On the wings of eagles, Ross Perot

Ross Perot, ran for president in 1992 and 1996 as a populist who wanted to restore Norman Rockwell’s America. He was born on June 27, 1930 in Texarkana, Arkansas. I have rectified him to 7:28 am and an ascendant of 07 Leo 55, or a “Bolshevik propagandists” — he would have howled at that one — or the indomitable spirit of man’s enduring spirit to rise up against social and political crises. This symbol, Jones, continues, is the individual’s need to galvanize his community to see the potential of good.

Being Ross

Born Henry Ray Perot on June 27, 1930, to Gabriel and Lulu May {Ray} Perot. His father was a cotton broker and a horse trader.

As a teenager he changed his name to Henry Ross Perot in honor of his brother, Gabriel Ross Perot Jr., who died, as a toddler, before he was born. The family pronounced the surname PEE-roe, but in his 20s he changed that, too, making it puh-ROE, because, he said, he got tired of correcting people. He called himself Ross;, the media added the initial “H” at the beginning of his name, but he never liked it.

1996: American industrialist Ross Perot, he ran for President on his Reform Party ticket in 1992 and won nineteen percent of the vote but failed to win any electoral votes. (Photo by MPI/Getty Images)

His Venus in the first house shows how considerate he was towards public sentiment; being seen as agreeable was important to him.

An Eagle Scout, and like President Jimmy Carter a Navy officer from Annapolis, though he started at Texarkana Junior College for two years.. He was commissioned in the U.S. Navy in 1953, got married in 1955, and served until 1957, after which he worked as a salesman for International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).

Founding EDS

 The founding of EDS to Ross Perot's

When Perot saw he grossing more than any other salesman in the country, he left IBM to found Electronic Data Systems, originally in West Texas and then in its expansive headquarters in Plano, Texas; most of his clients went with him.

EDS Headquarters on Legacy Drive.
EDS HQ on Legacy Drive in Plano, Texas was sold by Hewlett Packard to Dallas Highland Capital in 2018. HP bought EDS in 2008.

The Perot Ticket

Perot was a tireless crusader for education and vehemently against drugs, instituting drug and alcohol testing for his employees long before it became the norm. In 1969, he became a national sensation when he tried to fly medicine and food to American prisoners of war in North Vietnam. Ross repeated that feat in 1979 he staged a commando raid against Iran after the fall of the Shah for the hostages kept there by the Ayatollah Khomeini.

In 1992 and 96, Perot ran for president to get a look “at what’s under the hood” of the government. He felt he could pare it down, make it more efficient and responsible to its citizen. He was unsuccessful both times but some attribute Trump’s successful run as a populist candidate owes a lot to Perot’s initial attempts, though that’s rather dubious as Perot and Trump did have fairly different agendas. All they had in common was outsiders running against the Washington bureaucracy, for the Deep State agenda, that is enough.

Like Trump twenty years later, this article in the American Thinker tells how the Washington Establishment attacked Perot because he questioned Bush Family politics, a real no no amongst entrenched mainline Republicans. But the article does hint at what Perot had to fight against. That understood, Perot struck a real chord in many Americans, particularly veterans.

Ross Perot and wife Margot, son and four daughters.
Ross with his wife Margot and their children, Nancy, Suzanne,
Carolyn and Ross Perot, jr.

The Ross that Roared

Perot is a bucket with a Saturn handle in the sixth house of work and service. Saturn as his focal determinator gives Perot the ability to see the forest for the trees and think long term; his Mental Chemistry supports this long range vision he implements with a meticulous almost tactical approach.

His Line of Vitality, the luminary aspect, is vigintile giving Ross an innate understanding of how he can self-affirm his dreams and goals.

Chemical Efficiency

His Line of Efficiency, Venus and Mars, is square giving him a hair-trigger temper, he did not suffer fools gladly, and had an explosive reflex to events around him. This was seen in two attempts to bring humanitarian relief to American POWs chronicled in Ken Follett’s On the Wings of Eagles or even his decision to leave IBM and start his own company when he became the top salesman for the Southeastern district. With Efficiency squared, Perot got irked by not doing anything, and so did.

His Mental Chemistry is how he will act upon this itch. For Perot, his Moon is very fast but his Mercury is very slow, so while the itch wants scratching, Perot starts scouting out a solution and then after coming up with one, looks for support.

