Things to ponder: Hurricane Teddy

On September 22, 2020, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite acquired this late-morning natural-color image as Hurricane Teddy approached the Canadian Maritimes.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center warned of heavy rain and strong winds across the region, as well as large, destructive waves on the south coast of Nova Scotia.

Teddy the earliest 19th named storm of any Atlantic hurricane season that runs from June 1st to November 30th.

At 5 p.m. Atlantic Standard Time on September 22, Teddy was centered about 390 kilometres (245 miles) south of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sustained winds were estimated at 150 kilometres (90 miles) per hour. The chart is captured for this event.

Jonah and the Whale c 1621 by Pieter Lastman

The Ascendant of 07 Aquarius gets the keyword of “Extreme” with its part of fortune 21 Aries suggesting “Instability,” fixed star Baiten Kaitos is nearby named for Jonah’s time in the Whale’s Belly. Despite his good fortune of getting out, the fixed star often means “peril” and “misfortune.”

Neptune the god of tidal waves and all things naval is found in his home of Pisces but intercepted in the first house. The little glyph in the 8th house at 22 Libra 28 is Hidalgo — a remnant from a previous chart — but is interesting as he is close to Mercury opposite the Part of Fortune at 20 Aries 53 i.e. Aries 21.

Hidalgo was discovered in September btw, in Germany, during a solar eclipse, and named for the Mexican Roman Catholic priest, Miguel Hidalgo y Costillo, who is honored on 16 September. Perhaps the Asteroid is there because this his time of year? There maybe something to that idea, he is showing up near some planet throughout September.

As the storm transitioned to an extratropical cyclone, storm warnings were posted for Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and the Magdalen Islands.

Amy Coney Barrett is nominated

Trump nominates Barrett in the Rose Garden

I originally stated it would happen at 12 noon but it was the Ceremony occurred at 5 pm and President Trump made the announcement at 5:05 PM – I clocked it. Luckily yesterday, and before the Times made its announcement, I pulled our Lagoa picked and went with Coney Barrett after reading more about the potentials. I rectified Barrett’s chart but am not releasing it.

 Who’s Who?

This chart works well for Trump (05 Sun in Libra keyword Fastidious) in the ninth house of legislature. Not shown next to him is the asteroid Siva for sudden partings (RBG’s death).

Barrett is Mercury (30 Libra) next to Hidalgo (the asteroid for non-Anglo-American minorities — she adopted two children from Haiti) and shows her in the tenth house or the culmination of all her career hopes and dreams.

The preponderance in the first house (the nation) of traditional Saturn ruled planets is à propos as Barrett is an Aquarian. The Moon in that chart is a degree away from Barrett’s natal. In a mundane chart, like this one, the Moon is associated with Changes.  Since it is close to her Sun, this displays the profound change in her life as a Justice: she is the first woman with school-age children.  And a Moon cycle might be close to her appointment – since 1900 70% of all nominees were confirmed in 46 days.  This is exactly the same time to Election Day.

The first house preponderance

The ascendant is 14 Capricorn 42 (keyword) Speed,  so while the majority gets confirmed in 46 days, according to Senate records, Justices John Paul Stevens, Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, were all confirmed quickly.

Stevens was a rapid 19 days, while O’Connor’s confirmation in 1981 took 33 days, and Ginsburg’s confirmation in 1993 took 42 days.  That makes the median fast-track confirmation time in the past 40 years 33 days,  and I agree I think she will be installed before the Election.

Neptune in the third house is intercepted, and I suspect some attempt at exposing financial shenanigans in the Barrett household will occur to derail her nomination. Perhaps concerning her adoptions.  That would boomerang, as Justice Roberts is the one with adoption improprieties that have never been brought to light, but as Venus is in the third house, maybe it’s another trick from the New Moon’s overloaded bag.

A mundane only site

Speaking of changes, right now because of the mishmash of mundane and natal charts here, I am thinking of breaking the mundane maps into their own site. That would mean that all the mundane charts, from both sites, would get united there. I am hoping to get that done by Thanksgiving.

9/22/2020 Equinox & Madame Justice

It’s still a locomotive btw and again no interceptions so we are back to the Morinus layout that gives us 26 Virgo “a porter with overstuffed luggage” for our map. We have a Grand Trine in Fire, frankly I like the Mesopotamian method using planets instead of Ptolemaic elements much better, but that’s another story.

Whither goes Venus

Venus in Leo has morphed from the Wuhan Virus to Madame Justice Ginsburg, who died of Venus related pancreatic cancer. She is found at the Mid-heaven in the appropriate enough ninth house of justice and legislature.

