Astrological Oppositions & Pres. Barack H. Obama

Phenomenal people have outstanding charts that are worthwhile an astrological student’s time.  President Barack Hussein Obama the USA’s 44th President and the first Black American President, a spectacular feat since it was a mere fifty years since the Jim Crow laws were abolished by President Lyndon B. Johnson. His chart, a Splash Universalist, temperament type is fitting such a phenomenal feat — the man defintely fits the times.

barack obama.png

 The Opposition of Awareness

Dr. Marc E. Jones termed the astrological opposition as an aspect of “awareness” because each planet or point was opposite the other and so could view it.  The person with an opposition was cognizant of that facet of his personality and used it to spur him to achieve great heights.  President Obama’s chart fits that defnition perfectly because he has several oppositions, marked out below each in a different color.

Astrologer Dal Lee in his helpful Dictionary of Astrology³ writes that “oppositions sound worse than they are for they mainly challenge the owner of the horoscope.  Many men whose birth charts show afflictions have risen to the top of their professions (Henry Ford outlined here has a Grand Cross) but all that means is that they have to work hard to get there.  But as Mr. Lee adds, ”  strong or motivated character can meet any chart affliction and conquer it.”

His part of fortune in the tenth house is opposite his Sun in his fourth, suggesting that his father and mother both encouraged his dreams, though he only mentions his father in his book, Dreams from my Father. At 08 Scorpio 44, the Arabian part of dreams and aspirations, suggests Obama in the Hyperion symbols, “that he records all his past experiences, upon which he bases his own world of becoming {his wife’s book btw}”. It gets the keyword of Experience and McClung writes that it the acknowledge of the past that constitutes and is fulfilled in the present.

A Cardinal Opposition

This aspect signifies tension  between the two houses involved.  For Obama,  with his several oppositions between Cancer and Capricorn, suggest while he wanted to work for civil rights — sixth house service and duty– at the same time, he questioned whether that was the right path for him — 12th house champions the desires for a larger and more .  

There was already Rev. Martin Luther King,  Julian Bond, Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Justice Thurgood Marshall and  Jesse Jackson, that had made several great strides in the civil rights movement, and he must have wondered, what more could he do the cause?

The answer came to him via his Cosmic Cross, and the point focus at Neptune in the ninth house at Scorpio 08, “the moon shining across a lake.”  This symbol channel the obligation of Neptune into his house of higher calling and suggested that his was the ability, to “release outer compulsions upon the world and achieve a more enduring focus” by reaching a “rapport”  with his imagination and the country at large.

Still with his Ascendant in the Twelfth House (Morinus System) reminding him the importance of economics and human welfare, never left him, and it was that symbol of Aquarius 19 “Concern” that allowed him to refocus his original desires and reformulate them into something universal epitomized in the  symbol of a “Forest Fire quenched.” It is also directly opposite what we have rectified for the ascendant of his successor Pres. Trump at 20 Leo .

The symbol of 19 Aquarius is a regenerative talent that the native has by giving wholly of himself towards a particular goal.  This dynamic and Olympic expenditure of self for Obama made him realize that he could soar higher than he thought and reach the pinnacle as he dreamed.  In his autobiography, “Dreams of my Father” writes that just putting pen to paper about the dreams his father shared, made him aware of his legacy  not surprising as Mars in Virgo gives a person the ability of vivid expression and re-creation.

                           Moon to Part of Fortune Opposition

Another opposition, President Obama has is the Moon in the Fourth House in Gemini, the native house of Cancer, opposite his Part of Fortune (by orb) against the Midheaven at 28.54 Scorpio, that btw is square it’s own ruler of Mars in Virgo.  The variable Moon, the representative of his mother, Stanley Ann Durham, Ph.D., gives him the ability to gather and arrange facts while the Sagittarian Midheaven allows him to place them into perspective and draw conclusions.

While Pres. Obama admitted he wrote “Dreams” while his mother was dying and barely mentions her, his chart, on the other hand, shows that her life of social anthropology impressed him for she  was

the dominant figure in my formative years … The values she taught me continue to be my touchstone when it comes to how I go about the world of politics.                                                              

—President Obama, Chicago Tribune c. 2007 Campaign Trail

                                      But wait there’s more!

