Pope defrocks McCarrick

Theodore McCarrick’s natal chart and the announcement of his defrocking is striking its five oppositions — a strong chart showing the “Splash” Temperament” and how his actions affected every part of his life — public, private, social, environment and career.

benedict and mccarrick

You can read the announcement from the New York Times, which time and place we used for the mundane (outer) chart.

As we commented in his natal writeup, McCarrick’s focal determinator is Saturn located in the third squared by the Moon, suggestive of an older man abusing his privilege of father figure.

mcccarrick and john paul.jpg

The outer mundane chart of the announcement shows Jupiter in mutable Sagittarius as the focal determinator, depicting how many strong voices of his constituency, rose up against him; Saturn is semi-sextile away hidden in the twelfth in between Venus and Pluto, ostensibly showing his encloisterment in a nunnery.

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Running with Steve “Pre” Prefontaine


Steve Roland “Pre” Prefontaine was born on January 25, 1951 in Coos Bay, Oregon. His father Raymond, was a welder and his mother Elfriede,  a seamstress, both Mars ruled careers  He was 5 feet 8 inches tall & about  140 pounds.

Pre hit the running world  with his bronde hair flying in the wind behind him like winged Pegasus when he broke the 2-mile high school record with 8:41 seconds.  Not to be undaunted, he continued breaking records in his freshman year at the University of Oregon at Eugene and was the first athlete to win the track title four years running.

                                                                        Boasting Speed

An arrogant personality (Mars near the Ascendant) Pre  usually lived up to his boasts. He disdained the runners who lurked in the back waiting for a  sprint, and so set  very fast paces, trying to burn off the sprinters.   At the same time, in the horse racing world Secretariat the Derby winner, was doing the same at the race track, and the two became immortalized as “speed runners.”

Before the 1972 Olympic 5K, he claimed he would ” go out at world record pace, and then pick it up with a mile to go”. This did not happen, but instead sat on a slow pace for 2 miles and then began a sustained pace increase that forced the field to run the final 1,600 metres at 4-minute pace, but in the final straight he lost.

His full record is over here at the Sport-Reference site.

By the time he reposed, Pre was American record holder at every distance from 2,000 metres to 10K. He is memorialized by the Prefontaine Classic meet in Eugene. Two movies have been made of his life, and a short biography was written by Tom Jordan, simply entitled Pre. It’s available on Alibris for under $7.00.

                                                       Charting Pre

We have rectified Pre’s chart to 06 Aquarius, HS “Superior Creatures from another world.” Pre’s chart has Mars conjunct his Venus that is partile his first house cusp (remembering we using the Morins’s house system and so the ascendant and first house are not united), depicting his mother’s strong support of her only son, but also shows his strong independence  and love of freedom — that is picked up and redoubled elsewhere in his chart — as his mode of expression.

He has one opposition in his chart from Uranus at 07 Cancer to Mercury at 12 Capricorn that is Cardinal Negative because it is separating.  While it does depict his  his efficient ruling style, it also shows his brusque manner of dealing with people and how his arrogance was often offputting.

Uranus in the fifth, gave him a creative electricality that was almost a  halo around him and many chanted and wore t-shirts saying just “Pre.”  Uranus is  trine Mars in the first house at 04 Pisces  showing his “iron horse” durability and manual adroitness and dexterity.  This also bestows an exceptional tactile memory.

Pre also has a Cardinal grand trine in chart, showing running was his way of breaking away,  and while not elementally based does hint that challenging the running world at large was all part of his great thrill of experience.

Pre is like most runners we have reviewed is “air based” with little fire: the wind against his skin, his long hair flying helped with his “runner’s high.” In the Sabian Symbols his ascendant at 05 Aquarius is opposite that of Leo 6  warning  of “rock formations at the edge of a precipice.”

Unfortunately that was true as Pre died all too young at 24 drunk behind the wheel after having hit a curb on a hill and rolled over in his MG.  As would be the case with Neptune in the eighth house, it was shock to all, but his chart suggests, not to Pre.

We constantly vet our essays for completeness and factualness.  This was revised on February 27 2019.

Defrocking Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

Theodore McCarrick was an Archbishop Emeritus of Newark New Jersey and part of the College of Cardinals that elected the current pope.

“The story ” related by a priest to Rod Dreher of the American Conservative and author of how Dante Can Save your Life, was that “McCarrick had a habit of compelling seminarians to share his bed for cuddling”.   These allegations did not involve sexual molestation, but were clearly unwanted sexual harassment. To refuse the archbishop’s bedtime entreaties would be to risk your future as a priest was the priest’s inference.

                                                   Mapping McCarrick

His father died when he was 3 years old of tuberculosis and he was raised by his mother in the Bronx, where he was born on July 7 1930. His birthtime is unpublished, but we have pegged him at slightly after midnight and gave him a 01 Aries rising.

