C126 The compass points to Tetanus! from CEO Carter

Sheffield Iron

Sheffield is a town, city, and borough in Yorkshire, England.

It derives its name from the local Sheaf River and is about 160 miles north by northwest of London.  It was known for its steel and world renowned cutlery. The local iron ore was smelted with charcoal got from the nearby abundant woodlands, and smiths and cutlers used the excellent local sandstone for grindstones. 

Our header picture is of a contemporary shot of Sheffield, featuring new and old architecture.  Sheffield itself is quite old and dates back to the day of Julius Caesar’s Roman Army conquering and then inhabiting Britain for the next 400 years.

During the 15th century, the streams that converge on Sheffield were used for power for grinding and forging operations. Mary Queen of Scots spent the greater part of her captivity in Sheffield castle there; an order of Parliament destroyed it under Cromwell, in 1648.

The smelting of iron dates from Roman times, and there is proof at least from the Norman Conquest that by the 14th century the town was a well-established smelter as is shown by allusions in Chaucer’s writings. The knife trade became quite prosperous under Elizabeth I, and the Cullers’ Company was incorporated in 1624.

While London tried to usurp Sheffield’s primacy as the main provincial cutlery town, by 1700 London had been defeated in the steel wars, and from then on, Sheffield enjoyed a virtual monopoly of the English cutlery trade. Originally all cutlery was made of blister or bar steel which was thin, with the steel produced by heating blister steel and then sheared into short lengths to high heat, while being welded by hammering or rolling or both, and then finally finished under greater heat.

All that ended in 1740 with Benjamin Huntsman of Handsworth, with the invention of double shear steel, where the shear steel, from the same process as single, was cut into shorter lengths, and then welded and re-hammered into a single bar. This made a stronger and heftier knife and the town grew exponentially from there beating out the rest of Europe. In 1800, invention struck again with the Bessemer process, which totally upturned everything, because it allowed for the mass production of steel from molten pig iron.

Enter Carter’s Sheffield Boy

The story of our Sheffield boy can be found in Charles E. O. Carter’s book, Symbolic Directions.  He says little about the boy other than his birth and odd death. 

sheffield boy.png

The chart above is striking in its bizarre affinity to popping, pricking, and picking things with metal [the Ascendant at 17 Cancer conjunct Neptune 20 in the second house is opposite Uranus in Capricorn (traditional lord) conjunct Mars (exalted in Capricorn) via a translation of light thus spanning the seventh through eighth houses]

This opposition is not a constant whirlwind, but has an outlet of a T-Square in the Fifth House of Libra with Juno conjunct the {unhealthy} Moon in a relationship best characterized as “affinity.”  Unfortunately, this is an unhealthy affinity, because the Moon and not the Sun is involved; perhaps it is bordering on a fetish.

Download the Sheffield boy’s natal chart.

He died at age 15, March 18, 1926, at 13:30.  His progressed chart does not show much difference, except Uranus has progressed into the fatal degrees of Capricorn, and is very close to the exalted ruler Mars while also opposed to Neptune conjunct the ascendant now in the second house. Juno has moved into the fourth house, suggesting a pre-occupation with his adolescent body, but it is also opposite the Moon in the eleventh house and Aries, trine its lord, Mars.

The Moon is the Boy’s lord of his Ascendant, and the eleventh House suggests something dirty because asteroid Hygeia at 14 Sagittarius 53 is right on the seventh house cusp, next to Arachne for crafting with things. This duo suggests that this little boy loved playing and bending steel but he was not particularly interested in the hygiene of his tools; he was more interested in the experimental side of metal. That’s a pity, as it was a dirty metal compass point that brought about his demise via that hideous disease, lockjaw. It devastated his mother, of course, Niobe at 13 Capricorn 09 is right in-between the eighth house cusp and Mars 12 Capricorn 03 suggests maybe he was an only.

I suspect the boy was warned of his dirty ways though, Asteroid Kassandra is exact his Sun at 27 Aquarius 46, but Asteroid Icarus, that other disobedient boy of Daedalus, is also there, thus I suspect he was warned but never listened. Perhaps with Venus in the tenth house at 17 Pisces 31, he was trying to get her attention by showing off his latest creation, Cupido at Pluto 25 Gemini 58 Rx, in the second rather supports that idea.