Yes Pres. Obama has two more oppositions in his chart, making him aware and attracted to controversial opinions as he, according to Karen Hamaker-Zondag writes “look at matters from every angle and give judgment on it, so that the two extremes of their personality are now working in tandem.”¹

One of the more interesting oppositions is of Mercury to Jupiter in the Twelfth to Saturn by a translation of light.  This one strikes me because much was made of his use of a teleprompter and inability to talk off the cuff — this opposition would make him sparing of speech, a taciturn man, while the Mercury trine to the Midheaven — 29 Scorpio  an Indian squaw pleading for the lives of her children with the Keyword of Effectiveness —  would make him a fluid and excellent writer as noted above as well.

Dr. Hamaker-Zondag continues that at “the same time the view the reverse side of the problem for proportion, they also view the other side to demolish their opponents opposition.”  With three oppositions in work and health care, it is obvious that to Pres. Obama, health care (sixth house) and sexuality (the twelfth house) were to him always going to be the cornerstone of his life’s work just as economics (sixth house) had been his mother’s legacy (eighth house).


She echoes the writing of Marc E. Jones wrote wrote thirty years earlier that  an opposition ” is a state of affairs in which two planets, brought to points like east and west, or north and south,  stand contrary to each other. Their “contrariety” is not that they cancel each other in any way, since this would violate the principle of nothing from something but rather that they challenge each other to an activity of a broader sort.

“Where there was once a tendency to do nothing, now that is transformed into a great necessity to do something… The opposition aspect strengthens the native’s awareness of a need to act, working together with sensitivity to the difficulties involved in deciding where and when to act.”²

While so many oppositions make him a lightning rod on his chosen endeavors (the Affordable Healthcare Act is forever known as Obamacare even on the government website), conversely, he enjoys that attention and does not consider it a cross to bear.

Download the Barack HO map.


  1. Hamaker-Zondag, Karen M. “Aspects and Personality.” Aspects and Personality, York, Maine: S. Weiser, 1990, pp. 10–11.
    1. Originally published in Dutch in 1982, W. N. Schors, Inc.
  2. Jones, Marc Edmund.  “How to Learn Astrology”, Stanwood, Washington: Sabian Publishing Society, 1953.
  3. Lee, Dal.  “Dictionary of Astrology,” New York, New York:  A Paperback Library, 1969 p. 58.
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HMS Victoria and Battleship Camperdown meet in Tripoli

Alan Leo notes in his magazine Modern Astrology: the Astrologer’s Magazine,” that the HMS Victoria and the battleship Camperdown collided outside of Tripoli (now Libya) and put up the relevant news clipping, as an exercise for subscribers to send in. Well we’ve long past that due date, but nevertheless I decided to lend my hand to the problem. This is what I saw

We no longer use Keplerian aspects in our reports — too much distracting information.

The Ascendant is at 15 Scorpio and ruler of Scorpio is Mars and now also Pluto. Pluto was still an asteroid in Leo’s time having not been discovered for another 35 years. It carries the symbol of “Carefulness” or as E. C. Chambers says when afflicted as it is here in opposition of “Carelessness.”

It is also conjunct that Wildman of the zodiac, Uranus at 07 Scorpio (keyword Strong in Opposition) and is opposite Jupiter right on the Seventh House of Other People and Labour (this being a mundane and not natal even) at 21 Taurus (keyword Fame or Notoriety however the case maybe).

In that Seventh House lo and behold is Pluto at 10 Gemini square the Part of the Fortune of the chart at 03 Pisces (Resignation) in the Fourth House , or the living conditions of the house or ship. An angle to the cusp of the Fourth House in Mundane situations often denotes inclement weather [fmn] This is now a private link [/fmn] says astrologer Celeste Teal. That does occur in the chart above but the orb is rather wide for a cuspal house but if we move over to Campanus we get it.

The Campanus chart yields the angle and maybe why Carter recommended it as he did a lot of work on accidents and mundane events.

Still Jupiter’s over estimation squared (blindsided) to the Part of Fortune in 4th House of Ships and Houses is a stronger indicator in itself, but in Campanus we do get blinded by inclement weather (Jupiter in Taurus in the 7th ).


E.C. Chambers mentions something is on our Jacqueline Nourritt. mentions in his book on Astrological Symbols, her Moon is also in Pisces 03 – must have been musical prodigy. Serendipity! We now know where to continue our search.

