Inspirational Writer & Speaker, Louise Hay

Louise  Lynn Hay, one of the pioneers of the modern self-care revolution, has passed away today at the age of 90. According to her Facebook page, which broke the news just over an hour ago, she died of natural causes surrounded by her loved ones.  Her most popular book was You can Heal yourself.

She had 07 Leo Rising, the symbol of “The constellations in the sky” and a 01 Scorpio Moon  ” A sight seeing bus. ”  Her 15 Libra sun gets the perfect symbol of “Circular paths of self-respect”.  

She is a Splash Temperament Type, that expresses itself by emphasizing one’s humanity and work with helping and understanding others. Her strongest house is the Third House of Communications, three planets congregate there and her only conjunction — out of sign interestingly enough —  between Expressive Mercury (28 Libra) and the Free Will Moon (01 Scorpio) showing naturally enough, how she would make her own way against establishment doxology.

At her time of death, her Ascendant had progressed to an exact conjunction to her natal Mercury, demonstrating how she had closed all the loops in her life path and conjunct the natal Moon, was ready for her next journey.

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Hygeia: You’ve been served

Hygeia the hygienic goddess


 In Greek Mythology, Hygeia is the great-granddaughter of Zeus- Jupiter via the Apollo(nian) line.  Her father Aesculapius is another asteroid, and was mythologically the Greek god of healing.  He had five daughters but the two most famous are Hygeia, the root of the English word Hygiene or public health and Panacea, the cure-all. Hygienists at one time in American history called Hygeists, and Dr. Herbert Shelton of Texas popularized in the turn of century a health routine called “Natural Hygiene.” 
In the 1980’s Harvey and Marilyn Diamond’s best seller “Fit for Life” rejuvenated the method which calls for the restoration and preservation of health by natural by unadulterated means including pure water, sunshine, exercise, clean air, raw foods and no meat products of any kind.  Only fruits can be eaten before twelve noon.  Cleanliness of course was important and so Shelton recommend showering with a loofah brush to get rid of the dead skins and wake up your body. None of this matter though, if you did not  good mental and spiritual attitude.  The link above gives you the basics of the Natural Hygiene method.

Aesculapius the healer

Aesculapius himself is an asteroid and so is his daughter Panacea.  The other daughters in his family did not make the cut though his sons did.  IN paintings he was  often shown in Ancient Greece with a physician’s staff that has a   snake wrapped around it,  hearkening back to the Egyptian symbolism of snakes as a sign of  kingship, that carried the Pharaoh off to the sky.   The snake’s greatest importance was the  myth of the Ouroboros, where we see a snake biting itself, and is the the alchemical symbol for the unity of all things, material and spiritual, that never disappears but changes its form in an eternal cycle of destruction and re-creation.  This myth was so popular that it went from Ancient Egypt to Greece and in to Europe and became important for the alchemists.
The cock bird was also sacred to Aesculapius and sacrificed on his altar.  Unlike other Centaurs, who were violent and savage, Chiron was famous for his wisdom and knowledge of medicine and it is said he taught Aesculapius his art. As  the cock bird was a propitious sacrifice for those asking to  be imparted with his wisdom. 

Hippocrates and his oath

Hippocrates, the great doctor of antiquity and father of the Hippocratic oath doctors take, was said to be a mortal descendant of Aesculapius.  His oath calls upon the Greek gods as his witness, and doctors still take some form of this pledge today, sometimes without evoking the ancient gods.  It begins solemnly:

I swear by Apollo Physician and Aesculapius and Hygeia and Panaceia and all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses, that I will fulfil according to my ability and judgment this oath and this covenant. …

Hygeia was discovered in Naples
The chart has the empty houses in pink for the being in the “pink of health”.  The twelfth house is the asteroid Hybris.

                   Hygeia the Asteroid

The first recorded observation of the asteroid was April 12, 1849 by Annibale de Gasparis in Naples, Italy, we are speculating that it was 5:30 AM, sunrise,  giving a 10 Aries 07 ascendant in the sixth house of service and health. Her rising symbol is ” a  savant is revealed, a woman who has created new forms for old symbols.”  On the chart are two asteroids.  Hygeia is plainly marked but the other, opposite it is Hybris (in the US this is Hubris) the asteroid of presumptive arrogance, overpreening pride. 

