#220 Jackie Coogan aka The Kid is Uncle Fester

John Leslie Coogan (October 26, 1914 – March 1, 1984) was an American actor and comedian who began his movie career as a child actor in Charlie Chaplin’s film classic The Kid (1921).  This made him one of the first child stars in film history.

Later on he sued his mother and stepfather over his squandered film earnings and provoked California to enact the first known legal protection for the earnings of child performers, widely known as the Coogan Act. Coogan continued to act throughout his life, later earning renewed fame in middle age portraying Uncle Fester in the Addams Family.
koch coogan.png

Last week I went to a seminar on Chiron by Brad Kochunas at SOTA in Cheektowaga, New York.  He gave the history of Chiron from its astronomical discovery to its astrological descriptions showing how originally it was supposed to mean “maverick” and then someone with the advent of Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, both coming out the year before, changed that to “culture changer.”

I had to agree with Kochunas that the amount of ideas, names and identities to Chiron is mind boggling and often stymies me as well on how to use him, but “culture changer,” or “breaker” rang home for the next slide was the album Never Mind the Bollocks by Johnny Rotten and I remembered how the 70’s had an ongoing rivalry between Poco, the Allman Brothers,  and the Eagles vs. Ramones,  and the Sex Pistols & the Clash.  Of course it was not that simple, there was Disco and Saturday Night Fever that perhaps influenced Close Encounters and all the coloured lights, but that was really another venue and not a major change in pop music.


Looking at Jackie Coogan’s chart, it is very noticeable that Chiron, our culture maker-breaker is right on his first house conjunct his Ascendant in Koch format.  The time is from Elbert Benjamine and the Church of Light via Coogan’s mother.  The other on Astro.com is at 3:00 pm; we are going with Mom.
His Grand Trine does not fit the typical quadruplicity rules: the sun is fixed water in Scorpio, Uranus is in its Lord in fixed air in Aquarius but Pluto (also not discovered until Coogan started his petition on September 26 1936) is in cardinal water in the fourth house, sort of suggesting that he woke up and got that trine active.  Coogan is a Splay temperament type.

Zain notes:

  1. In 1919 Jackie gamed fame playing the Kid in Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid.   His Sun is square Uranus RX in the 5th and Mercury is conjunct Mars in different houses, Mars in creative Scorpio and Mercury in his higher calling of Sagittarius showing he will suffer some hard knocks as he matures.
  2. 1925 At 11 years of age, Jackie left the movies for ten years.  He has Sun square Jupiter RX and Venus sextile Jupiter RX.
  3. In 1937, now 23, Jackie went on a vaudeville tour.  Venus transiting conjunct Venus RX.
  4. Next year, May 15 1938, Jackie sued without avail mother and stepfather for an accounting of the money he had earned.  Venus is the Court conjunct Venus natal, Mercury in the 2nd, square Uranus Rx.
  5. He won on appeal in 1939 and the Coogan Law was put into effect to protect figure young actors from finding themselves in the same situations as Jackie.  Unfortunately this edition of the law was flawed.

  1. It was not until 2000, nearly twenty years after Chiron was discovered, that the Coogan Law was updated that 15% of all minor’s earning must be set aside in a blocked trust account commonly called the Coogan account.

#J13 Robert Seymour Bridges, poet

In Autumn Moonlight

In autumn moonlight, when the white air wan
Is fragrant in the wake of summer hence,
‘Tis sweet to sit entranced, and muse thereon
In melancholy and godlike indolence:
When the proud spirit, lull’d by mortal prime
To fond pretence of immortality,
Vieweth all moments from the birth of time,
All things whate’er have been or yet shall be.
And like the garden, where the year is spent,
The ruin of old life is full of yearning,
Mingling poetic rapture of lament
With flowers and sunshine of spring’s sure returning;
Only in visions of the white air wan
By godlike fancy seized and dwelt upon.

