Our gal Rachael from Guam


Rachael, a friend of ours, recently asked us for some career advice.  We always rectify our clients; chart and for her came up with 29 Pisces, a prism that takes facets of reality and fashions it into a way to measure her potential.

a most famous prism album cover.jpg
A famous prism

The prism, is a dual edged sword for Rachael as it inverts images so that they are not viewed correctly but instead with Jupiter right near her ascendant —  and her focal determinator as the handle of her bucket —   she has the most optimistic view of her problems possible.  Her yod is a handy tool for  offsetting the problem using Liz Greene’s suggestion of the natural sextile of Neptune and Pluto as the base.  This makes the head, as astrologer Joan Kellogg calls it —  at 16 Libra — symbolically a  a boat landing washed ashore — in the seventh house of relationships and opportunities.

In practical terms, this symbol suggests that Rachael needs to take a “respite” from always thinking from her own perspective, instead reaching out of herself and listening to others and valuing their opinions.  Intuitively, Neptune in the Scorpio the house of creative regeneration, coming for astrological advice was a good first step and allows herself to get off the hook and listen to another point of view.

Answering the Question

Libra 16 a boat washed ashore
In our first edition of this essay, we did not write up our response to Rachael -- a major on our part.  Reviewing it, we saw the error and are now correcting it.  

With a new ascendant and thus a new point of view, we looked at Rachael’s career and saw the problem — currently she is in the sales service world, we recommend that she go into the traditional sales world of commodities: housewares, furniture, clothing, lumber and cars. Since she has a preponderance of planets hovering around the sixth house in Virgo we think that hard goods would be a much better fit with her overall active personality.

We constantly review and vet our essays for completeness and accuracy. This one was reviewed on Wednesday, April 3 2019.

Batting Average 1.00 – George Allen Abrams

It is hard to get a stellar batting average of 1.00, but not if you are George Allen Abrams. He did with a single in his only at-bat. Realizing it was all downhill from there, he promptly retired… or at least that’s how we view it. A great stunt if you can afford the job change, and George Abrams chart is all about job changes and timing.

The Cincinnati Reds picked him up for their pitching staff & he had 3 games with them in the 1923 season. He came over from the 1922 Enid Oklahoma Harvesters where he had a 18-5 win record. Our featured image is of the Cincinnati Reds after their 1919 World Series win, Abrams was not on the team.

                            The Abrams Chart

George was born in Seattle, Washington right before the turn of the 20th century on November 9, 1899 at 7:33 Pm. He has two incredible stelliums in his chart.  The first is in the Twelfth House where fixed Scorpio lies,  and the other in mutable of Sagittarius. This makes the planets span from the Twelfth into the First House and start with the willful Sun and close out with persevering Saturn. 

He was born a Bundle with a Neptune handle in the first house, always his own man, but by 1930 when he was between careers, Pluto happened and things changed making him a Prism Temperament Type. His dynamic aptitude is part of the prism structure, and in case Saturn (obviously the Great Depression though possibly a close family death or a vagrancy charge) opposite Neptune made him realize that his happy-go-lucky ways were at end—he had to buckle down and get a career.

Many of his planets are in the Southern hemisphere they are mainly in the fixed quadrature — objects and things not people but Neptune had given him a good eye for remembering trends and nuances, those tell-tale signs that gave a customer, salesman, or opposing batter away. He waited, and watched like Job in the Old Testament, and learned some new skills (Moon in the 9th), but the War interrupted, and so had to wait again.


Abrams was a true mutable. He changed careers, moved around the country several times and then entered the Navy in World War II.  When that stint ended, for twenty-eight years, he was district manager Acushnet Golf Company (owners of Titleist Golf Balls & Clubs) of New Bedford, Massachusetts,   though based in Evanston, Illinois (north of Chicago) his turf was once again the Midwest.

Abrams became an avid golfer Because of his job and interest in ball playing, and retired to Clearwater Florida. He died there in the Morton Plant Hospital on December 5, 1986.  He is buried in Clearwater too,  but that’s about all we know.¹

map of Clearwater peninsula


  1. Lee, B. (2009). The baseball necrology: the post-baseball lives and deaths of more 7,600 major league players and others. Jefferson, NC: McFarland.
  2. Marc Edmund Jones also has a George Abrams listed in his 1000 Nativities in the back of the book “Sabian Symbols” but that fellow was a pugilist.
    1.   During World War II, while in the Navy, the Sabian Abrams played some ball.
    2. Mead, William B. Baseball Goes to War. Washington, D.C: Broadcast Interview Source, 1978.

