Barry & Honey Sherman Double Murder

Update:  from the Toronto Star

Originally a murder suicide

Barry and Honey Sherman were targeted in a double murder according to the latest update by Toronto police. Initially there was some suggestion that the death of Apotex’s founder and his wife was a murder-suicide, however investigators now say, after a tip supplied on January 20, 2018, that it was really a double homicide.

Sherman was born February 2, 1942 in Toronto. His wife Honey, dates unknown, was born in Austria during WWII. They had been married forty-seven years. The times though are approximate for I could find little information to rectify Sherman, so that could be wrong. I ended up giving him a Leo ascendant with the symbol of “Authority” someone who knows things almost instinctively and has a brusque manner. From little I read, it seems to fit and the preponderance in the eleventh house highlights his networking abilities, and not his scientific acumen.

Sherman Murder chart

Chart of when Barry and Honey were murdered.

The chart below is a composite of Barry Sherman’s birth and death; the same as the download charts. There is no birthdata for Mrs. Sherman, who was born in Austria during Nazi occupation.

The aspects suggest that the Shermans knew their killer and with the Moon conjunct Pluto and that the quarrel had been brewing for a while over business and Sherman’s support of the person’s management.  The motive, a square away in the third house, seems to be intellectual property issues or perhaps something more mundane like bad bookkeepping.

The Shermans were buried in a Jewish cemetery in the north end of Toronto. We wish the best to the Toronto police in apprehending them.

Latest Update

Update: October 8 2020. The police admitted a while back, see the Forbes story here, that the case would remain unsolved because the foresenic evidence had been tampered by incorrect police procedures.

If you are interested in reading more, Kevin Donovan, the chief investigative reporter for the The Toronto Star, wrote a book on the story, The Billionaire Murders, published in 2019 by Viking. Let’s hope further publicity of the tragedy helps.

barry sherman birthday in toronto

Barry & Honey Sherman Murder composite to Mr. Sherman’s Birth

Kentucky school shooting

This shooting is very similar to the local Tunkhannock grocery market shooting — losers who want to make a splash — see the preponderance of planets in the Eleventh House. the key is not outlawing guns as the press loves to proclaim, but not covering the shootings and giving them relevance and allowing people to carry guns on the school grounds and take them out immediately. As I don’t believe any of that will be done, or that the press will accept culpability, so it is questionable whether we will cover more of these copycat killers.

Basically a Bundle temperament type — very insular against school chums but not necessarily friends. Our shooter is looking for relevance knowing as he is underage he won’t get the chair or be shot on site. Pity that both are true.

Here’s the video from Time Inc.

Szeged Hungary Quake 1879

Urania astrology magazine, in an 1880 issue, reported that on October 25, 1879, there was a quake in Szeged, Hungary. We do not know if it was related to the building of a dam in the area or not, but there were a lot of rains with subsequent destruction mentioned for that time period. It is possible that the earthquake was like the St. Francis Dam catastrophe in California forty years later, but we cannot be sure for lack of information. Looking at the wheel below, nothing seemed to strike me, even with the TransNeptunians — I think it’s too much information — so I used the Uranian dial instead to pinpoint the culprit.

Uranus and the Trans Neptunian Planet Admetos are conjunct in the Twelfth House of Virgo

There are many planets in fixed signs i.e Taurus and Scorpio, and if we included the transneptunians to the equation, then all three signs of the fixed quadrature have planets, giving it a strong emphasis.  Earthquakes tend to happen with a planetary preponderance of fixed signs, particularly when the opposites of Taurus and Scorpio are in play.

Below is the 90º dial version of the same chart.  Dials are what the Hamburg School of Astrology prefer.  Kepler software created this dial. I let Kepler take the defaults., but the arrows highlights the earthquake with the hard aspect of Admetos to Uranus.

1879 earthquake
Uranian Astrology calls conjuncts “hard aspects”.  The dial points to a hard aspect between Admetos and Uranus.

Admetos is the sixth of eight transneptunian planets. Its glyph is a material cross within the glyph of Mercury.  It is a very slow moving, so builds up power over a period of time..

Glyph for Admetos

Stormy Daniels, a new story

You can download Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels was born on March 17, 1979 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and named Stephanie Clifford.  We have rectified her chart for 2:13 AM, CST giving her an Ascendant of Capricorn 12.

stormy daniels.pngMs. Daniels has a Grand Trine in her chart, but it is out of quadrature — Jupiter is Cardinal,  Neptune is Mutable and Mercury is Cardinal, making the Neptune in Eleventh house in Sagittarius rather unstable and weak.  This is often seen in rather cold and calculating people who use their popularity and allure, for their own agenda.  Still it makes her temperament type a locomotive giving a single minded person in obtaining her goals.