Read news report it here from the Old Grey lady  109702532.pdf

J#140 How do i love thee? Elizabeth Barrett Browning


                              HOW DO I LOVE THEE?

(From Sonnets from the Portuguese)

by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  •          HOW do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
  •          I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
  •          My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
  •          For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
  •          I love thee to the level of everyday’s
  •          Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
  •          I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
  •          I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
  •          I love thee with the passion put to use
  •          In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
  •          I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
  •          With my lost saints,- I love thee with the breath,
  •          Smiles, tears, of all my life!- and, if God choose,
  •          I shall but love thee better after death.



                A brief intro

Elizabeth Barrett Moulton-Barrett was born on Thursday, March 6, 1806, the eldest child of Edward Moulton-Barrett (1785–1857) and Mary Graham-Clarke (1781–1828), at Coxhoe Hall, County Durham, England.   Both come from families with extensive plantations in Jamaica, where Edward was born and lived until the age of seven.

EBB’s beloved brother Edward Moulton-Barrett (‘Bro’, 1807–40) is born 26 June 1807. The other siblings most important to EBB (there are twelve children altogether, eleven of whom survive infancy) are Henrietta (1809–60), born March 1809, Arabella (Arabel, 1813–68), born 4 July 1813, and George (1816–95) born 15 July 1816.

The Barretts left Coxhoe in the Autumn of 1808 and, after a period spent mainly in London and at Mickleham in Surrey, move at the end of 1809 to Hope End, near Ledbury, Herefordshire (purchased for £24 000).  This would be their home until August 1832. The original house is converted into stables and a new mansion in exotic Turkish style is constructed.

Her mother died from rheumatoid arthritis on July 7th, there has been a lot of conjecture that is what EBB had as it is a hereditary disease; here is one view.

                                                                                 The Neptunian Sprite

Mrs. Browning is not esteemed in literary circles to be a great poet,  except for Sonnets from the Portuguese which thankfully her husband Robert Browning encouraged to her publish. Prior to that most of her poems were sweet but lacked depth.  but her chart tells us that Neptune’s  discovery during her lifetime and she married four years later,  had a monumental effect on this lovely lady and its conjunction in her chart exactly to the then Galactic Center (24.14 in Sagittarius that fell in her Third House of short communications (unlike her husband she wrote no long poems) was just about to change everything.

So, if anyone epitomizes Neptune in the Arts and the Spirit of this planet, it is this delicate lady, who wrote extremely popular, well-paid and well-loved verse all from the confines of her couch.

That Neptune centered in the part of her bowl emphasizing Personal Expression is square her Sixth House that owns a flurry of planets working busily to make her, during her lifetime, the most Popular and Well-Paid Writer in Victorian Britain — and for a woman no less.

                                   Elizabeth and Emily

Often it is said that Emily Bronte, who shares much in common with Mrs. Browning is the Neptunian Definition, but the problem is this is more because of movie on Wuthering Heights with Merle Oberon and Laurence Olivier and not on its own merits.  Mrs. Browning, on the other hand, needs no movie, no Hollywood send-up, her Sonnets are one of the most well-loved, highly regarded and memorized set of poems in modern times.

barret browning.png

An invalid, Saturn in the Second House, may have had HPKK but it also resembles what was called then “neurasthenia” or what is now referred to a fibromyalgia — sensitive neural pathways that overreact to stress, exercise, and fatigue.  As the disease typically overwhelms the victims, it is hard for them to manage daily existence and as stress is a strong contributor, and her father’s overbearing manner (Saturn in the Second sextile the North Node exact to Jupiter in the Fourth House of the Home and father) did not help there.

As Poet

She found great comfort (Jupiter in the Fourth House sextile the stellium in the Sixth) in her work.  Mercury and Mars show her vigour for writing and self-expression.  Pluto separates that pair — and was yet to be discovered for another 70 years — from the Sun conjunct Venus just sitting proud and regal on the Seventh House of Relationships cusp — they met through her work.

It was the relationship that fueled gossip rags, angered people and gave hope to the love lorn:  infirm and quite wealthy Elizabeth left all to be with her great love, the nascent poet Robert Browning, in Italy.  They hoped that the warm of the Mediterranean rays would help her health.  She lived another fifteen years, so who knows if it did, but it was Browning that disciplined her mind, broke her from her father and made her create great passionate verse that made Shakespeare’s sonnets look pale in comparison.