The President says that before the 29 September debate that he will announce his female pick highlighting the yod in the chart with Neptune in Pisces in the fourth sextile Jupiter with the apex at 19 Leo ( a degree off what we once thought was Trump’s ascendant and two degrees from Obama’s). The head is at 18 Aquarius or the asteroid Crantor, named for a follower of Plato from Silesia, and a great supporter of the classical Academy.

Asteroid Crantor and great loss

Crantor wrote mainly about morality and his most popular tract was “On Grief” Latin “De Luctu” which was written for his friend Hippocles on the death of his son and was supposedly so lyric that Panaetius said it should be memorized as the perfect “memorial.” Marcus Tullius Cicero agreed and used it for his “Consolatio” on the death of his daughter, Tullia. Alas this work is lost. From this history, the asteroid Crantor, according to Jacob Schwartz’s Asteroid Name Encyclopaedia, is associated with “sudden death.”

The behaviour of the average man in a time of bereavement from his own language and remarks offered him by way of consolation, will reward the attention of a curious observer. The mourner takes it for granted that a terrible blow has fallen both upon himself and upon the object of his lamentations: yet for all he knows to the contrary (and here I appeal to Hades and Persephone) the departed one, so far from being entitled to commiseration, may find himself in improved circumstances.

first stanza from De Luctu, translated by H. W. Fowler 1905.

Of course the question arises did Tennyson know of it for his “In Memoriam A. H. H.” published in 1850 that got similar plaudits. Based on his Trinity College training, I would suspect so.

The Columbia Connection Forget that idea

We were betting on Cuban – American Babs Lagoa, but that is increasingly looking like a poor choice, as the Bush connections have become too prominent to ignore, and the Federalist who vetted both Kavanaugh and Gorsuch, is endorsing her; we feel that is the kiss of death. So, it would seem that Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who has been vetted by President Trump twice, is the favorite; the irony of this is almost palpable.

From what I read, Ginsburg’s comment about Trump being an idiot and incompetent before his election, click here for the Fox News broadcast, is why Barrett — who would be a total slap in the former’s face — is gaining ground.

Who is Amy Coney Barrett?

There is little known outside of her religion to be found anywhere, but it fits the Roman Catholic-Jupiter bias.

Democrats, and the pick is not until Saturday, have said via Schumer, they will retaliate by increasing the number of justices from nine to eleven next year when Biden wins. This was first tried by FDR. Pelosi has gone Schumer one better, and said that to her signals, that would vote for impeachment even if he wins.

Is this the chart for Amy Coney Barrett nomination? The ascendant has the keyword of “Differentiation” and suggests someone who wants to be a bit different. The midheaven at 17 Virgo 54 is at a critical degree that Wheeler’s calls a “Ouija Board” and the keyword is Acumen.

Democrat Fireworks

Since that is what they are threatening, and based on the chart for Saturday, September 26th, packed to the gills in second house–economic & political resources– and with Mars squared in the fifth –entertainment– I think Barrett gets the nod. What happens next should make the fourth of July fireworks, that was cancelled this year, happen in October (eleventh house –the house of Congress– Mercury in Libra opposite Mars).

Stay tuned.

Update: The New York Times has announced that Justice Barrett did get the nod. After a short Senate hearing, Barrett was confirmed October 26, 2020 and sworn in shortly thereafter.

Pip Torrens aka Uncle Warleggan in Poldark

I honestly thought the three Warleggan family members the best thing on Poldark. Their acting was quite good and I enjoyed the performances of the actors for George, Elizabeth and Uncle Cary, immensely.

I could find little on Philip (Pip) Torrens even browsing through the British papers, though YouTube yielded a few interviews. He has a long and varied career — starting with Oxford Blues (a comedy c. 1986) to Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens ( 2015) and now the Poldark Series (2016-2019).

Bloxham to Cambridge

Torrens went to public Bloxham School, and then onto Trinity College where he read Literature. That worked out well, as he realized rather than either reading or writing it, he wanted to re-enact it, and attended London Drama School to learn the trade. He and his Poldark nephew George (Jack Farthing’s CV is quite similar) were the only two major figures in the show that shared a classical training, and it is what made them such compelling anti-heroes.

Traditionally that has been the difference between British and American talent — over there they get the academic foundation and rigour of Shakespearean training (another nativity highlighted was Patrick Stewart, who had been a Shakespearean stage actor before the Hollywood break), while in the US it is on-the-job training or coach mentoring — like the famous Lee Strasberg Method School in New York City, or directorial supervision as in the famous cases of John Wayne, Jack Nicholson, Errol Flynn, and Leonardo di Caprio.

The Hollywood difference

This is why Hollywood actors, except for the very finest, have no career after 40 — once their looks go they have little to commend them, so they turn to directing or producing films for income and celebrity.

