When (Prince) Harry Met Meghan

In an ongoing study, Australian astrologer Paul Westran says he continues to find statistical support for the relational roles played by the Sun and planet Venus as they progress through the birth charts of couples. Britain’s newest Royal couple, Prince Harry and his American fiancée Meghan Markle are the latest pair who demonstrate this effect.

“Like Prince William and Kate Middleton before them, Prince Harry and Meghan will have the planet identified with love and attraction celestially supporting their union for a period that extends well into the future,” he said.

Paul Westran, Correlation Magazine.

One of the main methods astrologers use to evaluate couple compatibility is synastry. Here, astrologers compare and contrast the main angles formed between the Sun, Moon, and Mercury and Venus in the linked couples.

Some angles or aspects formed between planets in these charts are favorable, while others are hard. Astrologically favorable aspects are “easy” relationships. While “hard” aspects are challenging and show where the two will have more work in keeping their relationship together.

                                    Venus the compatibility Factor

Westran studied1,300 public record relationships objectively and was able to statistically demonstrate when planet Venus becomes prominent in a chart, couples react to this emphasis in predictable ways. This trend Westran reported in the British Correlation magazine persisted even as the couples in the study above 3,000.

He also noticed favorable synastry aspects between the Sun and Venus turned up in the compared natal birth charts of romantically involved couples more frequently than expected by chance but they change like the person through transits and secondary progressions.

What are secondary progressions?

Astrologers use secondary progressions to help time events in people’s personal lives by calculating how far the Sun, Moon and planets have progressed around the horoscope wheel using a day for a year formula. The progressions start twenty-five days after the person’s birth, and thus at that point show the effects of what will happen in natal’s 25th year of life, showing both trends and tendencies at that time. After that, the chart is “progressed” one day for each year going forward.

Because of their simplicity, secondary progressions are the most used in calculating forward events. Tertiary progressions count by lunar cycles and so are trickier. Tertiaries are also a much newer technique in the astrologer’s arsenal of techniques.

Westran thinks a plausible answer to this question continues to emerge from a systematic research effort aimed at merging synastry aspects with another well-established technique astrologers call secondary progressions.

When astrological students are first introduced to the subject, they learn that astrology deals with angles the Sun, Moon and planets form between each other as they hurtle through space at orbital speeds dictated by the varying distances between them. “Different angles symbolize different relationships, correspondences or outcomes,” he said.

                      “We often see relationships begin when this happens. Also, how long the progressed aspect remains in orb (operational) has been shown to influence the relationship’s longevity,” he added.“With an increased level of certainty we can now say why couples become couples. We don’t know with certainty what keeps people together but we have a better idea about what gets them together,” he said.


Other Royal Venusian aspects

                                   The William & Kate angle

The research astrologer reports that aspects involving the Sun and Venus have turned up regularly in progressed synastry charts for couples in Britain’s Royal Family. For example, Prince Charles and Diana came together when Charles’ progressed Venus was forming a trine to Diana’s progressed Sun. However, the relationship began to unravel once this aspect became exact and started to wane.

In contrast, for Royals William and Kate, a long-lived trine involving Kate’s progressed Venus and William’s natal Venus was forming when the couple met in 2000. Because of  retrograde motion this aspect will not separate until 2030, at which time the couple will be able to rely upon other helpful aspects like the children growing up and William moving into a more prominent role in the royal family.

Wallis and Edward

Westran notes that Wallis Simpson, an American, had already been married twice when she met Prince Edward Windsor in 1934. At the time a progressed Sun – Venus conjunction in the couple’s progressed synastry chart was exact.

The Prince became King Edward VIII in 1936 when his father, King George V, died and  Wallis divorced her second husband Ernest in 1937 in order to marry Edward, but the House of Windsor, also a bastion of the Church of England, did not recognize divorce and discouraged the marriage.

Edward abdicated the throne and married Simpson, and while the couple was ostracised by the British Royal family, married.  This led to George  VI taking the throne and then his daughter Elizabeth II following him.  Edward had no regrets, and lived a life of a gentleman at leisure in Paris.