Her ascendant at 30 Virgo, Dr. Henry J. Gordon (he was a medical doctor who took up astrology after World War I) writes that this degree gives one an “eccentric nature” that is in tune with mysticism, and will tend towards mental work.  He cites that this is a tragic degree because they are too attuned to their own body.

For Mrs. Barrett, the Mercury trine to Saturn conjunct Uranus (the individual breaks out from structure and demands through sorrow) semi-sextile Neptune/the Galactic Center (extreme sensitivity to a new mode of expression) was just that extra push that she needed.  But let us not think that her father was her only impression; her mother’s death (Saturn inconjunct Venus and just missing a conjunction to the Moon) started her poetic career with Aurora Leigh, telling us how sorrow, love, and partings were all melded into one beautiful whole in her writings.

Her part of Fortune is at 25 Aries in the Seventh, suggesting that Marriage would allow the potential within to be unlocked….and we most definitely agree.  Go to and download the Sonnets, or go to Poemhunter read them.  Either way, you will not be denied.

You can read a little more about her from this essay here.

“First time he kissed me he but only kissed
The fingers of this hand wherewith I write,
And ever since, it grew more clean and white,
Slow to world-greetings, quick with its ‘Oh, list,’
When the angels speak. A ring of amethyst
I could not wear here, plainer to my sight,
Than that first kiss. The second passed in height
The first, and sought the forehead, and half-missed
Half falling on the hair. O beyond meed!
That was the chrism of love, which love’s own crown
With sanctifying sweetness, did precede.
The third upon my lips was folded down
In perfect, purple state; since when, indeed,
I have been proud and said, ‘My love, my own!’


Download the chart for Elizabeth Barrett Browning

#J227 Blithe Spirit: Noel Coward

Noel Coward Map

Playwright Noel Coward is also a See-Saw, and his chart looks more what we are accustomed to seeing:  three opposing planets in the Eighth House against five in the Second.  His chart also is rather reminiscent of Miss McBride’s:  both have Cancer at the Midheaven (hers at 22, his at 30) and both have Libra rising (hers at 19 and his at 23) so these two media artists, have much in common.

But Mr. Coward’s chart is a Northern Hemisphere chart , showing despite his public demeanor, he was a private person. His Sun at 24 Sagittarius is opposite his Moon at 13 Gemini, creates a Line of Vitality that allowed him to aware of his foibles and failings.  That was to his advantage, as he used everything in his environment to create his plays (Mars conjunct Venus in the Third House of communications, the Line of Efficiency).

The novelist Stella Gibbons would recall of Coward that ”he seemed to me to incarnate the myth of the 20’s (gaiety, courage, pain concealed, amusing malice). ” Looking at that abundant Second House of Personal Resources,  it does seem that the various planets are sparring to see which gets the greatest notice.

Mr. Coward was known as a deft “literary” writer, his prose full of double entendres, witty remarks and verbal repartee, but surprising the Line of Culture is missing. While it makes a minor debut as a semi-sextile (Saturn to Jupiter), it does not get a starring role.


Noel Coward at Firefly
Noel Coward at Firefly Jamaica Lookout

Perhaps though that is because we are ignoring the disruptive Uranus in the Second House that is a tad too far until either the North Node or the Sun, but in exact aspect to Coward’s Part of Fortune and then another trine away from his Midheaven. Our see-saw has a Grand Trine to keep it on an even keel despite the lopsidedness of the planets on the map.

The Grand Trine misses that little stellium in Eighth House and opposite the Second, making the spectre of Death & farewells always at Coward’s shoulder.

Overall, Coward has two themes running throughout his life, one of the Grand Trine and the other of the See-Saw wanting very much to make a go of it and be something. Venus is alone in the Third House of Short Communications (he wrote many a One Act Play) but too far from the Midheaven to do much good. Instead, it relies on the relay to the Ascendant to the Midheaven to pull lyric verse and song off — when he writes he writes for others, but when he sings, it is for himself.

The Eighth House with Neptune, Pluto and the Moon suggest he would die suddenly and rather mysteriously on an island, but that was meaningless as England is an island too, so no help there.

