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Everett Sloane was in many movies in his career but he is best known as Mr. Bernstein in Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane.  He was the eldest of three children born to Nathaniel Isadore Sloane, an insurance broker and cotton merchant, and  Rose Gerstein, from Boston on October 1, 1909.    We have rectified his ascendant to 14 Libra for a birth time of 6:26 AM in Manhattan, New York City.

He started out as a Wall Street  “runner” working at $17 a week and did well but the stock market crash of 1929 ended that career and so he turned to radio. From there he got some Broadway parts and was sighted by Welles and invited over to Mercury Theatre where his career took off.   He married Lillian Herman (1912-1989) in 1933 and had two children, Nathaniel and Erika.  He committed suicide by barbiturate poisoning on August 6, 1965.

                                                 The Map of Sloane

Mr. Sloane is a Splash temperament type, giving him a mutable — people oriented — disposition despite his Cardinal Grand Cross and his lack of conjunctions in his chart.  His Ascendant at 14 Libra makes him a great imitator (on radio he played Adolf Hitler) particularly for political figures (Vesta in the third house).

Neptune in the Tenth highlights how his eventual career while by on the silvery screen particularly as it is opposite Uranus in the fourth, the ruler of the tenth house, suggesting that colour may not be his forte as much as black and white.  This is supported by Saturn in the seventh house, also suggesting that he may play older or harsh characters.  It is rather ironic that Mercury in Libra is in the first house, as he made his name in the Mercury Theatre.sloane suicide.png

His suicide is tied up with his sixth house of work and labour where Mars at 29 Pisces near the cusp on the seventh house, and semi sextile Capricorn, how important his work was to him.
download the Everett Sloane chart here.
The only asteroid-planet that points to his problem with eyesight is Apollon at 25 Leo in the eleventh that is inconjunct Saturn in Aries, suggesting that ageing will would be difficult for him, especially as Apollon is sextile Mercury at 28 Libra in the first.

Titanic – Where's the Captain? Venus in Aries


The Titanic, a ship that needs no explanation, struck an iceberg at 10:25 PM on April 14, 1912.  It sent out a CQD message via the Marconi wireless at that time.  Why a CQD?  Because in 1904, the Marconi company suggested the use of “CQD” for a distress signal & established it on February 1 of that year when Marconi Company issued Circular No. 57.  A strict interpretation would be “All stations, Distress.”

Harold S. Bride in his Marconi uniform.

There were U.S. Senate hearings following the Titanic disaster, everyone eager to learn from this debacle.

“Is CQD in itself composed of the first letter of three words, or merely a code, ”  Senator William Smith asked Mr. Harold Bride, the surviving wireless operator.

 Mr. Harold Sydney Bride responded, “Merely a code call sir.”

Mr. Guglielmo Marconi himself then testified about the code stating  “[CQD] is a conventional signal introduced originally by my company to express a state of danger or peril of the ship that sends it.”

The now prevalent, SOS — Save our Ship — came about the Titanic as the US Senatorial Committee found Marconi guilty for delay.

First Event:  Titanic Hits Icebergtitanic + iceberg.png

As our featured image states, the Titanic issued a CQD at 10:25 on April 14th about 300 miles off the coast of Newfoundland; we are using Saint John’s for the location, though of course, that is technically wrong.   But it does give us the Ascendant of 06 Sagittarius, A Game of Cricket, that Dr. Jones writes is about man’s insatiable desire to refine and strengthen every last potentiality and his need to gain understanding.

                                         Wining and Dining

As an Ascendant 05.49 Sagittarius “A Game of Cricket” may seem wildly amiss for this particularly moment in time, but stopping to ponder the symbol for a bit, that may be more apropos than first realized.  Firstly, Sagittarius as a sign needs to understand the whole picture before acting, if it is playing the Cricket, the players may like being interrupted to deal with what they consider nonessentials.

So it seems to us viewing the chart and checking the relevant historical data.  Some naval historians have felt that the first CQD call made at 10:26 was late in the game, because of these comments from Bride far earlier.

At 7.30pm a fourth Iceberg  message was received.  Bride said he delivered it to the bridge. This message was from the Leyland liner Californian (call sign MWL) to the Antillian (MJL; Captain Japha) of the same line. It read:

“To Captain, Antillian, 6.30pm apparent ship’s time; lat. 42° 3’ N., long. 49° 9’ W. Three large bergs five miles to southward of us. Regards — Lord.”

Bride does not remember to what officer he delivered this message. A final ice warning was received at 9.40pm from the Mesaba of the Atlantic Transport Line (call sign MMV, Captain Clark):

“From Mesaba to Titanic and all east-bound ships. Ice report in lat. 42° N to 41° 25’ N., long. 49° to long. 50° 30’ W. Saw much heavy pack ice and great number large icebergs. Also field ice. Weather good, clear.”