Back to Harry and Meghan

Harry and Meghan also began their relationship under the same progressed Sun progressed Venus aspect when it was exact. These combinations “act like windows of opportunity for relationships to begin, but also tend to fade when the when the Sun and Venus move on,” Westran said.                                         

Like Wallis, Meghan is an American divorcee but Harry is far removed from the line of succession, so the issue is moot.  Not only that but his father, Prince Charles is divorced from their mother Princess Diana

And example of Westran’s computer analysis is below.  The top is for Edward & Wallis where we see they converge and then grow apart as did happen in their marriage.  The bottom red OTOH is for Harry & Meghan showing a rather placid relationship except for al lthe noise caused by their meeting, marriage and then ongoing publicity as they left the royals and went to America to make their own fortune.

Additional examples for Royals William and Kate and Charles and Diana can be found on Westran’s website: http://positiveastrology.com/ANS.asp


==============This was originally published in April 2017.

C162 I think I love you, David Cassidy

David Cassidy in Paris in 1974. CreditEllidge/Getty Images

David Cassidy, the actor, singer and teen heartthrob with the green eyes and the feathered haircut was the magical success of “The Partridge Family,” the 1970s television show about a family band. The band’s songs, sung by himself and his stepmother, Shirley Jones, were all the rage in the early seventies. It had several notable starts, Danny Bonaduce and Susan Dey amongst them. Shirley was already a big musical name coming from Rogers and Hammerstein’s 1950s musicals.

To be an adolescent girl in 1970 meant David Cassidy was singing to you. Everyone loved him and girls vied for who loved him most.

David played Keith Partridge, the eldest of five children in a family that forms a band and goes on tour in a multicolored bus. Mr. Cassidy had a face youthful enough to portray a teenager, a shy smile and friendly eyes, and he had a wonderful voice. The show called “The Partridge Family” lasted from 1970 to 1974 and made David a teenage idol.

In 1972, in what he recalled as a career peak, Mr. Cassidy headlined Madison Square Garden, wearing the white jumpsuit ala Elvis Presley, but by then he was already weary of incessant career demands and squealing mobs. To spice up his squeaky-clean image, Mr. Cassidy posed nude in a photo shoot for the cover of Rolling Stone in 1972. In the article, he said he was already dreaming about the end of his acting career. Mr. Cassidy was nominated for a Grammy Award for best new artist in 1970, and his 1972 solo album, “Cherish,” went gold. The Partridge Family had six albums achieve that certification from 1970 to 1972.

A scene from the 1970s sitcom “The Partridge Family.” Shown from left: Shirley Jones, Suzanne Crough, David Cassidy, Brian Forster, Danny Bonaduce and Susan Dey. CreditABC, via Photofest

According to an online biography of the Partridge Family by Ed Hogan, Mr. Cassidy and his co-star and real-life stepmother, the Academy Award-winning actress Shirley Jones, were the only cast members on the television show heard on the group’s records — Mr. Cassidy as a lead vocalist and Ms. Jones on background vocals.

In later years, he wrote books about the toll that stardom had taken on him, and about his struggles with substance abuse. He revealed this year that he had dementia.After watching his mother struggle with dementia, he worked with organizations to educate others about Alzheimer’s disease.

Starting out from New York City

Mr. Cassidy was born on April 12, 1950, in New York City to the actors Jack Cassidy and Evelyn Ward, whose family were among the founders of Newark, New Jersey. They were divorced in 1956 and Jack married Shirley Jones, who also divorced him for his drinking. He died at age 49 in 1976 in a fire at his Los Angeles apartment. Ms. Ward, who like her son was married and divorced three times, died at age 89 in 2013.

He grew up in West Orange, N.J., a suburb of Newark, and his mother and he moved to California when he was still a boy. He struggled in school but began taking small parts in plays and on television, eventually leading to his big break on “The Partridge Family,” which was in substantial part due to his step mother.