Venus in the First house is sextile Mercury that gives Ms. Daniels a polished and agreeable manner, important in her rise in the pornography field and also her second career of politics and highlights her artistic abilities.  Her Part of Fortune in the Fifth house at 02 Gemini supports this highlighting her creativity and friendly personality and opposite Uranus in the Tenth House show how she uses that very well for her personal advantage and career.

You can read here from the New York Post about Stormy’s allegations of her one night stand with Donald Trump in 2006.

As of Janaury 31, 2018, Ms. Daniels has denied all.

Kodiak Earthquake Jan 2018

“In Kodiak, they’ve activated their sirens,” said Jeremy Zidek, of the Alaska Div. of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. “The harbor master reported a wave did come in, but it was not a significant wave.” At least nine communities have evacuation orders in place. Zidek said while the initial reports don’t show shake damage just yet in Alaska, he implores people to follow community-issued evacuation warnings.

The initial quake was initially estimated to be somewhere in the range of magnitude 8.0 and to have taken place about 12 miles below sea level in the Gulf of Alaska. The severity has dropped to M7.9 following U.S. Geological Survey review.  The tsunami warning has been lifted. You can download the Chart with full Asteroids and Trans Neptunians Kodiak  January 23 2018

The gold star marks the spot of the earthquake.

That’s a huge difference in magnitude from the Good Friday earthquake Kodiak, 74 miles south of Anchorage, got back on March 27 1964. That one measured 9.2 on the Richter scale and caused 131 deaths, and why Kodiak is a little more wary than most Alaska towns of Neptune’s thunder. 

                            The Map of the Quake

ORIGINAL STORY, 12:52 a.m. – A powerful earthquake, with an initial estimated magnitude of 8.2, struck southeast of Alaska shores shortly after 12:30 a.m. Tuesday.  We orginally posted 2:30 which was incorrect but Mr. Ivey Henderson notified us of the discrepancy.  We are quite thankful.

kodiak 2018.png

There is a preponderance of planets in Capricorn in the Third house of short messages flowing into the Fourth House of home and death, but cardinal Capricorn is not as strong an “earthquake” sign as fixed Taurus is and so this chart suggests that it would not affect loss of life.

The last big earthquake to hit Kodiak in 1964. Photo from The Atlantic Magazine.

The January Full Moon – Eclipse is but a week away, questioning the New York Times rebuttal of that phenomenon, and this  earthquake takes place in the crescent phase of the Moon: the Full Moon is next.  The last major earthquake in Alaska was highlighted in the aforementioned Times article and happened on March 27, 1964, the chart for that one is in the NYT rebuttal essay above.

The Ascendant is trine Neptune, the Roman version of the Greek Poseidon, and the god of earthquakes in the Fifth house suggesting that this earthquake may not take the standard approach and be creative in its next attack.  Pluto is opposite the Mid-heaven suggesting that it was slower in buildup that should also be minor but remember these are general guidelines, not certainty — it is better to be like the Boy Scouts and  “Always be prepared ” particularly if you are in Ring of Fire and below Alaska.  

Alan Leo’s optometrist

welsh opto.png
Alan Leo writes up this optometrist in his magazine, noting that the preponderance of  Aries, Taurus and Gemini planets highlight the head and throat area of person with Neptune the closest to the Midheaven noting accuracy &   Mars nearby highlight surgery.
His major opposition is  Mercury to the Moon and a translation of light to Saturn and trine to the Arian Venus, thus reinforcing the above.  Like Rev. King, he has Uranus in the Twelfth house,  again signifying confinement and detention but here opposite by the Moon suggesting a desired state because of like the Reverend, his vocation.   Often this setup says that the person instead of being detain therein, will hold an official position there i.e.  asylums, hospitals, prisons, work-houses, and perhaps even in remote places because once again, his calling.
  The Welsh Optometrist  chart is here.

Vaudeville’s Funny Man Marshall Pickney Wilder

Marshall Pinckney Wilder was named him for his great-uncle, founder of the Boston Horticultural Society, (now the Massachusetts Horticultural Society or MHS) and the American Pomology Society 1 pomology deals with the cultivation and care of fruits. Upstate New York has always been a region strong in the raising and cultivations of pears and apples Born born in Geneva in the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York on September 19, 1859, at 10 in the morning he was dwarf born to two normal sized parents. Wilder’s rising of 16 Scorpio is the same as Cardinal Mazarin of France and Wolfgang Goethe of Germany. Ironic indeed, all three men were short statured; Mr. Wilder was a dwarf.


