Iowan Andy McKean bolts after 29 years to Dems

The McKean facts

Representative Andrew John McKean was born in NYC to New Yorker mother, Elly nee Mayer (1916-2016) , and an Iowan father, Lloyd George McKean (1919-2006) of Scot Presbyterian descent. His great-grandfather was the Honorable John McKean (b. 1835 in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania that lies between Youngstown and Pittsburgh) and was originally a Democrat prior to the War between the States but became a Republican following armistice. The Judge and his brother first settled in Jones County, Iowa (the county seat is Anamosa and it lies diagonally between Dubuque in the North and Cedar Rapids in the South) in October 1854.

Welcome plaque to Jones Co.

Andrew McKean went to SUNY at Oneonta, one of the New York State colleges located between Binghamton and Albany for his undergraduate work, and then University of Rhode Island where he received a Masters of Urban Affairs & Planning after which he went to the University of Iowa for his J.D.

He married Constance Hoefner in 1983 and has 4 children. He was a Republicans in the Iowa State Senate for 29 years when the Mueller report happened and he bolted sides feeling he could not support a President under investigation.

There is not much more known from all the online sources i.e. his voting record & party affiliations which would be quite helpful in understanding his motives. It does not matter in the end, McKean lost re-election to Steven Bradley, but more importantly he has his conscience.

Charting McKean

Our rectification of Rep McKean

McKean’s chart shows a western biased Locomotive with his south eastern third of the train open (from Jupiter to the Moon). This suggests that the Representative is a private man, but wants public acclaim and recognition for being a forward-thinking leader. Both statements are supported by the lack of information on his private life and his bolting right after the November 2018 elections and the publication of the Mueller report.

National Motorcycle Museum in Jones Co. Indian bikes were manufactured in Springfield, MA.

His North Node in the third house according to Isabel Hickey makes him a genial man who is “adaptable to the times” but with the South Node in the Ninth house makes his vision “narrow with a tendency to see just what is at hand.” That seems to support his party change.

  • Notable aspects
    • Locomotive Temperament Type — southeast open
    • Ascendant at 06 Capricorn – a dark archway with ten logs at its base suggesting the resources McKean has in preserving his own future.
    • His Ascendant is opposite Uranus in the sixth suggesting a reluctance to deal with the unknown.
      • This T-Square ends at Neptune in the ninth where we see Neptune’s fears of unpopularity affects his vanity (Asc) and self-will (Sun).
    • Transpluto opposite Jupiter with the same point focus at the midheaven 01 Scorpio — a sightseeing bus — highlighting his gift for measuring the temperature and interests of his constituency by being agreeable and amicable to their interests
    • Midheaven sextile Saturn makes him a hard worker and thrifty.
    • Astrological writer, Georges Muchery writes, that the Ascending Node (Dragon’s Head) in the Third House is a sure sign of the native’s good education and of his being able to live on good terms with those around him and give him harmonious relations with his brothers and sisters. This means a lot to him.
      • His North Node also suggests success in an intellectual occupations, especially in the law, literature, history or geography. The native has an observant, studious and imaginative mind; ideas flow in abundance, and they are usually good and help him to progress rapidly, as much on account of his skillful management as on account of the help given by those around him. This purpose is also favorable for travelling for further pursuit of knowledge.

Notre Dame 3 Fire 1

Notre Dame construction

Notre Dame is over 850 years old. Originally there stood a Gallo-Roman temple dedicated to Jupiter and two early medieval churches previously rose on the site. Located on a small island called the Ile de la Cite (island in the City) it lies in the middle of the River Seine, a 483 mile (777 kilometres) waterway that runs through Paris into the English Channel at LeHavre.

Construction of the Cathedral began in 1163 during the reign of King Louis VII and was completed in 1345. Hundreds of volunteer laborers and artisans toiled for nearly 200 years to complete the masterpiece of early Gothic architecture, a period in Art that flourished in western and central Europe during the Middle Ages evolving from Romanesque. The main form Gothic art took was ecclesiastical architecture with some of its best known examples in Northern France and England like Cathedral de Chartres, Westminster Cathedral in England and Notre Dame in Paris.

Original dedication, March 27 1345 at midnight.