Who knows what happened.  The Moon had been in the 3rd Quarter on April 9th; the new Moon was not to rise for another five days, so at 10 pm the sky was dark and Captain Smith apparently could not see what they hit,.  Perhaps he postponed issuing a call while he tended to his ship.  Maybe he thought while they may have hit an Iceberg, that it knocked about and cause some engine problem or just disbelieved that anything to could happen to her.

We think that the last possibility is what doomed the ship as the messages came in around the dinner hour & the Captain was holding sway at the “Captains Table,” socializing.  We say this  because Chiron at 9.33 in the Third House with intercepted Pisces is square the Part of Fortune at 12.36 Scorpio in the Eleventh House — that’s a lot of networking and kibbitzing.  We also think that perhaps this was his typical behaviour at the dinner hour, because the Titanic was on automatic pilot and did not need a helmsman and so like the guests on the ship, he was having a good time.


The Ascendant in a mutable house is not helped by the opposing Pluto at  28 Gemini, A man declared bankrupt.  Here we plainly see that a lot of time, dithering about how this could have happened instead of preparing for the worst was squandered.


It has been remarked that most of the Titanic’s lifeboats were unused as many felt that the ship would “be right,” and they would hold steady because the Captain did not present a clear enough picture of the seriousness or urgency of the matter at hand.  With those thoughts, and considering the RMS Carpathia helmed by Captain Arthur Henry Rostron came to the rescue just an hour after the Titanic sunk, time was of the essence.

The two oppositions find their outlet in a T-Square ending at Venus in Aries 04.  The symbol here is Holly and Mistletoe, but Venus is in its detriment & gets the unfortunate meaning of a “complete obsession with superficialities. “

Venus typically is a cohesive force in the zodiac; where ever it is found it tends to like hoard and acquire more of those affairs, but in its detriment, it loses focus and goes into a panic mode tending towards denial, procrastination, and disordered thinking.

In the Titanic chart that detriment was lethal found in the fourth house — end of life issues.  Conjunct the Moon in the third house at 26 Pisces the combination T-Square Venus-Moon conjunction led to panic and large-scale fear.

A Translation of Fire

Mars, the traditional ruler of Aries, plays into this scenario in a translation of light, receiving back from enthusiastic, but disorganized, Jupiter via its conjunction to opportunistic Pluto in the Seventh public house.

It hints here at parlaying and bartering for equipment — life jackets which there were too few and seats on life boats which the crew forgot.  Found in watery Cancer one can see the emotional terror come to a realization as the finality of Death enters the scene.  Panic, frenzy, and disorder run amuck in this locomotive temperament type.

The Titanic Sinks off the coast of Newfoundland

The mighty Titanic, the largest vessel ever built to date, sank three hours after its distress call at 2:26 Newfoundland Time on April 15, 1912.  It went down quickly because of its massive heft. American Heritage Magazine, now online, has a wonderful essay on how bedecked the great ship was, complete with a solarium, swimming pools and gyms. You can read that here.

Easter had been celebrated aboard the ship a week earlier on April 7th, as the big ship was close to its New York destination, spirits were high. But at 11:40 a big black boulder in the middle of the ocean was spotted and the midshipman knew it was trouble. Clang-Clang-Clang three bells “Iceberg ahead and despite the frigid weather, it was 0 Celsius, or 32 Fahrenheit, on deck, the waters had white caps. Everyone scurried.

 Down below, the rhythm of the engines sounded faster and surer than ever. Three new boilers had been lighted that morning in preparation for Monday’s speed trials, and the ship was knifing through the sea at about 22 knots.

American Heritage Magazine, Maiden Voyage by Walter Lord, issue December 1955.

In both Titanic movies, the Bandmaster took control of the panic, alleviated the dismay with song.  He chose fittingly, Hold Me Up in Mighty Waters, ” though according to survivor Mr. Harold Bride many thought it was the ironic “Nearer My God to Thee.”  The song, is actually titled “Autumn ” and occurs in the Anglican hymn book.  It can be heard here on Youtube from the eponymous Broadway musical.  Here are the words to sing along.

God of mercy and compassion!
Look with pity on my pain;
Hear a mournful, broken spirit
Prostrate at Thy feet complain;
Many are my foes, and mighty;
Strength to conquer I have none;
Nothing can uphold my goings,.
But Thy blessed Self alone.

Savior, look on Thy beloved,
Triumph over all my foes;
Turn to heavenly joy my mourning.,
Turn to gladness all my woes;
Live or die, or work or suffer.
Let my weary soul abide,
In all changes whatsoever,
Sure and steadfast by Thy side.