Ross Perot's homes in Dallas and Bermuda
from the RealDeal. Upper left the n 8,200-square-foot mansion on a 16-acre estate worth a reported $21 million in Dallas on Strait Lane. The bottom left is their home in Bermuda , Tucker’s Town, Bermuda where his neighbor was r New York City mayor and fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg who also this year decided to run for president.

The Line of Motivation, Jupiter to Saturn, is in opposition and the Line of Social Significance (Uranus to Neptune) is inconjunct.

Medically, Neptune in the Virgo in the second house is trine Saturn in the sixth, with a sextile to the eighth house cusp Aquarius. This does suggest that he would live an old age and contract some vague blood cancer; Ross died July 9th, 2019 in Dallas Texas from leukemia. His wife of 65 years, Margot, and their five children survive him.

Adam B. Schiff in the News

                           The making of Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff was born on 22nd of June 1960 in Framingham, Massachusetts, United States to Edward and Sherrill Ann (nee Glovsky) Schiff, both raised Orthodox, Jews. They raised their own sons in a looser strain. Politically though they were a mixed marriage — she was a staunch Republican and he a New Deal democrat .Rep. Schiff is proud of that and credits his parents’ differences for his own ” his own moderate politics.” (in an interview with the Bezos-owned Washington Post).

Besides differences in politics, Schiff’s mother’s family emigrated from Russia during the 1890 pogroms to Laconia, New Hampshire, while this father’s side is from Vilnius Lithuania, their arrival date is unknown.  When Adam was 10 and his brother Dan 12,  the family left Framingham and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona.  Later that year, the Schiffs moved again this time to Alamo, California, where his father purchased a lumber yard.

Adam became bar mitzvah at Temple Isaiah in nearby  LaFayette in 1973.  His older brother Daniel Mark is a financial planner in Silicon Valley’s tony San Jose.  There both boys attended Monte Vista High School in Danville, California and then to Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, where originally he was pre-med but bombed out and then turned to political science where he received his Bachelor of Science degree.  He went to Harvard for his law degree.

Rep. Schiff has not discussed these geographical changes nor any of his childhood, so most of this is from public records, we have discovered showing 




                                       Adam and Eve

He married Eve Marion Anderson Schiff ( who he met on a tennis court in Marina del Rey 1990. I married them on February 19, 1995, after her conversion to Judaism (she was raised Roman Catholic). They have two children, Alexandra and Elijah.

Despite that, the venerable LA Times reports his marriage is a cover for his gay lifestyle. In doing Schiff’s biography,  it is remarkable how well he is at covering his past (see the other article below on Robin Schiff marrying Soros’s son) though some things have got through, and overall we at Celestiology have noticed that many Democrats and Republicans had little information on their life when they first got into public office, but as time went on more and more came to light. 


                               Mother Schiff’s  obituary 

Schiff, Sherrill Ann, 75, of Boca Raton passed away peacefully on Tuesday, July 2, 2008. The beloved wife of Edward for 52 wonderful blessed years and the loving mother of Daniel M. Schiff and U.S. Congressman Adam B. Schiff.

Sherry’s blessings include her daughters-in-law, Amy Sporer Schiff, and Eve Sanderson Schiff. Her grandchildren, Rachel, Frank, Alexandra and Elijah Schiff were the delight of her life.

Burton Glovsky of Wellington is her brother.

A memorial service will be held on Sunday morning July 6th at 10 AM at the Rubin Memorial Chapel at 7340 Boynton Beach Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL.

Shiva will be held on Sunday, July 6th & Monday, July 9th at the Schiff’s home at 2176 NW 62nd Drive, Broken Sound, Boca Raton.

Sherrill Schiff’s Obituary


                    Schiff the Soviet Hawk

After graduation, Adam worked at the Los Angeles branch of the U.S. Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor, but it was his prosecution of Richard Miller, a former FBI agent who was convicted of passing secret documents to the Soviet Union in return for $65,000 in gold and cash, that made him perceived as an anti-Soviet hawk even though it took three times to get Miller convicted; the first two attempts failed [fmn] The first trial ended as a mistrial.  The second ended in a guilty verdict for Miller, but was overturned because it allowed polygraphic evidence the 9th Circuit frowns upon, so was overturned. [/fmn]

In 1996, he got elected to California’s 21st State Senate district after 2 previous unsuccessful forays. In 2015, he supported the Saudi Arabia-led intervention in Yemen. He also introduced bipartisan legislation to repeal the  2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists, which  forms the legal basis for the majority of U.S. military action in the Middle East.  The AUMF, as it is called in typical DC lingo, authorize the president  “to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations or persons.”