Download Hygeia discovery1849

It is rather surprising to see Hygeia opposite Hybris and one wonder is Hybris there for Hygeia or is is for Il Signore Dottore de Gaspari  who also discovered Parthenope, Egeria, Eunomia, Psyche, Massalia, Themia, Ausonia and Beatrix? 

Download the chart here

 Using Hygeia

In the few cases we used Hygeia, we discovered that it works well as a public hygiene point.  Here are a few examples from our notes:

  • One very good friend of mine, June, has Hygeia in the Third House admitted she came from a very neat family where ironing, clean windows, and presentable appearance counted.  Her Hygeia is sextile her Sixth House of work and labor, and her work appearance is always  impeccable. Once out of the limelight though, she dressed quite differently, and when her co-workers met her at a company, they were stunned by her disheveled hippie-like appearance.
  • Queen Mary of Guise, Mary Queen of Scots mother, has Hygeia in the first house right next to Saturn; her daughter’s Hygeia is  in the seventh. Perhaps that explains Mary’s  neat embroidery and exemplary attire while held captive by Queen Elizabeth.
  • The French writer Baudelaire, a great fan of Edgar Allen Poe,  has Hygeia in the first, conjunct his ascendant.
  • The National Geographic founder, Gilbert Grosvenor, has Hygeia in the fifth.  I guess why he wanted photographs and not actual items of the places his exploring journalists went.
  • Another friend  has Hygeia in his Twelfth House.  This dude admits to being a “closet slob, ” cleaning up when he knew he was going to have company and then shoving  everything into the “closets” in a made cleaning dash.
  • Coach Carm Cozza has the clean asteroid in the fourth house.  Those locker rooms  must have been clean enough to eat off.
  • President Trump has Hygeia in the Eighth House and  is an admitted “germaphobe,” but so does, Joe Biden, who always seems to be immaculately dressed and coifed; JFK whose hair was like armor, never moving an iota even with pictures taken at sea, has in it in the 4th.

Nodes, Wobbles, Eclipses and Jean Harlow

The Moon’s Nodes are retrograde more often than they are direct, pulling on the subconscious life and trying to integrate them with current life situations. When the nodes are direct, there is a “karmic, straight-path forward manifestation”   Most software allows you to chose either Mean or True nodes the difference is Mean Nodes are always retrograde and are averaged out to ignore wild perturbations, while True nodes are just true just twice a month, when the moon crosses the ecliptic, and demonstrate the relationship between the Moon, the Earth and the Sun.

Carl Payne Tobey and the Wobble

Astrologer Carl Payne Tobey (1902-1980) discovered in in a vast number of major disasters when the Sun and Moon are square the Moon’s Nodes.                         

Tobey wrote that just using the “conjunction” was a mistake, that the real key was T- Square against the nodal axis to the Sun (the two nodes will always be in opposition — the nodal axis — so it their square that makes the difference). He called this a “Moon Wobble,” because, the Moon is “wobbling” in its path by declination.   Tobey wrote that we experience a significant likelihood of massive environmental damage with loss of life and property when the Sun forms an aspect to the nodes of 0°, 90°, or 180°; he also increased the nodal orb to five degrees from the traditional 1.

During the Wobble, the Sun creates an energy similar to that associated with the eclipses or the new or full moon. While the Dragon’s Head has a favorable astrological impression,  a melding of Venus and Jupiter, the Dragon’s Tail is malefic, blending Mars, Saturn & Uranus that undermine our best intentions, and encourage us to revert to karmic destructive or separative patterns.

                          Nodal Degrees

Tobey called the degree where the North Node is found was “Karmic”.  As shown below in the 1930’s actress Jean Harlow, she has a North Node at 11 Taurus 35 Taurus — according to Tobey the twelfth degree of very sign is the nodal degree — and he would look for aspects to it.  The South Node, opposite is an empathetic point in the horoscope, and not given the same amount of weight as its boreal brethren.  Tobey wrote, that when the Nodal Degree is activated by either a progression or transit, significant karmic events can be expected.  To illustrate this we will use Miss Harlow’s map as it fits the pattern almost perfectly.


