Lent & Padre Pio


Francesco Forgione was born in a small town called Pietrelcina, near Benevento outside of Naples in Southern Italy, He was fifth of eight children. At an early age, he had celestial visions &  spoke with Jesus and the Virgin Mother.  He was also tormented by the devil to turn away from the Heavenly visions.

Francesco helped his family by looking after livestock until he was 10 years old,  and gained a limited education. When he first applied to join the Capuchin order, he was knocked back because of this lack, so he worked in exchange for private lessons from a local schoolmaster. Upon graduation, he was able at 15 to enter the Capuchin Friars at Morcone, where he took the name Friar Pio.

The Capuchins are an offshoot of the Franciscan order, founded by St Francis of Assisi — the current Pope Francisco took his name from him. They seek to return to extreme austerity, simplicity, and poverty envisaged by St Francis, Francesco in Italian.  After entering the Friary of St Francis, Pio experienced severe illnesses and moments of religious ecstasy. It was said that strange sounds could be heard from his room. Padre Pio said he was frequently attacked by the devil and the sounds were from the battles taking place.

On  August 10, 1910,  he was ordained a Priest in the Cathedral of Benevento and eight years later on September 20, 1918,  while he was praying in front of a Crucifix located in the choir in the hutch, an angel gave him the stigmata. The stigmata remained opened and bleeding for the next fifty years. This was one of the reasons for which doctors, scientists, journalists went to San Giovanni Rotondo to observe this miracle.

Like most monks, Father woke up in the early morning to get himself ready for the Holy Mass. He arose at  4 a.m.and inevitably there were always hundreds and sometimes even a thousand people waiting for the door of the church to open and receive his blessing.  After the Mass, he used to spend most time of his day in prayer and confessions.  After fifty years of stigmata, he died September 23, 1968, at 2:30 am when transiting Ceres (08 Aries) was exact to his North Node (09 Aries) and his transiting North Node (23 Leo) was exact his Ascendant (21 Leo).

Read more about the life of mystic of Padre Pio here.


Southern Bowl

The dear Padre is a bowl temperament type, with everything in the Southern hemisphere of his chart, giving him a very public life.  His ascendant is 08 Scorpio 17, suggesting that while he was a recluse at heart, he overcame his personal preferences for his performed his obligation to the hundreds of pilgrims who came to see him tirelessly and with inexhaustible patience (Neptune part of the stellium at 28 Taurus — a man pursued by others, a symbol of eternal promise from others.

Scorpio 09,  his ascendant, “Dental Work,”  hints at the pain he suffered.  We know of no one who finds visiting the dentist anything but a necessary evil, and Dr. Jones writes this is the “self-renewal one must engage in to fulfill a higher mission.” This is obviously the stigmata.

                              The Crowded House

The crowded 7th house that is striking because it is found in a celibate priest’s monk and so many planets —  Mars, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto and the Sun — suggests lots of opportunities and relationships.  Instead, a stellium hear is the opposite –individuals with a 7th House stellium are least least likely to marry.   

This is because too many energies come into the life that they cannot commit to a person — these opportunities and endeavours swallow them whole and they find themselves loners needing solace and time alone to recover.  Still, this aspect is often a sign of someone committed to others in an advisory role like a solicitor, psychologist or consultant.

 Chiron is in the eighth house, separated by the dotted green line on the online chart, at 23 Gemini 33 “children skating on thin ice” is about the pious Father’s surrender to circumstance and accepting his burdens as they were and not capitalizing on them for personal gain. Undoubtedly many such offers did come his way.

While the Ascendant gives Padre Pio’s outlook on the world, the Moon in the 8th house, tells of his public devotion to the Church, while the Sun at 04 Gemini 05 a “radical well” was his will at succeeding in his devotion despite the outer compulsions that tried to swerve him away. Mercury is the Lord of the sign of Gemini,the priest’s Sun, so the stellium actually are helping him in his faith by buttressing it with strong support, giving the Father strong mental resilience to doubt and vexation from others, including Old Nick himself.