When temptations fierce assault me,
When my enemies I find,
Sin and guilt, and death and Satan,
All against my soul combined;
Hold me up in mighty waters,
Keep my eyes on things above,
Righteousness, divine Atonement,
Peace, and everlasting Love.

The Final Titanic Chart

Was the bandmaster correct that music would calm the savage beast of angst?  A glimpse at the final chart suggests Yes,  as Pluto and Mars become subdued by the trio of the Sun, Mercury and Saturn.  The apex is now at Jupiter showing Courage swept the decks and the head of the Yod, see below in lilac, lays in the Fourth house of end of life.

Inkedtitanic sinks_LI

Thanks to the Bandleader and his belief in the power of music, things aboard the vessel transformed from mayhem, dread and fear to a more peaceful attitude.    The Ascendant at 02.58 Aquarius has the symbol of a “Deserter from the Navy,”  and the keyword of Defiance, which sounds more appropriate for the previous hours, but as we read further, comes the suggestion of “Genuine psychological courage.  “

Despite early misgivings, we are assured, that the passengers aboard the greatest embodiment of human engineering and ship-building skill to date, rose to the final challenge, reminding us of the original Titans, a race of giants, sons of Heaven and Earth, who were hurled into the abyss for daring to challenge the great god Zeus (Jupiter on the map and part of our Yod).  Like their forerunners, our Titans found themselves submerged beneath Neptune and became mythic.²

Neptune is at 22 Cancer, the mighty waters of the sea, in the Sixth House of works and labour.  From what we have seen, the works of the lax Captain caused the wreck.  Cancer’s Lord is the Moon found next to vain Venus on the Second House Cusp and opposite the South Node — that karmic herald — reminding us that he who trusts in vanity, emptiness is his reward.¹


  1. Job 15.31 Let him not trust in a worthless speech. He leads only himself astray, and emptiness will be his reward.
  2. Sepharial (Robert Cross), Cosmic Symbolism, London: William Rider & Son, Ltd. 8 Paternoster Row, c. 1912

#J118 The IT Girl, Clara Bow

Clara Bow, age 22 and Gary Cooper, at 26 in this popular flick.

Making IT

Clara Bow was the silent screen sensation. With her heart shaped face, and ability to flex into any emotion she was the hottest property in Hollywood. Sensual and brash she seemed to embody the heartbeat of the Roaring Twenties and like Jennifer Aniston nearly ninety years later, everyone copied her heart cut, shearing their locks and bobbing their hair. She was IT — the look of the Modern Woman.

Born in Brooklyn, New York City on July 29, 1905 to Robert and Sarah (nee Gordon)  Bow.   She was the third child born to them, at her uncle’s, a Methodist minister, house at 697 Bergen Street; their  first two girls, Alene and Emily, dying shortly after birth.  The parents expected the same of her, so they never registered her birth.

We have rectified her chart to 8:20 AM giving her a 18 Virgo Ascendant that is called a “diamond in the rough,”   alluding to her working-class background and strong Brooklyn accent of which she was ashamed; she had little formal school beyond grammar school , though Mr. Stenn notes that she was a solid B+ student, but spoke mainly in Brooklyn slang calling herself “Jes a woikin’ goil”.

Her father has a sketchy work history, it was said “he lacked drive” and was a “tart man” ¹who  moved his family all around the borough, from Carroll Park and Bergen Street to Bay Ridge and 73rd and even out of Sheepshead Bay and Flatbush  most of these areas very rural and scarcely populated, a major reason chosen because of their remoteness from  Spanish flu epidemic.  Mainly though, she grew up on 160 Sands Street that was then the  Brooklyn equivalent of the Bowery.

fame and fortune
Fame and fortune, was the siren call of Motion Picture Classic Magazine that lured many a poor girl to Hollywood.  This is the  advertisement from Brewster Publications “Motion Picture Classics” that Clara answered.

Her ruler Moon found in the tenth and part of her “Boomerang” aspect, discovered by Joan McEvers,  [fmn] The same McEvers of the quintessential March McEvers books called, “The Only Way to Learn Astrology,” that in turn, though barely mentioned by the ladies, are supreme plaudits to Marc Jones’s work. when two planets are semisextile a middle third which in turn is opposite the fourth. 

Key to the Boomerang is the outer two planets, in Clara’s chart the Sun and Jupiter are inconjunct the opposing planet, Uranus which makes her inner drive get outer applause, as this configuration heightens the native’s middle  planet’s (Sun 02 Cancer 54) talents that in turn plays off the highly integrated opposing-inconjunct Uranus. 