His chart shows no AIR — headless actions –with a Grand Trine in Fire rather aggressive and impetuous. The setup is a Splash temperament type with an strong preponderance in the fourth house of Cancer because he does have a strong opposition from Mercury to Saturn in the tenth. Saturn is exalted there, in its essential tenth house and found in Capricorn.  

Near the midheaven, this setup suggests that he was well liked by older established men in the Church hierarchy. His Part of Fortune is in the eighth house that shows a strong upward momentum in his career but is marked by the ruler of Scorpio opposing it from the second. Here we see that the greater his ambitions the less he was checked in his appetites and with Mars in Taurus gives him a strong propensity for easy pickings in familiar surroundings.

It is an interesting chart for if was consider the Ascendant and Descendant as points, we get a Grand Square, though notice that McCarrick has no overt oppositions,  and thus does not have a natural disposition, making his Grand Square hidden and lurking under the surface.

                                 Do the transits expose McCarrick?

To see if our idea is correct, about the hidden grand square, let’s go fast forward to the date of Dreher article on June 20 2018. It came out on the heels of an allegation that the Cardinal sexually abused a teenage altar boy 47 years ago while serving as a priest in New York. The 60 year old man said that the priest had been a friend of the family and was called “Uncle Ted”.   The boy had been baptized by the newly minted priest at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Tenafly, New Jersey in June 1958.  

The abuse lasted nearly twenty years.

I don’t know where the American Conservative is published so we are setting the place for Newark were McCarrick served. Here in the transiting chart with McCarrick’s natal chart within the bi-wheel, we see that the hidden Grand Square becomes manifest, this time just using the Ascendant as the only point in the chart.

Marc Jones did not use the Ascendant for anything other than to pin down the all important first house of “Identity”, but plenty of other astrologers did like Vivian Robson, Charles Carter, and Alan Leo, and we agree with the British group finding that its absence in a chart often does not uncover as much information  as when it is used.

The two Saturns are almost exact, suggesting how long this took to be uncovered and perhaps McCarrick suffered from living too long. Saturn is squared the transiting Moon at 30 Scorpio that highlights this dramatic point in his life — the old lion honored and well respected suddenly has his worst fears “uncovered” by his subordinates (sixth house rules servants and underlings). It gets worse.

That Moon is now square 04 Jupiter in Cancer (many people) and 30 Gemini in the third, demanding justice and retribution because of McCarrick’s hypocrisy. But it’s a transiting chart and that means that this was going on, or could be for many others, how do we know that this is pertinent towards him? First transiting Saturn at 07 partile Natal Saturn at 08 both conjunct his Midheaven at 01. Second, everything goes rounds the circle at meets once again at his Ascendant 01 Aries, a seal rising up to embrace a nude bather.

McCarrick and “nephew” in 1973 at the boy’s family home in Teaneck. The embrace is ironic considering McCarrick’s ascendant.  The picture is from the family archives.  The boy was then 15.  It is very unusual for a man to hold his son at the waist, that is typically for husband and wife.  More typical would be a father embracing him at the shoulders, as though to infer, a beloved pat for a job well done.

The Ascendant for the transiting chart, highlighted in yellow at the bottom is opposite the twin Saturn’s on top showing public exposure,and conjunct his natal Sun. There is no doubt that the transits were pinpointing just one person right then, and it was Theodore Edgar McCarrick.

                                              The Vatican Response

A month later, on July 28, 2018, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of the Cardinal and ordered him to a “life of prayer and penance.” The pope officially suspended the cardinal from the exercise of any public ministry after receiving his resignation letter Friday evening and demanded that the prelate remain in seclusion “until the accusations made against him are examined in a regular canonical trial.”

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has not responded to calls for broader reform since the allegations against Cardinal McCarrick were made public.

The president of the conference, Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo, released a statement saying that the pope’s acceptance of the resignation “reflects the priority the Holy Father places on the need for protection and care for all our people and the way failures in this area affect the life of the Church in the United States.” We can only pray that is true.

We constantly vet our posts for accuracy whether it be in grammar, typos or fact.  This one was revised on February 19 2019.

C337 Calvin Maduro flies with the Orioles

Calvin Maduro was born September 5, 1974 in the Dutch Antilles, the island of Aruba, is not by anything we could find, related to the dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro — admittedly, it was a long shot but we felt an interesting one.

Calvin is six feet tall, bats right, throws right and was a pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles. His legal residence is in Glen Burnie, Maryland, though since retirement how much time he is there is questionable, as he is now a scout for the team. As a pitcher, his stats are unimpressive — 10 wins and 19 loses: his ERA (earned run average) was an abysmal 5.78.

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