We vet our site for accuracy.  This one reviewed on October 31, 2020.

Nora no strings attached

Nora, a friend of ours with some of her details are obscured at her request, is a humanist splash temperament type. We chose the pseudonym Nora from Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House.  She was born in Buffalo New York the same day as Elvis Presley, around 10 o’clock in the evening. Her the ascendant of 14 Virgo or a “family tree,” but opposed by her Moon and instead suggests the problems reconciling her individual with her blood ties.

“Our home has been nothing but a playroom. I have been your doll-wife, just as at home I was papa’s doll-child; and here the children have been my dolls”

Nora in Henrick Ibsen’s A Doll’s House

In Splashes, oppositions are important but Nora gets one immediately, with her Piscean Moon opposite her Neptune and Ascendant. Neptune is its its detriment in Virgo, making her critical of family ties and traditions. Instead, she prefers an utopian world where people are united by their own philosophical commonality and not blood and kinship. While her fifth house has a stellium by Capricorn and Aquarius planets break it up, thus blunting its force and desires.

Her Moon is fast, so Nora sees trends but her Mercury lags its Sun so she will often misinterpret their relevance to her life or look for the most bohemian, and not the most lucrative, interpretation she can find.

Venus, for her daughters in the 5th, is in Aquarius and so instead of warm bonds based on maternal concern, area relationship to which she is cooly indifferent — the mother and daughters have little in common and so it strains their relationship. Her North Node is right next to her Venus so if she applies herself, she will get her ambition because she has good organisational skills, but with the South Node in Leo next to Pluto, her strong ego has to be tamed if she wants to get along with others, or succeed in her chosen field.

Still the he e South Node – Pluto battle of the wills is rough on her; she realizes she needs others for companionship, for business, her children (in opposition) but resents whatever they give her and belittles them in return ( Moon opposite Pluto) because she resents the need. She does not like being dependent on anyone, and her old age shows despite those desires she will have to be (Uranus in Aries in the 8th).

With nothing in her 7th house but Pisces’s cool rays, she got married because it was convenient, not from love and devotion; divorce was inevitable as Jupiter trine’s it from the 3rd, and chances are she will another through school or friends.

The best advice we can give Nora it if strings are attached, and typically in everything there are some, it is best that use Admiral Farragut’s advice and “Damn the torpedoes” and go it alone because whatever she gets, she will eventually lose (Uranus is the focal determinator in Scorpio). If that means using her own resources, Mars in the 2nd house in Libra suggests that while she hates to part with them, she should, and not be beholden to anyone. She and they will be happier that way.

We have updated this essay to reflect Nora’s revised Ascendant of 16 Virgo; previously it was Virgo 03. This page was updated on 19 August 2018 for the missing photos.

Orson Welles

The popular takes is that George Orson Welles  has an ascendant of Gemini 26 but looking at that chart, we saw nothing spectacular that supported that idea, so we rectified it to 24 Taurus making it conjunct his Mercury and Sun.  Now with a good preponderance in the tenth house and Aquarius the boy wonder comes to life.

His father was a inventor and his mother, a concert pianist.  He was named after two friends of the family, George Ade and Orson Wells.  When he was thirteen years old his father Richard committed suicide and made Maurice Bernstein, an orthopedic surgeon based in Chicago, his guardian.  Some of this gets replayed in Welles’ Citizen Kane that is half autobiographical and half a jab at Randolph Hearst, where Mr. Bernstein  still  makes his appearance as Charles Foster Kane’s  wearily  ignored and bespeckled advisor  — we did Everett Sloane’s chart earlier.

Transpluto ruled by Taurus is in the third house is next to Neptune highlighting his deep luxuriant voice,  his powerful presence and versatility.  With his Venus and Mars are closely allied in the twelfth house and sextile his Uranus and Moon, we find a natural yod with its head right at Venus — Orson, and it was not just in Citizen Kane,  had a serious problem with her tendency to acquire beautiful women (the beautiful Rita Hayworth was his second wife; his third was an Italian actress Paola Mori) and things and a gluttonous appettite for them all.

True to his Taurean rising, Welles was fairly easy going  until something provoked him, typically not getting his own way, and he raged like a caged bull and his voice bellowed, rang and shook the foundations with everyone running for cover.  Such is the anger of Taurus that few forget it.