Barbara Watters in her Sex and the Outer Planets says that these people have a “primal” sensuality that is hard to deny; while the Sun and Moon semisquare  make her appealing to the public, the Jupiter in its essential house though in Gemini make her a target of gossip and innuendo by those around her. Enthralled by Fatty Arbuckle and Mary Pickford, Clara wanted to make pictures, her Mars in the third house just couldn’t be denied, but as her mother disapproved saying that they were all “who ers”, Clara hid her dream.  Her sixth grade school teacher (another aspect of Jupiter in the ninth) thought she had talent and secretly nurtured it,  helping Clara get parts in several school plays.  The pay off a came when at sixteen in 1921, she entered the “Fame and Fortune Contest” sponsored by a Brooklyn company called Brewster Publications,. The top prize a “place in pictures”; she hid the entry from her suspicious mother who was adamantly trying to stop this foolhardiness.

She won having spent hours imitating Pickford in front of the mirror so could repeat for her screen test the most popular Silent Screen Star of tohe the time. By the time she was twenty-two she had eclipsed her mentor. F. Scott Fitzgerald penned about our Clara

“She was the girl of the year, the “It” girl, the girl for whose services every studio was in violent competition.  She was the real thing, someone to stir every pulse in the nation”

F.Scott Fitzgerald

With her heart shaped face, and thick wavy auburn hair (dyed flaming orange-red) . Yet beyond the Silver Screen, she had a hard time fitting in with the Hollywood scene, always snidely being called “the girl from Brooklyn.”  ²

                                  Mapping IT

The chart is from Janus 5, the latest update.  The previous version, released at Christmas,  was not this good.  It still has some flaws, but at $225.00 for those on Windows, it’s not a bad deal.  Of course Walter Pullen has Astrologica for free, but with its Mickey Mouse VGA Graphics, that’s about its worth.

Miss Bow has few trines in her chart, and their absence is notable.  Her major trine is from Mercury in the twelfth house to Uranus in its essential lord, Capricorn in the fourth, where unfortunately Uranus, totally opposite to where it should be, at the mid-heaven, is now afflicted.  It gets worse.  Her Moon is exalted in Cancer and it too has a reverse polarity, the humpty dumpty aspect of these planets is striking and their point focus at Mercury in the twelfth exasperating.

And now our main feature….Miss Clara Bow

Saturn though, in the sixth house of hard work, straightens some of this out, giving Uranus a sextilian strength and a supporting trine to the mid-heaven — Miss Bow will work hard for fame and with Saturn opposing her Mercury, it will come from being “mute.”

Saturn in Pisces is not very welcome either, but manages as it is trine Neptune, that planet of the shimmering screen, in the Tenth and the preponderance in the latter house, tells us that Bow was very ambitious and the Sun in the eleventh, does suggest very well liked.  But then there is that Saturn…again that hard taskmaster  We know that Saturn and Neptune are the rulers for avant garde art form of film, and that it often stands in the horoscope for a girl’s father,  but it is also rules sex and drugs and things bacchanal.  For Miss Bow that was to prove ominous particularly with her father, and while he did not pawn her off to the peep shows, Hollywood would prove to be the ultimate white slaver and make miss Bow the first sex goddess.

That was not what Miss Bow was aiming for when auditioning in front of Mary Pickford, she was hoping to be another ingenue, but the Gish sisters had cornered that racket, and with her looks and magnetic allure, she roped the role of femme fatale all on her own and indeed, while Fitzgerald called her the ultimate flapper, she really was the first Hollywood Sex Symbol, and when she left, shortly after filming the above film “Call her savage” she left a gaping hole in Twinkle Town’s armour. 

Janus 5 shows the Boomerang aspect off well.

The  city on the celluloid hill never misses a step and soon found a platinum blonde replacement, this time from Kansas City called Harlean Harlow to fill her shoes also with a similar Boomerang configuration and thus the same speech problems.  Alas Miss Jean Harlow did not far as well as Miss Bow who rode off into the Capricornian sunset with her own hero, Rex Bell, finding happiness in another Capricornian abode — the Nevadan desert ranching cattle.³


  1. David Stenn, Clara Bow:  Runnin’ Wild, Cooper Square Press, c. 2000.
    1. A “tart man” is another name for a barker who entice men to enter a whore house or peep show.
    2. Originally edited, in 1988 by Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.
  2. Laini Giles, The It Girl and Me, self-published c. 2017 Sepia Stories Publishing.  A fictionalized version of Miss Bow that despite its fantasy, has few good quotes.
  3. Rex E. Bills, The Rulership Book, Tempe, Arizona: The American Federation of Astrologers c. 1971.


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