Congressman Schiff came to Congress with President Obama as a staunch supporter of the President.  Majority leader Nancy Pelosi has time and time again reaffirmed that Adam Schiff is a lynchpin to Democratic integrity.


A mockingbird in Spring

 We rectified his chart to a 29 Gemini Rising, the first mockingbird in Spring — a desire to rise above his station which makes sense as this chart is very ambitious and we believe that the Congressman would like to be the first Jewish President.

With a Grand Trine in Earth, Representative Schiff is a locomotive temperament, with a lead planet in Mars at 01 Taurus 28, a “brilliant electrical display” showing how much he likes to showboat political campaigns that bring him into the limelight.  We see this with his persecution of President Trump in the alleged Soviet hoax that piggybacked upon his prosecution history with FBI agent Richard Miller, making him look like not only an insider to understanding Soviet politics but also a strong anti-Communist Democrat.

He has a heavy preponderance in the first house with his ascendant wedged in between his Moon and Venus highlighting how much of what he does is for his own personal gain, particularly as Venus and the Sun are sextil Mars.

Mars is a strong focal determinator for Schiff, with only Saturn and Mercury not in aspect directly, but both via translations of light, make his whole chart keyed to that planet.  It is obviously raison d’etre, but also such a strong force that is never offset, his Achilles heel.

                     Schiff on the 2nd Impeachment of President Trump



               Schiff and Soros?

Melissa Robin Schiff, the daughter of Marlene S. Schiff of New York and the late Dr. Haskel Schiff of Lake Grove, Long Island, married May 5, 1992 to Robert Daniel Soros, a son of Annaliese Soros and George Soros, both of New York.

Mrs. Soros, 28 years old, graduated from New York University. She is a freelance photographer and filmmaker in New York.

Mr. Soros, also 28 and an N.Y.U. graduate, is an investor in New York. His stepmother, Susan W. Soros, is the director of the Bard College Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts.

His father is the chairman of Soros Fund Management in New York. He is the founder of the Central European University in Prague, and a network of foundations in Eastern Europe.


[cont’d] Her father was a renal specialist at the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C and mother is currently the chairwoman of the advisory board of the entrepreneurial center at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (where President Trump graduated and received a MBA).  Rabbi Dr. David Posner performed the ceremony at Temple Emanu-El in New York.

from the wedding section of the New York Times.
P.S. After 22 years of marriage, the Soros’s divorced.

While often cited that Melissa and Adam are brother & sister, that is impossible based on his mother’s obit . They could be relations, but there is no proof of that either.  Obviously they are kindred spirits. If you can supply further information, we will gladly vet it. Thanks.



2.   Svetlana Ogorodnikov, who is being tried on charges that she recruited an F.B.I. agent to spy for the Soviet Union, burst into tears in court today when another former F.B.I. agent testified that she had invited him to have sex. ‘

‘Why you lie – liar!”  she cried  (quite a good actress isn’t she?) interrupting the testimony of the former agent, John E. Hunt, who had been describing a dinner meeting he had with her in June 1982.

Mrs. Ogorodnikov, age 34,  is being tried with her husband, Nikolai, on charges that they conspired with Richard W. Miller, who was then an F.B.I. agent, to pass classified documents to the Soviet Union.   She contends in court papers  her activities with F.B.I. agents had been in connection with her role as an F.B.I. informer. She said she had had an affair with Mr. Hunt when he was assigned to her case, and later with Mr. Miller. The Government though has denied that Mr. Hunt was involved in any intimate relationship with her.

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Rara avis Ruta Lee

Last night Ruta Lee appeared on the Fugitive, the second part of the d episode ANGELS TRAVEL ON LONELY ROADS as a redhead. I remembered her from Hollywood Squares that my grandmother faithfully watched, so naturally I did her chart and went to her website, the eponymously named Ruta Lee, to learn more.

Ruta was born in Montreal Canada to Lithuanian emigres on May 30th 1935, time unknown but I have pegged her ascendant to 12 Cancer or the Sabian Symbol of “a Chinese woman nursing a baby who is a glorious nimbus of divine incarnation.” Marc Jones says this symbol highlights when the individual uses all of her talents (Ruta danced, sang, played dramatic and comedic roles) in becoming a star in her chosen realm (for Ruta that was Hollywood). Alas, in her chart it is square by Mars in Libra in the fourth , showing that instead of reaching her full potential she was thwarted, and frustrated at every turn by her own over-zealous ambition.