                                   Nodal Returns

The Moon’s nodes move back by transit to their birth position once every 18.6 years. This means that in our 19th year, we have a Nodal Return as well as 37th, 55 1/2, 74th  and 93rd birthdays.

As the Nodes are an axis, halving this period gives the Nodal Opposition, the Counter-Nodal Return, when the transiting North Node is in conjunction with the natal South Node and vice versa. So our 9th birthday often symbolizes the end of childhood,  and out 18 ½ a graduation from high school.

The 28th birthday is the turn to Saturnine adulthood (or for Jean Harlow when genetics and her unfortunate habit of dyeing her hair with peroxide took its toll, read more at Slate about that).  The 37th – 55th is when we are established in our career and at our peak earning years. By our 66th year we traditionally retire and start to have some leeway in our life, when about at 9 years later at 74.5 illnesses, deaths or moving to a retirement home issues crop up.                     

The transiting nodal axis is the effect that others have on activating our chart — other people will be playing an important role in current situations. The difference is when a transiting planet is activating a natal nodes, the person  will be applying the energies ascribed to the planet,   but when the transiting nodes affect a natal planet an outside influence triggers them.

Jean Harlow

In Miss Harlow’s chart, she has a North Node in the Eighth House conjunct Saturn.  The Eighth normally the home of Scorpio and sex appeal but it is also a house of legacies.  Here, Harlow has a NN suggests her strong sex appeal with Plutonian white hair and curvy figure that Mars would love (Pluto and Mars are the Lords of Scorpio) but as the NN is aligned with Venus and Jupiter, women instead of being jealous would agree!  Yes she is a blonde bombshell!  She’s gorgeous!  They would exclaim  and rush to the beauty parlor to emulate her.

 Capricorn hugging that NN would suggest at some point she would have to pay the piper for that allure, particularly as it is sextile Neptune, who never forgets an obligation for what the heavens so generously bestowed, but that always seems so far away particularly when one is young and pretty.

harlow obit.png
The “acute” sunburn in the New York Times obit was actually jaundice.

Speeding ahead to June 6 1937 (Jean died on the 7th) we see that North Node is in the same place as is Saturn and between them lovely Venus opposed by Jupiter at 14 Scorpio, the Ruler of the Eighth House suggesting an overload to her genio-urinary system.

harlow progressed.png

Jupiter square her progressed Mars at 13 Aquarius, the other Ruler of Scorpio, is in the Fifth House of creativity.  It is also Square her progressed NN suggesting a total attack on her internal system from an external agent — this is what ultimately killed her. Her Midheaven at 06 Cancer is sextile to the NN, in this case is not a good thing, because it is abetting the whole process of a kidney failure (with friends like these!)   The only good thing about this is that she was probably unconscious as with everything in Taurus, suggesting that talking was difficult, so we assume she was in a coma at that point.

the star comment on Harlow loss.png

The fateful “Nodal Degree” is at 12 Taurus, a symbol of “Window Shoppers” a symbol of human imagination in the sphere of self-awareness.  It’s keyword is visualization and represents positively, the potentials of human achievement but negatively, the realization that all desirable things (in this case life) are beyond one’s reach.



  1. Having viewed about 1000 charts now, I have not found that this Nodal agreement in natal charts works as well as it did for Miss Harlow.  But I will persevere nonetheless.
  2. Miss Jean Harlow is #433 in the Jones 1000.  Dr. Jones at 7:30 PM instead of our 7:40.
  3. Download Miss Jean Harlow dies here.
  4. Mr. Carl Payne Tobey’s lessons can be read here.  He wrote lots of magazine articles on his work, many of which were published in Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine.
  5. The obit and memoriam clips are from the New York Times newspaper, Times Square, New York the June 8th, 1937 edition.

Actor Writer Director, Sam Shepard

A man of many talents

Sam Shepard with his down home honesty and American good looks; seemed, like fellow actor Robert Redford to personify the Marlboro Man Mythic sans the tobacco. His acting in “Frances”  led to his meeting Jessica Lange, and ended his only marriage to O-Lan Jones.  His next success was in the movie “The Right Stuff” , based on the book by Tom Wolfe on Apollo 17, the last manned mission to the moon. Then there was “Baby Boom” with Diane Keaton and his career took off, as his fans, like Adelina Patti’s, each with their Moon in the Eleventh House, ate him up.