Tetanus Connection

A Louis Pasteur student in  Paris, in 1893 discovered the vaccine for tetanus, but not highly publicized and it is doubtful that it vaccine was commonplace except in its native France. At the turn of the century in England, doctors were still recommending chloral hydrate, a nerve system sedative, as a cure, but I could not find any statistics of “cured cases.” I think the idea was to slow down the system from “locking up,” and thus check the “disease’s” progress. The problem was they did not know it was a bacterium, but thought it was its own disease, based on its medical name “idiopathic tetanus,” and so were treating it incorrectly.

The CDC recommends immunization every ten years and while it claims 20 percent of all lockjaw cases are fatal, my Uncle Arthur, the retired head of internal medicine at Pontiac General disagrees and puts the fatality closer to 100%. 

Ever since I read David McCullough’s book “Brooklyn Bridge” where he details the building of the magnificent structure and how its chief architect and engineer John Roebling died from tetanus after getting a nail stuck in his foot. I have never missed a shot — and neither should you.

Through the years with Dame Maggie Smith

Defining a Dame

Dame Maggie, the female version of a Knight, was quite the beauty when she was young, and now in late 70s still a handsome woman.  Her striking looks are probably of Venus in Capricorn conjunct her Sun in the fifth house a strong placement for the orange globe, but it is her Uranus at 27 Aries 31 Rx, squared only to Pluto that was discovered shortly before her birth in 1930 that gave her staying power.

That duo makes her chart a wheelbarrow and the outer generational planets the handles to it with Uranus giving her an off-beat view of the individual in society, but also the ability to portray that originality electronically — on the screen — while Pluto makes a sultry seductress that appeals to both men and women who are captivated by her apolmb.

One only has to hearken by to her performance in the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie where she played a strong willed young teacher who romanticizes Italy’s Mussolini  and Spain’s Franco in 1930’s Scotland to her students, to see how that remarkable performance marked her as unconventional throughout her 60 year career.

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C129 1980’s Third Party Candidate John Anderson

Our header shot is of wife Keke putting the last makeup touches on husband John’s presentation for NYC television in 1980.

                        An Immigrants’ Son

John Bayard Anderson was born on Feb. 15, 1922, in Rockford, Ill., a son of Swedish immigrants at 8:55PM CST according to Michel Gauquelin’s Book of American Charts.  Valedictorian of his class at Rockford Central High School, Anderson went on the University of Illinois for a bachelor’s and law degrees and then a master of laws at Harvard University.

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Shazam! Gomer Pyle is Jim Nabors

A pair of ripe cherries, from flickr.

We have rectified Jim Nabors’ ascendant at to Cancer 10 that gets the epithet of Great Memory from E C Matthews.  Astrologer G.K. McClung in his Hyperion symbols says that it is a degree of “ripe cherries on a tree”  creating the image of great promise, typically musical, and accomplishment.
His Sun and Jupiter are conjunct on the First House giving him great luck and a religious tone in his life.  This saw culmination in his many religious songs and Christmas tunes (click for Go tell it on the Mountain.) if not in his wide eyed happy depiction of Gomer Pyle, USMC, the ultimate lovable fool.
Jim Nabors, and Frank Sutton, on the TV series “Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.” Credit Associated Press.      Sutton died in 1974 at 50 years of age  from cardiac arrest.

Nabor’s  husband, Stan Cadwallader, confirmed the death.     He said that Mr. Nabors’s health had been declining for the past year and that his immune system had been suppressed since he underwent a liver transplant in 1994 having contracted hepatitis B in India when he cut himself shaving with a contaminated straight razor, which he had bought there. Nabors was 87.

                                                                      Traveling for Success

After earning a degree in business from the University of Alabama, he moved to New York, where he worked as a typist at the United Nations while harboring hopes for a stage career; that did not pan out.  Then he moved to Tennessee, where he worked as a film cutter for a Chattanooga television station finally by the end of the 1950s to Tinsel town.
Andy Griffith discovered him as a stand up comic in a nightclub along the coast and invited him to audition for the show.  First his parts were minor but Gomer Pyle,  was a hit.  Nabors played a guileless, sweet-natured gas-station attendant in Mayberry, N.C., who uttered the sheepish “gawwwleee” and wide-eyed “shazam!.” The show has been constantly on the air since its initial airing in 1960.
I n 1964 on the variety “The Danny Kaye Show”  his baritone was unveiled to the public.  It was then highlighted on the Gomer show in several episodes.  That same year Gomer  was spun off into his own series, “Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.,” in which Gomer, still bumbling but well meaning, joined the Marines and,  tried the patience of his drill sergeant, Vince Carter, played by Frank Sutton.  And sometimes he sang, always a religious or patriotic tune.