Looking at Ruta

Ruta Highlights

  • Ruta is a locomotive temperament type with a problem of trusting people.
  • She has a Grand Trine in water, Saturn in a Pisces to Venus in Cancer to Jupiter in Scorpio, making her a whirlwind performer who was always looking for the next role.
  • Saturn is also one arm to her yod, the other being Uranus in the eleventh, its essential house showing how her her telegenic looks, and God-given talents gave her the credentials to be a Hollywood star.
    • The head of her yod is at the centaur Hylonome (not shown), appropriate because centaurs area group of planet-crossing objects in the outer planetary region that are technically classified as asteroids but in reality are comets. Centaurs are rare in astronomy; only thirty five have been discovered.
  • Venus in her second house shows she was naturally curvaceous and probably has to work at keeping her figure slim but also that she is an excellent money manager whose weakness probably is collecting favorite things like Hollywood memorabilia.
  • She has a preponderance in Cancer, highlighting her expansive array of talents.
  • Her Mental Chemistry is perceptive.
  • Ruta’s Sun is inconjunct its essential house, the fifth, showing that most likely she would not have children because she would prolong them too long because of her innate workaholism (Venus trine Jupiter in the sixth), while also trine the seventh house whether the Galactic Center was then highlighting the possibility that a marriage to a very dynamic foreigner (he would be neither Lithuanian nor Canadian); she married a Texan.
  • She does not have any oppositions in her chart. Highlighting the personal responsibility in using her talents and creating opportunity.

Ms. Lee is still alive, married and according to her publicist loves fan-mail. Give her a shout and let her know we are one of them. Thanks.

C155 Titanic Kate Winslet

Table of contents

Kate Winslet was born Kate Elizabeth Winslet to an acting family on October 5, 1975 at 7:15 am giving her the ascendant of 12 Libra, Miners emerging from a mine. This rising symbol shows her curiosity and indomitable self-confidence that is the real strength of her personality. Opposite her Jupiter in Aries making it rather difficult for her to keep weight off while her Mars in Gemini makes her high-strung, a true Hollywood prima-donna that is very demanding to get on with (she’s on her third marriage). 

Despite those drawbacks, her friendship with Leonardo DiCaprio is more the exception than the rule.  With  her Venus in Virgo, a steadfast earth sign, she is a loyal friend, particularly towards those she has met in her line of work and whom she has high regard — this setup also makes her rather choosy about whom to befriend. 

winslet kate

Riding the seas of inspiration

Her Neptune in the Second house shows that through her acting career, she will be successful — but what’s really insightful here is Neptune rules the seas, and Ms. Winslet started her career in James Cameron’s Titanic (see our write  up on the real ocean liner here).  It was truly a great career move.  Teamed with her Saturn in Leo, she works hard at learning and mastering her craft.


Her North Node in Scorpio is on the path of knowing and shows how much Ms. Winslet needs to explore the depths of relationship.  Perhaps that explains her several marriages, for once she really gets to know someone they hold no allure for her.

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After the virus… Slovenia reopens

Slovenia is reopening tonight, but as it shares its border with Italy, which was the start of the pandemic and now is ranked sixth in cases worldwide, it is avoiding those areas. The chart below, a bucket with a Moon handle, shows those fears particularly as the part of fortune at 04 Sagittarius 33 suggests that tourism and travelling is a keen concern as Slovenia as many come to its verdant hills for hiking, boating, fishing, and hunting.

Slovenia, once part of the former Yugoslavia, even has a series of  limestone caves full of stalactites and stalagmites at Škocjan  World Heritage site in 1986..

Slovenia is not alone with its worries about the summer tourist trade and the stellium in the eighth house with Sagittarius and just a sextile away. The thoughts of coronavirus reoccurrence weigh heavily on everyone’s mind.

Perhaps Uranus at 08 Taurus 43 in the twelfth — the symbol of the moon shining across a placid lake — suggests that masks will still be part of the summer apparel. If so, do not wear them too much. If you thought bikini lines looked hideous, facial powder mask lines (keyword sustainment) have to be the pits.


Our header picture is of the Vrsic Pass, in Slovenia’s alpine mountains. It is a favorite mountain drive.

Amy Klobuchar and the Farmer-Labor Party of Minnesota

Senator Amy Klobuchar is a member of the Minnesotan Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, founded by former Vice President Hubert Horatio Humphrey Jr. on April 15, 1944. Vice President Walter Mondale was also a member of the party. The keystones of the party’s platform are the right to stable employment with a fair wage, the importance of education, access to affordable healthcare, the right to live safely, and retire with dignity and security.