He reposed on September 23, 1968 San Giovanni Rotondo, Foggia, Italy . His funeral was attended by over 100,000 of the faithful. He was beatified, the first step in canonization, on 2 May 1999, Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City by the late Pope John Paul II.

We continually review and vet our essays for accuracy and completeness. This one was updated on September 4, 2019.

C101 Ralph of Nader’s Raiders

Ralph Nader and the Protest Vote

Ralph Nader was born on February 27,  1934 in Winstead, Connecticut, to Lebanese immigrants. His mother, Rose, came from Zahle, Lebanon to northwest Connecticut in 1925 to meet her husband, Nathre, who ran a diner highlighting his own baked goods. Ralph later used many of these recipes in his book,; they had four children, two girls and two boys. Below are the two oldest, Ralph and his older sister, Laura.

 A lawyer, and well-known consumer advocate, he ran, like John Anderson and Ross Perot, as a third-party candidate under the Green Party, four times in the U.S. presidential race. He never made much of a dent in the two-party system, but that is par for the course, because despite many well-known names like the two aforementioned, but also Patrick Buchanan, Eugene Debs and Earl Browder, none of them did until many years after their actual tours.

The reason is simple: most third party contenders are protest votes. Typically, the protestor is showing against their own party’s main platform for either being off base and bureaucratic, like Buchanan and Perot against Bush and Dole or not consumer-oriented and legislative enough like Debs, Browder and Nader, the latter remonstrating Bill Clinton’s agreement to Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America, which Nader felt defanged Clinton’s Socialist imperative.

Unsafe at any speed

When Nader was at Harvard, he became interested in issues of consumer safety and, as the editor of the Harvard Law Record, he published “American Cars: Designed for Death.” This got a lot of attention far beyond Harvard’s ivy walls, and subsequently Nader published further articles in both the very progressive The Nation and the insurance industry’s Personal Injury Annual claiming automakers were deliberating, making style a priority over safety.

It was a hot issue.

The rising death toll from traffic accidents was coming to the attention of Congress, and eyes were turning to automobile safety.   Previously, driver error had been the sole focus in the investigation of traffic accidents, but Nader and some others suggested the cars themselves might be to blame.


The result of Nader’s investigation was Unsafe at Any Speed where Nader attacked the entire Detroit auto industry, but specifically General Motors Chevrolet Corvair model. That model had been a focus of controversy in the courts since 1961, when a woman who lost an arm after her Corvair flipped over sued GM for selling cars with unsafe steering designs.

The problem was the rear engine placement in the Corvair caused a weight imbalance, while making it great a performance vehicle. They had also advertised to average buyers looking for a “thrill”. That marketing gimmick was what Nader honed in on in his attack on the Corvair and causing everyone to dump the Corvair at a loss. This made the US auto market more “family” oriented with Detroit, steering people towards heavier cars that would survive a crash. Later this morphed into the Dodge Caravan market led by Lee Iacocca and finally SUVS filling their portfolios and less emphasis on low end sports car. Eventually, foreign makers, particularly Italian and German, rushed in with their Alfas and Beemers, and expensive price tags touting safety and speed, to fill the ever-widening gap.

Nader became a hero to the progressive Left and made a fortune. He is currently worth about 6 million dollars, with a lot of that coming from investments in technology stocks. He still does not own a car.

Cooking with Nader

While is parents owned a restaurant in Connecticut, it was geared to the American diner crowd. A few years back, Nader published a book highlighting some of the family’s Lebanese favorites jumping on the trend of multicultural comfort foods.

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Musician, Soapy Actor Richard Hatch

Richard Hatch made a career of being in soaps, starting out as the original Philip Brown c. 1970 when the pic above was taken, for the now defunct soap All my Children, a soapy that seemed to run forever.    After that debut, Richard made guest appearances on The RookiesHawaii Five-0, and The Waltons. In 1976 he replaced actor Michael Douglas on the series, The Streets of San Francisco, playing Inspector Dan Robbins against Karl Malden until the series end in 1977 (the fans missed Douglas too much and so it was canceled).