Gen. James L. Jones Jr., the Marine Corps commandant, pinned the lance corporal insignia on Mr. Nabors during a spoof ceremony in 2001 at Camp Smith in Honolulu.  Credit Associated Press

After retiring he spent much of his later years in Hawaii, where he had a home in Honolulu and a 500-acre farm in Hana, off the island of Maui, growing macadamia nuts and tropical flowers. He also had a home in Montana.
nabors and stan.jpg
Jim and Stan at the Fairmont Olympic.

He married Mr. Cadwallader, his companion of 38 years, in December 2012 at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle, Hawaii News Now reported. “When you’ve been together 38 years, I think you’ve got to solidify something,” he said. “And at my age, it’s probably the best thing to do.”  Mr. Nabors was 82 at the time and Mr. Cadwallader was in his sixties. .  They met in 1975 when Mr. Cadwallader was a Honolulu fire fighter.  We could find little on his spouse.

                                                          The Nabors Map


James Thurston Nabors was born on June 12, 1930, in Sylacauga, Ala., the third child and only son of Fred and Mavis Nabors. His father was a police officer. Jim sang in his school glee club and church choir and played the clarinet in the school band.

A niece and a nephew also survive him.

gomer pyle.pdf

J#01 Abdul Bahá, visionary of Baha'ism

Bahá’ís have some of the most beautiful gardens on their grounds outside of an arboretum, part of their belief of creating a heaven on earth. They are worldwide with their headquarters in Haifa, Israel which is our featured shot and a popular tourist area for those travelling in the area. They also have an American site here.

bab in jersey.PNG
Picture taken in Montclair, Essex County, New Jersey 1912 when Abdul Baha was in the US.

The Baha’s faith

Bahais include many notable messengers whom they believe were all divine prophets of the one God thus their religion is a monotheistic unitarian one. They include Moses & Abraham of Genesis (as does Islam), Krishna & Buddha but also Zoroaster, Jesus and Muhammad. Unique though is the Bab (the founder the Babiism philosophy), Abdul Bahá, his father Baha’u’llah A (who took over Babiism and created the theology of Bahaism, all as divine messengers.

Abdul Bahá’s Chart

This chart is #1 of 1000 charts in Marc Edmund Jones book, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology. Checking various sites, this seems to be generally accepted chart for whom Baha’is called the Master¹; Astro.com cites Dane Rudhyar, a good friend of Dr. Jones & a noted astrologer in his own right, for veracity. The New York Times archives, while it does not give the time, does agree with the date.²

Dr. Jones used mainly the Placidian house method, so when recreating his charts, we will do likewise and note any discrepancies between our chart and Dr. Jones. For Abdul-Bahá there are none.

                             khalil gibran the bab.PNG

                                           A Classic Bowl

Baha is a Southern Hemisphere Bowl temperament type and fits the ideal of having all ten planets within 180 degrees or the half circle of the wheel & there are no gaps between the planets greater than a sextile straight — there are no orbs allowed.  Note for the Abdul Bahá chart the somewhat empty Third house that has the Sun right at the cusp making for a 38 degree gap.

Often Bowls have a “rim opposition” as Dr. Jones termed it; Bahá has that between the Moon at 02.30 Leo in the Sixth and Saturn at Aquarius 07.17 in the Twelfth, that is also his “cutting planet” & Focal Determinator as it starts the parade of planets.

Bahá’s cutter is in the Twelfth, making him a highly self-contained individual in control of his own destiny and with the Bowl in the Southern Hemisphere, sharing his experiences and knowledge with others.  Alas, with Saturn leading and found in quiet dignity of Ruler of its own house, this made him very sensitive to his overall situation, but being leader of the Baha’i Faith, and was always foremost in his mind.

The square between Saturn and the Sun shows the strong effect the Bahaull’ah exerted on him throughout life, and his inability to show much of his own personality but having always to obey and regard his father’s.

bab does manhattan.PNG
During the Baha’s trip to the USA in 1912.  He stayed on the West Side on 78 Street, so this was probably a casual stroll.