Bridges was Britain’s poet laureate from the years of 1913 until 1930 when he reposed.  He worked with a phoneticist to develop a unique poetic style, and also a theory of elision based on John Milton’s Paradise Lost.  Elision is an important rhetorical took in poetry, and depend of course upon sound, but at the final vowel where two sounds elide into each other much like they do in Classical Latin.  Thus a vowel or syllable can be suppressed  for the sake of meter or euphony.
bridges main.png

A medical man turned poet

Like the Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, Bridges started out as a physician, but at age 40 he changed careers and never looked back.  He was born on October 23, 1844 in Walmer, Kent, England at 10:49 am according to Marc Jones.  We found that time a bit fast and rectified it to 10:37 AM giving him 13 Sagittarius Rising or a “widows past brought to light.”

This Sabian symbol is suggestive of one’s agony as they support others while not taking his own advice.  The keyword is Rectification, which is what Bridges did when he finally did when the physician decided once and for all, to “heal thyself.”  Once he started on that path, he found success and became Britain’s  Poet Laureate.   His daughter was also a poet.

Bridges is a see-saw showing the two parts of his life that fought for his attention, his very public southern life as a doctor and his private life as a poet.  The lord of his ascendant is Jupiter, found in Gemini hinting at the lung problems that would fell him later on.

It is also square asteroid Shakespeare on the sixth house cusp putting stress on a weak point until eventually the break of his see-saw becomes complete he realizes that his childhood love of harmony (asteroid Child conjunct Venus) sextile asteroid Poesy cannot be denied.  Indeed, Bridges “rectifies himself” and becomes a poet.

It should not have been a surprise. While asteroid Hippocrates (the father of medicine) is wedded to Juno and his work, it is also inconjunct Jupiter and the Moon in the fourth — there were probably tell tale signs that his health was not all it was thought and since Jupiter is trine Poesy, and semisextile Polyhymnia he had always enjoyed the poetical muse.

 The lilac vertical dotted line has asteroid Poesy opposite this Part of Fortune at 10.34 Taurus, shows his reluctance to embrace his life’s work because he saw it as a “Red Cross nurse” and could no longer idealize that  Neptune  via its sextile to Vesta was not taking its toll from the long hard hours he was putting in as a medic.

Nonetheless, Shakespeare and opposing Pallas were forcing Jupiter at 25.15 Pisces to surrender and “fly its flag at half mast”  and admit defeat.  Eventually he did and the change was wrought and the heavens sighed relief.


The Hill Pines Were Sighing

The hill pines were sighing,
O’ercast and chill was the day:
A mist in the valley lying
Blotted the pleasant May.
But deep in the glen’s bosom
Summer slept in the fire
Of the odorous gorse-blossom
And the hot scent of the brier.
A ribald cuckoo clamoured,
And out of the copse the stroke
Of the iron axe that hammered
The iron heart of the oak.
Anon a sound appalling,
As a hundred years of pride
Crashed, in the silence falling;
And the shadowy pine-trees sighed.




Tripp Palin-Johnston son of Bristol

There was an article in the New York Post today about Dakota Meyer’s poor treatment of his stepson, so I was interested in the boy’s chart.  He was born at 5:30 am in Palmer Alaska on December 27, 2008, making him 10 years old at his next birthday. His ascendant is 15 Scorpio, or “children playing around five mounds of sand,” rather apropos as he is the only boy in the Johnston-Palin household; he has four younger sisters, Breeze, Indy, Sailor and Atlee.

He is the only boy for Palin and Johnston who among them have 4 girls (2nd house Jupiter conjunct Mercury).Trip Palin.jpg

His chart supports his mother, Bristol Palin-Meyer’s comment that he is a sensitive child that was upset by Meyer’s lack of communication during and after the divorce because of the large preponderance of Saturn in his chart, that is also his focal determinator and handle of his bundle-bucket.  Ms. Palin-Meyer  did mention that his biological father, Levi Johnston, was now stepping up the plate and getting more interested in the boy which can only be a good thing for such an introvert.

We wish him and his extended family all the best.

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