Better luck is with his Ascendant at 22.19 Libra that Dr. Henry J. Gordon writes shows “many capabilities which should be trained early on. A restless nature that will seldom stay in one place …. but honour and reward at the end.”

And indeed it was: he was knighted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1970. He died three years later at Firefly, his Jamaica mountaintop estate after suffering from a sudden heart attack. His secretary, Cole Lesley, said that the burial was closed to only he, two close friends in Jamaica and the staff of Sir Noël’s estate. There was later a “public” London funeral as well.

In the meantime, enjoy some songs from the “Master,” including the ever popular Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the Noonday Sun.


#J615 The First Lady of Radio: Mary Margaret McBride

Mary Margaret McBride was born to a Missouri farming family in 1899. Her earliest education was “disorganized” because the family often relocated, but she entered a preparatory academy at the age of six and at 16 entered the University of Missouri; she earned her journalism degree by the age of 19.

Having reasonable success as a “girl journalist” with the Cleveland Press, she moved on to the larger New York Evening Mail (1867 – 1924) &  did quite well contributing freelance pieces to periodicals. With the Depression hundreds of writers found themselves unemployed, and McBride was among them. She was now in her mid-thirties her writing career essentially over, but getting a hunch. Her Mars on the 7th house cusp in Aries is the 90-degree turn she took in life when she went from newsprint to WOR-radio in New York City. She went for a radio audition and stayed on the air for the next forty years.


Her ascendant is opposite the electric Mars in her sixth house shows her knack for metal, electronics and radio waves, as well as indomitable work spirit. She tackled everything and by the 1950’s put out a series of Mary McBride Cookbooks as she was renown chef.

Her Ascendant at 19 Libra — “a gang of robbers in hiding the symbol of a woman’s freedom of spirit and soul as she deviates from the normal impulses of others” — opposes that lone Mars creating a T-Square to the Midheaven in Cancer 22. This not only suggests her warm effusive interviewing style but symbolically is all about her being able to swallow her pride and change careers.  We have a link to her interviewing actress Carol Landis here,  #543 in the Jones 1000.  Her musical director was Paul Whiteman aka “The King of Jazz” and Jones # 965.

Her see-saw is definitely an odd shape, but oppositions, while nice, are not required. The one to her ascendant does not count according to Dr. Jones.

mcbride death.png

Her Line of Vitality (Sun aspecting the Moon) is absent (Jones in Essentials misstates that as being in opposition)¹.  Remembering that this line does not portend a long life, because it is not an update to the hyleg, instead it is about how she embraces life. Her it shows that she tended to be freewheeling regarding her abilities (second house) and  where her opportunities may occur (ninth house).  Her biography supports that for she moved like her parents did where-ever the corn was growing highest — and did not let weeds dictate her circumstance.

McBride died at 76 years of age in West Shokan, Ulster County, New York about 22 miles west of Kingston on the NYS Thruway in the Catskills.  A fuller discussion of her career can be found here on Patrick Murfin’s site.


  1. Jones, Marc E., Ph.D, Essentials of Astrological Analysis, pg. 117 gives her along with General Francisco Franco as an example of the sun and moon in an opposition aspect.
  2. FWIW, we prefer the time and Ascendant below for McBride.  It does not change her Line of Vitality nor really her placement of Mars except to move the latter closer to the eighth house and making that essential ruler give her the strength to make the proverbial lemonade out of lemons.
Jones’s Ascendant is 19 Libra vs ours at 24 Scorpio.  Via the Hyperion symbols, the first has the image of a “Medic splints a broken leg” with the idea of someone always willing to help.  While the second gets the same idea but here it is “Nurses at a nurses’ station.”  the latter has the image of willingness to serve can be a saving grace for both others and themselves.

RIP: Astrologer Donna Cunningham

Astrologer Noel Tyl has announced on his eponymous website that astrologer Donna Cunningham has reposed on her 75th birthday in Portland, Oregon. He gave her details on July 5, 1942, at 7:40 in Onawa, Iowa, a town found on the outskirts of Decatur, Iowa north of Omaha, Nebraska.  Mr. Tyl’s data is similar to the Vedic AstroSage. Since we published this, Mr. Tyl has reposed too, as has her friend Donna van Toen.