In 2001 Donald J. Trump fired him on “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

David, was also married and divorced, this time thrice. His son, Beau, a musician survives him as does his daughter, Katie, an actress; Other surviving family is Ms. Jones, his stepmother and widow of comedian Marty Ingels; and the three half brothers of the Jones-Cassidy marriage: Shaun, Patrick and Ryan.

A failed Grand Trine in Air, the Part of Fortune at Gemini 30 drops the ball, or is it the Uranus that does not measure up? That faux pas put Cassidy’s chart into a see-saw instead of a dynamic locomotive which would have given more control over his life instead of his moving between television and music. His Ascendant of 20 Leo 41 of “intoxicated chickens” is unfortunate as Cassidy suffered from alcohol and drug abuse, much like his father singer, Jack Cassidy. Jones writes of Wheeler’s symbol “counterfeit inspiration.”

The week of 11-21-2017 at Bismarck, North Dakota

M.K. Saladin guests this week, waxing poetic on bismarks and sexual healing.

Hi Folks — We are in North Dakota this week and on the 21st we start out from Bismarck, North Dakota. In those parts a bismark refers to a round doughnut filled cream or jelly. Everyone having their morning coffee watching” CBS This Morning” and  two bismarks listening to the demise of one of the top journalists on the planet, Charlie Rose.

Bye bye Charlie

As I write PBS has terminated Charley Rose as part of the Me2 agenda shaking up Hollywood.  It seems he walked around the PBS sets in his underwear telling women to “Kiss it”. Frankly I was stunned, I kept thinking, Charlie what’s going on ?  I feel bushwhacked.

Pluto is the point focus of the T-square in the Bismarck daily chart so I’m looking at it’s  discovery of Pluto (the official announcement was March 13, 1930 in honor of William Herschel’s discovery of Uranus March 13, 1781 but the actual date according to its discoverer, Clyde Tombaugh,  is February 18, 1930.)

Birth of Venus, by Sandro Botticelli.

Men are from Mars

The daily chart below highlights  a Bucket planetary pattern with the socially significant Uranus as the overly cautious handle in the Third house incurring also an opposition to Mars on the cusp of the Ninth house. The planetary pattern is bundle bucket with 8 planets above the horizon in the Southern hemisphere with only the outer planets of Uranus and Neptune below in the first.

Neptune in the First is continuing the political divisions encountered from last Thanksgiving, three weeks after the 2016 presidential election, overshadowing the current while the Uranus Mars polarization creates  personal and group dichotomy.

Trot over to the Sabian symbols and I rolled for today Capricorn 21 “Excitement thrills the grandstands; it is a relay race and each runner springs into place with eagerness.”

It is also  three degrees from the United States founding chart that  Jones discusses in his Mundane Perspectives mentioning that while there are many charts for the country, all of them are based on rectification with Venus highlighting today how  everyone is trying to get out front  and point to someone else and so avoid the pack.

Ironically that strategy of trying to elect the first Democratic woman it taking out every male (Kevin Spacey, Charley Rose, John Conyors, Gary Thrush of the Politico to the NYT, George Takei et alia, see the list over here at the WaPo)  who opposed DJT while protecting the former First Lady who abetted a promiscuous President and his “trailer park trash.”   It in a strange way, this reflects the USA not as a superman nation, but as a prototypical matriarchy on the World stage.

Back in the day..

My Art History professor Alexey Von Schlippe waxed poetic about Botticelli and his rendering of how he painted the archetypal women’s figure, no artist did it better, and we have come to this point of idealism versus  realism facing with our responsibilities to each other.

A correction is in order concerning the Planetary pattern. We have a deviated bowl not a bucket with a concentrated bundle above the horizon. Uranus and Mars forms the rim opposition and the T-square to Pluto. The deviation gives the pattern its complicated application.