The rim opposition though did help with that and the burden of being the religious leader, as Dr. Jones writes, it made him stand up and not buckle  though the weight of the whole world bore upon him.  Bahá whatever questions he had,  held fast and did not buckle under duress or  demure from his destiny — North Node and Part of Fortune in the Tenth House, sextile again Saturn.

His Ascendant, A watchdog standing guard, supports his Bowl.  At Aquarius 17 the Keyword is Probity, or the need to search for truth almost obsessionally or religiously, in his case.  Dr. Jones writes that this gives him a “spirit that stimulates the highest response from all.”

Bahá’s North Node at 14.43 Sagittarius  is the “Ground hog looking for its shadow,” with the Keyword of Reassurance and giving him the gift of recognizing any and every opportunity that appears., explaining his travels from Tehran where he was born, to America and finally to the Holy Land using his Resources wisely (Saturn is sextile the Second House.)

He was a major proponent of President Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations.  Bahá  died November 30, 1921 in Haifa, Israel.   The New York Times has a complete obit of the Bahá that is helpful.

We do not know what time his death occurred, so we choose morning as that is when most deaths occur.  If you are interested you do can do a comparison between the two charts.  Post your discoveries, we would love to see them.  Thanks.

When (Prince) Harry Met Meghan

In an ongoing study, Australian astrologer Paul Westran says he continues to find statistical support for the relational roles played by the Sun and planet Venus as they progress through the birth charts of couples. Britain’s newest Royal couple, Prince Harry and his American fiancée Meghan Markle are the latest pair who demonstrate this effect.

“Like Prince William and Kate Middleton before them, Prince Harry and Meghan will have the planet identified with love and attraction celestially supporting their union for a period that extends well into the future,” he said.

Paul Westran, Correlation Magazine.

One of the main methods astrologers use to evaluate couple compatibility is synastry. Here, astrologers compare and contrast the main angles formed between the Sun, Moon, and Mercury and Venus in the linked couples.

Some angles or aspects formed between planets in these charts are favorable, while others are hard. Astrologically favorable aspects are “easy” relationships. While “hard” aspects are challenging and show where the two will have more work in keeping their relationship together.

                                    Venus the compatibility Factor

Westran studied1,300 public record relationships objectively and was able to statistically demonstrate when planet Venus becomes prominent in a chart, couples react to this emphasis in predictable ways. This trend Westran reported in the British Correlation magazine persisted even as the couples in the study above 3,000.

He also noticed favorable synastry aspects between the Sun and Venus turned up in the compared natal birth charts of romantically involved couples more frequently than expected by chance but they change like the person through transits and secondary progressions.

What are secondary progressions?

Astrologers use secondary progressions to help time events in people’s personal lives by calculating how far the Sun, Moon and planets have progressed around the horoscope wheel using a day for a year formula. The progressions start twenty-five days after the person’s birth, and thus at that point show the effects of what will happen in natal’s 25th year of life, showing both trends and tendencies at that time. After that, the chart is “progressed” one day for each year going forward.

Because of their simplicity, secondary progressions are the most used in calculating forward events. Tertiary progressions count by lunar cycles and so are trickier. Tertiaries are also a much newer technique in the astrologer’s arsenal of techniques.

Westran thinks a plausible answer to this question continues to emerge from a systematic research effort aimed at merging synastry aspects with another well-established technique astrologers call secondary progressions.

When astrological students are first introduced to the subject, they learn that astrology deals with angles the Sun, Moon and planets form between each other as they hurtle through space at orbital speeds dictated by the varying distances between them. “Different angles symbolize different relationships, correspondences or outcomes,” he said.

                      “We often see relationships begin when this happens. Also, how long the progressed aspect remains in orb (operational) has been shown to influence the relationship’s longevity,” he added.“With an increased level of certainty we can now say why couples become couples. We don’t know with certainty what keeps people together but we have a better idea about what gets them together,” he said.


Other Royal Venusian aspects

                                   The William & Kate angle

The research astrologer reports that aspects involving the Sun and Venus have turned up regularly in progressed synastry charts for couples in Britain’s Royal Family. For example, Prince Charles and Diana came together when Charles’ progressed Venus was forming a trine to Diana’s progressed Sun. However, the relationship began to unravel once this aspect became exact and started to wane.