See the source image

 Our sympathies to her friends and family and many readers.  I could not find an online obituary.  A list of her books are at; we recommend at least The Consulting Astrologer’s Handbook, though we are partial to her 1983 book, Healing Pluto Problems.

In this latter book, she discusses Amelia Earhart,  Mohandas Gandhi, Sigmund Freud, Madame Marie Curie, the discoverer of plutonium, several abuse & incest cases and finally psychologist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.  Many of those people Celestiology did too, but we did not use her research.  I think they are just popular people to analyze.

Her website is at Skywriter.


Continue reading “RIP: Astrologer Donna Cunningham”

Will the right Trump birth time please stand up?

The Official Donald J. Trump birth certificate from The Jamaica Hospital, Jamaica, Borough of Queens in the city of New York, New York is here on  It states plainly

DONALD J. TRUMP was born to MR & MRS FRED C. TRUMP in this Hospital at 10:54 AM on Friday, the Fourteenth day of JUNE A.D. 1946.

Which of course begs the question how does one rectify that as we did here. The answer, unfortunately, is a sticky wicket. Many think that birth time is when the head is shown “crowning.” My good friend, Vivienne Shafer, a CNRP (certified nurse practitioner) who has worked many a delivery, say that is wrong, because a head crowning could be stillborn and so until the baby “cries” does the delivery team know that it is alive.  If we use Mrs. Shafer’s definition, how could we be right with 10:03 when the birth certificate says 10:54.

the extra Hour

Let’s tackle the hour difference first.

Obviously the Daylight Savings Time issue.  New York State required prior to 2004 that all time be recorded in Standard Time but we do not know if out in Jamaica the nurses were that up to snuff — in the mid 40’s Jamaica Queens was considered the “boonies.” So that is the first issue.  Next is the problem whether the attending nurse looked at the main clock, a time-stamp,  or  their watch, which was obviously in DST and wrote that down.  Both Doris Chase Doane and Robert Jansky, both have books on natal time issues & admit therein, that this error happens more often than not.  Now, with the DST issue gone, we are now TWO minutes late.

Two minutes one way or the other

Jamaica Bay, Queens — the bridge goes to Rockaway and not to Jamaica

I can give another example in the same vein.

A friend of ours, Loir, was never happy with her chart, always picking and delving into it, tearing it apart, asking everyone she met to divine it because it did not describe her, or her marriage (there were no synastric aspects that could explain the attraction) & in consequence she felt inadequate.  She got a copy of the birth certificate from the hospital; she figured that was part of the problem.  But when it arrived, everything was still a mishap.

The Loire River Valley, France.

For her birthday last March, I decided to rectify Loir’s chart, and voila, the time on the birth certificate & my rectification did not match. I got 17:44.  I sent it to her as a gift.  She read it and for the first time, her symbols clicked, her progressions worked, her relationship with her husband Kieran made sense (where before there was nothing, now she had her Midheaven partile to his Ascendant); she was happy.  Why should this be so?  Eine mysterion (Greek for it is a mystery) or look above and pick your logical reason like clocks run fast or slow. I prefer that birth is a mysterious event and we must work to get it right.

Jamaica Hospital, Jamaica Queens

So we are sticking with 9:58 AM which does not change as much as you would think :  Trump’s is Mars 26 Leo 45 & well within the orb of Regulus at 29.50 Leo and according to Vivian Robson, gives him “honor, fame, strong character public prominence, high military command” — he is Commander in Chief of the American Armed Forces . 

The  Leo ascendant makes its natives tall and large boned people with conspicuous hair; especially when they are young and it is its most abundant  (see Michael Moore another Leo ascendant over here).  They have ruddy complexions, &  are rather squarish in stature.  They benefit, like the lion in the jungle, through social connections.

from the painter Johan Hoekstra’s Wildlife Series. All rights reserved by Mr. Hoekstra and his designatees.

His Midheaven is now at 10 Taurus 26 giving him a dutiful character that does not shirk from his duty and with the square to Pluto partile his 1st house compels him to be bombastic and flamboyant. Leo has two martial planets, Pluto and Mars, in the 1st house, so whether you love him or hate him, no one ever feels neutral about Trump. His stellium in the 12th house in Cancer shows the importance of his mother and his affinity for large organizations but note he has nothing in the 10th house that traditionally is Presidential stamp.

