is also near the Galactic Center, and this aspect encourages her career ambition, setting up a grand trine in fire created by theoretical points like the Galactic Center and the Black Moon but culminating in the all too real planet of aggressive Mars in the eighth.

Her Jupiter handle to her bucket is inconjunct her ascendant and sextile her Venus, she is a charming woman comfortable around wealthy people (Jupiter in Taurus). The head to her yod is 21 Gemini, that is also her descendant, and is where the fixed star Capella and Bellatrix reside.

Strange Bedfellows

Capella has the nature of Mars and Mercury, mixing the inquisitiveness of Mercury with the stature of Mars and makes their life easier their life easy particularly because Neptune is nearby. Bellatrix is more belligerent and less temperament but suggests that Kristen trusts to luck that things will turn out just right for her because for the most part they always have.

But who knows what the stars hold? In the meantime, her star is certainly rising. something even President commented on (see his ascendant next to her Saturn in the first house). He congratulated her as being the fairest moderator, and since that Saturn is opposite her preponderance in the seventh begetting a T-Square at her part of fortune (27 Taurus 28) with the fixed star Alcyone nearby, Kristen’s career is certainly looking brilliant.

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