Jupiter in the eleventh highlights his incredible versatility as actor, playwright, choreographer and director and then later as spokesman and of course that Uranus right near his midheaven was the incredible genius in his Mercury Theatre and broadcast on Halloween 1938 of War of the Worlds that shook people up so much, that they ran from the houses believing we had been invaded from Mars.

orson welles.png

Welles is a bowl temperament type, heavily tilted to the eastern pulling everything he could from his experiences and making it a resource.  True to his astrological geometry, he admitted in several interviews, he never listened to anyone — much to his later regret. He died a pauper in a destitute part of L.A.; but he left a grand legacy.

Balanchine’s Mel Tomlinson

Rectified with 9:15 birth time for Raleigh, North Carolina. Previously unknown.


Mel A. Tomlinson, a ballet dancer of powerful, regal demeanor and one of the few performers to star with three major companies — Dance Theater of Harlem, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and New York City Ballet — died on Feb. 5 in Huntersville, N.C. He was 65. Twenty years ago he had had AIDS and was in and out of the hospital for three years before eventually getting admitted to the House of Mercy AIDS hospice in Belmont, N.C., in 1998: he made a full recovery. While there he became a phlebotomist and earned a doctorate in theology. Up until his hospitalization, just before Christmas 2018, he delivered services using American Sign Language at St. Paul Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C.

Mel Tomlinson and unknown ballerina


“It was like watching him dance,” Ms. Claudia Folts a long time friend who collaborated with Mr. Tomlinson on his 2018 memoir, “Beyond My Dreams,” said. “It was all his hands and his face, and it was just beautiful. It was like he got to perform every week.”

Mel got a unicycle for a Christmas gift from Santa when he was 9 and loved it. He was one of six siblings, and his parents did not have the money to spare on dance lessons, so Mel had neither a formal training in acrobatics or gymnastics, but was the sports mascot of his high school. A local ballet teacher saw one of his halftime performances and offered him free classes that he gladly accepted. He was spotted by the choreographer Agnes George de Mille (her uncle was film director Cecil B.) who initially turned him down stating that there was no place in her repertoire for a black dancer, but changed her mind after Mel refused to accept that defeat and continued auditioning. Eventually, Miss de Mille hired him for her Heritage Dance Theater.

Chart Highlights:

  • Mr. Tomlinson has Mars in Scorpio, creative fulfillment, in the ninth house of higher calling and travel.
  • Mars + Saturn are sextile the preponderance in the eleventh house of Capricorn showing the great strides he made with the public and his ability to overcome preconceived notions of ballet stars.
  • His ascendant at 13 Aquarius is a tad wide for Pluto knocking on the seventh house, but if we consider it, we see his transformative ability of marrying his personality with his jobs that supports the above.
  • Jupiter in Gemini in the fourth suggests that he came from a large family and really loved the dynamic of it. It is sextile his Pluto and thus highlighting another transformation he made was making coworkers friends i.e. Ms. Folts.
  • His Moon is on the eleventh house cusp showing that his career was tied to how well he was publicly received.
  • While his ascendant is in Aquarius, Uranus in Cancer in the fifth shows how when his legs gave out from ill, the hands (rules by Cancer) became a new form of dance for him. Trine his Mars and Saturn in the ninth house, it worked for him on several levels and showed his ability to conquer whatever hurdle life threw at him with great equanimity.
  • Libra rules the kidneys and pancreas in the eighth house of death where Neptune resides. It is squared Uranus in the fifth and then again the stellium in the eleventh suggestive of problems with waste disposal. True enough, Neptune is opposite the TransNeptunian planet Hades at Taurus 02 (out of quadrature) and square Pluto highlighting this health problem.
    • Mr. Tomlinson died of pancreatic cancer
Natal Chart with Tranneptunians and asteroids.

#J62 Men, Alcohol and Tallulah Bankhead

                “My father warned me about men and alcohol; he said nothing about women and cocaine.”  …………………. Tallulah Bankhead

There was always some suspicion about Ms. Bankhead’s sexual preference, but with her Ascendant of 21 Virgo opposite Pallas in Pisces on the seventh house cusp, we have do doubt that one of her most famous quotes, was dead to rites.  she was born in Huntsville, Alabama on January 31, 1902 — she often lied and said 1906 — and died in Chestertown, Maryland on December 12, 1968

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