de Givenchy succumbs to the 3rd Saturn return


Hubert de Givenchy, the French couturier of  romantic elegance  for more than four decades, died on Saturday at his home outside Paris. He was 91. Philippe Venet, his longtime companion and a former couture designer, confirmed the death.

de Givenchy had been the designer of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly and memorably Audrey Hepburn, in a little black dress,  for the moviezation of Truman Capote’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”   He was a devout Protestant, and  regarded his talents as a gift from God through the vehicle of Cristóbal Balenciaga.  In 1911 he founded a foundation for his mentor in Getaria, Spain.

Since his retirement from fashion in 1995, Monsieur de Givenchy remained active in the arts as an antiques expert for Christie’s, the Château de Versailles and the Louvre museum. He maintained several residences, including an hôtel particulier  (a residence inn)  decorated with paintings by Matisse and Picasso in Paris and an exceedingly grand chateau in France, the 16th-century Manoir du Jonchet. Its gardens were designed “as a delicate piece of embroidery,” he once said, describing a collaboration with one of his many longtime friends and clients, the American philanthropist Bunny Mellon (aka Rachel Mellon).

                                  Counting the  early years

Count Hubert James Marcel Taffin de Givenchy was born on Feb. 21, 1927, in Beauvais, France, the younger of two sons of Béatrice Badin,  known as Sissi, and Lucien Taffin de Givenchy, the marquis of Givenchy. His mother’s family was well connected with the great tapestry artisans of Beauvais, and his father’s had been ennobled in the 18th century (before the French Revolution).

After the father died of influenza in 1930, Hubert and his brother, Jean Claude, were brought up by their mother and maternal grandparents who introduced the boys to the fine craftsmanship of textiles and their heritage.


Beauvais tapestry, several are highlighted above, were  made at the  tapestry factory in Beauvais, Fr., established by two Flemish weavers, Louis Hinart and Philippe Behagle.  While it did have the patronage of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the finance minister to Louis XIV, and was heavily subsidized by the state, it was actually a private enterprise.  The more well known Gobelins factory on the other hand, manufactured only for the Royal House while Beauvais produced its tapestries for export and wealthy nobles:  this is  similar in spirit to Givenchy’s own couture house  –even his RTW line (ready to wear as opposed to couture, tailored to the person — runs about $2,000 per item.

His last collection in 1995

“It was my dream to be a dress designer, and my mother accepted that decision,” he recalled during a talk at the Oxford University Union in 2010.

the givenchy hat
Hepburn, her Yorkie and the Givenchy chapeau.

                                                          The Charts

de givenchy saturn return.png

Like many notables highlighted here in the past few months, Monsieur de Givenchy passed with his third solar return — see the yellow chart above.  The outer ring is the return wheel while the inner is our rectified chart shown also solely below and one can plainly see the conjunction of Saturn in the fourth house and then because he was about 84 years of age, Neptune conjunct Neptune in the twelfth.

De Givenchy’s is temperament type is similar to Dr. Viktor Frankl’s,  a Stalled Locomotive.  We have found that this occurs in a chart that is “interrupted” by a great national or here international episode that stops  that totally halts the individual in their life’s work.  For both de Givenchy and Frankl that stalling was  effect of World War II.  While the Frenchman was much younger than the Austrian, both men had their lives interrupted by World War II:  Frankl was imprisoned  in a concentration camp in Auschwitz, Poland and Givenchy was imprisoned by the Vichy government which was the term for France under military occupation.

                              Defining the Stalled Locomotive

A locomotive temperament must by definition have a Grand Trine with in it, that acts like the spoke of wheel, and allows the zodiacal wheel to move all 360 degrees.  The Grand Trine, according to Marc Jones, must also be made of three major planets that are each one hundred and twenty degrees (plus or minus the orb differential)  away from each other.  Without the three trines, the planetary pattern is most likely a see-saw.

In Givenchy’s chart, the two major planets are the Sun in the seventh house, depicting the importance other people and his relationships were to his career and Pluto, which incidentally was found just a three short years, almost exactly, after his birth.

de givenchy.png

His Ascendant at 10 Virgo highlights that he was industrious, sociable and generous.  The mother in the second house of personal resources obviously hearkens back to his mother’s familial traditions that so impressed him, while Saturn in the fourth house highlights his deep faith and conjunct Ceres, how that was demonstrated by his care for people and things in his life.

download the de givenchy

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Al Franken is a big fat slob

The Franken chart is from a public astrology site. It works for me and it seems, him too.

                                                                       from Humble Beginnings

While Alan Stuart Franken was born on May 21, 1951 in Brooklyn, New York, when he was four years old, his father, Joseph Franken, a printing salesman of German Jewish background and his mother, Phoebe Franken (nee Kunst), of Russian Jewish extraction, moved their family to Minneapolis as his father found a better job there running a factory.   Phoebe went into realty sales after a while, too.

His parents were Reformed Jews,, a religious movement that has abandoned many traditional Jewish beliefs, laws, and practices to adapt Judaism to a modern world.  Reformed Jews do not have kosher kitchens, wear clothing to show their separateness from the world, married women wear shetls (wigs),  perform the required prayers or even have a traditional Shabbat ceremony (Friday sunset service) in their home.  Reformed Judaism even allows female rabbis and same sex marriage.  All of this  puts them at great variance with Orthodox Judaism who still follow the Talmud as Law.  

