The real Jesus bar Joseph birthday

Astronomer Michael Molnar wrote ‘The Star of Bethlehem – The Legacy of the Magi’ (Rutgers University Press, 1999) in which he deduced Jesus bar Joseph was born on April 17, 6 BC (17.4.748 AUC / 29 Nisan 3755 HC) based on the photograph of a coin. From his website:

“Superposed on the photograph of the coin is what I found: Jupiter underwent two occultations (‘eclipses’) by the Moon in Aries in 6 BC. As the regal ‘star’ which confers kingships – its gift is amplified when Jupiter is in close conjunctions with the Moon (see the astrological chart below, as Jupiter is not by modern terms close but 21 degrees away, but historically the luminaries were allowed orbs of a full 30 degrees).

The second occultation on April 17 6 BC coincided precisely when Jupiter was “in the east,” a condition mentioned twice in the biblical account about the Star of Bethlehem. In August of that year Jupiter became stationary and ‘went before’ (i.e. retrograde) through Aries, where it became stationary again on December 19, 6 BC.

This is when the regal planet ‘stood over.’ – a secondary royal portent also described in the Bible. There is also secondary confirmation from a Roman astrologer that the conditions of April 17, 6 BC were believed to herald the birth of a divine, immortal, and omnipotent person born under the sign of the Jews, which we now know was Aries the Ram (Lamb). The coins of Antioch and ancient astrological documents show that there was a Star of Bethlehem as reported in the biblical account of Matthew.

Michael Molnar, The Star of Bethlehem: The Legacy of the Magi.

Molnar continues in his book that the Magi were “wise men” who practiced Greek astrology and saw the star, not a comet and not a supernova.1 The people of Jerusalem did not see the star because they did not know Greek astrology, but Herod did and he took action against the babe. In the Bible, Molnar writes that the star appeared in the “east” which was Aries and that was unusual, which is why it signified the birth of the promised Messiah.

I chose sunrise, which according to the website TimeandDate for this date in Bethlehem, Israel is at about 6 am. This makes Jesus’s ascendant be 05 Taurus 15 or the symbol of a “bridge that spans a gorge” how he transforms physical earthly limitation into assets. This symbol, Jones writes, ” is all about the possibility of the continuance of the human experience” through someone who can “instinctively channels his powers to the ultimate benefit of mankind”. Its keyword is “Channelship.”

The layout I have chosen is the whole house method, the Hellenic style prevalent at his time of birth. Looking at the chart, it is obvious he has quite a preponderance in Taurus, that Marc Jones gives the keyword of “Virility”. Jesus also has another preponderance , this time in Pisces, with the keyword “Sympathy”. This makes a rather nice image of a strong man who is kind and gentle enough to care for others without being condescending.

The chart layout makes Jesus Bar Joseph (son of Joseph as he would have been registered with the Roman authorities) a Sabian Bundle Temperament Type — a person ignoring all others and listening to His own inner voice. Finally, his part of fortune, that mathematically derived point that shows a person’s mission or goal in life is 11 Taurus 58 or “Window Shopping.” The name of the degree is rather humourous in this case, but Jones writes that is it is a symbol of a man’s imagination as a corrective force for human achievement.

I personally think Molnar is right. How bout you? In the mean, either have a Happy Easter or a good Palm Sunday today and come this Thursday, do not forget to wish him a 2,024th birthday.


  • Molnar, Michael, The Star of Bethlehem, the Legacy of the Magi, New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1999. Since revised and republished 2013. pp. 17-25.
  • American Heritage Dictionary, channel
    • The medium through which a spirit guide purportedly communicates with the physical world.

Base Instinct, Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone in the 1990s was a big box office draw, selling cold aloofness with alluring sexuality. Her stellium in the eleventh house, definitely was good for a career in the public but the key is it is in all in Scorpio, the sign of sex, magic and death, and that was definitely the roles she portrayed — her femme fatale were always leading some hapless man to their death in hopes of one last kiss.

Rising is 07 Sagittarius 00 Cupid knocking at the door highlighting her insatiable appetite for experience particularly of a Venusian nature. Very fast moon highlights her scholastic ability but Mercury so close to her Sun shows how she used it all for her own selfishness. It paid well though, Venus in the second house, so she’s happy. Her dynamic aptitude is Mercury to Saturn highlighting her impersonal aloofness she often brings to her parts most notably The Quick and the Dead, and Total Recall.

Maybe now isn’t the time to make the move to Cadillac

Silas wanted a car. He saw the car of his dreams on eBay — a gold Cadillac. (The picture is not of the car bought btw). The price was right; it looked sharp. Silas went for the deal. He bought the Cadillac but forgot to check the chart. As an astrologer, maybe he should have.

He did not pay much attention to the car’s cart and so ignored Saturn in the eighth, figuring it meant “second-hand car.” Pluto was in near proximity was also ignored. What Silas noticed was Mars at 16 Sagittarius 30 in the sixth — wheels.

Perhaps he should have also noticed that the symbol that the wheels at 16 Sagittarius 30 meant “Enthusiasm” and hinting he was buying with his heart and not with his head. Or that it was at a critical degree with the Fixed Star Sabik in tow. (It is a falsity to believe that all critical degrees are at the 29th degree mark.) According to Vivian Robson, this star denotes “wastefulness.”  To be honest, what does that mean?  All cars are wasteful, they depreciate immediately, never hold their value and are money pits.  It is easy to ignore that message; Silas did. But after getting the car, the lousy tires irked him and $500.00 later new Coopers made the car handle like grease lightning.

Now mister the day the lottery I win, I ain’t ever going ride in no used car again

Saturn though, at 24 Capricorn 33, is a problem. Here we get another message: “insurance issues” and Pluto nearby has the keyword of “complacency” and being too “accepting.” The messages add up and then we realize that the dynamic duo opposes the ascendant at 23 Gemini 15 “faith.”

The weekend near, Silas went to visit a friend. Parked there, on a peaceful street, a young drunk totals the caddy late at night and in a spark of bright intelligence, leaves the scene (hit and run is only for people). The Coopers have about 100 miles on them; the car has been driven not many more. To add fuel to the fire, the friend innocently adds the entire time she lived there this is the second time this had happened — and the last one was twenty years ago. Silas was speechless while the friend marvels at the pecularness of the whole thing.

The 1954 ad from Life Magazine, but that was not Silas’s car.

Enter insurance

Arguing with the insurance company about getting his money for his car, Silas adds that the tires should be a consideration. This goes on for a while, dithering back and forth as the culprit’s insurance company is still finding the whole thing mighty fishy (part of fortune in the watery depths of Cancer).

If Silas was a man of great faith in the human condition, the insurance company was at the opposite end — everything is a setup. They were skeptical about whether he knows the driver? Did his friend? Why was he parked there and so on? He answers patiently but there is still no check and Silas really needs wheels. How long will this take? After wrangling and arguing, the General paid off — about a month later.

With a jingle in his pocket, Silas is back in the market when coronavirus hits. Perhaps it really wasn’t the right time to make the move to Cadillac.

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