Finally, he is a Bucket with a Moon handle in the 5th highlighting his sensitivity to criticism (it is trine his Ascendant), and attacks on his children — but that is typical of the lion, and should be no surprise.

Download the Official Trump Map

Marc Jones on the History of Astrology

In his first outing, Dr. Jones bemoans the state of astrological history. Since then lots of books have come forth to fill in those gaps, but many are rather expensiv but of their niche audience, and others since their publication, hard to find. The problem is, the history of astrology is rather obtuse subject and so his reference to the Encyclopaedia of Social Sciences, is welcome.

History required?

The short answer is NO. A historical overview of how astrology came about and who created what, is not required until, and unless, you want to get certified. There are three methods in the US for astrological certification: C. C. Zain’s Church of Light, the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA) and the newcomer, National Council for Geocosmic Research (NGCR). Only the last two give you initials after their name. The Church of Light, an esoteric society like the Golden Dawn, BOTA and the Sabian Assembly promote with their organization, thus in those societies you become a “Hermeticist” or a “Legate.” 1 The Sabian Assembly, under Marc Jones, required astrological training but did not give out a “certification” per se, unless you want to count graduation to the next level within the Assembly. With his demise in 1980, that was discarded.

All three of the aforementioned groups supply you with their recommended text. but only the CoL has it included in their readings. 2 Both NGCR and AFA make you buy supplemental text to pass the coursework i.e. for the AFA it is of course the late James Herschel Holden’s  HISTORY OF HOROSCOPIC ASTROLOGY: From the Babylonian Period to the Modern Age, 2nd edition that is still reasonably priced at $25.00 on Amazon; the AFA wants $30.00.   If you want certification from the AFA, that is extra. Their coursework is $455.00; NGCR’s last I checked was double and the Church of Light half.

How much you learn about the subject is better, and this is my own bias, than nothing, because knowing nothing opens you up to faulty information. I saw that personally at a conference I attended where the information by the presented was very biased and untrue. Do you need the intricacies and the details? Not really. That’s for historians and philosophers to discuss, and banter about,.

What the general astrologer, who is doing their own horoscope and that of close friends and family, needs is just an overview and Dr. Jones’s recommendation serves well for that purpose.

Jones’s view

     ASTROLOGY, as here presented, is the form of practice on which the majority of astrologers and their students agree, both in America and Europe. Its essence is the use of a horoscope made for the precise place, the exact minute and hour as well as the day, month and year of birth for the particular individual.

It uses  the methods of calculation and interpretation that have their roots in Claudius Ptolemy (an Egyptian astrologer of Greek descent who wrote in the  2nd century A.D. and created the geocentric system that is the foundation of our art), Didacus Placidus de Titus (the father of the Placidian House System 1647-1657), William Lilly (1602-1681), and Lilly’s pupil, John Gadbury (d. 1691).   

While there is no adequate history of astrology for the most part, its true record is the biographies and writings of its distinguished devotees.

The most serviceable historical sketch is an informative article on “Astrology” by Charles Singer of London in the Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences, Volume II, Macmillan Publishing Company, New York, 1931.

We are very happy to provide the aforementioned entry for general interest.  Click on the image below to read the two pages in Flickr in a larger and more readable format.

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    The Sabian Assembly, under Marc Jones, required astrological training but did not give out a “certification” per se, unless you want to count graduation to the next level within the Assembly. With his demise in 1980, that was discarded.
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    Both NGCR and AFA make you buy supplemental text to pass the coursework i.e. for the AFA it is of course the late James Herschel Holden’s  HISTORY OF HOROSCOPIC ASTROLOGY: From the Babylonian Period to the Modern Age, 2nd edition that is still reasonably priced at $25.00 on Amazon; the AFA wants $30.00.  


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    The Sabian Assembly, under Marc Jones, required astrological training but did not give out a “certification” per se, unless you want to count graduation to the next level within the Assembly. With his demise in 1980, that was discarded.
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    Both NGCR and AFA make you buy supplemental text to pass the coursework i.e. for the AFA it is of course the late James Herschel Holden’s  HISTORY OF HOROSCOPIC ASTROLOGY: From the Babylonian Period to the Modern Age, 2nd edition that is still reasonably priced at $25.00 on Amazon; the AFA wants $30.00.  

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