From Steve to Sam

His real was Samuel Shepard Rogers IV  and he was born at Fort Sheridan, Illinois on November 5, 1943 at 15:45 and his nickname was “Steve” but when he started playwrighting he changed it to “Sam Shepard” and it stuck.

He was the eldest of three children and the only boy.  His family  led a rather nomadic life living on several military bases as his father was an army officer and former Air Force bomber during World War II. His mother was a teacher. He wrote of his dysfunctional family & the fading West as it sinks into plastic and neon in a non-linear fashion. You can read more at his eldest son, Jesse Mojo Shepard’s website, complete with photos of the fam.

shephard as bucket

And then the Map

Sam Shepard is a buck with a Moon handle in the Eleventh House of Aquarius  as shown on the chart above.  His Ascendant is Pisces 25º marks a foresighted and courageous nature but one that is tends to be an agitator.  It is also quincunx Saturn in the Third House (Brothers & Sister as well as Communications) and conjunct Mars at 22 Gemini makes him hard to get along always falling into the role of devil’s advocate.

That Mars is inconjunct both Juno at 23.34 Capricorn  and Mercury 09.43 in Scorpio creating a Yod with the Midpoint at the Midheaven at 28 Sagittarius and opposite his Part of Fortune.  That is one thing about Shephard’s chart that is so interesting, pick up one planet make and aspect and you find another and then another and before you know it you’ve made another Grand Cross.  That is often the case in multi-faceted people; they tend to have rather complex charts.

shepherd cross.png
Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard prior to their split in 2007

Shepard’s Yod with the Midpoint at the Midheaven shows first how much travelling he did and how he enjoyed the changes and two how much those changes marked different part of his career and personal life that he wrote in his thinly veiled autobiography called “the One Inside” this past winter, February 2017.

Lou Gehrig’s Disease

On July 27, 2017 Sam Shepard reposed on his farm in Midway, Kentucky only 62 miles away from the great August 21 eclipse maximum viewpoint that occurred four week later. He died of complications of ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a highly progressive incurable neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.  There are no laboratory tests for the disease just an EMG and NCV nerve test.  The disease is always fatal and usually hereditary.

Download Sam Shepard’s map.

C191 True Grit: Singer-Actor Glen Campbell

Born in 1936 in Arkansas, the place seems to differ from bio to obit and it seems like other singers of the period, it was really between the two on a backcountry farm,  Glen Campbell started as many singers did, apprenticing as a songwriter for the top stars of the 1960s. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2005, and earned a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. Following a public battle with Alzheimer’s disease, the country music legend died on August 8, 2017, at the age of 81.

He was the seventh of twelve children and at fourteen left home starting out as an itinerant musician, wending his way to his Uncle Dick and the Sandia Mountain Boys.  Eight years later, Glen formed his own group, the Western Wranglers.  From there he went to Los Angeles and joined the American Music Group and was backup singer for many notables including Dean Martin, Edye Gorme and Steve Lawrence, Frank Sinatra  and Elvis Presley.

More success and then in 1969 he landed the role of Texas Ranger La Bouef (the Beef or Meat) in John Wayne’s classic True Grit and wrote & sang the title song.  By the time Glen died, he had four wives, eight children and was worth approximately 50 million dollars.

                             The Glen Campbell Map

glen bowl.png

Glen’s chart is a bucket with a Jupiter (black box) handle.  The black vertical line divides the east-west hemisphere in half and while Neptune shimmies over to the Fourth House on the Western Side, eight of ten planets are safely ensconced on the resourceful eastern side of the chart.

He also has an unusual emphasis, a jam packed twelfth house with Aries indicating that he was tireless in trying to establish himself into the larger sphere of music and entertainment.  He followed his dreams relentlessly even if it meant heartbreak to those whom he married and his family, capitalizing on every opportunity that came his way.