She is married to John D. Bessler an attorney and law professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law, and an adjunct professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, they have one daughter, Abigail. She and her husband are Unitarians.

Amy Klobuchar and husband John Bessler

Recently, Klobuchar was one of the candidates for Democratic nominee for the office of president of the USA. She resigned and gave her support to former Vice President Joseph Biden.

The Klobuchar Map

Klobuchar was born on May 25, 1960, in Plymouth Minnesota. Her father is Slovenian while her mother is Swiss-German.

We have rectified her chart to 8:22 am or 13 Cancer 48 with the Sabian symbol of a “woman facing a vast space to the northeast” that highlights her great ambition (Mars in the tenth house at 10 Aries 49 found in its exaltation and its domal dignity as Mars is exalted in Capricorn). It has the appropriate symbol of “sanction” because without both electoral and party support she will not get there. Her ambition is further confirmed by her Part of Fortune conjunct her ascendant in the first house.

Her chart pattern, a Splay Temperament Type with a Grand Trine in Earth unites her third, seventh and twelfth houses, but with a strong emphasis on the last house and her desire to acquire prestige through her shrewd sympathy of government reform.

While Senator Klobuchar has retired from this round of national presidential politics,we can be assured she return to the ring again for the run for the roses.

Looking at this chart we see how Klobachur and the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party are in sync with each. The Party’s chart is the founding by VP Humphrey on April 15, 1944, in Saint Paul, Minnesota at 12 noon, the approximate time of the announcement.

Mount St Helens blows 1980

The US. Geological site discusses the deadliest eruption in US history thoroughly. Click here. This essay will discuss the astrological aspects in play that day.

The Warrior of Albion

The eruption gets the poetic symbol of “the Warrior of Albion” from the Hyperion Symbols; Albion  is an alternative name for the island of Great Britain because of the white cliffs of Dover (Alba is white in Latin). Conjunct the ascendant is the Moon in Cancer, at home, and full of fury and anger because the first house is the natural ruler of Aries, the warrior god.

The symbol seems almost too perfect for the tragedy as Washington State is our most northern state though if one looks on the map it would seem that Maine holds that honor but actually Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota all have more northern latitudes as measured by the vertical distance, in degrees, north and south from the Earth’s equator, which is marked at 0 degrees.

The Moon is then inconjunct Neptune in Sagittarius, the planet of earthquakes is at work, opposing his natural house in the twelfth where Venus exalted in the twelfth here in Cancer is holding court. Interestingly the South Node at 24 Aquarius 33 is a sextile away creating a yod to the Moon with its head at 21 Capricorn 33 in the seventh, apropos as the destruction while a great geological opportunity for those watching far away was also lethal for those close by.

The chart itself is tough to classify. There is no grand trine to be found, but calling it a see-saw seems odd with the distance between the Moon in the northern hemisphere of the chart a mere 20 degrees away from Venus in the southern, but it is because the hemisphere really starts with Mercury at 04 Mercury 11 that is right next to the Sun in the eleventh — everyone is watching this show– the charts falls into place. While Jones calls this is a see-saw, the shifting sands of Jansky’s hourglass work well here, as mountain cycles on and off for five days before falling back asleep his dastardly work done..

The Sun opposes the earthquake god, telling him to Neptune to stop, the mountain is in flower and there are people nearby, but the golden god is eclipsed today conjunct as he is asteroid Phaethon who tells the sunny one this scene is too hot to handle, by an all too powerful Moon. The silvery orb is reigning supreme, aided by asteroid Siwa and the great malefic himself, Saturn, a sextile away who himself is in his fall in the fourth house, as they spew out all the collected debris and dust of the past hundred years chanting the dirge, Fear and Mayhem to everyone! For today, our work has just begun! And so the golden orb loses its battle, but before he gives up the good fight, he tells his messenger, Mercury close at hand in the eleventh house of publicity and fans, to warn Vancouver “This is it.”

Neptune is too busy to gloat. He is working away in the sixth house of servants and health, opposite his natural home where Venus has hoarded everything which Saturn is giving away, as he turns to asteroid Requiem at 20 Sagittarius 27 to tally his list. One, two three… too slow Neptune shouts, Ten, Twenty, Twenty Five, Thirty, Thirty-Four, Thirty-Six…Forty, Forty-Five…Forty-Nine, Fifty Requiem catches his breath and continues …fifty-five, fifty-six, fifty-seven — it is a sad day indeed.

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