Gaye Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye
Joel Anthony

Chart of Bismarck Thanksgiving.pdf

Sewing Mistress, Nancy Zieman


Nancy Zieman, host of the public television show “Sewing With Nancy,” in 1988. CreditMilwaukee Journal Sentinel

Nancy Zieman, who became an unlikely television star through the humblest of shows, “Sewing With Nancy,” which ran for 35 years on public television, died on Nov. 14 at her home in Beaver Dam, Wis. She was 64.

The cause was cancer, said an announcement from Wisconsin Public Television, which produced the show. On Sept. 2, Ms. Zieman wrote a post titled “Time to Say Goodbye” on her website, telling fans that she was retiring and that one of the cancers first diagnosed in 2015 had metastasized.

“I am finding great peace today,” she wrote, “knowing that I can thank you for your many years of dedication, viewership and friendship.”

                                                         4-H Sewing

Nancy Lea Luedtke was born on June 21, 1953, in Neenah, Wis. Her father, Ralph, and her mother, the former Barbara Larson, owned a farm. She learned to sew as a child; for her first sewing project for the local 4-H Club, she made a gathered skirt and fringe scarf. She graduated from Winneconne High School in 1971 and majored in textiles and journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Her first job was working for a fabric chain, Minnesota Fabrics, now defunct.   “They had a propensity to hire farm kids, mainly because of their work ethic,” Ms. Zieman said in a 2007 interview.

nancy zieman.png

There she met Richard Zieman, whom she married in 1977. In 1979 she started a mail-order sewing-supply business, Nancy’s Notions, which in 1982 led a Milwaukee fabric store to ask her to host a sewing program. It first ran on the nascent Satellite Program Network.

“Cable TV was in its infancy, and thankfully not many people watched the show because I was really green in front of the camera,” Ms. Zieman said.

After about a dozen shows, the store concluded that the effort wasn’t profitable, but Ms. Zieman decided to try to do a version on her own. Wisconsin Public Television began broadcasting “Sewing With Nancy” in September 1982, and it was soon being picked up by public television outlets across the United States and in Canada.

Ms. Zieman reached a substantial audience of serious sewers and casual ones, delivering tips on stitching, quilting, sewing shortcuts and more. There was nothing flashy about the programs, or about Ms. Zieman’s repartee; just straightforward advice, delivered with geniality.

She also published numerous sewing books and made appearances at expos and other events, like one called Sewing Extravaganza in 1992 in Florida that drew 360 people.

“The TV sewing guru had celebrity status with the attendees,” The St. Petersburg Times wrote. “They crowded around Zieman, who was smartly dressed in a turquoise and pink suit that she made herself.”

Ms. Zieman was a go-to interview for reporters trying to support a trend of increased interest in sewing, and she had a no-nonsense explanation of that apparent phenomenon. “We want to feel creative,” she said, “and sewing gives us the chance to create when sometimes work does not.”

                                   That Odd Smile

Ms. Zieman was a counterintuitive candidate for TV personality. When she was 14 months old, an ear infection led to Bell’s palsy, a condition that resulted in partial paralysis of the right side of her face and a noticeably asymmetrical appearance. Only in 2011, after hundreds of episodes, did she address the subject on the air, after she had received a rude awakening when she did an internet search on her name.

“Mail and blog comments prove that something about what happened to me has helped others cope with their own challenges,” Ms. Zieman wrote in her autobiography, “Seams Unlikely: The Inspiring True Life Story of Nancy Zieman,” written with Marjorie L. Russell and published in 2013. “I find that both humbling and exciting.”

Ms. Zieman is survived by her husband; two sons, Ted and Tom; her mother, Barbara Eckstein; two brothers, John and Dean Luedtke; a sister, Gina Crispell; and three grandchildren and a million fans.

Thanks for it all.  RIP Nancy.