His next role was as Captain Apollo on the series Battlestar Galactica, a Star Wars TV spinoff  which lasted for one season because of its high costs  (it can now be seen on Netflix).  He returned  when the new Battlestar Galactica series started in 2004, playing Tom Zarek. Richard stayed with it until its demise in 2009 appearing in 22 out of 36 episodes.

Our featured shot of actor Richard Lawrence Hatch  born on May 21,. 1945 in Santa Monica California. He has one brother, John.  Nothing else is known about his family though the UK Guardian gives him a good obit.

                               richard lawrence hatch

                                                       The Hatch Chart

Richard is a bowl Temperament Type which agrees with his statement that he wanted to be either a pole vaulter for the Olympics or a pianist because he was so “shy”.  His musical talent is shown with Neptune conjunct  the  Moon  in the Fifth House that also part of his Midheaven-Nadir Yod.  That conjunction also took on prominence when President Kennedy was assassinated, as it so moved him that he found a latent voice and changed college majors to Drama shortly thereafter.

He does not have a rim opposition for his bowl, but instead a strong Line of Efficiency: Venus and Mars are conjunct in the Eleventh House of dreams, fans and friends that support that spur of the moment change in his life,  as he switched one talent for another.


             The Hands and Feet of Yod

The two arrows above show the sextile aspect between the Moon and Juno of the Yod.  Those planets are the hands of the Yod.  The midpoint of  29.24 Virgo and 28.07 Cancer is 29.08, a degree that is firmly in the Fourth House.  That symbol conjunct the Fixed Star Regulus according to Signore Carelli is the servus servorumor the servant’s servant.: someone who receives a higher calling and adapts his mundane life accordingly.

Marc Jones being far more prosaic in his Sabian Symbols, says 30 Leo is the symbol of an “Unsealed Letter”  depicting man’s “purity of spirit” and his “repudiation of compromise”  as he responds to the “creative needs of life.”

Directly opposite is 30 Aquarius which according to Astrologer Joan Kellogg is the Axis of Awareness  that anchors the person.  Leo 30 then is the Yod’s head that activates the Aquarius 30  {Carelli writes that this a symbol of  good fortune while Marc Jones  says that it is a degree of spiritual illumination} Foot into action.

For Hatch, the Kennedy assassination did just that as he came out of the confines of his natural shyness and found a better balance between his character and sudden need to create a public image.  He did this not only by acting but by his many books on spiritual and self fulfillment and his one on one coaching sessions.

Download  richard hatch natal chart.

Richard passed away on February 7, 2017 at age 72 of pancreatic cancer.  The progressed chart of Richard hatch is here.


C155 RIP…Norma McCorvey aka Jane Roe

Her lawyer Gloria Allred on the left; Ms. McCorvey in the center, at a rally in support of abortion rights in Washington in 1989. Credit Ron Galella/WireImage

The Backstory

Norma McCorvey was the anonymous plaintiff in Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion in the United States, reshaping the nation’s social and political landscapes and inflaming one of the most divisive controversies of the past half-century, died on Saturday in Katy, Tex. She was 69.

Her death, at an assisted-living home, was confirmed by Joshua Prager, a New York journalist who is writing a book about the Roe v. Wade decision and had interviewed her extensively. He said the cause was heart failure.

Since the ruling, perhaps 50 million legal abortions have been performed in the United States, although later court decisions and new state and federal laws have imposed restrictions, and abortions have declined with the wide use of contraceptives. Theological, ethical and legal debates about abortion continue in religious circles, governing bodies and political campaigns, and they have influenced elections, legislation and the lives of ordinary people through films, books, periodicals, the internet and other forums.

Her early life had been a Dickensian nightmare. Her mother, Mary, was physically abusive. Her brother, Jimmy, was mentally ill. Her father, Olin, a TV repairman, was often away and then just disappeared.  Norma followed suit and was sent to a Catholic boarding school and then, after minor brushes with the law,  reform school.  To escape,  she married at 16, then divorced and was left pregnant three times by three different men.