We could find no dates for the foundation cornerstone nor for the completion. On March 20 1345, that there was a Saturn, Jupiter and Mars-conjunction that Dr. Luke Broughton, among others, believed was the “cause of plague epidemic” and on April 22 1145, Halley’s Comet passed by. The cathedral is unremarked.

The Aries ingress also hails the major Christian event of Christ’s resurrection and Easter which fell a week later on Sunday,March 27th in 1345 (statistically it falls most often between March 26th and April 16th – a three week period) so we are choosing this for her completion. In that spirit, we are picking midnight for the dedication at midnight mass, as that it is cardinal event in the Christian calendar. Ecclesiastically, March 25th is the date of Mary’s annunciation of her impending birth by the archangel Gabriel that falls nine month later on December 25 and as the Cathedral is named for her, works out well too.

This is called the Annunciation. It is celebrated yearly on March 25th in the Gregorian Calendar.

Previous Attacks

Notre Dame was pillaged and seriously damaged during the French Revolution the 18th-century (no dates recorded). It was then converted to a “Temple of Reason”. Napoleon crowned him Emperor in 1804 inside the Cathedral and helped rebuild it. Further 19th century restorations were led by the architect Eugene Viollet-le-Duc who replicated much of the damaged stain glass, statuary, and the cathedral’s distinctive spire.

On 4 September 2016, a car containing seven canisters of gas and pages with Arabic writing was found parked near Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral in Paris.

“Information we were able to get from our intelligence services allowed us to act before it was too late,” said President François Gerard Hollande about the September 4th attack.

le Monde

Mademoiselle Inès Madani, accused of leading the bomb attempt, posed as a man under the name “Abu Omar” on social media to recruit jihadists to join her in attacking Notre Dame. He successfully recruited Ornella Gilligmann, 29 and also a French national, mother of three. Gilligmann said she stopped hearing from “Abu Omar” when their romance demanded a meeting, and was contacted by Mme. Madani. The third member of the cell, another woman, was 23-year-old house cleaner, Sarah Hervouet, who lived in southwest France.

The latest attack

The latest attack, and most successful, occurred on April 15 2017, the first day of Holy Week in the Western Christian calendar.

The 4th Harmonic Chart. This is a lipped bowl, taking from inside the event and pouring out into the external Southern hemisphere i.e. world. The part of fortune in the regenerative 8th house is (HS) 03.10 Leo a ground breaking ceremony it is trine Kassandra at 04 Sagittarius probably because there were plenty of warning signals that were unheeded, and opposite Circe at 10 Aquarius (a bit wide) calling for attention to her (The Church) plight.

The next chart in typical Morinus format with some asteroid noted, shows the Asteroid Africa conjunct the Sun but in reality means nothing as the percentage of immigrant blacks into Paris is not measured by the city or country. What they do measure is whether you were born in France or born abroad. There is no also no breakout via religion.

Asteroid Apollo is near the Moon trying to shed light on this murky picture, but all he has is a Mars square in the ninth house of religion, perhaps shedding more light on the picture than most want to admit. Mars in turm is square Neptune in the sixth, the house of workers and laborers, but here perhaps with a mission, as it is sextile Saturn in the fourth and desire to overthrow the old and transform it into something new (Pluto conjunct).

Asteroid Sisyphys is a sad lad here. As in his myth he cries out that his job is never finished and must also start again. Here right next to the nadir at 10 Capricorn, it seems to also be the plight of Notre Dame herself, always under attack.

the little red arrow is Niobe or the Old Testament Rachel who at 29.2 Gemini who is crying for her lost children.

Circe at 10, not shown, but right next to the Part of Fortune at 15 Aquarius ends our saga, as she cries out that while everyone is noticing her plight, they are ignoring the 875 other French Roman Catholic daughter Churches that have been burned or desecrated in the past year.

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Fritz Hollings of S.Carolina

Ernest F. Hollings, who served 38 years in the United States Senate as a So Carolina Democrat died on Saturday, April 6th , 2019 at his home in Isle of Palms, S.C. He was 97. His former press secretary, Andy Brack, confirmed his death.

Progressed Hollings to day of demise

Young Fritz

Senator Hollings was born on New Year’s Day, 1922 in Charleston, South Carolina to Adolph and Wilhelmine (Meyer) Hollings and raised Lutheran. His family were paper mill proprietors who went bankrupt in the Depression. He attended public schools, but was raised in an affluent neighborhood now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Fritz’s graudation Citadel graduation picture.