C108 Azzedine Alaia “King of Cling” fashion

Tunisian Azzedine Alaia,  died on Saturday, November 18, 2017  in his adopted home of Paris where he was one of the couture fashion doyens.  His company said the cause was a heart attack.  He was eight-two years old.  Alaia was called a sculptor of the female form, notably worn by  the First Lady Michelle Obama   who once wore an Alaia sweated to Buckingham Palace (much to Oscar de la Renta’s horror) to Madonna and  Lady Gaga and then in the 1995 comedy Clueless Cher, opposes a robber’s demand to hit the pavement, saying her red dress “is an Alaia. It’s like a totally important designer. You just don’t do that to him.”

He “changed my conception of fashion,” said Nicolas Ghesquière, the artistic director of Louis Vuitton, in a documentary on Mr. Alaïa made by the stylist Joe McKenna and released this year.   Diminutive in stature, he just made five feet. His models called him “Papa,”, and like our header picture he always word a black Mao style tunic with pajamas because he “renounced bourgeoisie style”.

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11-11-2017 He’s Gone — The Prime Minister is Missing

Today is the traditional celebration of Veteran’s Day, that holiday which honors military veterans; people who served in any capacity the United States Armed Forces. Originally it was called Armistice to commemorate the ending of World War I at precisely the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, but in 1954 Congress renamed it Veteran’ Day to include the WWII veterans.

Our header picture is of Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) meeting Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’d Hariri and his wife Lara Bashir Al Azem in the Private Library of the Apostolic Palace. Vatican City, 13th October 2017 (Photo by Grzegorz Galazka/Archivio Grzegorz Galazka/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)

Poof! Where’s Hariri ?

​Perhaps though, we should note that another MIA is the the former Lebanon is missing a ​prime minister, Mr.Saad el-Din Rafik Al-Hariri. Strange things though are happening in the Middle East these days, ever since the Crown Price Mohammed bin Salman started arresting eleven Saudi princes, a couple of ministers and a few odd entrepreneurs in an “anti-corruption” drive after he held a summit meeting in Riyadh seven days ago.

At the meeting the Prince said he planned to return Saudi Arabia to its original moderate Sunni Islamic heritage and to kick this off, he said that a $500 BILLION dollar project would be started on the Red Sea called Neom. Mr. Hariri went to the festivities. He then announced via radio his resignation out of the blue and then poof! disappeared. Last year almost to the day, the Chief of Police in Syria, Munir Hariri also disappeared. No clue if they are related.

Seems like shades of Carmen Sandiego doesn’t it? Who said truth is stranger than fiction? 1 Seems that was Lord Byron in his great epic poem, Don Juan Canto xiv — Truth is always strange; Stranger than fiction. Well here we have truth emulating fiction.

​Mr. Hariri is worth about 1.5 BILLION dollars, because of his father’s ownership of Saudi Oger Ltd., which is fully owned by the Hariri family and headquartered in Riyadh. He was born in Friday on April 18, 1970 married to Syrian Lara Bashir Al Azem Hariri in 1998. They have three children, two boys and a girl. His father was also the Lebanese prime minister but was assassinated in 2005 making his son the richest Lebanese in the world….or should I say he was the richest Lebanese in the world.

‘Hariri has a typical see-saw setup in his chart accentuating his position as first son and the wealth that comes with it through his father, Sun in 28 Aries in the First House. Brothers and sisters, home life and children are minor things, though admittedly this is not an definite but supposed birth chart. The next set of circumstances that concerns Hariri are his work, his marriage and his country’s deep oil resources. His chart does not show a particularly ambition man as much as an avaricious one.

                                                                Hariri no more

Sometime on November 10th, Mr Hariri disappeared much like he like the Australian PM Harold Holt who went for a walk in the ocean way back in 1967, is travelling the nether regions. The preponderance in Cancer in the second house and the Royal King in the seventh, who else could be Jupiter?, opposite the Sun, shows there was some problem between the two that we may never know. Interesting in both charts, his Neptune is in the eighth house, suggesting he probably is sleeping with the fishes somewhere out in the Red Sea.

hariri is born.pdf


The original chart for his disappearance showed at 8:03 time. I didn’t find that as helpful as a later one, so changed it. But if you prefer that one, look here. The natal chart is unchanged.