Ms. McCorvey gave up her children at birth, as she was not interested in motherhood. Bisexual but primarily lesbian, she sought refuge from poverty and dead-end jobs in alcohol and drugs. At 22 and pregnant again, she joined the abortion rights struggle and took her case all the way to the Supremes. on Jan. 22, 1973, the court ruled 7-2 in Roe v. Wade (Henry Wade, the Dallas County district attorney, was the defendant in the class-action suit) that privacy rights under the due process and equal rights clauses of the 14th Amendment extended to a woman’s decision to have an abortion in a pregnancy’s first trimester “free of interference by the state.”

On Jan. 22, 1973, the court ruled 7-2 in Roe v. Wade (Henry Wade, the Dallas County district attorney, was the defendant in the class-action suit) that privacy rights under the due process and equal rights clauses of the 14th Amendment extended to a woman’s decision to have an abortion in a pregnancy’s first trimester “free of interference by the state.”  She never did get the abortion and delivered a boy; he like the others, promptly went up for adoption.

Chief Justice Harry A. Blackmun, who wrote the opinion and rejected the view, that a fetus becomes a “person” upon conception and is thus entitled to the due process and equal protection guarantees. Blackmun was also against the use of the death penalty.

When Ms. McCorvey emerged from anonymity a decade later, strangers shrieked “baby killer” and spat at her. There were death threats. One night, shotgun blasts shattered the windows of her home. And then she found God and repudiated her past, going as far to get the decision reversed; the Court said No.

The Chart

jane-roeDownload the Norma-mccorvey-jane-roe chart.

Ms. MocCorvey has a very public Southern chart, basically a bucket with a Moon Handle in the Second House of Resources, that for her was her fertility, as that is what propelled her into the spotlight of the abortion vs. pro-life discussion.  Her Ascendant at a critical degree, 28.02 Scorpio, suggests she has a dramatic personality that tends to illuminate issues. The Sabian Symbol poignantly suggests,

Her Ascendant at a critical degree, 28.02 Scorpio suggests she has a dramatic personality that illuminates issues and the Sabian Symbol poignantly suggests ,  An Indian Squaw pleading to the chief about the lives of her children.  Marc Edmund Jones assigns the keyword effectiveness, and if ever there was a woman who effectively pled her cause, it was she.

The other point in her map is (1) marked by the black square for the North Node at her current time of death, and (2) her native north node characterized in pink.  We are highlighting this as it shows the potency of the Nodes being activated at the time of death.  For Ms. McCorvey, the current black North Node also is conjunct Mars,  that suggests a death from heart disease/failure.  That Mars is also sextile to her native node, often an indicator of heart disease.

She has mainly things that are also interesting, & we leave them you to ponder, but Pluto in her ninth square her Chiron in her twelfth, is striking.

RIP, Ms. McCorvey.


C190 Enter Stage Left… Alexander Acosta

alexander_acosta_resultThe Scoop:

President Donald Trump on Thursday nominated former National Labor Relations Board member R. Alexander Acosta to serve as U.S. secretary of labor, one day after Trump’s original choice withdrew.

Acosta  served as a law clerk to Samuel Alito from 1994 to 1995, when the conservative Supreme Court justice was a judge at the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal

“Mr. Acosta’s nomination is off to a good start because he’s already been confirmed by the Senate three times,” said Senator Lamar Alexander, who chairs the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions that will be vetting the nomination.

Acosta was appointed to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) by former Republican President George W. Bush, supported by the President’s brother, the former Governor Jeb Bush of Floria in 2003.  Shortly afterward in 2005, he became the assistant attorney general in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.  But in 2008, an internal Justice Department report faulted Acosta for failing to rein in a staffer who engaged in improperly politicized hiring, he and the Mrs. returned to FLA & was appointed to be U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida 2009.

From there he became the Law Dean of Florida International University College of Law, Miami.  It definitely looks like the Bushes were fast tracking him to the Supremes.


Mr. Acosta is a first generation American from Cuban parents born in Miami, January 16, 1969, time unknown, so we have rectified it based on personal events. He is married. He received a B.S. degree in economics from Harvard College and a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School.

acosta chart.png
Dean Rene Alexander Acosta’s Chart

Dean Acosta is a very equal but resourceful bowl, with the majority of his planets laying on the left side of his chart.  He does have a few planets to the right of his hemisphere but they are so close as to make a “scoop” for the bowl suggesting that he gathers experience for future use.