Obviously, Pip Torrens has used his education and hard work (sixth house Moon-Pluto conjunction) to make a meal ticket that will last longer, and with Saturn in the tenth house and the sixth house trine, it was solid, older characters that he made his fortune — not dashing young leading stars. The Capricorn stellium there cements the deal.

A good memory helps

Torrens was born in Bromley, a farming town in southeastern London — and actually the only agricultural town in the borough on June 2, 1960, at what I pegged around 2:30 in the morning. This gives him an ascendant of 03 Aries 46, a symbol of “Boldness” with a midheaven of 01 Capricorn 43, or “Seriousness” — both à propos considering his film roles.

The midheaven symbol also suggests ambition, which I think is born out in his change of career. His part of fortune is in the tenth too, at a degree particularly helpful for actors having to memorize their roles: 10 Capricorn 46 (keyword Memory)


  • This page was updated with a full astrological essay on October 3rd.
  • This was originally a Chart-Only page.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg RIP


Ginsburg dies

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman to serve on the Supreme Court and a pioneering advocate for women’s rights, died of complications from metastatic pancreas cancer on on Friday, Sept. 18, 2020. She was 87.

Ginsburg had announced in July that she was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for lesions on her liver, the latest of her several battles with cancer. President Bill Clinton appointed her to the bench following Sandra Day O’Connor’s retirement.

The justice, who was not known to be overtly religious, also coincidentally died on Rosh Hashanah, the start of the Jewish New Year. This comes from the Old Testament and the book of Leviticus 23:23-31. Because religious Jews count their days at sunsets, Rosh Hashanah started at sunset on Friday, 1 Tishrei, 5781 and ended two days later also at sunset on Sunday, Sept. 20 or 3 Tishrei 5781., gives greater information this.

Buried in Arlington Nat’l

She will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia at a private service next week. While Madame Justice is not a military veteran, Ginsburg is eligible to be buried at the largely military cemetery., next to her husband, an Army veteran, who died in 2010. Thirteen Supreme Court justices are also buried in Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s backyard.

Our original post on Justice Ginsburg took Lois Rodden’s Pisces Ascendant which I found did not work with most of her life event’s as noted in her autobiography, so I rectified her 20 Taurus or the Hyperion Symbol of “Time Zones in a Foreign Country.”

Consideration of Time Zones

That symbol seems strange for a US Justice but she made her self clear more than once that she thought the American Constitution was outdated and biased and preferred the South African Constitution. At the time, the quote is above, she was clear that the American was too vague on its expectations from its citizens while the South African precisely states the rights and duties of its citizens, as well as defining the structure of its Government. That attitude strikes me as a rather fixed personality; it definitely is not the hallmark of a mutable who prefers things to be open and flexible to fit the times and needs of society.

The outer chart above is about the time when the Justice died. It has been hard to get an actual time so I settled on this one — the earliest I could find of a major national paper announcing her death. Based on the aspects between the two charts, I think she died earlier that morning; possibly around 8:30 am.

This last chart is her rectified natal.

Ginsburg’s natal chart has no interceptions; she stated clearly who she was and what she believed, something she had in common with President Trump, also a rising fixed (Leo) sign. She was agreat friends with politically opposite, Antonin Scalia.

Our condolences to her family, friends and admirers of whom there were many.

This was updated on Friday, September 25th with further information about RBG’s interment. There still is no mention of the day, though I imagine it is today, based on reports that President Trump will announce her replacement on Saturday and he has said he would wait until she was buried.

September 17 2020 New Moon

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are aligned. This one happens at 25 Virgo. Astrologer E. C. Matthews says that this degree is one of “sympathy and service”. I talk about it on our YouTube channel over here.

C120 The will to succeed – Barbra Streisand

Meeting Barbra

Despite her odd spelling name, she was born Barbara Joan Streisand and decided to drop an “A” as it would be quirky and noticeable. She was born on April 25 1942 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, then an Orthodox enclave. She gave an homage to that closed world in “Yentl”, where a young girl dresses as a man so she too can read the Torah and Talmud, the foundations of their faith. This article from My Jewish Learning gives a fuller understanding of their beliefs and identity.

Continue reading “C120 The will to succeed – Barbra Streisand”

Morinus House System

Dr. Morinus received a medical degree from the University of Avignon in 1613. Thirty years later, on March 30 1634, in the great hall of the arsenal in Paris, he demonstrated his “Science of Longitudes” to an assemblage of 300 mathematicians, astronomers, and members of the French Court. After six hours of interrogation, they approved his survey. He held that the Lords of the Ascendant and Midheaven were more important than previously believed.

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