This was originally posted on SabianEarth.com on November 10 2017. It was updated for this site 8 September 2021.



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    Seems that was Lord Byron in his great epic poem, Don Juan Canto xiv — Truth is always strange; Stranger than fiction.

Walter Koch & Koch House System

Dr. Walter Albert Koch was born on September 18 1895 and died February 25, 1970, He developed his system for the Hamburg School, and it was originally used by Witte and the Uranians before they abandoned a house system entirely and went to their dial. It was originally named the “birthplace” system but has been used for other purposes like Joyce Wehrmann’s gambling scenario. He did not release it publicly until 1964 and is today in America, at least the Koch system is a close second to the Placidus system and worldwide third behind the Argentinian Topocentric but it has one major flaw that has caused it from eclipsing all competitors, and that is the cusps are just as points on the ecliptic, and do not intersect it. This is problematic if the astrologer uses Primary Directions.

That said, the late Swiss astrologer Bruno Huber uses it exclusively in his work but that is okay since Switzerland, as does most of America, falls between the latitudes between 66N and 66S which is all Koch’s house tables define; for example Fairbanks Alaska is right at the limit at 64 North 50 while obviously the Artic Circle is outside of it.

The Alchabitius House system, made for the Middle East, has the same flaws. These two houses show why many astrologers pick a house system that works in their latitude and ignore births born outside of it. That though with all the immigration into Western Countries is becoming harder to do.

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Meghan Markle return to Sussex roots

Meghan and Harry way back when

Markle’s great-uncle, Mike Markle was an amateur genealogist investigating the Markle line in the 1990s and he discovered their noble forefathers. Mike Markle discovered their paternal great-great-great-grandmother was New Hampshire landowner Mary Hussey Smith (1823–1908), herself a descendant of nobleman John Hussey, 1st Baron Hussey of Sleaford, who had been beheaded in 1537 at the order of King Henry VIII because of his closet Catholicism. The Baron’s genealogical chart is here and his gravestone here in Rockingham, New Hampshire. Thus in a very circuitous fashion, Meghan Markle has returned to her noble Sussex roots.

Having established her British paternal ancestry, recent genealogists have now further discovered that Meghan and Harry have a common ancestor tracing back to about 500 years ago in Elizabeth Bowes (1505–c.1572) and her husband, Richard Bowes, son of Sir Ralph Bowes of Streatlam Castle and High Sheriff of County Durham through Queen Elizabeth II’s mother (née Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon).

Meghan’s slave ancestry

As for her mother’s side, Meghan can trace back to a maternal great-great-great grandfather who was a slave on Georgia plantation before being emancipated with the abolition of slavery in 1865 by President Abraham Lincoln. Nothing more is publicly known about this man — his name or what he did after Emancipation.

Today, November 27, 2017 was officially engaged to Harry, the second son of the Prince of Wales. Her engagement ring was designed by Prince Harry was made by Cleave and Company, Court Jewellers and Medallists to Her Majesty The Queen.

Prince Harry, a well-known playboy like his father before him, announces his engagement to Meghan Markle, an American actress.
Prince Harry and Meghan announce their engagement

The pair, who became engaged quietly earlier this month, will marry in spring 2018 and live at Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace, where Harry currently lives. It is unknown if he will retain his Duke’s title or become the Earl of Sussex.  If he chooses the latter, Markle will return to her Sussex roots. 1 Which before he abdicated was the case, and they were the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Gym suits and showing off

Meghan was born Rachel Meghan Markle on August 4, 1981, the same day, twenty years after, former President Barack Hussein Obama, another person both of mixed racial parentage. As she does not have a public birth certificate, below is my proposed Markle chart. I believe it it works because of the preponderance of Ninth House planets, highlighting not only her long journey not only to meeting Prince Harry through mutual friends, but also her various religious changes: she was raised Baptist, converted to Judaism for her first husband and then became an Anglican for her second. This chart puts her leonine Sun in the seventh house conjunct her Mercury, the lead planet s her fellow Hollywood husband, Trevor Engleson, whom she met through the trade, while the second, her Sun, is Harry which is far more important because this marriage was done on like-minded philosophies.