Franken attended Harvard University, and it was there, specifics are unclear, he met his wife Franny Bryson, a Portland, Maine native who was attending Simmons College.  She was not raised Jewish, and her religious is unknown now.    Franken majored in n political science and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in 1973.   Two years later, Phoebe and Al were married and now have two children.

His older brother Owen is a photojournalist, and his cousin Bob is a journalist for MSNBC.

                  Frankly, looking at Al

As I originally mentioned, Celestiology did not rectify this chart.  Working through it, though, I found it to be accurate, so I am using it. Looking at the chart above above, I drew his “Grand Trine” which starts with the Moon, goes to Jupiter, that is slightly out of orb, and finally up at his midheaven is Pluto.  Because Jupiter is out of orb, it foretells that Franken will have problems when he is at the top of his game and come crashing down. 

It is for that reason I use too wide an orb because it is the strongest aspect in the chart until, through progressions or transits, the wide-orbed planet gets too far away thus making the three-legged stool very unstable.  Depending upon where the top planet is, that leg no longer has any support, and that house gets the fall.

Another problem in his chart is while his Saturn is found in its natural house, the eleventh, and makes the next trine to Pallas in Aquarius. If asteroids had lords, or natural proclivities, Pallas Athene would be Aquarius, though typically it is said to be variations of the Virgo (also Pallas as she was the Virgo of the Greek Pantheon). This trine works well for understanding what we once called Senator Franken (he resigned January 2, 2018 in the Harveygate scandal) and was the great hope of the 2020 Democratic Presidential cycle.

                  Making up the Grand Trine

Pluto, in Leo, is directly opposite Ceres in the tenth house cusp, highlighting his need to nurture and care for his social appearance,  which makes sense and could be thought of “scrubbing” which happens all over the net as the search engines and sites get paid to “remove” incriminating data.   In Franken’s case the “soldier woman” in the picture above came forth about his attempted sexual peccadilloes, while he denied it all.

Franken never issued an apology, but as Michael Moore said, “bravely fell on his sword” to get President Trump which was supposed to be a veiled hint at President Trump that he should do the same concerning the  Stormy Daniels rumours.

                       Splashing all over the place

Franken has few conjunctions and at least two major oppositions, making him a SPLASH temperament type, something we have found in many Hollywood Stars, where using others to get ahead is the norm.


As Grandmaster Flash sings, “down at the peepshow watching all the creeps, “, now you can just turn on the boob tube, and elect them to Congress.

*The title is a takeoff on his book published 25 years ago.  Our header photo is from the Atlantic Magazine.


download the Alan Franken chart


Week of March 4th 2018 in Topeka

For week of March 4, 2018 we land in Topeka, Kansas the county seat of Shawnee county and the capital of the State of Kansas, is situated (30° 3′ N. lat. and 95D 39′ W. long.). It is mainly situated on thee south bank of the Kansas or Kaw river, upon a level prairie bench considerably elevated above the river. A small portion, known locally as North Topeka, lies upon the north side of the river.

In 1850 Topeka had 759 inhabitants ; in 1870 the number had risen to 5790. In 1880 the population was 15,452 (8140 males and 7312 females) ; and in 1888 the number was 25,005, making Topeka the second largest city in the State.

Daily Aspectarian

Sunday, March 4, 2018 Sun conjunct Neptune 8:53AM EST, Mercury conjunct Venus 1:04PM EST, Mercury conjunct Chiron 4:24PM EST, Venus parallel Eris 5:06PM EST and conjunct Chiron 5:59PM EST, Venus contra-parallel Chiron 8:09PM EST

Monday, March 5 2018 Mars trine Eris 11:24AM EST, Mercury sextile Admetos 8:46PM EST and trine Vulcanus 10:05AM EST, Mercury square Cupido 11:22PM EST

And a happy birthday to astrologer Donna van Toen

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 Mercury enters tropical Aries 2:34AM EST, Mars contra-parallel Kronos 3:59AM EST, Venus sextile Admetos 10:37AM EST and trine Vulcanus 12:20PM EST, Venus square Cupido 2:22PM EST and enters tropical Aries 6:45PM

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 Mercury quincunx Transpluto 00:20AM EST and contra-parallel Venus 2:54AM EST, Mercury quincunx Apollon 12:55PM EST

Thursday, March 8, 2018 Venus quincunx Transpluto 00:51AM EST, Mercury contra-parallel Eris 12:58PM EST and parallel Chiron 1:59PM EST, Venus quincunx Apollon 5:58PM EST, Mars enters sidereal Sagittarius 8:09PM EST, Jupiter stations retrograde 11:45PM EST

Friday, March 9, 2018 Mercury trine Ceres 3:24AM EST, Mercury square Hades 3:36PM EST, Sun quincunx Zeus 11:19PM EST

Saturday, March 10, 2018 Jupiter parallel Vesta 4AM EST, Sun sextile Pallas 6:14AM EST and contra-parallel Mercury 2:39PM EST, Venus trine Ceres 6:36PM EST

Sunday, March 11, 2018 Mercury square Saturn 2AM EST, Mars trine Uranus 7:22Am EST, Sun sextile Pluto 7:56AM EST, Venus square Hades 12:53PM EST

download here, the chart for this week in Topeka Kansas

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