In 1942 he graduated with honours The Citadel, a military college in Charleston. He was an Army artillery combat officer in North Africa, France and Germany for WWII. He was honorably discharged a captain in 1945.

In 1946, he married Patricia Salley with whom he had four children, Michael, Helen, Patricia and Ernest 3rd; his daughter Patricia died in 2001. They were divorced in 1970; in 1971 he married Rita Liddy, who predeceased him in 2012.

The first Mrs. Hollings, Michael and Helen and Fritz.

Senatorial Fritz

Hollings and Thurmond were the nation’s longest-serving Senate pair from one state. When Mr. Thurmond died in 2003 at 100, he had been the Senate’s longest-tenured member after 48 years in office. Hollings was junior senator for 36 years, itself a record. His total tenure of 38 years and 55 days made him the eighth longest-serving senator.

Like his colleague Strom Thurmond, South Carolina’s senior senator, Mr. Hollings became governor, ran for president and was a revered populist who took care of the military, business interests and the folks back home.

Hollings, was a fiscal conservative and called himself a centrist, “strong on defense and liberal on social issues.” He built his 1984 Presidential campaign around a spending freeze but endorsed racial amity, the fight against poverty and a shift away from the Reagan administration’s use of military force and covert operations in Central America. By the time he left the Senate in Hollings had endorsed the Rev. Jesse Jackson for president in 1988, and voted in 1991 to confirm Clarence Thomas as the second black justice of the Supreme Court

In his senatorial career, Hollings, was a policy expert on the budget, telecommunications, the environment, defense, trade, and space. He was the author of the Coastal Zone Management Act (1972), the Ocean Dumping Act (1972), and the Automobile Fuel Economy Act (1975) and coauthor of the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Deficit Reduction Act (1985). He led the creation of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children in 1972 and passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, that many felt opened up the Internet.

In his book, “Making Government Work” (2008, with Kirk Victor), which answered “the critics who reflexively disparage government, ” presenting a case for righting the direction of a federal government, which he said had “gone off course.”

Fritz Hollings charts per

Astrological Fritz

Senator Hollings is a locomotive temperament type that is open on the east showing how much he was not his own man but prone to the ebb and flow of history and stronger personalities.

He is also has a Kite configuration in his chart (see above) where the two planets Mars and Uranus, great disruptors, are harmonically trined to each other and sextiled the opposition of Pluto to the Sun. The kite shows up in frustrated in charts, and Hollings, always second fiddle must have to some extent resented Thurmond in the Senate because his own personality was thwarted.

To avoid professional catastrophe, because Hollings cared more for winning than being right, he learned to be agreeable (Mars and Venus sextile creating the Line of Efficiency) to get what he desired while also asserting his own persona (Thurmond became a Republican and Hollings did not making himself somewhat independent of the senior senator).

With his part of fortune partile Pluto in the second house, Hollings was a natural litigator and debater; he had an argumentative nature that enjoyed besting another, which must had made the Hollings-Thurmond relationship at times strained for him. Luckily, Pluto is trined Saturn on the sixth house cusp, so he had a respect for the elder man which made for soothing balm between them and kept the oil of friendship flowing.

Natal Fritz with Transiting Fritz

The man from Plains: Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter, the United States 39th President, is now our oldest living president since George H. Bush passed away in December. He was born October 1, 1924 in Plains, Georgia at the Wise Sanitarium where his mother was a registered nurse (RN). He attended the Georgia Southwestern College US Naval Academy at Annapolis & Georgia Institute of Technology

Highlights of President Carter’s chart.

  • His ascendant is (HS) 02 Scorpio — ‘a hierophant’ — the deep human need for a spiritual leader who invokes the divine for praise and glory.
  • He pardoned every single conscientious objector from the Vietnam war.
  • He created the Department of Energy (Mars in the fourth) and Education (Pluto in the ninth)
  • He tied American foreign aid to human rights.
  • His Line of Vitality is semisextile.
    • His father died young while his mother, Miss Lillian, lived to a great age.
  • His Line of Efficiency is in opposition.
  • His Line of Motivation is absent.
  • His Line of Culture is inconjunct.
  • He is a fan-handle temperament type similar to JFK.
  • His midheaven is (HS) 10 Leo — a flickering tv monitor — a regular person living in an imperfect world.

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