The a-acostas-wheel-is here

His ascendant is 07+ Capricorn, which is striking as it is almost the direct opposite of Mr. Puzder’s ascendant, the man whom he is replacing.  Click here for the Puzder review.  The Dean’s ascendant via the Hyperion Symbols is a Glass of fine red wine and suggests “tastefulness,”  and looking at his chart and career, the Dean is definitely a very moderate man who aims to be consistently in the middle of the road.  He has a lot of Trines in his chart, they predominant, tending to encourage him to go along with the trend.

Dean Acosta also have a few noviles, making him public oriented and practical, a virgintile or two, but no strong oppositions, inconjuncts or sesquiquadrates — not enough initiative or reason to spur himself other than circumstance.  We agree that he will be easily confirmed.

Listen to the nomination speech here.



Rectifying General Michael Flynn

General Michael Thomas Flynn has been in the news a lot lately.  There is no birth data anywhere for him other than place, Barrington Rhode Island and month December and year, 1958 —  so we chose one and rectified from there.  Read ahead for is our very speculative chart for him.

President D.J. Trump saluting General Flynn, then National Security Advisor

We propose that General Flynn was born December 7, 1958 in Barrington, Rhode Island at 3;46 AM, EST.  This time/date  gives him a bucket temperament type with a Mars Singleton handle in the Seventh House with the practical sign of Taurus ruling.

We feel that this works because with Mars as a Singleton it gives great emphasis to his Martial (i.e. Miliary) career and his strong desire to rise in prominence within the ranks.  The singleton also gives him a special talent, dealing with military relationships, and the ability to focus in that area of his life with strong concentration.  Often this shows up with someone who is so intent on the big picture that they are felled by an acorn, tripping themselves up by looking ahead and forgetting to watch their step.

He does have a Rim opposition (Uranus v. ) but it requires Chiron (the asteroid of Personal Respect) instead of as Dr. Jones would like, one of the major planets.  As such, with this opposition, it suggests that General Flynn is a stable person, does not fly off the handle and treats people fairly; in short he has a logical and equitable disposition.

This setup of Uranus v. Chiron, also works into Fixed T-Cross with Mars v. Jupiter is atypical and suggests that as soon as the General solves one crisis (problem) he works on solving the next and gives him great potential for accomplishment.  Unfortunately as we previously noted, it also gives him a tendency to scatter his resources, be secretive (the Ascendant of 06.07 points to a person who prizes highly his privacy) and in the process undermine his success.

If only that was not so……….maybe you have a better idea?  Let us know.

Download the general-mtf’s here.general flynn.png

Flynn’s fall occurred because of the discrepancy he reported to the Oval Office and what was recorded and illegally leaked.  The Washington Times thinks that inside rivals may been integral to the general’s quick fall.

Queen Anne Stuart of Great Britian

Queen Anne lithograph


Anne was born in the reign of her uncle Charles II, who had no legitimate children. Her father, James, was then the first in line to the throne, but because of his Roman Catholic ties, he was very unpopular with the House of Lords. Charles II recommended that Anne be raised as an Anglican to help James’s cause.

It did not help James for three years after he succeeded Charles, he was deposed in the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688.  His daughter Mary II and her Dutch husband were the reigning monarchs.  They had no children, so after Mary’s death in 1694, William continued as sole monarch until his death in 1702 at which point Anne became monarch.

queen anne.png

We did not rectify this chart; Ms. Lois Rodden did.  Queen Anne is a Bundle even with the Modern Planets excepting for Pluto, blacked out on the chart here.  This temperament type is very insular and here, with everything in the Northern Hemisphere increases that predilection.   What’s rather interesting is looking at where her Neptune, that planet of dutiful obligation resides, at 18.47 Capricorn in the third house, but the same degree as Joan of Arc is said to have had her Saturn.

qa highboy.pngQueen Anne is a Bundle even with the Modern Planets excepting for Pluto, blacked out on the chart here.  This temperament type is very insular and here, with everything in the Northern Hemisphere increases that predilection.   What’s rather interesting is looking at where her Neptune, that planet of dutiful obligation resides, at 18.47 Capricorn in the third house, but the same degree as Joan of Arc is said to have had her Saturn.