In contrast, for Royals William and Kate, a long-lived trine involving Kate’s progressed Venus and William’s natal Venus was forming when the couple met in 2000. Because of  retrograde motion this aspect will not separate until 2030, at which time the couple will be able to rely upon other helpful aspects like the children growing up and William moving into a more prominent role in the royal family.

Wallis and Edward

Westran notes that Wallis Simpson, an American, had already been married twice when she met Prince Edward Windsor in 1934. At the time a progressed Sun – Venus conjunction in the couple’s progressed synastry chart was exact.

The Prince became King Edward VIII in 1936 when his father, King George V, died and  Wallis divorced her second husband Ernest in 1937 in order to marry Edward, but the House of Windsor, also a bastion of the Church of England, did not recognize divorce and discouraged the marriage.

Edward abdicated the throne and married Simpson, and while the couple was ostracised by the British Royal family, married.  This led to George  VI taking the throne and then his daughter Elizabeth II following him.  Edward had no regrets, and lived a life of a gentleman at leisure in Paris.

Back to Harry and Meghan

Harry and Meghan also began their relationship under the same progressed Sun progressed Venus aspect when it was exact. These combinations “act like windows of opportunity for relationships to begin, but also tend to fade when the when the Sun and Venus move on,” Westran said.                                         

Like Wallis, Meghan is an American divorcee but Harry is far removed from the line of succession, so the issue is moot.  Not only that but his father, Prince Charles is divorced from their mother Princess Diana

And example of Westran’s computer analysis is below.  The top is for Edward & Wallis where we see they converge and then grow apart as did happen in their marriage.  The bottom red OTOH is for Harry & Meghan showing a rather placid relationship except for al lthe noise caused by their meeting, marriage and then ongoing publicity as they left the royals and went to America to make their own fortune.

Additional examples for Royals William and Kate and Charles and Diana can be found on Westran’s website: http://positiveastrology.com/ANS.asp


==============This was originally published in April 2017.

C162 I think I love you, David Cassidy

David Cassidy in Paris in 1974. CreditEllidge/Getty Images

David Cassidy, the actor, singer and teen heartthrob with the green eyes and the feathered haircut was the magical success of “The Partridge Family,” the 1970s television show about a family band. The band’s songs, sung by himself and his stepmother, Shirley Jones, were all the rage in the early seventies. It had several notable starts, Danny Bonaduce and Susan Dey amongst them. Shirley was already a big musical name coming from Rogers and Hammerstein’s 1950s musicals.

To be an adolescent girl in 1970 meant David Cassidy was singing to you. Everyone loved him and girls vied for who loved him most.

David played Keith Partridge, the eldest of five children in a family that forms a band and goes on tour in a multicolored bus. Mr. Cassidy had a face youthful enough to portray a teenager, a shy smile and friendly eyes, and he had a wonderful voice. The show called “The Partridge Family” lasted from 1970 to 1974 and made David a teenage idol.

In 1972, in what he recalled as a career peak, Mr. Cassidy headlined Madison Square Garden, wearing the white jumpsuit ala Elvis Presley, but by then he was already weary of incessant career demands and squealing mobs. To spice up his squeaky-clean image, Mr. Cassidy posed nude in a photo shoot for the cover of Rolling Stone in 1972. In the article, he said he was already dreaming about the end of his acting career. Mr. Cassidy was nominated for a Grammy Award for best new artist in 1970, and his 1972 solo album, “Cherish,” went gold. The Partridge Family had six albums achieve that certification from 1970 to 1972.

A scene from the 1970s sitcom “The Partridge Family.” Shown from left: Shirley Jones, Suzanne Crough, David Cassidy, Brian Forster, Danny Bonaduce and Susan Dey. CreditABC, via Photofest

According to an online biography of the Partridge Family by Ed Hogan, Mr. Cassidy and his co-star and real-life stepmother, the Academy Award-winning actress Shirley Jones, were the only cast members on the television show heard on the group’s records — Mr. Cassidy as a lead vocalist and Ms. Jones on background vocals.

In later years, he wrote books about the toll that stardom had taken on him, and about his struggles with substance abuse. He revealed this year that he had dementia.After watching his mother struggle with dementia, he worked with organizations to educate others about Alzheimer’s disease.