Rachel Meghan Markle's proposed birthchart -- I could not find one with its Sagittarius rising.
Meghan’s birthchart

Her ascendant is 27 Sagittarius 20,, sextile to her Midheaven displaying Meghan’s ambition, With Neptune right near by she is very much the “actress” she loves the stage and the attention it brings her, but as the first house cusp is exact to her Midheaven this leonine extroversion also bring problems, for she becomes a lightning rod crystallizing not how people react to the Royal family but to her and Harry.

While the acting career was obviously an issue with the Queen, it was nothing like Harry’s uncle Prince Andrew romance with actress Koo Stark, nonetheless her Midheaven conjunct her Pluto shows her popularity which sextile the vagaries of Neptune and Mercury may at times seem a bit too mercenary for many people’s tastes, while others will embrace her in your face bravada.

Andrea Carelli writes about this degree:

I should be tempted to say that everything depends on the native. This much can be said anyhow: there is a lot the subject can do, but it will be no easy task, A woman worthy of the name will not stoop to the tactics of a despised enemy and should count her blessings; because she can make herself very much liked; if she only wants. She has an inborn nobility and sweetness of manners that may win him many sincere friends. Let her be above provocation and not stoop to squabble with those unworthy of her.

Andrea Carelli, The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac c. 1950, Italy.

Her first house cusp, that is how the public sees her through the lens of her ascendant 2 This is a reason we have chosen to go with a house method that separates the two as it gives you more depth to the person’s personality than just the ascendant alone. While the ascendant will show you how the person thinks and reacts to life, the first house will demonstrate how the person is perceived by others thus giving more dimensionality to the chart. has the Sabian degree of “the high school grounds are alive with fresh enthusiasm as the girls appear donning their gymnasium suits” highlighting their exuberance in showing off their physiques. Jones writes it shows the joy in challenges with others and more established methods but negatively warns of being daring just for daring’s sake and therefore lacking judgment.

A Martial Bucket

Meghan though is a bucket with a Mars 11 Cancer 49 (the symbol here is a “clown making merry caricaturing those around her with grimaces and pantomime” and gets the warning of excessive self-gratification). I doubt though whether Meghan will heed this warning, because Mars is in its fall in Cancer, for Mars is far too tough a planet to be in such a harmonious place. It is also opposite her first house, and chances over time more of her willfulness be on display and since it square her Moon, again plays in the rising and falling tides of her personality: sometimes she will be loved and others hated. It all depends upon how the viewer sees her, for Meghan is who she is — it is only the viewer who changes.

Another bit of irony, is Mars is in the house of servants and service, and that is not something Mars can do easily. The Asteroid Hygeia is nearby to Mars, and while Hygeia finds herself welcome in the sixth, also the house of sickness and healing, Hygeia’s emphasis is on “prevention” not “cure,” reinforcing the rest of the chart.

The wedding is announced for the Spring. We wish the happy couple all the best.


I constantly vet my essays for completeness and accuracy. This was originally published November 27, 2017, but updated on March 27, 2021 because of some missing photos that are now links.


  • 1
    Which before he abdicated was the case, and they were the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
  • 2
    This is a reason we have chosen to go with a house method that separates the two as it gives you more depth to the person’s personality than just the ascendant alone. While the ascendant will show you how the person thinks and reacts to life, the first house will demonstrate how the person is perceived by others thus giving more dimensionality to the chart.


  • 1
    Which before he abdicated was the case, and they were the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
  • 2
    This is a reason we have chosen to go with a house method that separates the two as it gives you more depth to the person’s personality than just the ascendant alone. While the ascendant will show you how the person thinks and reacts to life, the first house will demonstrate how the person is perceived by others thus giving more dimensionality to the chart.

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