Looking at his Map we see his Tenth and Ninth Houses have a stellium of planets, starting technically with Jupiter in the 8th and ending with the Sun right on the eleventh house of public fanfare. From there it is just a hop and skip sextile away to his Ascendant. Technically, it has no opposition to Pluto, as it was yet to be discovered, and he died in 1915 so it’s out of the picture–ignore it lurking in the Sixth House of labor.

Marshall Pickney Asteroid List.png
The Red Cicle shows the asteroid 1621 Laurentia conjunct Mars, that we feel highlights heart problems.

The Tenth House on Wilder’s chart shows Virgo, but the natural ruler of the midheaven is Capricorn, which produces short stature people more than any other sign in the zodiac. Compounded by the square of Mars in Virgo to Uranus in the seventh, the possibility of physical deformity arises as well; the sextile of Mars to the Martial Ascendant gives him a quicksilver personality that made up for his physical liabilities.

Do not ignore though Neptune on the Fifth House of creativity and entertainment because it is the Common signs bestow the ability to laugh oneself, the secret to comedy. Wilder has seven out of nine planets in that triplicity, a telling barometer for that was Wilder’s career. He found his calling when he was young, giving public readings that got great applause in Rochester, that started him on his way to fame and fortune.

Lucky too, that Thos. A. Edison adored him and taped him for posterity. We can hear one of his vaudeville acts over here – he is amusing.

Also in the Commons is his focal determinator, Neptune, giving him silvery voice and an ever hopeful demeanor, Neptune always the bright side of every travail, but there is a sour note in this otherwise lucky life, Venus is in her fall in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces that has a T-Cross to the Moon in the seventh, while wide, still has an aspect to quixotic Uranus. This configuration suggests that Mr. Wilder’s marriage while happy would be suddenly cut short. Surprised by that find, I had to check the records.

In 1903 Wilder, at forty-four, married Sophie Cornell Hanks, the daughter of a New Jersey dentist, twenty years his junior. Sophie was a writer and dramatist and collaborated with Wilder on his books, their ten volume encyclopedia, The Wit and Humor of America, was a bestseller. Google Books has a copy for it is in now in public domain.

Two years later, their daughter Grace was born after the couple returned from the world tour. A boy, Marshall Junior, followed a year later. Life was good, and they had their encyclopaedia and fan mail to entertain themselves, Marshall still played the local vaudeville stage. The right before Christmas, on December 20, 1913, Sophie died after a failed operation; Wilder was desolate and followed shortly afterward. Unfortunately, his horoscope, besides Laurentia and his own heart attack, shows the Asteroid Eurydike next to his South Node.

The Sorrow of Orpheus, the Pity of Eurydike

Wandering through the woods, heartbroken and disconsolate, Orpheus mourned and wailed for his lost bride, killed on their wedding day by a foul snake. He sang so movingly, the nymphs and gods were enchanted. Unable to take his pain any more, he went to the Underworld, and to beg Hades, the god thereof, to take mercy on him and return Eurydike to him. [fmn ]It is a popular tale dating all the back to Ancient Mesopotamian circa 2250 BC when the great goddess Inanna went underworld to pay her respects to her sister, Ereshkigal, whose husband, the mighty bull Gugulanna, had been killed by the mighty Gilgamesh on her behalf. It shows up again in Ancient Egypt where Isis begs for the return of her brother-husband Osiris, who was killed in a great epic of good and evil. [/fmn]

Hades had heard of his singing and told Marshall he and Persephone would like to hear him play: they don’t get many minstrels down below willing to entertain the couple. Orpheus played, Persephone wept. She asked her husband to grant Orpheus’s wish, Hades with one condition, that Orpheus could not lie his eyes upon his beloved until they were safely above ground. He happily agreed. To ensure he would not break his vow, he marched again; Eurydike several steps behind.Wending their way through the crusts of the Earth, finally the Singer saw daylight. Overjoyed, to tell Eurydike they were there near when poof! she was gone, returned eternally, to the grave below.

Despite his children, Marshall suffered a fatal heart unable to take separation and followed his beloved Sophie shortly after. What happened to the children we can only speculate and hope their loving grandparents raised them in his stead.


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    pomology deals with the cultivation and care of fruits. Upstate New York has always been a region strong in the raising and cultivations of pears and apples

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