The Hyperion Symbol is “Small dogs chasing a squirrel” which is all about the gay abandon one pursues one’s interest.  That is later amplified by her Uranus at 16.35 Aquarius that is exactly the same degree as her descendant Queen Victoria’s Jupiter. Both Queens made a big splash promoting the  arts and crafts of their time; Anne in furniture and Victoria in textiles.

Her third house is also rather crowded, with her sister Mary, her Dutch cousins, Mary’s husband William, and large extended family.

The classic Queen Anne style.

The difficulties she had with her sister are shown by the elder being a stern taskmaster at Saturn 06.21 Capricorn but with its image of “Young girls by a lotus pond”  that there may have been some subtle rivalry going on as Mary was barren and worried about her successor.


Finally, her Pluto, not discovered for several centuries after her death & way out in the eighth house at 24.23 Gemini, tells us that she was quite aware of her image and legacy.  With the keyword from Sepharial of “friendship”  and opposite her dutiful Neptune in the third house, there is no doubt that the Queen invited and curried British craftsman’s favour in a celebration of interior decor and a major attack on the prevailing French provincial style of the time.

Her eye on the “future,”  Saturn in Capricorn, was a smart bet; she left no issue and was the end of the Stuart line after her comes in the Hanovers — but her furniture, elegant and timeless, lives on.

Click to download queen-annes-chart

C189 Exit stage right…Andy Puzder


Today Puzder said in a statement, “After careful consideration and discussions with my family, I am withdrawing my nomination for Secretary of Labor. I am honored to have been considered by President Donald Trump to lead the Department of Labor and put America’s workers and businesses back on a path to sustainable prosperity. I want thank President Trump for his nomination. … While I won’t be serving in the administration, I fully support the President and his highly qualified team.”


Mr. Puzder is the CEO for CKE Restaurants that licenses franchisees. On the West Coast this is mainly Carl, jr.  On the East, they are known as Hardees.  Mr. Puzder was nominated by President Trump for Labour Secretary but his comments that the minimum wage should be state and not federal based caused a lot of trouble with the media and Congress.

Alexander Acosta, who was named Thursday, has already passed muster with senators three times, winning confirmation under President George W. Bush for a position on the National Labor Relations Board, as assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida. He has been dean at Florida International University’s law school since 2009.  AFL-CIO leader, Richard Trumka has endorsed him.

You can download the Puzder chart here.

                               The Meat and Potatoes


We rectified Mr. Puzder’s chart for an 18+ Cancer Ascendant based on his biography which has the Hyperion Symbol of “Guitars and Mandolins” rather ironic as Puzder started his career in guitar sales for his alma mater, Ohio State.  McClung writes about this symbol that it suggests duality which is fitting as he does have a law degree but is known more for his Hardee fast-foods than anything doing with legal affairs.

His temperament type is a Bucket.  The turquoise line shows the East-West hemisphere break, with a lone singleton, Jupiter in the ninth house of long journeys & public writings; he has written extensively on labour issues for the WSJ, Forbes and the National Review.  His career previous to becoming CEO of CKE Restaurants took him from his native Cleveland to  St. Louis Missouri, and now with its advent,  he now goes routinely to all fifty states viewing CKE operations from his home in Tennessee.

Opposite that Bucket handle is Saturn at 15.13 Virgo, creating his Line of Personality, see the rose oval.  This suggests he puts his strong personal & religious views in the forefront, whether it was as a Pro-Life lawyer in Missouri sponsoring an abortion law prohibiting the use of state money for abortions or commenting on how federal litmus test for a minimum wage was actually discriminatory because of the various differing standards of living.

That opposition has an outlet forming a T-Square at his Venus, see the light pink oval, at Gemini 16.3 conjunct his Moon both in his eleventh house showing his deep personal commitment to his community, employees, and franchisees.

While Mr. Puzder will not be US Labor Secretary, based on his chart and past performance, we are sure he will continue writing, discussing and vetting public policy.

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