The break of Neptune at 15 Virgo on the Western side supports oddly enough, his married to his Fourth wife, and the duty he realized to his family and his formal acceptance of Jesus as his personal saviour in 1981 when he went home after many years away, to get baptized.  This was no doubt a major turning point for him particularly as his handle planet,  Jupiter is square Neptune, making him swallow his pride and forcing him to admit his past errors (Jupiter opposite the Ascendant with a T-Square to the Midheaven) in his monkey grab to the top (Saturn is in the Tenth, typically a sign of career success).

                                       And the Wichita Lineman…….is still on the Line

Glen has no Line of Vitality, Sun to Moon, suggesting that he wasted a lot of talent and time pursuing drugs and women in a reverie of what he believed was success.

Jupiter Square Saturn create the Line of Motivation, that supports the Line of Vitality’s wastrel ways and led for many years bad publicity and a poor family life.

But what he lost in those two areas, he more than made up with the exact conjunction of Mars to Venus in the Twelfth House of self-undoing, large corporations and hidden problems for the Line of Efficiency.    This conjunction suggests that Glen had the ability to just pick himself up, adapt to the new issue at hand and move on.  He could do that in his music, his work and then eventually in his life.  This aspect gives him an rejuvenative ability to restart his life when it seemed bleakest, highlighted of course by his touring around the country in his seventies with Alzheimer’s.

Finally,  Glen has no Line of Social Significance, the aspect Uranus to Neptune, suggesting that Glen was never much interested in the world at large or his place within it but in reality his tour with Alzheimer’s was another Neptunian obligation he owed his fans and heightened awareness of the benefits of music in dementia.

RIP Glen, I still like your La Bouef best.

Download Glen Campbell’s chart.

What’s so big about the August 21 total eclipse?

Why is the 2017 eclipse getting so much media attention?  Comparing its theoretical size and length it has been calculated to be one  of the top ten of all time. The last time a total solar eclipse was visible from coast to coast was 100 years earlier, on June 8, 1918, so yes this is a once in a lifetime eclipse.

Defining the various eclipses

Eclipses of the sun only take place during conjunctions of the sun and moon, or when the moon is  between the sun and the earth with the eclipse itself being when the moon conceals the sun from the earth, or to the earth  plunged in the shadow of the moon.

That seems strange as the moon is indeed much smaller than the sun but because the moon is so much nearer to the earth that its apparent diameter, means that the diatremic difference is inconsequential.

Total, annular, and partial

If the centers of the sun and the moon were in a same straight line to the eye of a spectator on the earth, a person would see the sun eclipsed .  It is a total eclipse when the the apparent diameter of the moon surpasses the sun, but based on the angle of site, when the moon’s diameter is at its smallest, the observer instead will see a luminous ring, formed by that part of the sun’s disk which exceeds that of the moon’s, and then the eclipse will in that case be annular.

If the center of the moon is not in the same straight line to the observer and the center of the sun, then eclipse can only he partial, as the moon can only conceal a part of the sun’s disk. This is why there is great variety in the the appearance of the solar eclipses. Another reason is the elevation of the moon above the horizon, which changes its apparent diameter considerably.

The moon’s diameter appears larger when she is near the horizon than when she is elevated far above it — think about sunset when the Moon seems enormous sitting on the horizon.  Her size does not change six hours later when she is fully risen in the sky and is now just a glowing orb, but the altitude of our viewing has and thus she seems smaller than before.  This is also why an eclipse in one longitude is seen differently, if at all, at another.

How many eclipses happen in a year?

In any year, the number of eclipses of both luminaries cannot be less than two, nor more than seven with the most typical number being four; it is rare to have six or more for while the sun passes both the nodes once a-year, unless the first was at the very beginning of the year then it is unlikely he will pass that same node again that year.  That is because  these points move 197 degrees backwards every year, so the sun come to one 173 days after he has passed the other.

When does an eclipse happen?

Eclipses occur when either node is within 17 degrees of the sun at the time of new moon, then the sun will be eclipsed. At the subsequent opposition, the moon will be eclipsed in the other node* and come round to the next conjunction again ere the former node be 17 degrees past the sun, and will therefore eclipse him again, so that makes it definite that there will always be at least two eclipses per annum. Thus when three eclipses fall about either node, the like number generally falls about the opposite.

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