Starting out from New York City

Mr. Cassidy was born on April 12, 1950, in New York City to the actors Jack Cassidy and Evelyn Ward, whose family were among the founders of Newark, New Jersey. They were divorced in 1956 and Jack married Shirley Jones, who also divorced him for his drinking. He died at age 49 in 1976 in a fire at his Los Angeles apartment. Ms. Ward, who like her son was married and divorced three times, died at age 89 in 2013.

He grew up in West Orange, N.J., a suburb of Newark, and his mother and he moved to California when he was still a boy. He struggled in school but began taking small parts in plays and on television, eventually leading to his big break on “The Partridge Family,” which was in substantial part due to his step mother.

In 2001 Donald J. Trump fired him on “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

David, was also married and divorced, this time thrice. His son, Beau, a musician survives him as does his daughter, Katie, an actress; Other surviving family is Ms. Jones, his stepmother and widow of comedian Marty Ingels; and the three half brothers of the Jones-Cassidy marriage: Shaun, Patrick and Ryan.

A failed Grand Trine in Air, the Part of Fortune at Gemini 30 drops the ball, or is it the Uranus that does not measure up? That faux pas put Cassidy’s chart into a see-saw instead of a dynamic locomotive which would have given more control over his life instead of his moving between television and music. His Ascendant of 20 Leo 41 of “intoxicated chickens” is unfortunate as Cassidy suffered from alcohol and drug abuse, much like his father singer, Jack Cassidy. Jones writes of Wheeler’s symbol “counterfeit inspiration.”

The week of 11-21-2017 at Bismarck, North Dakota

M.K. Saladin guests this week, waxing poetic on bismarks and sexual healing.

Hi Folks — We are in North Dakota this week and on the 21st we start out from Bismarck, North Dakota. In those parts a bismark refers to a round doughnut filled cream or jelly. Everyone having their morning coffee watching” CBS This Morning” and  two bismarks listening to the demise of one of the top journalists on the planet, Charlie Rose.

Bye bye Charlie

As I write PBS has terminated Charley Rose as part of the Me2 agenda shaking up Hollywood.  It seems he walked around the PBS sets in his underwear telling women to “Kiss it”. Frankly I was stunned, I kept thinking, Charlie what’s going on ?  I feel bushwhacked.

Pluto is the point focus of the T-square in the Bismarck daily chart so I’m looking at it’s  discovery of Pluto (the official announcement was March 13, 1930 in honor of William Herschel’s discovery of Uranus March 13, 1781 but the actual date according to its discoverer, Clyde Tombaugh,  is February 18, 1930.)

Birth of Venus, by Sandro Botticelli.

Men are from Mars

The daily chart below highlights  a Bucket planetary pattern with the socially significant Uranus as the overly cautious handle in the Third house incurring also an opposition to Mars on the cusp of the Ninth house. The planetary pattern is bundle bucket with 8 planets above the horizon in the Southern hemisphere with only the outer planets of Uranus and Neptune below in the first.

Neptune in the First is continuing the political divisions encountered from last Thanksgiving, three weeks after the 2016 presidential election, overshadowing the current while the Uranus Mars polarization creates  personal and group dichotomy.

Trot over to the Sabian symbols and I rolled for today Capricorn 21 “Excitement thrills the grandstands; it is a relay race and each runner springs into place with eagerness.”

It is also  three degrees from the United States founding chart that  Jones discusses in his Mundane Perspectives mentioning that while there are many charts for the country, all of them are based on rectification with Venus highlighting today how  everyone is trying to get out front  and point to someone else and so avoid the pack.

Ironically that strategy of trying to elect the first Democratic woman it taking out every male (Kevin Spacey, Charley Rose, John Conyors, Gary Thrush of the Politico to the NYT, George Takei et alia, see the list over here at the WaPo)  who opposed DJT while protecting the former First Lady who abetted a promiscuous President and his “trailer park trash.”   It in a strange way, this reflects the USA not as a superman nation, but as a prototypical matriarchy on the World stage.

Back in the day..

My Art History professor Alexey Von Schlippe waxed poetic about Botticelli and his rendering of how he painted the archetypal women’s figure, no artist did it better, and we have come to this point of idealism versus  realism facing with our responsibilities to each other.

A correction is in order concerning the Planetary pattern. We have a deviated bowl not a bucket with a concentrated bundle above the horizon. Uranus and Mars forms the rim opposition and the T-square to Pluto. The deviation gives the pattern its complicated application.

Gaye Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye
Joel Anthony

Chart of Bismarck Thanksgiving.pdf

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